I couldn't believe I had got myself into that situation. There I was, in the room of the guy I'd had a secret kid-crush on for years; looking for a condom.

Why did I pick 'dare'? You'd think I'd have learnt that lesson long before. It was Cris that came up with th dare. His brother had just come out to his family the previous week, but Cris had found the dildo in the room a week or so before. He never confronted his older brother about it, but he was making good use of that fact when he came up with the dare.

I had to find the dildo and steal it. Cris knew it was his brother's because, funny enough, it had his name on it, in black marker.

So, I snuck in through the window. Chase, Cris's older brother, would be at school for the whole day. He was a geography major with final exams coming up. So, that Saturday, with him cramming his brains out, was the best day. I wondered if Cris had any idea that I'm bi and was playing with me. But whatever...

So, I searched and searched. In all the underwear drawers, under the bed, in every shoebox... Nothing. And I searched for at least 20 minutes, as quietly as I could since Cris and Chase's mother was home. If Cris was right, she never went into Chase's room, so he was safe.

But then, I heard voices. Chase. "I'm taking a break for a few hours, Mom!" he called out. "I'll go back to the library later!"

He sounded like he was right outside! No time to escape out the window. I did the only thing I could think to do: rush to the closet. I closed the closet door (as quickly, yet as QUIETLY as I could) just as I heard the door open. It was closed immediately after, and Chase soon came into my field of vision.

He tossed his shirt on the bed, and continued to undress. His muscles were defined, but not big. I loved that. I'd loved it for years. He was taller than me by a few inches, and his mocha skin was just a little lighter than mine. His cornrows, apparently recently braided, reached halfway down his back.

It was the first time I'd ever seen his dick. Man, it looked beautiful. Long, but not very thick. It was already hard when he pulled it out after dropping his black wifebeater on the floor and then his jeans and those white boxers. He was playing with it, moaning slightly. I wondered why he wasn't going to the bed and just kept standing beside it, looking towards the window. And then, I understood.

From my field of view through a single broken shutter of the closet door, I saw someone come into through the window. He must have used the same method I did: the big tree outside that worked as the perfect ladder to climb up to the window.

The guy who came in was shorter than Chase, around my height. He was a darker, though, and much more muscular than either of us. His head was completely bald, but his dimples softened his look. He was at least as hot as Chase.

"You're such a pussy, man," the stranger said as he went over the Chase and started kissing him.

"Come on, I don't think my mom would feel too comfortable with me having sex in her house," Chase said. "I mean, I know I'm an adult and everything, but, she's still my mom, right?"

"Yeah, yeah..." the buff guy said between kisses, his hand playing with the pink head of Chase's dick.

"Now, hurry up and take off your clothes! I want that ass," Chase said.

My heart was pumping hard: the fear of being caught multiplied by the excitement of watching this unfold. My dick was pushing against my boxer-briefs.

The newcomer dropped his clothes as quickly as Chase had. And man, he had a dick as hot as Chase's. It was amazing; their dicks matched their bodies perfectly. The newcomer was not as long as Chase, but definitely thicker. The head wasn't as pink as Chase's, though.

They got in the bed, kissing. I couldn't stop myself anymore. I unzipped. And pulled out my cock. The darker guy didn't wait long. He reached into a drawer where I had seen a bottle of lube and pulled it out, putting an ample amount onto Chase's dick, even while he kissed it. Then, he jumped on it.

"Shit!" I whispered in frustration. I'd been stooping so I could see through the hole. It had been sort of uncomfortable. As I'd tried shifting positions (not wise to do that while trying to keep an eye on the action), I hit something over. I never looked at what it was, because as soon as it crashed to the floor:

"What the hell?" Chase said. "Sorry, man, get off for a minute."

"You kidding me right? You want me to get off of dick this good?"

"I'm serious, Don. I heard something from the closet."

Don got off Chase and allowed him to get up. Dick still hard as steel, he headed to the closet. My heard felt like it would hit Chase in the face as soon as he opened the door.

"Parker? What the hell you doing in here?"

I stammered. I'd forgot to put my dick away. This looked very provocative. "I- I- I'm sorry, Chase, I-"

Don asked, "You know him?"

"Yeah, he's my little brother's best friend. Goes to my old high school. A junior now."

"Well, he looks like he's into what was goin' on. You wanna join us, Parker?"

"Don, what the fuck?" Chase almost yelled out before catching himself and speaking more softly. "He's a kid!"

"How old are you, kid?" Don asked me.


"Got held back?"

"No," I told him. "I was sick and started school late."

"I say he's adult enough. He's got a dick to match. And besides, you don't hear him saying he isn't interested."

Chase's frown stayed for a while, then he shook his head. "Well?"

I was still in shock. But the look of these two fully naked bodies with fully alert cocks was too much to turn down. "Can I? For real?"

Chase reached out his hand towards me and helped me up, 'cause I'd falled back in the excitement. He pulled me into a kiss. Man, those soft lips felt good.

Don gave my other head some attention, dropping my cargo shorts to the floor and sucking my uncut head as it poked out through the hole in my boxers. "Man, you big," he said, his breath tickling my hair.

Chase pulled off my shirt and started kissing my nipples. I never knew that could feel so good. Don didn't seem to want this foreplay to last long, though. He was leading us to the bed and once we were there, he picked up the bottle of lube and was applying it all over my dick.

"What do you say? Two of y'all want a piece of this ass? Never tried two at a time before."

"Fuck yeah," Chase said. He turned towards me. I nodded and he smiled at my shyness. "This is your first time with a dude, isn't it?" I nodded again. I'd always known I liked both guys and girls, though. From as far as I can remember. And I always knew I'd like the feel of ass.

Chase got in the bed first and Don strattled him. He lowered his pussy on the dick and slid all the way down on it like before. Then, he lay down on Chase. "Go slow, okay, Parker?"

He didn't have to tell me twice. The idea of dick in my own ass always terrified me. No way I'd ever try that and I'd decided at least a year before (when one of the porn vids I saw had a guy's ass bleeding even while it was being fucked) that I'd be gentle.

So, I put my head right at the asshole. "You ready?"

"Yeah. Go, man," Don said, already making sounds of extacy.

So I went. The feel of both dick and ass was amazing. I slid myself in slowly, which, as far as I am concerned, felt like it made it feel all the better. I kept mine still while Chase moved back and forward.

"Oh, shit," Don said. "Yeah, baby, keep goin'."

"Shh," Chase said. "We don't want my mom to hear."

"She's downstairs watchin' TV," Don countered. "Relax, man."

Chase decided to shut Don up with some kisses that sounded deep. Soon, Don sat up and pressed himself against my abs and my pecs. I reached around and started playing with his dick, even as I started alternating my movements with Chase's.

"See that?" Don said. "You never cared if my dick wanted some lovin'."

"Shut up and take this dick," Chase laughed.

Don got pulled the lube from the bed and let it drip on his dick while I moved my hand up and down. "You have no idea how good it feels to have both front AND back action." He started bouncing up and down on our dicks. I kicked the back of his neck.

"Thanks," I whispered into his ear. "This is awesome."

"Anytime, lover," he said. "Now keep jerkin' me. I haven't come by anything other than my own hand in ages."

"Ready to take this load?" Chase asked.

"Man, you know I'm ready!" And just as Don said this, he sent his own stream of cum flying. Some of it hit Chase right in the face, and some of it got on the sheets, but most of it landed on Chase's torso.

"Damn, you coulda told me you were about to come! Oh, fuck!" He exploded into Don. It was a strange sensation. The feeling of semen that wasn't my own. Chase slowly slipped out. "You aint' done yet? You defintely ain't a kid nomore!"

I smiled. Lube and cum together made that ass feel awesome. As Chase knelt beside them and kissed Don, the darker guy lay down on me.

"Come on, man, fill me with a next load," he ordered me. I didn't take long to oblige. A load I'd been holding in for five days filled him up.

"Shit..." I muttered as I pulled myself out.

Chase wasted no time sucking all the cum out of that ass that he could, then kissing Don full on the lips, making some slip out and down their chests.

I lay on the bed, feeling awesome. I never expected that would happen that day.

"So, Parker," Chase asked. "What the heck were you doin' in my room?"

Embarrassment swept over me, but I told him anyway. Both he and Don laughed as they lay on the bed, the cum still leaking out of Don.

"Cris really is a menace," Chase said. He got off the bed and headed to his bookbag, from which he produced the yellow dildo, at least as long as his when hard and as thick as Don's. "Have fun." He winked.

In about half an hour, I was clothed and out of there. Success.


Tray Singh

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