Lips clamped tight around his shaft, I moved my mouth up and down the length of his hard cock. As I bobbed up and down, I couldn’t help wondering how a 100% heterosexual male like me wound up on my knees in the apartment of a guy I just met today, with his big dick in my mouth. And I mean big, it must be over eight inches long and thick. 

Stroking my hair he said, “I haven’t cummed since last weekend so be ready for a mouth full.”

It had all seemed so logical when we were sitting around the apartment pool drinking cold Budweisers and talking.  Austin had said, “Since your girlfriend Barbara two timed you with another guy, I think that you should do the same thing to her.” 

Of course I assumed that he’d meant that I should have an affair with a girl. Until that is, we went up to his apartment for a quick smoke. We’d passed the joint back and forth a couple of times. 

Then getting up. Austin was standing in front of me pulling down the front of his bathing suit. 

I wasn’t much of an athlete so had spent much time in locker rooms so I’d never seen a male cock this close before. Once I saw his cock it seemed only natural to touch it. 

After another ‘toke’ it also seemed natural to slide off the couch to my knees and help him pull his bathing suit the rest of the way down off his hips, down his legs and off. 

Austin was about six inches long soft but when I took his shaft in my hand and started stroking it, it grew to a little over eight inches. 

When I wrapped my fingers around his thick shaft, my middle finger and thumb just barely met. 

Amazingly though my mouth was able to fit around his thick shaft with no trouble. 

I took in the first three inches of his dick and then used my thumb and fore finger to jerk him off as I twirled my tongue around the base of his fat head. 

When I took my other hand and grabbed his nut sack, Austin moaned, “Ooooh fuck yea.”

I started gently rubbing each ball between my fingers. 

This fondling of his balls made him grab my hair and push my mouth deeper down on to his thick shaft.  

I gagged a little but continued to deep throat his dick. 

Working his hips, Austin moved his dick in and out of my mouth. It wasn’t long until Austin grunted, “Uuuugh…I’m gonna to cum.” 

Austin may have coerced me into sucking his dick, but did he really think that I was going to let him cum in my mouth? Of course he did. And he expected me to swallow it too. And god help me, I suddenly realized that I wanted to.

Tightening my moist lips around his thick shaft, I started to bob and suck him in earnest. As I ran my tongue around his fat head and my lips slid up and down his shaft Austin moaned, “Uuuuuuugh,” in ecstasy. 

With a few more jerks of his dick, Austin started to buck and pitch as he shot load after load of his hot sticky cum across my tongue and down my throat. 

As more cum dripped out of his tip the more I licked it up and swallowed.  

I ran my tongue down the length of his shaft a few times to make sure I collected everything.

Now here I was again a week later, back down on my knees again with Austin’s hard dick in my mouth again. 

As I sucked, I realized that I was over Barbara. That I didn’t care about her or her two-timing anymore. 

I chuckled when Austin stroked my hair and moaned, “I haven’t cummed all week so be ready for a big mouth full.”

The end…



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