NOTE: This story as told by Trevor is in honor of Dark who has been so generous and supportive of Naughty Eric's stories.


Following a night of wild sex between Cody, Calvin and me, Cody said: "Well, Trevor it has been great having you visit our city. Man you are such a hot guy and great lay. The golf was great also."

"Trevor, I agree with Cody. I too had a great time with you. Can I have your contact information?"

About two months later, Calvin called me in Tennessee and said: "Hi Trevor, I just won a big case and I'm taking three weeks off and hiking in the national parks in western Canada. Would you like to join me. I've had dream after dream about you since our three-way wild night of sex. I'm crazy with lust for you."

"Calvin, your timing is perfect. Yes, I have a free schedule for the next several weeks. I've masturbated often thinking about your hot body and gorgeous cock. Man, I crave you ever day."

I agreed to fly into the Spokane, Washington International Airport where I met Calvin. He drove his big Harley Motorcycle to Spokane. We met on a Saturday morning and took off for the Canadian border. After crossing the border, we experienced a stretch of very curving road that caused my crotch and back to be constantly thrust forward into Calvin's butt and back as the big Harley hugged the curves.

Soon I felt my above average cock began to swell as my crotch rubbed hard against hot Calvin's butt. Before long, I felt my cock strain hard against my pants and push forward into my buddies pants and butt. I began to sweat and breath hard. I also noticed that Calvin was beginning to push back into my crotch.

Calvin yelled above the noise of the motorcycle and said: "Trevor, baby, I feel that hot cock of yours. I'll never last until we reach our hotel. I need you now."

As luck would have it, in about a mile we spotted a rest area. It was our lucky day as it was deserted. We were alone. Calvin pulled into the rest area and drove behind the building housing the restrooms.

He got off the bike, had me turn sideways still on the bike, unzipped my pants, pulled my aching cock out, got down on his knees and swallowed my entire aching cock down to the base of my cock shaft wit one thrust. He began to come off and back down my leaking cock. As he sucked me wildly, I was so horny as I looked into his dark sexy eyes, rubbed my hands over his black curly hair and rubbed my fingers through his beautiful well-trimmed very short scruff type beard. He always kept it so well-groomed that it made him beyond hot. I felt his soft beard tickle my pubic hair and crotch.

Calvin had to be the most handsome hot African American stud alive. He had the most beautiful tanned skin and dark features. He had a killer smile and the perfect white teeth. He smelt like a man in a flower garden. I was in love.

"Oh fuck, of fuck, suck my cock. Man, how I have missed you. I want to give you my seed. Oh, it feels so good. Man, you know how to suck cock. You're the best cock sucker on the planet."

I felt my on coming orgasm. I warned him that I was coming that made him just more eager to clamp his lips tight on my penis and squeeze his hand hard on the base of my cock. I grunted and shot a big load of ropey jism deep in his mouth and throat. He swallowed it all before coming off of my cock. I could see drops of my shinny seed on his lips that me wild for him again.

It was then time for me to get him off the bike. I had Calvin get up on the bike's seat, lean back until he was almost lying flat on the seat with his feet off the front of the bike and his head leaning back on the rear small trunk holding our clothes. I unzipped his pants that showed a huge tent pushing upward with his very steel hard cock. I pulled out his gorgeous dark cock standing up like a flag pole. I surprised him as he thought I was going to return the favor of giving him a wild blowjob. But no, I lowered my pants and briefs, spit a huge gob of spit on his cock and got up on the bike as I mounted that pulsating cock by bringing my ass down inch by inch until his rock hard cock was total up my ass.

He went wild as he grabbed my lower back with his hands and thrust his big hips forward causing his wet cock to go even further into my man pussy. He fucked me like he was one of the areas grizzly bears. His cock and my ass began to build such intensity that we lost all control yelling at the top of our lungs. We could hear our voices bouncing off the mountain behind us.

"You little bitch, you horny fucking bitch, you wanted my cock so take it all. How does that feel?"

"Oh hell yea, I want your cock. Give it to me. It feels so great. Dump that big load up my man pussy. Don't hold back. I love your cock."

As we were in the middle of Calvin using his cock as a battering ram in my ass and in total heat, a car pulled into the rest area with four hot college students. They heard our screaming and came around back to see what was happening. There was no way we were going to stop as Calvin and I were wild with lust for the fuck.

The four hot Canadian college students were so turned on that they pulled out their cocks and began to jack off. They all had huge cocks and were real studs.

It was no long until, I felt Calvin's cock swell and a huge gushed filled my ass. As he had me pull off his cock, a stream of thick white cum ran out of my ass. Then Calvin did a real hot move when he said: "Hey guys, how about unloading that ropy jism on our faces."

We both got down on the ground on our knees as the college guys approached. Two guys got above my face and two guys did the same to Calvin. They went wild jerking their hard red hot cocks until they all exploded with huge loads of cum on our faces. Then they got down and licked up all the cum and kissed us. Man, this was a hot scene.

We went into the bathroom and cleaned up best we could. We thanked one another for the hot sex. As Calvin and I rode out of the rest area the college studs waived their cocks at us. Man, what a moment that was.

Due to the stop for sex, we were late getting to the town and our hotel around 11 PM. We had a late dinner and were in bed by 12:30 PM.

I awoke around 9:00 AM and immediately realized I had my normal morning boner but actually I had never been this hard at awakening. I needed relief at once and not just a piss. I turned toward Calvin, lowered the sheets, saw he was in the nude and hell he had a boner that made mine look small. This was it.

I decided to go for my favorite fetish that I had not shared with Calvin. I lifted his arm and dove my tongue into his hairy underarm. I began to suck hard and licked up and down the hairy armpit. My mouth was full of his wet hairs.The smell of sweat made my cock even bob up and down more. This caused Calvin to wake up and he said: "Man Trevor, you are horny again. Yea, I am too. Suck my armpit. Hell, you know how to suck and wet my underarm. Man, that feels good. Give my other hairy armpit some attention. What a coincide, my favorite fetish is also sucking armpits."

We took at least 20 minutes taking turns sucking, spiting on and licking each other's armpits. The smell and taste of the sweaty armpits had us crazy with lust. Finally, we began to kiss and share the taste of the sweaty smells on our lips. In fact, we took a second round of devouring the over night sweat under the armpits.

Then we got into a 69 and began to lick up and down our buddies cock shaft while driving a finger into each other's ass. Next we used our tongues to suck and lick those hot rosebuds. We drove our tongues as deep into the pulsating assholes as we could. This rimming and sucking cock went on for some 20 minutes. We swallowed our partners cock all the way down to the base. We were in such heat that we were all over the bed with the bed covers off on the floor. We rolled back and forth with the bed making such banging sounds. Anyone passing our room in the hall had to hear the wild sex.

Calvin was so hot to be fucked as I had been on the bike. I put him on his stomach, spread his dark handsome legs far apart, had him use his hands to pull open his ass cheeks, lubed his ass, lubed my hard cock and used my knees to rare up giving me a direct path for my cock to drive all the way in his man pussy with one thrust. He yelled as I struck his prostate with my morning boner and I began to drill his soft silk ass.

He begged me to fuck him. He wanted my cock deep inside.

After about five minutes of a very hard fuck, I pulled out as I was nearing an orgasm. I wanted my ejaculation to satisfy my number one fetish. I turned Calvin on to his back, came up to his arms, had him lift his arms above his head, and I began to wildly jack off under his right armpit. Soon I felt a surge in my balls and an impending orgasm. As I blasted several fresh squirts of semen under his armpit, I began to rub my hard cock through the cum. When I was spent, I got down and sucked the cum out of his hairy underarms. When I was finished, I just kept my mouth there for a few seconds to take in the hot odors. Man was that hot.

Calvin was going crazy from such a hot fetish. It was now his turn. He put me on my back, had me lift my arms above my head, he put his big cock up to my left armpit and went wild masturbating. It was not long before his face became blood red, his breathing increased, his cock swelled even more and he exploded with a volcanic load in my armpit. He too got down and licked his cum from my hairy armpit. He spent several minutes just smelling and taking in the odors of cum and the sweaty armpit. We spent several minutes in deep kisses as we had finished our favorite kinky and fetish sex.

Then we agreed that we were in for at least two weeks of hiking and nightly wild sex. We had other kinky plans to make our sex so special.


Naughty Eric


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