It was a cold winters day my boyfriend, well more of a friend with benefits and I were at his home alone in his bed. I'm Jon white guy 21 years old. 135 lbs. (61kg) 5'10 "(178cm) tall, athletic body. My buddies' name is Nate just 21 years old. Black guy 145lbs. (66kg). 5' 11" (180cm) tall, athletic body. We had messed about sexually for awhile. Nate was the alpha male I was his bitch. That's how it had developed. I was more into Nate than he was into me. I was just a hole for him to fuck. He liked girls too.

We were always discreet and made sure we would be alone long enough to do anything sexual that we wanted to do.

Nate lived with his dad Tyler black guy 252 lbs. (114kg) 6'1" (185cm) tall, stocky muscular guy. Tyler's wife had walked out on him over the many women that she found out he was having an affair with from time to time. He had taken to booze and was in many a brawl in the local bars. He had spent time in jail because of his fighting. He at to wear an electronic monitoring devise. He was not the kinda guy you would want to upset.

Nate was certain that his dad would not be back for at least 3 or 4 hours. We were both naked. Nate was fucking me and just squirting his load into my hole. The door to Nate's bedroom suddenly swung open. There stood his dad in the doorway, I could see the whites of his eyes staring at us. He turned and slammed the door behind him, making the room vibrate. We were both scared not knowing what would happen next. All I wanted to do was get as far away from Nate's house and his dad as possible. We both got dressed as quickly as we could. I could see the worried look on Nate's face. I got out the house avoiding Nate's dad.

Nate told me later that his dad had an argument with him, his dad threatened to throw him out the house. For awhile after there was a bad atmosphere between them.

A few weeks later we had a night out with two buddies Tom and Andy they knew nothing about Nate and me, our sexual involvement. I always hoped that Nate would tell them without me knowing and they would take me out in the desert and fuck my ass and face, it hasn't happened yet.

I was the driver I didn't drink any alcohol all night. I would be the only one the following day to remember what they said and what they did. We had a good night out at the bars and nightclub they had all drank more than they should have. I drove Tom and Andy home first, they were both very drunk.

Nate said he wanted to fuck me. My parents were home so we could not go there and since the problem with Nate's dad I avoided going to Nate's place. I drove out into the desert there was a place we knew where we could have uninterrupted sex. When we got there Nate was fast asleep. He was too drunk to do anything. Fuck I was feeling so horny. I got down between his legs and unzipped his zipper and pulled his flaccid long dick out his pants. I was thinking if I sucked on his dick he would wake up and get hard.

I swallowed the whole of his black warm flaccid dick down my throat. I was more used to it being rock hard. Even flaccid his dick was bigger and thicker than some dicks I had sucked. I unzipped my zipper pulled my hard dick out and jacked off while sucking on his flaccid dick. Nate was in dreamland. I was feeling sexually frustrated. My ass was hungry for a black hard dick.

I drove to Nate's, it's an isolated place; normally he would get out at the bottom of his drive. He was still out cold, hell how was I going to get him in his house. There was a light on I just hoped Nate's dad was not home, he was the last person I wanted to see. I just could not move Nate on my own, I was thinking what am I going to do. The door opened a shaft of light lit us up, hell no it was his dad. He came out, he was wearing shorts nothing else, his body glistened in the light from the house.

What the fuck is going on out here he barked. It's Nate sir I can't get him out the car he's drunk. He looked me up and down and laughed, you boys can't take ya liqueur he said. He partly pulled Nate out the car.  We both supported Nate under his armpits his feet dragged on the floor as we took him into the house I helped Tyler get Nate to his bed; we stripped Nate down to his briefs and laid him on his bed. Tyler kept looking at me I was shit scared; it was the first time in weeks I had been to Nate's house.

I smelt alcohol on Tyler's breath, I needed to exit quickly. "You want a drink boy?" asked Tyler in his deep southern accent, when he spoke the air vibrated his voice made me shudder with fear. I said no I got to be going.

It was then from the corners of my eyes I caught sight of the imprint of his flaccid dick, laying limp, like a serpent in his pants.. It looked thick and at least 10".

I had made a grave error in pausing my eyes where they should not have been, I didn't realize until I heard him say "Hey boy what you staring at." He looked down at his crotch. I tried to not make eye contact and avoided answering him. He had followed my eyes and knew what they were glued on; his direct question caused them to rip away in fear. I thought I could detect disgust and anger blazing into his eyes as he remembered what he witnessed when he walked in on Nate and me.

He clenched his fist. I was starting to sweat, fear was racing through my veins. I watch him move towards me with his fists clenched. I closed my eyes and braced myself; I could already feel the blows. My heart drummed inside my chest.

He grabbed me around the waist and lifted me up, I screamed for him to let me go as I struggled to break free. He was too strong for me. He carried me into his bedroom and threw me onto his bed; he unbuckled his belt and threaded it out from the waistband. Fuck he's going to whip me. "No, no man let me go, I'll never come here again I promise," I pleaded. He pushed me back onto the bed.

We stared at each other. He unzipped his zipper his shorts partly fell down revealing his pubic hairs and the base of his hardening dick. He reached over and tore at my T-shirt, ripping it off me. Then he grabbed the waistband of my pants unbuckling my belt and zipper. I was struggling, attempting to get away from him, this made it easier for him to pull my pants off, he stripped me naked. He was determined to rape me. He pulled his shorts down and kicked them aside. I could see his long thick hard veiny dick sticking up at an angle, it was 12"+. I had lubed earlier for Nate but by now I was nearly dry.

He forced me down onto my back and climbed atop of me gripping my ankles and spreading my legs apart, forcing my ass to arch up, exposing my anus ready to take his massive black dick. The precum from his massive dick dripped onto me making patterns on my skin. I struggled to fight him off it was futile his body weight and his strength was too much. My resisting made him more excited and determined to rape me.

He leaned into me stretching my anus as he forced his dick into me, making me scream out, the pain was overwhelming I could feel his thick dick sliding into my gut stretching it on all sides. He dug deeper, and still deeper into me, until he penetrated me to the hilt.

He stared at me as he licked his lips and lustfully smiled, he knew he had complete control of me and able to do anything he wanted. He ran his fingers through my hair. "I've wanted to fuck you for a longtime," he said. "You have? I thought you were mad at me when you found me and Nate fucking," I replied. "Yeah I was mad, because he was fucking you, and I wasn't," he said.

Now he had his dick in me he was less aggressive. Pain gave way to a deep feeling of pleasure. He looked into my eyes, his gaze was piercing and dark. "Now to fuck you white boy," he said. The erotic feeling I had compelled me to be submissive to him. He slowly started to fuck me withdrawing his hard dick 5 or 6" out then thrusting back in to the hilt grunting each time he did. I wrapped my arms around him clawing and stroking his back. I stroked his butt and legs with my legs and feet.

I was screaming not in pain but in deep sensational pleasure. "You can scream as much as you like no one will hear you, not even Nate will hear his boy being fucked," he said. I had forgotten all about Nate.

He had that far away gaze in his eyes as he concentrated more and more on fucking my ass. He was starting to sweat profusely. I inhaled his sweet husky masculine aroma. He was grunting and moaning. Using the whole force of his body to thrust as deep as he could to deliver his sperm juice. It was a surreal moment for me I had never been forced to have sex before. I was enjoying every moment.

Tyler thrust hard into me once then twice then gave out a loud moan. His body spasmodically convulsed as I felt his dick throbbing and swelling as his sperm laden juice traveled down the tubes of his dick and squirted into my gut. He squirted so much that as he withdrew to thrust in, his sperm sprayed out my hole.

My dick was hard and aching I ejaculated as he continued to fill my ass with his sperm juice. I could feel his weight increasing on me as he relaxed. He lay there regaining control of his breathing as I stroked his magnificent body. The bed was soaking in sweat and sperm juice. He got up and left the room, when he came back he had a near full bottle of whisky, which he kept swigging from. He had been drinking some before, that worried me. Tyler turned violent when he had been drinking.

Tyler told me to get on the floor on all fours. He was controlling me and telling me what to do, he wanted to fuck me agen. I was enjoying the sensation of sex and fear. He knelt down besides me. I could see the lust in his eyes as he stroked my back down to my butt. His cock was hard and sticking up, it had a great blood supply. Dried globules of his sperm covered his shaft and dried sperm was matted into his pubic hairs. He continued to stroke my body. My back was arching making my ass stick up. "You just like a girl when you do that, that tells me you hungry and ready to get ya ass fucked," he said laughing.

"Ya sure is some ho for black dick, look at ya ass sticking up," he said. The more he stroked my ass the harder my cock got again. Now and then he would raise his hand and bring it hard down on my ass cheeks, grinning to himself as I screamed out as the stinging pain shot through my body. My ass cheeks were turning red and felt sore. Then he stood up behind me kicking my legs to make me spread my legs apart. He knelt down behind me, I could feel his large black hands stroking and stretching the cheeks of my sore ass apart. He ran his hand along the crack of my ass making me moan out loud as he ran his fingers around my rim.

He suddenly slapped my ass really hard again with the back of his hand making me yelp. Then he placed his left hand on my shoulder, held his dick with his right hand leaned into me and pressed hard on my hole with the head of his dick. I braised myself for more pain. I was surprised how easily the head of his dick slipped into me. He moved the head in and out of my hole, sending an erotic sensation throughout my body, I was moaning in intense pleasure.

It was a slow penetration of my gut with each thrust of his dick. He held me firmly with both his hands on my shoulders. I knew when the whole 12" was in me, I could feel his coarse pubic hairs stroking my ass. He whispered into my ear, "you like me fucking you?" "Hell yeah, fuck me man," I said.

He took a swig out the whisky bottle. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. "You want a drink before I fuck you? He asked as he forced me to take a swig out the bottle. He then started fucking me vigorously, stopping now and then to inhale deeply before fucking me more and more rapidly. I could feel the head of his dick hitting me deep in my gut. The pain and pleasure was intense.

He had another swig of whisky. Then pulled me up to a kneeling position. One hand around my neck and the other stroking my chest I could feel his hairy chest and hard nipples pressing up against my back. He was thrusting into me with so much vigor that he now and then lifted my knees up of the ground. I could smell and feel his hot liqueur laden breath on the back of my neck.

He withdrew his dick all the way out then thrust all the way back into my hole sometimes missing my hole when he re-entered, making me yelp. The slapping sound of naked flesh colliding, vibrated around the room. He was grunting and moaning, holding me tighter. Just when he was about to thrust back into my pussy he shuddered and jolted. I felt a warm jet of sperm juice squirt on my hole, then he penetrated my hole. He was pressing down heavy on me as he squirted one, two and more squirts of sperm laden juice into me. Sperm juice was dripping down my butt onto my balls.

He was breathing deeply as he ejected the last drops of juice into my hole. He played with my balls as I jacked off while he still straddled me.

It was late, I needed to get home. I pulled away from his dick letting it slide out gently. He had another swig out the bottle and offered it me, I declined and told him I have to drive home. I got dressed I went and got one of Nate's T-shirts. Tyler had dozed off due to the affects of the alcohol. The bottle was empty I don't know how much he had drank all night. They were both sleeping off the booze when I left.

Driving home I was thinking what a fucking night, sucking on a drunks flaccid dick then getting raped by a drunk. The juices in my stomach were bubbling my briefs were wet with juice leaking out my anus. My arms and legs were aching from the rough handling I had taken. Wow I felt thoroughly satisfied, I no longer felt frustrated. What I didn't know then was that Tyler would fuck me many more times. I would sleep over and get fucked by Nate and Tyler. They never gave up the booze.




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