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The best way to share this hot and naughty story of gay sex with the readers is to first give the stats for all three of us characters featured in this story.


I'm a 50-year-old gay stud named Ryan. I own five athletic clubs and I participate in many national and international body builders' contests. I'm 6-feet and 3-inches tall; weigh 240 pounds; very large muscled arms, biceps, legs, thighs and ribbed strong back muscles; a huge protruding chest and nipples/breasts; flat stomach and abs lined with rigged muscles; blond hair and blue eyes; an almost hairless shinny body that is always well groomed; and a giant cut cock with a beer can sized cock shaft along with over sized nuts. I'm a man's man in all respects and yes very gay.


Jay is a cute 20-year-old African American college student that works a 20 hour week as a checker at the supermarket. He has very short curly black hair; dark brown eyes; stands 5-feet and 10-inches; an athletic slim build 150 pounds; beautiful teeth with a gorgeous seductive smile; a light trail of dark hair from his chest to his crotch as well as legs laced with dark fuzz; and a hot very black 9-inch uncut cock with a huge shaft and huge balls. He is so gorgeous and dresses as if he has just come from a modeling session.


Sam is a Scandinavian-looking 24-year-old blond with dark blue eyes. He is a strong outdoor type guy and body. He is 6-feet tall; weighs a highly trimmed hard 175 pounds; hairless chest, stomach and legs; long well-trimmed side burns; muscled body; and an 8-inch cut cock with a thick shaft. He works full-time at the supermarket as a checker. He is an out doorsman and an avid elk, deer and bear hunter. He is always so sexy in his fashionable pullover shirts and body hugging slacks that reveal a big and impressive package.

About four months ago, I started shopping at this particular supermarket in our city of just over 50,000 people. Within a week or so, I spotted Sam at his check out station and deliberately went to his lane to have my groceries checked out. In all my many sexual escapades over the years, I've had the pure pleasure of bedding younger dudes such as Sam. The studs in their 20's love my champion body builders' body and yes my big package. I had the hots for Sam and hoped he was gay. I also notice Jay at the next checkout station. Man he too was so hot. Some of my very best sex has been with steamy hot African American studs like Jay. Man, how I craved these two dudes. Jay gave me a huge sexy smile as did Sam. I chalked up these greetings as very seductive. Was I just hoping that was the signal?

For the next several weeks, I managed to select either Jay or Sam to check my groceries. Soon we became more talkative and shared tidbits. Jay or Sam often said: "Ryan, I've not seen you recently. It is good to see you. How are you?"

I would respond for example: "Well Jay, I've been here but you have not been on duty but I did check out with Sam."

I really became excited and totally horny one Saturday afternoon as I walked by Sam's station to begin my shopping when he waived at me as I went by. I rushed to finish my shopping so I could check out at his station before he went on break. That time we got into a more detailed and personal sharing conversation about our hobbies, our families and what I did for a living. I was so encouraged as Sam became very slow in ringing up my items although there was a customer waiting behind me who seemed somewhat restless. Man I had begun to feel my cock growing in my pants. I worked hard to hide my throbbing cock. I lusted after Sam.

About a week later as I went through Sam's checkout station, he asked: "Ryan I have tomorrow off. Would you like to meet me here at our Star Buck's stand that is located near our hot foods section and have a coffee?"

With totally lust, I replied: "Oh yea Sam that would be great. You name the time as I'm always free on Sunday."

"Ryan lets meet at 1:00 PM as I'm often out late with friends partying late Saturday night and I do not get up early on Sunday."

I took my chance to find out if he had a girlfriend when I said: "Well, Sam I guess you are out late with some hot chick, right?"

"He looked a little puzzled and concerned as he replied: "No Ryan, I'm out with my buddies. I don't date women, if you know what I mean? And how about you and the chicks?"

I burst out into a huge grin and said: "Hell no Sam, I play on the other team and man we must be on the same team."

Sam gave me a seductive smile, shook my hand and said: "I think we are going to become buddies."

I looked over at the next station and caught Jay giving Sam thumbs up. Shit these two hot studs were both fucking hot gay studs. I felt as if I had just won the lottery. My cock began swelling until it was at full erection. Sam saw what had just happened and said: "Man Ryan, you better get home and take care of that problem in your pants."

"Sam, see you tomorrow at 1 PM and yea I'll take your advice, go home now and get this problem under control temporarily but you may have to assist me tomorrow as this problem seems to keep coming back."

"Hell Ryan, I know the perfect medicine for that problem and I'll bring some medicine with me."

As I pushed my cart to my car, I felt almost faint as my cock was rock hard. I was horny as hell. I hardly thought about anything else that night and would Sam fuck me or was he a bottom and want my cock up his tight ass? The night seemed to never end.

The next day, I arrived about ten minutes early eager to spend time with Sam and yea get down and dirty. My crotch temperature was as hot as a July day in southern Florida. Man how I wanted sex.

Just as the clock hit 1 PM, I spotted Sam entering the supermarket and I noticed that someone was with him. Who could that be as I was somewhat near sighted? When they got a little closer, oh hell, it was jay. Oh fuck, I could not believe my eyes and my cock began to grow and pulsate at that moment. Could it be that I'd have sex with both these two hot studs?

"Hey guys, its great to see both of you," I managed to utter through my cracking voice.

Sam replied: "Ryan, Jay and I have been talking about you for weeks. We thought it would be cool for the three of us to hang out together. Is that OK?"

"OH hell yea, I'm so glad Jay you are joining us. We'll have more fun that way."

"Thanks Ryan for letting me join you two."

We ordered a coffee and talked for some 20 minutes when Sam said: "Jay and I want to ask you if you would like to spend the afternoon and evening with us at my my parents lake cabin?"

I could hardly speak when I said: "Man, I like that idea, lets go."

When we got to the lake cabin, we had a couple of beers before taking off our clothes and began to skinny dip in the lake. We dove off the dock over and over as well as playfully dunking each other in the cool water.

After clowning around for some 30 minutes, Sam swam up behind me, reached around, grabbed my big cock and began to jerk hard. The feel of Sam's sexy hand on my dick caused my cock to grow in his hand until I was stone hard.

Sam yelled to jay: "Look jay buddy, big Daddy has developed a huge boner. He loves me jerking him off. I think he is hot for us. What should we do to him?"

As Jay swam over to us, he said: "Sam, let me touch big Daddy's big wood. WOW, holy shit, that cock is huge just like his entire body. Man it feels so good and yea huge. I bet he could rip an ass open with that snake until one would never walk straight again."

AS Jay began to jack me off harder and harder, Sam moved behind me and began rubbing his now hard cock up and down my ass crack. With the cool water, Sam's cock felt so smooth and hot.

I began to moan and said; "Hey guys, you have me horny as hell. I hope you want a three-way with these hard cocks."

Sam interrupted me and said: "Hey jay, lets get big Daddy up to the house and show him how wild we can be. Ryan needs to join our fuck club as our fucking bitch. Man, he is one big hot dude. I've never had sex with such a monstrous dude."

We put on our swimming trunks and shoes and then rushed up to the house. My those three big hard dicks showed through those skimpy trunks. I'd never been hornier and eager to fuck.

Then we rushed up stairs in what was a very big cabin and into Sam's bedroom. We got out of our swimming trunks and shoes. We were then butt naked.The two hot young studs placed me on the bed on my stomach. They took silk cords and tied my wrists to the slats in the headboard, spread my big legs far apart exposing my ass and tied my ankles to the posts at the bottom of the bed. It was obvious that Sam's room was their sex play ground and they had all the necessary sex toys. I was now at their mercy. I was so turned on and excited as to what would come next. The fact I was at their mercy and they could do whatever they wanted to my body had me wild with desire to be their bitch and willing Daddy.

They got up on the bed with one of them on each side of my body and they began licking, sucking and kissing my neck, lips, earlobes, underarms, my back, ass cheeks, balls, asshole, legs, thighs, toes and feet. They were leaving my cock for a later meal. WOW, I'd never experienced a more erotic and mind-blowing sexual experience. Although confined by the ropes, I manged to buck up my ass as they rimmed my ass with their powerful sucking mouths and tongues.

They simultaneously began talking dirty to me as they increased the pressure of their hands and mouths on my now sweaty body. I was being devoured by these two hormone crazed young studs. As an older man, I was so lucky to be desired by these young studs with all their testosterone powers as young dudes.

Sam said: "You bitch, you slut, you male whore, you dirty Daddy, you are ours. Get it bitch. You love our domination of you, don't you? Tell me you like it, you slut. I've noticed how you get aroused when jay and I check your groceries at he super market. We've known for weeks how much you want our cocks. So tell us how much you want us to suck that cock and fuck that huge hairy ass of yours. Tell us bitch."

Before I could answer, Jay joined in the dirty talk: "Yea BIG DADDY, we're going to fuck that ass of yours bareback. We're going to make that huge hairy ass, that man pussy raw from our big cocks drilling your ass with no mercy. We're going to dump our smelly seed deep inside you and suck your cock until it is purple and sore. You are nothing more than a raunchy bitch with a huge man pussy. Got it bitch?"

They had learned how much I was turned on by dirty talk and they were meeting my needs with that dirty talk. "Oh FUCK, Oh FUCK, Oh HELL, Oh SHIT, OHOOOOOOO, YEAAAAAA, give it to me. Make me pay. Shoot that hot semen up my ass. I'm your bitch. Drill my ass."

They began to service my needs as Jay reached under my balls, pulled my aching swollen cock from under me and began to give me the hottest blowjob I'd ever had. At the same time, he made room for Sam to rim m y ass. Sam thrust his hot tongue into my ass as he rotated between eating my ass and driving two fingers deep into my man pussy to massage my prostate.

After some ten minutes of this hot sex play, I felt jay lube my ass. He then lubed his big cock and he began slowly entering my ass inch by inch with his very hot and slick greased cock. Soon I was stuffed with such a warm thick dick. He then used his slim rock hard ass cheeks and legs to go wild fucking my ass. He showed no mercy as he became almost violent with his thrusts of that big black dick in and out over and over.

This was the biggest black cock I'd ever had invade my ass. He then thrust his big sweaty dark body on top of me as he gave me the fuck of my life. Man he knew how to fuck a man's pussy. It was the ultimate pleasure.

In the meantime, Sam had turned my head around facing his face. He began to plant the most sensuous kisses on my lips and drove his tongue to the back of my throat. I could only make the sound of Mmmmmmmmmm, AHHHHHHHHH!!! I'd never dreamed of such exotic sex.

Jay fucked my ass with great force as he moved his wet leaking cock around the walls of my soft ass. My ass and his cock were as slick as grease. After about seven minutes, I felt his big black cock head swell and erupt with huge blasts of warm cum deep in my ass. When he was spent, he pulled out and Sam took his place.

Sam's enormous dick drove all the way into my now cum filled wet ass. He fucked me with wild abandonment. His cock slid around my ass walls and the depth of my ass aided his thrust as he used jay's cum to drive deep inside me. The fuck was beyond description with ultimate pleasure. Sam was so turned on as his cock became wet from jay's cum in my ass. He fucked me so hard that it felt like his cock had reached my throat. It was not long until I felt his tool grow even larger and he dumped what seemed like a gallon of his warm sticky cum inside my now very raw ass. When Sam pulled his still semi-hard cock out of my ass, my ass poured out a large stream of both guy's cum. They took turns licking up the cum and then spitting it on the back of my neck that then ran down my back. I was a mess.

Finally, they untied my wrists and feet. They turned me over on my back and took turns sucking my throbbing pulsating cock until I shot a huge load of my own seed on both of their faces. We kissed and shared all that protein filled cum.

They laid down on each side of me as we enjoyed the smell of all that cum and sweaty sex.

After we showered, we agreed to spent the rest of the weekend at the cabin and we decided on the next round of sex, I would use my champion sized cock to drill those two hot asses. My cock began to twitch as we talked about my chance that I was going to fuck that big hairy black ass of Jay and that tight pink white ass of Sam.

We went out for dinner and chatted about what positions they both preferred when getting fucked. They shared with me that they had never been fucked by an 11-inch huge cock before and wondered if they could take all of it. I began to leak pre-cum as we talked about the upcoming fuck. Man, I looked forward to feeling those two young man pussies on my cock.


Naughty Eric


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