The moon sat low behind the spears of midnight clouds, hugging the water. Waves lapped the shore and the sweet smell of palm leaves and sea salt drifted in the heavy night air. Light cast its way through the small glass panes of Kendricks' bedroom. His skin shimmered against the enveloped darkness of the room. His eyes twitched with every pass of light that broke through the stiff palm leaves hugging the side of the cottage. A stiff breeze flowed in past the sheets delicately sited over his limp, yet muscular legs.

All was quiet through the narrow halls, and neither a field mouse or tempest spider broke the silence. A silent snap of a doorknob resonated from a bedroom at the end of the house. Ashton, Kendricks' younger brother, stepped into the dim light cast by the moon. His rippled body capturing the light, reflecting onto the walls as he slowly eased down the hall. He moved silently, every muscle in his body tensing and holding it weight in effort to keep hushed. He passed the corner, laying a hand on his brothers door, sliding it open with precision. Leisurely, he let his body slip into the room until his whole figure stood a distance from his brothers bed.

He traced his brothers' figure through his thin white sheets, from Kendricks' unmistakable V, to his huge biceps. More than ever, he lost himself in the idea of outlining his brothers body with his tongue. He stepped closer to the bed, extending a finger. A reserve hit him, and he paused, eyes glued to Kendricks face, He dug his teeth into his bottom lip as he slowly descended to his knees. He gently pulled at the sheet tucked under his brothers side. He knew, like himself, Kendrick slept almost nude.

As the cover gently folded back, and Kendricks' Calvin Kline briefs came to view. Ashton grew even more flustered as he edged closer to the bed. He barely drew in a breath, as his heart began to beat harder in his toned chest. He once again extended a finger, placing it slightly on his brothers neck and letting it drift down his body and to his waistband. With expert skill and complete composure, he pushed two fingers under his brothers' waistband, slowly tugging it below his massive member. Ashton felt his own dick grow harder as he neared Kendrick with his mouth. Lightly, he touched the tip of Kendricks dick with his tongue. The sweet taste of his own brothers cock filled his mouth and soon he felt it slide to the back of his throat. Almost as soon as he began, Kendricks dick filled with pre-cum and filled his twink mouth. He slowly moved up and down on his sleeping brothers stiff cock, savoring the taste of his pre-cum.

He couldn't believe it, finally, at the new age of eighteen, he found himself enjoying his older brothers sweet penis. He had dreamt of this moment and played it out over and over in his head; and in the shower. He moved lower, suppressing his need to gag as the width of his brother dick filled his throat. Eyes closed, he pushed his hand into his underwear, and exposed his hard dick. He massaged all 9 inches, using his abundance of pre-cum to lubricate himself. He let out small, muffled moans as he tightened his mouth around the 12 inch cock in his underage face. He motioned up, taking a breath... when Kendricks' hands forced him back down his throbbing pole.

His eyes flew open and he was shocked to see that his brother had awakened. Kendrick smiled from the corner of his mouth and returned his little brothers look with only his index finger covering his mouth and a wink. Ashton shuttered as his heart raced. Not only was his macho straight brother forcing his mouth down his dick, but he was actually enjoying it. Kendrick placed his hand under Ashtons' chin, pulling him to his lips. Gently, he kissed him; letting his tongue slip into his little brothers mouth. He lowered himself to the floor, keeping his lips locked with Ashton. He moved his hips to that he was as close to his brother as Ashton as he slowly moved his hands down his back. He grasped his brothers ass, gripping it and massaging it, and with every sweet stroke his desire to penetrate Ashton grew.

Ashton grabbed both sides of his brothers hips and lowered himself back, drowning in his on desire. Kendrick moved on top of him, licking around his little brother belly button and chiseled abs. He grabbed his dick and slowly slid it past his midnight scruff into his mouth and past his tongue. Ashton let out a gasp, quickly stopping it, biting down on his lower lip. He squirmed as his brother deepthroated his cock, only stopping long enough to wet a finger with his spit. He slipped it in to Ashton, slowly; allowing only the tip to force its' way into the tight twink hole. He felt Ashton tense and then release, allowing him to go deeper, sending his brother in low and muffled moans.

Kendrick lifted his brother up by the waist, raising his juicy ass to his awaiting mouth, he patrolled Ashton deeper and deeper as his tongue made circles around the rim of his hole. Soon, Kendrick had two fingers in at a steady pace, sending Ashton into convulsions. Finally, he let it out, "Fuck Me Kendrick, Fuck me harder than you've ever fucked a girl in your life!" Kendrick didn't need much to motivate him, leaning back and reaching for the lube tucked away under the edge of his bed.

He slowly dripped the liquid over his now throbbing head, letting the lube mix with his sweet pre-cum. He kept a hand firmly planted in Ashton's bubble ass as he pushed his not wet and bare head into him. Ashton let out a grunt, squinting at first. Kendrick pushed slowly deeper and stopped, letting his brother get used to his thick meat stick in his virgin ass. Before long he placed his hands on his hips, sliding Ashton up and down his dick.

His brother looked hotter than ever, eyes glued to his abs and muscles tense as his older brother pushed his way through his now wet and stiffed hole. Somehow he always knew that Kendrick would pop his cherry, and now his prediction had come true. He grabbed his brother, slinging him back and climbing on top of him. Kendrick let his head hit the floor as his dick sailed its way deeper into Ashton. He moaned and watched as Ashton rode him, faster and faster.

It seemed tighter than anything he had experienced as Kendrick watched his bareback cock pound his brothers twink ass. He inched his way closer, holding back the cum so he could pleasure him. He wanted his brothers first time to be good. He grabbed him, rotating him around with his dick still inside of Ashton. He pulled his legs back and began fucking him, barebacking him harder than ever and watching as his little brother savored the feeling of being bent over with a fat dick in him. Ashton leaned back, taking it harder and harder, beginning to stroke his dick. He moaned louder and louder, screaming as his brother forced his cock deeper. He screamed again, letting cum fly from his dick, He let his eyes roll back and feeling his entire load explode.

Kendrick felt his brothers ass tighten as he came, forcing him to an orgasm. He grabbed his little brother by his long surfer hair and slung his neck back as he shot cum deep into his ass. He leaned back as he let the last drop flow into Ashton. Falling against the bed, Kendrick lt his dick slip out from Ashton, cum dripping to the floor. Ashton sat face to the floor and ass up, catching his breath.

Kendrick took hold of his brothers arm, laying him over his shoulder, head on his chest. "How was that little brother?"

"Fucking Amazing" replied Ashton, "When can we do it again..."


Adam Michael

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