The following story is completely true. I swear.

Hi my name is Tyler. Im 18 years old,6' solid 240 lbs brown hair and green eyes. And entil i met John I've always considered myself pretty straight sure ive given gay sex a thought or two but never really anything else anyways it was a warm summer night in my home town when i hear a knock at my front door. It was my friend Jessica wearing her usual tube top and torn jeans and converse. " hey Tyler you ready to go?" Yeah where's the party anyway? I asked. " just over the hill and through the forest " she said in her classic sarcastic way. It's over at my friend johns apartment. Great i replied. Soon we were in the car and on the way. 15 minutes we were outside of johns apartment i could all ready hear the sounds of hearty yelling and loud music. I must admit at that point i was kind of regretting leaving the house. The apartment seemed quite large for someone who lives alone i thought as i looked at the balcony which sat directly above the front door.

Before we could knock the door was already open where we were met by a statue of man. I couldn't help but think he was good looking good. He was 5' 11" had long black spiky hair which stood straight up his skin was a dark olive and his smile was intoxicating. Hey John hows it goin' Jessica said as she extended her hand to shake his. Couldn't be better, whose your friend? John said as he looked me dead in the eyes. Oh this is my friend Tyler we live next door to each other. Quickly he turns his hand to me i shake his hand and introduce myself " hi my names Tyler nice to meet you " like wise said John come on in make yourself at home. A few hour went by and it was starting to get hot inside the apparent so i made my to the balcony where i found a chair and took a load off. 5 minutes had gone by when out walked who else but John i soon realized i had taken the last seat. Oh do you want sit down here 'cause i can move if you want. No it's fine you don't have to move for me. Within an instant i was shocked to feel he had just sat down in my lap at that moment i was extremely nervous. Uh you sure you don't want me to move? Ohh no your staying right here. At that moment as if some invisible valve had been turned wide open i was starting to get hard. At that point i was sweating bullets. I desperately tried to hide my erection. anything i could think of i tried but it was all in vain. At that instance i knew he felt it. He turned his head and looked me in the eye and all could say was " I'm so sorry " oh no it's ok i don't mind. At that moment he started shifting his ass around which made it worse at this point i was rock hard and still trying desperately trying to hide my erection. But then out of the blue i felt a hand softly massaging the head of my cock. John had slipped hand between his legs and between my legs. I couldn't help but let out a soft moan. With out stopping John turned his head to me and said "you know if you want we can go to my room. "

I didn't think i could be more surprised. I nervously replied " I don't know I'm still a virgin I'd be to nervous." Hmm suite yourself ill be in my room if you change your mind. He got off my lap opened the sliding door flashed me a sexy smile and closed the door behind him. After that i only stayed on the balcony long enough to adjust myself so my boner wasn't so noticeable. I soon found myself cautiously walking down the hall way still thinking "what if he was just joking. " I walked into his bedroom and on his bed there he sat " come in and close the door" he said seductively. I did what i was told. "Don't forget to lock it " At that point my erection was completely back. "Come sit down"he said as patted on a spot of bed next to him.

I was now sitting next to this god of a man and my heart was pounding. Johns voice soon broke the silence. " so your a virgin?" I swallowed the knot in my throat and answered "yes".

"I see" John said. Out of nervousness i said " look I've never done anything like this before I'm kinda nervous and i just don't know where to begin. "

John got off the bed kneeled down smiled gave a soft sigh leaned in and kissed me. Softly at first but soon became passionate. I was soon overcome by a warmth of which I've never felt before. It wasn't long before i felt his tongue Enter my mouth and become entwined with mine. He shoved me back onto the bed his lips never leaving mine he climbed on top of me straddling my waist and placing hands on my arms holding down. When he broke off the kiss he slid down my chest pushing my shirt behind my head revealing my hairy chest. " wow" he said with a smile "i didn't know you were so hairy" he started to suck on my right nipple which caused me to give a slight moan. Now he was down between my legs he was started to undo my belt with his teeth the belt was undone pulled from its loops and thrown across the room. After that he turned his attention to my pants needless to say my pants weren't on for long. I was now down to my underwear.

At this points he was passing a combination of hands tongue and lips over my 7" dick. I was starting to notice my underwear that were soaked in precum and saliva. At that moment John looked me in the eye and said " are you ready?"

Ready for whaAAAH!

Just then John yanked down me drawers and stuck my cock in his mouth. OH GOD! JOHN THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!!!

I was getting to climax. Never in my mind have i ever thought that a man could make me feel this good. John pulls his mouth of my tool and starts to lightly lick my puckering hole which to my surprise felt amazing. Soon i felt his warm tongue enter me. I was swimming in a sea of pleasure. He pulled his tongue out and replace it with his finger. Plunging it in and out. Which kinda hurt at first. He was now sucking on the head of my dick while fingering me. Just then his finger bumped something inside of me which sent me over the edge. I let out a loud moan. John being the skillful lover he is didn't spill a drop. "God that was delicious" John said with a sly smile. You can eat that stuff i asked. Sure John replied.

" John? " Yeah? "Thank yo... Before i could finish his lips were against mine but this kiss was more loving then erotic i found myself wrapping my arms around him pulling him tight. When he pulled away he was smiling that sly smile. " go ahead and get dressed sweet thing, ill meet you down stairs." But wait do you want me to return the favor? I asked this as sincerely as i could muster. "How about next week i want it to be special, now get dressed and meet me down stairs and ill fix you a drink so hurry up sweet thang." He tossed me my belt and headed out the door. I got dressed and did as i was told. As i made my way down stairs i couldn't help think about what happened, i just lost my virginity to a man... And liked it. Does this mean I'm gay. This thought was still bouncing around in my head as John handed me my drink. I said thank you. As i turned away to walk to the table to sit down John gave me a firm slap on the ass which made me give out a high pitched eep and almost making me spill my drink. Mean while John is laughing his ass off i couldn't help but give him a smile. The rest of the night we sat down at that table and talked.

John was and always will be my first.

2nd part coming soon... If people like this one lol.




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