Brandon and Chad were young eager 18-year-old high school graduates when they joined the United States Marine Corps in 1999. They met during basic training at Camp Pendleton just outside of San Diego, California. They both were closeted gay teenagers when they entered the military. This was during the period of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy.

They were able to spend four years together including two tours in Iraq. They were very lucky to always receive the same transfers thus staying together for the entire four years. As pals they soon learned of each other being gay They became hot lovers but no one discovered their homosexuality or they would have been booted out of the military.

This story could have been about their many exciting and dangerous war experiences but instead it is about their many sexual episodes as hot lovers together and also sharing their many sexual adventures after not seeing one another for more than a decade since leaving the military. It also involves the story about the two week reunion and steamy sex in Hawaii as told to me by Chad. I will be the narrator.

To set the stage for the story of these two hot guys, here are their stats:

Brandon now in his 30's has short blond hair, blue eyes, stands 6' and 3", weighs a solid 200 pounds, large hard arms and biceps, flat muscled chest and stomach, beautiful tanned body and has a cut 8.5" cock with over sized balls.

Since leaving the Marines, Brandon has been employed as an athletic trainer for a professional hockey team on the east coast. He works out daily and is as strong as when he was in the Marines. He is a bull of a man.

Chad, also in his 30's, has strawberry blond hair closely shaved near to the top of his head. That new youth style of shaved around the sides of his head. He has hazel eyes, stands 5' 9", weighs a slim 160 pounds, sexy freckles on his chest and arms, very light complexion and a nice cute 7.5 inch cut cock with a big cock head.

Up on leaving the Marines, Chad took a job as a cowboy on a large cattle ranch in Montana.

As to sexual positions, Brandon prefers being a top although he sometimes bottoms. Chad on the other hand is a committed bottom.



On a Sunday morning, they arrived on separate flights and met at the hotel around 11 AM. After lunch, they went to the beach for sun and some time to catch up on the past ten years. The conversation took place as they laid on beach towels only dressed in swimming suits over looking the Pacific with a perfect 80 degree day.

Brandon and Chad shared their job experiences as an athletic trainer and cowboy for more than the last 10 years. They remembered their fun four years together as fuck buddies and also some of the war stories. Finally the conversation turned to their sex lives since they had left the Marines.

"Brandon, I bet you've had plenty of hot and sweaty ass from the rugged horny hockey players that you train? Tell me about your conquests."

"Well Chad, you know me well. I cannot go may days without fucking some hot guy's man pussy. The studs on our hockey team mostly range from 18 to 24-years-of-age---perfect young fresh meat. We're on the road traveling with these horny guys. Man are they hot. Think and imagine how they look. They have pumped quads, muscular thighs, big boned frames, melon- sized biceps, most of them are hung like a horse, thick and red juicy lips, huge testicles, scruff sexy faces with three day old beards, and hot jack straps showing off their big tools. The jock man smells are awesome.I see them ever day in the locker room. I stay hard most of the time. I have the world's best job for a gay man.

They are young studs, horny with overheating raging hormones and desperate to release their seed. I'm there to help them do that. By the way, man they have mother loads of milky cum, ropey cum and sticky goo. I get lots of protein. I've lost count of how many studs I've got to breed over these years. Man they have me tired out from all the fucking."

"WOW Brandon, it sounds like the perfect job for you. Shit I'm rock hard just thinking about you fucking those hot hockey players. I need to come visit you and maybe get some of that jock man sex."

"Chad, I bet you have not been without some really hot cowboy fucking guys fucking your hot ass that I had for four years. Tell me about it."

"Brandon, my story is a little different but just as fucking successful. The first five years on the ranch as word got out that I was a great lay and fuck, I was pleasantly surprised how many so-called straight cowboys have seduced me and loved my cock and man pussy late at night over the years. I have my own private quarters. I often hear a knock at the door late at night. It is usually a fairly drunk cowboy who throws me on my back, throws my legs over my head, drives his big cock deep into my ass, pounds me hard until he gets his rocks off and then leaves. A drunk cowboys fucks like a wild bull and then jumps up and leaves with his seed in me. I have several regulars who are my favorites and do they know how to fuck a man's ass and yes they loved to get their cock sucked."

He continued: "One day I went for a ride with the handsome foreman on his motorcycle. He is a rough big hard man and I knew he was a lady's man and no way would he even consider fucking a gay man. I thought he was just showing me how to enjoy a motorcycle ride. Man was I wrong. I felt my cock harden as I rode behind him and it rubbed up against his big butt and leather jacket. Soon he pulled off on to a side dirt road, with no warning laid me out on top of the bike, pulled my pants down, unzipped his pants, pulled out the largest cock I'd ever seen,

it was tone hard, and leaking pre-cum. He got up on the bike and without a word he began to slide his cock up my wide open experienced ass. Soon he was pounding my ass harder than any dude I'd ever experienced. He fucked me for the longest time as I held on by putting my hands around his big hips. Man it was an awesome fuck. Finally, he grunted loud and blasted a huge load inside me."

Then he spoke: "Hey you whore, the guys have told me you have the world's best ass so I had to try it. Man, they are correct. You have a wet and slick ass that my cock loved. You are my first man sex but I'll be back for more of than man pussy. Be prepared to get fuck by this big cock of mine, and yea I'll have you suck my cock as I hear you give mind blowing blowjobs."

"WOW Chad, that is so hot. Now tell me about the last five years."

"Well Brandon, let me share one of my new adventures. This 18-year-old got permission from his parents, upon finishing high school, to come and work on the ranch that is owned by his 65-year-old grandfather. After about 10 days, he overheard some of the cowboys talking about what a great ass I had and that it was better than any woman's pussy. I guess it excited this young horny stud. That night around 10 PM I heard a knock on my door and I wondered if it was one of my favorite fuck buddies. Shit when I opened the door, there stood Nick, this young 18-year-old hot teenager, looking very nervous but horny. He asked if he could come in. He blurted out that he was gay but a virgin. Man that set off my radar and cock.

He asked with a quiver in his voice: 'Chad, you really turn me on. You are so sexy. The guys tell me that you are the best fuck in the world. Can I fuck you? I know you love man sex and big cocks and my cock is about 8-inches.'

Shit Brandon, I just about climaxed right there with this hot young stud wanting to fuck me. I of course started getting out of my clothes and getting ready for that young meat. Well he was beyond gorgeous with long curly blond hair, deep blue eyes, about 5' and 8", weighed around 155 pounds, slim and had a huge bulge in his pants. I closed the door, grabbed him and we kissed wildly. By the way, that was his first kiss with another man. I shed his clothes for him and soon we were in bed. I got on my back, he jumped on top of me and started using his young smooth body to hump me as if he had been waiting all his life for this moment. Before long, I felt his big 8-inch cock enter my wide open ass. He fucked me like the young horny stud he was. He was wild with lust and pleasure for his first fuck. I knew he would not last long and sure enough soon he began to shoot a huge string of thick ropey milky young goo deep in my ass. I'm becoming his bitch. WOW, is he ever good at satisfying me."

"Hell Chad, I'm as horny as a young female dog in heat. I want to fuck. Man, it has been so long since we had a fuck session. Lets go back to the hotel. I want you. From what you are telling me this will be my last time to fuck you now that you now have this young buck."

They went back to the hotel and prepared for a long night of sucking and fucking. They realized their lives had changed forever but one more time together was so erotic and it was for old times sake.

They stopped by the hotel bar and had a couple of drinks before hitting the bed. They were then buzzed and horny as hell. They got naked, took a shower and played with each other's cock, dried off, poured massage oil all over each other and put Chad on his back on the bed as he had always been the bottom or bitch. Brandon rubbed his oily hands around Chad's neck, across his hard shoulders, down his body and then mounted his old fuck buddy. Chad lifted his ass to greet his old Marine buddies' cock.

"Brandon, Baby, I can't stand it any longer, please, please please drive that blood filled cock into your old bitch's ass. Fuck me. You have me ready to dump a record amount of sticky cum."

"Chad, tell me again. What do you want? Did you say you wanted me to fuck that worn out ass with my big cock? Is that what you want?"

"Oh Hell yea, please fuck me with that horse like cock of yours. It has been so long since I felt your cock in me. Pound my ass please."

Brandon lubed his hard cock, poured some lube in Chad's ass and began to drive his monstrous tool into his old buddies ass chute. Soon he had his man cock all the way into that familiar ass. He began to fuck Chad with totally abandonment. This was like old times as Brandon fucked Chad harder and harder.

They both were filled with lust as they grunted, moaned and gasped for air. The fuck produced huge amounts of sweat, as both bodies were as if they had just come out of the shower. The musty smells were terrific.

Brandon's cock slid in and out with ease. They got into a rhythm as Brandon pulled his cock out and Chad lifted his ass to receive the big cock again. This went on for some time. They were picking up where they had left off more than 10 years ago. It was like learning to ride a bike, one does not forget how to do it. Brandon's balls rubbed up against Chad's fury ass. Chad began to jerk his own cock to add sexual pleasure to the fuck. Soon Brandon reached down and began to suck Chad's cock while he continued to pound Chad's ass.

After some 15 minutes of a very hard fuck and sucking cock, they both passed the no return point. Brandon shot blast after blast of his warm cum down Chad's ass channel. Chad in turn shot long streams of his milky cum on his own stomach, chest, face, head and onto the bed's headboard. Man his blast went some two feet. It was an awesome ejaculate.

Brandon pulled out his still semi-hard cock and fed his leaking cock to Chad. Then Brandon licked up Chad's cum and they kissed as they enjoyed a late night protein meal.

They continued to suck and fuck for the two weeks until it was time to catch flights back to their work. As they said their tearful goodbyes, they thanked each other for all their years as best friends and fuck buddies; yet, realizing this would be their last time together. They wished each other a life of great happiness.


Naughty Eric


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