A HOT Excerpt from "Luke and Slader: The Whole Story" available at most retailers (BANNED ON AMAZON as too hawt!). Luke has become Slader's slave, and is finally ready to get walked on a leash like the doggie he is, right into the infamous Dark Bar. Turns out Slader's brother Jim is there too, and his fellow Marine has some needs, too...

It was a busy Friday night, nearly 11 o'clock when they made their entrance, prime time at a gay bar in a town when the bars closed at 2. Dark Bar was the sleaziest, dirtiest, sexiest bar in town, the place to go if your goal was to get laid. At most gay bars, you couldn't go by yourself - they're full of guys who were there with friends, out for the social, and maybe you'd meet a friend of a friend and hook up, or exchange phone numbers.

But Dark Bar was the bar you went to alone, so you didn't have to make your excuses to anyone when you nodded to that hot guy across the room, and he came over and offered to stick his dick in your mouth right here and now.

Slader and Luke were carded by the bouncer, house rules, but there'd be no cover charge for Slader Jacobs. Luke looked around as he entered, a few steps ahead of Slader. The place was packed. Men looked at him, looked away, did a double take - even here, it was unusual to see a masked man on a leash.

The more sophisticated, or jaded, looked and looked away. The curious kept looking, some of them doing a triple take when they saw who was holding the leash. Just remember that, Luke reminded himself, just remember how many of them would do all you've done and more to be in here with Slader fucking Jacobs.

He saw some guys he knew - Jake and Steve and Hal from the gym. Oh shit. They will fucking burn up the phone lines if they recognize me. Every time I go in to work out, there they'll be, whispering like a bunch of fucking teenage girls. He instinctively moved towards the back wall, the dark and anonymous seating area, but Slader yanked his chain just enough to stop him.

"Bar," Slader said, and Luke followed now as Slader cut his way through the crowd, who parted almost instinctively at the heat and scent of the alpha male.

"Matt," Slader nodded at the bartender. "Two shots of Jager." Matt grinned and poured what was clearly two triple shots. Slader reached for one and as Luke reached for his, Slader slapped his hand.

"Bad dog," Slader said, glowering.

"Sorry, Sir," Luke said, abashed.

Slader pulled something out of his pocket. Luke recognized it - a portable dog dish. Slader easily moved a few people out of the way, many of the leather-clad crowd eager to see what happened next.

Slader flexed out the dish into shape and put it on the floor. He poured a shot into it. "Sit," Slader commanded, pushing Luke's shoulders down so he was on his knees. "Down," he said, pressing him till he was now on hands and knees. "Drink."

Luke looked around him at the booted feet. "Fuck yeah," someone whispered encouragingly.

Luke stuck his face in the bowl and lapped up his shot. Slader scratched him behind the ear. "Good dog." Luke was surprised at how good it felt. Slader waited till he'd licked the bowl clean, then folded it up and put it in his pocket.

"Walk," Slader said, tugging the chain to the left, and Luke knew what he had to do. On his hands and knees, a dog's length ahead of Slader, he crawled across the floor, pushing surprised men out of his way with a shoulder to their legs.

"Slader!" Luke heard someone shout. He saw the legs rush up to Slader's, invade his space "Slader, it's me!"

"So what?" Slader asked contemptuously.

Luke looked up to see who "me" was. Holy shit...it was Jamie. From Jamie's Brutal Abduction, the hottest, nastiest gay porn movie ever, the movie that had started all of this.

"I've missed you," Jamie whined. "I texted you." He was still cute, Luke thought, but god damn, nobody's cute when they act that needy.

Slader shrugged. "And your point is?"

"I really want..." Jamie finally noticed Luke on the floor. "Who's this?"

Slader laughed. "None of your fucking business is who it is."

"You're right...Sir, sorry Sir," Jamie said hastily. "I just...I just want your cock again, Sir, I want it so bad..." Jamie got on his knees in front of Slader, crowding Luke out and away. Luke thought of going full bad dog and tearing his throat out with his teeth, but something stopped him. He wanted to see how this would play out.

It wouldn't be the first or the last time someone got their cock sucked in Dark Bar, Luke knew. He'd never done it himself, always had an eye out for who might talk, who might whisper...what a waste of time, he realized now.

Slader looked at Luke. "What do you think, doggie?"

Luke thought of what Slader had said at dinner the night he'd given him the chain.

"You put this on, you're committing to more than just a fling in my basement. You put this on, and you're mine. Maybe I don't call you for weeks. Maybe I make you service my crew again. Maybe I cut that boot up and serve it to you. Maybe I take you to Folsom Street Fair and make you my bitch in front of God and everyone. But..." he held up a hand. "But I also take care of you. I make you cum. I don't touch another man, and neither do you, unless I make you." He flushed. "I don't know about this love shit. But this is what I can offer now. Me. Take me or leave me, as I am."

He couldn't tell Slader what to do. He couldn't remind him of his promise. Luke thought about what to say. This was a test. If he said, "Whatever you want is fine, Sir," that would be a lie, and he knew that the one thing Slader expected, demanded of him, was the truth.

"I don't think he's good enough to suck MY cock, Sir, let alone yours."

The crowd around them exploded in laughter. Humiliated, and not at the hands of a master but at the paws of a dog on the floor, Jamie ran for the door.

Slader leaned down and whispered in his hear. "You wanna show them how it's done, doggie?"

"Yes, Sir!" Luke said enthusiastically.

He could feel the heat and the tension rising around him. The men gathered in closer, both for a better look and to screen the action from anyone who might stop it. Slader flipped open his belt, undid the button of his jeans and zipped them down hard and fast, like a man who'd been holding it in for too long. His fat cock was out, already half hard, and Luke eagerly clamped his mouth on it.

Slader put his hands on the back of his head and started pushing, using Luke's head like a human Fleshlight, pumping it, pulping it. Luke's incisors nicked the side of Slader's ever-growing cock and Slader pulled out.

He slapped Luke, the spandex hood taking some of the sting out of the blow but not much. "Bad dog. Try again."

Back into his mouth, back down his throat the cock went. He felt another hand reaching in, pushing his head down on Slader's cock. Slader's own hands went behind his head, his eyes half closed. Another man's hand touched Slader's belly and Luke instinctively reached up and removed it.

Slader laughed. "Jealous."

Luke nodded, his mouth full of cock. The other men chuckled, but still tried to touch Slader's ass, his chest, his cock. Luke defended his territory calmly but firmly, finally wrapping his arms around Slader's waist to remove the territory from contention. A few tried to reach down and touch Luke's cock, but found the cage and backed off.

"I want some of that mouth," a man said next to Slader.

"What up, Jim," Slader nodded. "You do, huh?"

"Oh hell yeah..." Luke looked at Jim. He was nearly Slader's twin, the dark hair and eyes, the receding hairline, the lean taut body, the tattoos, the dark air of menacing lust.

"I think my doggie would like that, wouldn't you?"

Luke nodded. No sense in lying. And Slader had warned him, that he could easily make Luke service whoever he chose.

Slader and Jim both laughed. Jim casually pulled Slader's cock out of Luke's mouth and put his hand in, hard and rough like Slader's. "Pretty mouth," he said. "The rest of his face that nice?"

"You'll never know," Slader said. "He's shy."

"He doesn't look that shy to me, brother."

Holy shit. He did look like Slader, only a couple years younger, a little shorter, full sleeve tattoos on his arms...was it literally Slader's brother?

"He's still worried what people think," Slader said with a shrug, just as casually replacing Jim's hand with his cock in Luke's mouth again, and on the word "think" he gave a forceful, almost contemptuous shove with the head of his cock, ramming it past Luke's tonsils, as if to make a point about what he thought of that.

"Ah," Jim said. "Too bad."

"Yeah," Slader said casually, skullfucking Luke with one hand on the back of his head, taking Jim's beer with the other and knocking back half of it. "Pretty promising candidate, too."

"He can suck the chrome off a bumper, can't he."

"Yeah," Slader acknowledged, pulling his dick out. He took another sip of beer and leaned over Luke. Luke knew what to do, he arched his head and opened his mouth. Slader shot-spit the beer into his waiting hole, and he swallowed gratefully, mouth open again for more if that was what Slader wanted.

Pretty promising candidate, too... Slader had let him wear this mask tonight, this time, but suddenly Luke saw the problem with it...it wasn't about him, it was about Slader! If he was ashamed to be seen, known, as Slader's slave, what did that say about what he thought about Slader? Wasn't Slader good enough, worth it, even if the price was all the gossip and clucking and shocked looks he'd have to put up with? Did he want to end up like Jamie, crumpled and needy and discarded?

Luke pulled off Slader's cock, and before Slader could punish him for that, he reached up and with one swift stroke yanked the mask off his face.

Slader looked at him, shocked and still. "Oh my gawd!" a hen squawked in the distance. "That's Luke!"

"Fuckin' a, brother," Jim whispered admiringly. "He's hot."

Slader nodded. "Yeah. Yeah he is." He lifted Luke up to his feet by the choke chain. Face to face, Slader was an inch or two taller than Luke.

Slader grabbed Luke's jaw in an iron grip. Luke didn't look away, didn't flinch from whatever punishment he had coming. Slader's eyes were dark furnaces, stoked and hot. He moved in, as if he was about to kiss Luke on the lips, but at the last second tilted his head and gently bit Luke on the throat like a vampire, like a wolf, then stood back.

"And he's mine."

Luke wasn't prepared for the surge of joy, endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine that overwhelmed him. It felt like a new year, a border crossing, a personal best. By enslaving him, Slader had given him the ultimate freedom to choose - to choose the old life, of caution and shame and fear, or the new life, in which he announced to the world that yes, this was him, on his knees, in chains, before Slader Jacobs in front of God and everyone, and it was Slader's opinion of him that was the only one that mattered now.

Slader whispered in his ear. "This is my little bro, back from his deployment. You want to help two Marines out tonight, doggie?"

Two Jacobs brothers, two jarheads, two brutal tops using his holes...

"Fuck yeah, Sir!"

Slader nodded and grinned at Jim. "Little bro, I got a homecoming present for you."

The three of them got in the back of a cab, Luke in the middle. He took a longer look at Slader's brother Jim. He was maybe five years younger than Slader, Luke would guess, in his mid-twenties, even leaner and more defined than Slader, tan from his time in the world's deserts. Jim's mouth wasn't as cruel as Slader's, Luke thought, but it had the firm set of a man who would clearly take no shit.

Jim's hand reached over to Luke's crotch and squeezed it. When Luke flinched, he paused and ran his fingers over the fabric, feeling the cage beneath. He chuckled. "You been working in the shop again, huh?"

Slader nodded. "You like my work?"

Jim's face became expressionless, his eyes narrowed, meeting Luke's as he squeezed harder this time, with intent to hurt him. Luke had been trained well by Slader now; it would take more pain than this to make him cry out. The wire cut into his ball sack but the look in Jim's eyes made his cock start to get hard. "He likes it," Jim whispered.

"Yeah he does," Slader acknowledged. "You think I'd have a slave who didn't?" The cab driver looked at them in the mirror but Luke was beyond caring about that now.

At the house, Slader waited for Luke to use his key to open the door. "Where's your bags?" he asked his brother.

"At the station. Your dog here can get 'em for me later."

Inside, Luke made a bee line for the basement. Jim laughed. "Shit, he's ready ain't he."

"He likes you," Slader said, "for now."

"Bet I can work him over better 'n you ever did."

"Bullshit," Slader said.

Down in the basement, Luke was unsure what to do next - go to the table, the cabinet, the mattress? The problem was solved for him when Jim grabbed him from behind, a forearm around his throat as he twisted Luke's arm around his back.

"Let's see what kind of little bitch you got here." Letting go of Luke's neck, Jim put his strong hands on Luke's shoulders and thrust him to his knees. He danced around to face Luke, rubbing his crotch. "You tell him I've got a bigger dick 'n you do?"

Slader pushed him to the side. "The fuck you do."

"Hey man, I just got back, I haven't had my fucking dick sucked in six months. You really gonna wear that out first?"

Slader laughed. "Flip for it."

Jim pulled a quarter out of his pocket. He looked at Luke. "Call it for me, dog."

"Tails," Luke smiled, and the brothers laughed.

"Hell, yeah," Jim said, spinning the coin in the air with a flick of his thumb and forefinger. It landed smartly on the back of his hand and he slapped the other down on it to keep it there. Slader lifted his hand.

"Tails it is."

Jim dropped the coin and popped open his jeans. "Fuck yeah," he said, wrenching his cock out, already hard and dripping with precum. He pried Luke's mouth open with one hand and jammed his meat in. It was fatter than Slader's, the precum was thicker and saltier, but the two brothers skullfucked the same way, both of Jim's hands on the back of Luke's head, punching his throat, fast, steady breathing as he worked. "Ah shit dude, this isn't gonna take long."

Slader grabbed Luke's hands and started taping his wrists together behind his back, working fast. "That's how you like 'em, isn't it. All tied up and helpless like that." He yanked Luke's shorts down to reveal his bare ass. "Take a look at that ass while you're at it."

"Oh hell yeah," Jim said breathlessly, working faster now, six months' of unsucked cock like a stick of dynamite that had been leaking nitroglycerine for too long.

"Oh fuck!" he hissed, suddenly freezing in place, his cock buried to the hilt in Luke's throat. Luke needed to breathe, didn't want to breathe, wanted to feel that hard hot tube inside his head forever, those hands, Jacobs hands, around his head...then suddenly the tube twitched and the cum started erupting, and Jim was back in motion, spurting down Luke's throat like a pump into a gas tank.

As Jim finished coming, Slader pulled Luke's head off his brother's cock and stuck his fingers in Luke's mouth, getting a good coating of cum on. Then he jammed them up Luke's asshole, and Luke screamed at the shock.

"Hurt him," Jim whispered. "Let's see what he can take."

"He's gonna love that fat cock up there too, if I let you put it in."

Jim laughed. "Let me? You wanna fight for it?"

"I'm down for that. Fuckin' tie you up, and make you watch me drill him all night long!"

"Fuck you!" Jim said, laughing and pushing his brother. "I'm gettin' in there right now."

"You just came, you can't even get hard again," Slader said, Jim's push barely moving him off balance as he worked Luke's ass harder with his fingers. "Now let me show you how to fuck an ass."

Luke felt the familiar pressure of Slader's cock against his hole, but only for a second before the head of Slader's cock exploded past his sphincter. He yelled with the pain, straining against the duct tape around his wrists.

"You ain't changed, man," Jim said. "Still love to fucking shred their asses." He put his fat cock, still dripping with the last of his juices, back into Luke's mouth, grabbing Luke's jaw to get what he wanted. Luke's body jerked with the impact of each of Slader's thrusts, forcing his head down again on Jim's cock.

Luke's ass was on fire. Slader had used only a little of his brother's cum as lube. Jim took his hands off Luke's head to tap the Luminox on his wrist. "It's time. You ready to play?"

Slader's cock popped out of Luke's ass like a rocket. "You wanna lube him up?"

"You know I do." Jim caught the bottle of Astroglide that Slader tossed him, and squeezed a generous glob onto his hand. His cock still in Luke's mouth, he bent over and investigated Luke's hole with two fingers, as hard and meaty and rough as Slader's but slower, steadier, pushing just a little more lube a little deeper up Luke's ass with each motion, then three fingers, further, slicker, then finally the tips of all four.

"Don't stretch it out," Slader barked.

"He's good," Jim said. He rubbed his lubed hand on Luke's face to clean it, and Luke eagerly licked his fingers. Then Jim took the watch off and held it in one hand, and pushed a button on its side. "Go!"

That instant, Slader jammed his cock back up Luke's ass, his hands on Luke's shoulders to keep him in place. "One! Two! Three! Four!" Jim counted each thrust as Slader pounded hard and fast.

"Fuck! Oh fuck!" Luke shouted with pain, with pleasure.

"Twenty, twenty one, twenty two...go go go!" Jim encouraged his brother, standing back, watching, letting Luke shout, breathe, his head bouncing with each impact.

"Five seconds! Ninety eight, ninety nine, yeah! One hundred! One oh one, One oh two...Time!"

And just as he called time, Slader pulled out. But there was no respite; Luke barely had a second to catch his breath as Jim tossed the watch to Slader, who caught it, pushed the button again and shouted "Go!" as the brothers switched places.

Then it was Jim's cock ramming his ass, the pain that Slader had caused renewed as his muscles were torn even harder by Jim's fatter cock, his cock cage biting into his tender flesh again and again. "Go! Go! Go!" Slader shouted, his eyes traveling back and forth between his brother and the watch.

Only then did Luke realize it was a contest between these two brothers, to see who could fuck harder and faster for thirty seconds, who could get the most strokes of his cock into Luke's ass. Jim was determined not to lose, his hips and abs like V8 pistons giving Luke the full length and breadth of his tool every time.

"Ninety eight, nine, hundred, one oh one, two, three...Goddamn you," Slader growled.

Jim laughed, groaned, time was up but he didn't stop, punched and pumped harder now, his hands under Luke's armpits, holding him by his shoulders underhanded as he shouted, "FUCK YEAH!" and blew his second load deep into Luke's guts. "WINNER!"

Finally, spent, he pulled out and Luke collapsed to the ground on his side, out of breath and drenched with sweat.

"Damn! That was the best homecoming present ever. Thanks, man," Jim said, wiping his brow with the back of his hand.

"You're lucky I'm a generous man." Slader gave Luke a gentle kick with his foot. "I wouldn't share this with anyone else."

Luke looked up and smiled at him. "Glad to do it, Sir."

The brothers laughed. "Yeah," Slader smirked. "I know you were."

"So you gonna mark him?" Jim asked, catching the wet towel Slader threw him.

"I think so. I think he's ready." He looked at Luke. "Aren't you?"

What did that mean, Luke thought? To be marked...marked by Slader. "Yes...Sir?" he said, wanting to do what Slader wanted but unable to keep his puzzlement to himself.

"I'll let you choose," Slader said. "The brand, the tat, or the piercing."

Luke swallowed. This was it then...the moment he became Slader's forever. A bond on his skin, in his flesh, Slader's sign, irreversible...

Which would Slader want him to have? Tattoos were removable, piercings healed. Only one thing would show Slader how much he meant to Luke.

"The brand," he whispered.

Slader smiled. He reached down and pulled Luke up to his feet by the ring in his harness. Face to face now, Slader leaned in, and Luke braced himself for the slap, the spit.

But it didn't come. Slader's tongue parted his lips, slid between his teeth, his own lips locking on Luke's in a long hot passionate kiss.

At last, Luke thought, having finally earned his master's trust, his affection, the ecstasy of it boiling his blood.

Then Slader broke off the kiss and nuzzled his ear. "Good man."


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