It was warm in the Seattle coffee shop where Alan sat, which was a nice contrast to the typical gray skies and rain that he had gotten used to. He had moved to Seattle just a few weeks short of two years ago; the rolling foothills of Washington had always seemed the ideal home to him. Alan had know he was gay since he could remember. He could remember having sexual thoughts about the other boys he went to school with, barely able to contain his erection while watching them shower in the locker room. He sipped his trendy coffee drink, and began to think of home. He had grown up in a suburban town in the middle of Ohio, which was a far-cry from the big city that he now called home. The streets were narrow, mostly one-way. Neighbors knew each other by name, and most times, doors stayed unlocked. He was awoken from his reverie by a phone call from his room-mate, Anne.

'Alan! I'm so glad that you picked up!' she shrieked ' You know my older brother, David? He's coming for a visit! That's okay.. right?' Alan smiled to himself, and laughed at how worked up Anne had let herself get.

'Of course I don't mind! You know I love having company; when can we expect him?' Anne, one who had never learned the meaning of the word 'gist' gave a detailed schedule of the events leading up to her brothers' arrival in three days. Alan remembered the last time he'd seen David. Alan was 18 and David was 20. Anne and Alan had just graduated High School and they were getting ready to leave for Seattle. He recalled David's' sandy blonde hair, which was just long enough to start to curl at the ends, just above his green eyes, and his luscious lips, which pouted on a dimpled chin. David wasn't the epitome of male physique, but the bulge that always seemed to be taunting Alan was enough to keep anyone interested.

David's arrival was marked by an unusual sunny day, with warm winds blowing in from the south. Like any tourist, David wanted to see the Space Needle, and the bay, amongst other things that David had 'googled' and found to be of interest. The three returned to their apartment, and exhausted, went to bed. Alan was shaken awake by Anne, who was leaving for work. She was a secretary at a local Law Firm. Before she left she told Alan she expected him to keep David entertained while she was gone. Alan rolled back over, contemplating spending a day with David. David hadn't slept at all that night. He couldn't stop thinking of Alan. He wondered how he would tell Alan that he had been in love with him, and had been for the past three years. David was 'out' to all of the people who he knew, save for his family. He just couldn't bring himself to tell them. He had had girlfriends before, and hell, he had even slept with one or two of them. He just never felt the connection with a girl that he felt whilst thinking of Alan. He imagined Alan's body, soaking wet from moving his boxes into a small rent-a-truck, on a hot summer day two years ago. It was the day that Alan, and Anne had left for Seattle. He pictured Alans' white tee-shirt which had become see through because of his sweat. He felt his cock start to thicken as he remembered Alan taking his shirt off to reveal this tight muscled stomach with a trail of black fuzz leading from his navel down past the waist line of his shorts. He heard a knock on the door.

'David? It's Alan, can I come in?'

'Sure' David said, quickly sitting up in bed to hide his now fully erect 7 inch cock. Alan walked into the room wearing a tee-shirt and his boxer-briefs, which showed off his thick cock, that by now, was driving David wild.

'Hey, I was getting ready to get in the shower, then we can go down to the corner and get something to eat. Sound good?' David nodded and watched Alan walk down the hallway, trying to imagine the pear-shaped ass that was separated from him only by the thin piece of Calvin Klein underwear.

He heard the shower turn on, and got up out of bed. He walked down the hall and quietly entered the bathroom. He watched Alan's figure through the tempered glass, astounded by the nude body that he had captivated him for the past years. He walked back to the doorway, pretending that he had just entered.

'Hey Alan, I gotta piss, that okay?'

'That's fine David, just don't flush the toilet.'

David took his fully erect penis out of his boxers, and began to piss.

Alan couldn't believe it, he heard the urine hitting the water in the toilet bowl. David was actually exposing his penis less than two feet away from him. He wanted David so badly. He felt his cock, which was about 6 inches long, and just about as thick, become hard. He let the water hit the head of his dick, and he began to slightly moan.

'Alan, are you okay?' David said, trying to sound as unconcerned as possible.

'Yeah, I'm fine David, just....'

David opened the glass sliding door. There was no talking, only a magnetic feeling that brought the two men together. Their hands explored each others body under the hot stream of water. David, being the larger of the two, picked up Alan and brought him back to his bed. He began to lick every surface of Alan's body, beginning with his nipples, which since their last encounter had been covered in a fuzz similar to the one leading to his now erect cock. David loved the feeling of the hair in his mouth. Alan pushed David's mouth lower and lower until David finally put his lips to the head of Alan's cock. David teased him. He let his lips rest on the head, but not letting the Alan's eager cock into his mouth. Pre-cum was smeared all over David's lips, he took his tongue and licked off every drop. He put Alan's cock into his mouth. Alan began to pump his hips, moaning with every thrust.

'David! I want you to fuck me!' Alan screamed ' Put your dick in my asshole and fuck me' David pulled his lips off of Alan's' cock, and began to lick his asshole. He had imagined what his asshole would taste like many times before. He had had many fantasies about fucking Alan. Alan used his hands to spread his hairy ass cheeks so David's tongue could reach every inch of him. He arched his back as David put the head of his cock on his pink asshole. He thrust inside. Alan's asshole was tighter than David had imagined. He could feel the muscles in Alan's' stomach clenching as he went deeper and deeper inside of him. Alan was moaning in ecstasy. He hadn't been fucked in months, and he had slightly forgotten the pleasure of having another man's pulsating cock thrust in and out of his asshole. Alan turned over to his stomach, getting on his hands and knees positioning himself for a more vigorous fuck. David was about to blow his load inside of Alan, he asked,

'Alan, can I cum inside of you?' Alan, so engulfed by the pleasure that he was getting, moaned even louder, which David took to mean 'yes'. They came at the same time. Alan blowing his load far past his head and then David, letting ropes of cum spout deep inside of Alan. David slowly withdrew his cock from the tight hole that he had been fucking. He put Alan's legs in the air and continued to make love to the tight asshole. He kiss and caressed it, using his tongue to make long exaggerated swipes along the entire length of Alan's asscrack. Cum began to drip from the hole, and David began to use his own cum as a lubricant for his again stiff cock to enter Alan. The two lovers didn't waste any time, they fucked well into the day.

They went later for lunch, and David explained how he had had feelings for Alan for so long, and Alan revealed his true feelings for David. They were in love, and they both knew. The only obstacle standing in their way was Anne, and the rest of David's family. To be continued.......



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