It all started when I was 2 and I had just stared walking. I would always get in trouble, my feet would make me walk to trouble. I once got in trouble by knocking over some apples that I had to promise to do anything not to get in any more trouble. The shop keeper was nice and told me that if I sucked him off and let him do the same at all was forgiven. I of course said yes. I could have gone to the stocks for that and this was less impressing. I got on my knees and he starts taking his tights off. 'wow I tought you sold fruits here not 10 inch meats', I said. He look down at me and just smiled and said open wide. As I started to suck his dick , the first one in my life. It was hard to fit him all in my mouth but he wouldn't stop face fucking me. In and out his dick went in my mouth, his smell was so stroung in my nose and his dick in my mouth so hard made me hard. By then he was as hard as steel and my mouth was starting to hurt so I went fast. Faster and faster to get him to release his cum all over me. He was pumping it in as I would move in he would move his hips to meet my mouth and he would hold on my head and push his dick in. I could feel the viens in his dick telling me that he was going to cum soon. I could not ask for anything sweeter then the juice that he was giving me now. After that he did the same to me but he put his fingers in my butt and they felt so good in there. I never forgot that moment and I now jerk off remembering that time.



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