This story features two hot 18 year-old high school senior athletes who have been best friends since the first grade. Sean is the center on the basketball team and his buddy Todd is the starting guard. They are also the top scoring players both averaging 22 points a game. As one game remains in the season of the league, the team has a perfect 16 to 0 winning record.

Both Sean and Todd are the only children in their families. They have been inseparable growing up. They were in the same home room until high school and during high school they have taken the same classes. They are often teased as if they were twins. Sean and Todd have never dated girls and they send almost ever weekend at one of their homes. Both sets of parents are so proud of their friendship.

Sean is 6'2"; weighs a rock hard 175 pounds; well kept and trimmed brown hair; dark brown eyes; solid muscles; and light fuzz on his chest, stomach, thighs and legs. He has the most attractive smooth feet and toes. And he has a rock hard 8" cut cock.

Todd has the looks of a model featured on the cover of a man's magazine. The girls are all wild about him but he avoids dating. He is 5' 10"; weighs 150 pounds; handsome dark tan; deep blue eyes; black short and well trimmed hair; hard body from his neck to his legs; chiseled jaws; sexy smile; and an unusually large cut cock for his size, 9.5 inches with a large cock head.

The two friends often talk about sex, share sexual jokes and share rumors about their classmates. However, they are virgins.


It is a Friday afternoon and Sean and Todd are walking across campus after class as they are preparing for yet another weekend together. With no warning, Todd pops a question. "Sean buddy, you and I are shipwrecked on an abandoned South Pacific Island and there is an abundance of native foods. We will never be rescued so what are we going to do for sex?"

I am so surprised but find myself aroused with a growing hard on. I have lusted after my best friend ever since puberty. Is he coming on to me? Oh how I hope so. I take the bait. "Well, Todd, we would have each other and there is always the remedy of masturbation. WE could always assist each other."

I notice that Todd has just developed a huge bulge in his pants. We continue to walk down the sidewalk sprouting huge hardons as we pass several of our classmates. We use our books to hide our rock hard cocks.

Todd suggest: "My best buddy, I need to piss. Lets go by the gym." I reply, "yes, I also need to piss." When we get in the restroom, we both have developed humongous raging pulsating cocks. I try to piss but I am too hard for releasing my piss. I soon notice Todd is having the same problem.

As I start to put my cock away, Todd says: "No, come closer baby and let me touch that beautiful cock and balls that I have been dreaming about for years." I feel my cock start throbbing and leaking precum as he grabs my boner, spit gobs on the head of my cock and begins to jerk me off hard and fast.

He uses his other hand to take one of my hands and place it inside his briefs as I touch his red hot leaking giant tool. He urges me to spit all over his cock and beast him off.

Before long, we are sweating, moaning and leaking gobs of precum that is soiling our briefs and pants. Our hands are now covered in the cum and spit. After several minutes of jacking off each other for the first time, Todd has us remove our cum covered hands and feed each other the other guys cum. It is my first taste of another guys cum as is it is for Todd. Oh, how we enjoy the salty warm taste.

We hear some of the athletes approaching the rest room so we zip up quickly and run out the backdoor before we get caught. This sexual intrigue is too hot to stop. We want each other badly for our first weekend of sex with the person we love most, each other.

I suggest we go by my home, let me get some clothes and let me call my parents who are at work and tell them I am going to spend the weekend with Todd and his parents. I am telling a little fib as Todd's parents are gone for the weekend.

My parents as usual say that is just fine. I gather up clothes for the weekend and still in our cum wet clothes take off to Todd's home.

I was so excited about what was going to happen. Hard sex with my best friend and the most gorgeous man on the planet. We can use some Gay magazines to help us make love in different positions.

Todd and I ordered pizza and we drank his dad's six pack of beer to heighten our sex drive and energy. I became very buzzed as I was not use to drinking. We are now both extremely horny and lusting after each other. Oh how I love my best friend. I want in his pants and have him also devour me.

Todd takes charge. He takes my sweaty hand and guides me to his bedroom with the king size water bed. He removes my shirt, shoes and socks, pants and under shirt. Todd looks deep into my lustful eyes and says: "Buddy, I have known for years that I am Gay. I have lusted after you for years. I want you to make love to me. I do not want any man other than my best friend. Please end my virginity tonight."

The sexy talk makes me wild with desire as I respond: "Todd, baby, I have dreamed about you for years. I often have a wet dream of you sucking my cock and you driving that monstrous cock all the way up my ass. I often wake up with my briefs soaked with cum. I play with the cum and eat it pretending it is your cum. I want your cum tonight."

This talk puts us over the top. Todd throws me on the bed on my back and he drives his mouth into my crotch as I am still wearing my soaked briefs. He sucks cum out of my briefs, begins to finger my hot ass by putting his fingers inside my briefs. His hand is so hot and erotic. I feel my ass muscles begin to expand and throb.

He removes my briefs and spits all over my erect cock. He quickly begins to use one hand to remove all his clothes. Soon we both are only in our birthday suits. He uses two fingers on one of his hands to fuck my aching man pussy while he is slowly using his other hand to fondle my balls and cock shaft. Soon he is giving me the most erotic and hot jacking off one could ever dream of having. His experience comes for all those nights he has jerk himself off.

I managed to get my sexy feet on his crotch as I begin to use them to play with his cock and rub it between my two feet. We engage in cock jack-offs for several minutes. We both have small streams of precum running out of our piss slits and down our cock heads.

Todd takes his now soaked cum hand from jerking me off and feeds me my cum. I manage to move my feet up to his mouth as he sucks his cum off my feet and toes. Oh it is so hot. WE deep kiss so we can share the cum from both our cocks.

One of the hottest experiences is the sexy smells of our bodies. We can smell and taste the cum, the sweat from our bodies and especially under our arm pits, our hot breaths on each others mouths and just all the hot body odors. I am intoxicated with Todd's manly odors. It is like an expensive perfume and so sexy.

Todd moves to my waiting cock and begins kissing the head, the shaft and licking my balls. Soon I feel him insert my cock into his mouth and before long he has my entire cock down his throat. He tightens his mouth around my cock and bears down hard. He uses one of his hands to grip the base of my cock. He begins to give me a wild and hard blowjob. The feeling is driving me crazy. His mouth is so smooth, slick, hot and juices. He drives his mouth and tongue in and out for a very long cock sucking session. I am so near a climax.

Todd pulls off my slick cock, places my legs on his broad shoulders, and starts eating my ass. I am bulking and begging him to fuck me with his tongue.

He has prepared for this great day. He gets out a bottle of lube and some red condoms. I am about to have my virgin man pussy invaded by my best friends gorgeous cock. Oh, how I want his cock deep into my ass. I want to loose my virginity with the greatest friend I have. I beg him to fuck me. "Oh, baby, please FUCK ME, Oh, FUCK ME! Oh, use that fucking sloppy slick cock to rid me of my virginity. Pound my ass, baby."

He fills my ass with lots of lube, lubes his jerking cock, puts on the condom, lubes the condom and begins driving his cock up and down my ass crack, abs and stomach as I lie on my back to get me even hotter for the fuck. My legs are high in the air as they rest on his hot shoulders.

He suggest that I push down on my ass and jack-off my cock as he begins entering my tight virgin ass with a huge cock. He goes all the way down my ass with one thrust. I cry in pain but he drives harder and harder in and out. Soon the pain is replaced with pleasure. I can feel his wet and slick condom covered cock rub against my ass walls and prostrate. My first ass fuck is far beyond my greatest dream of pleasure. I beg Todd to fuck me harder and harder as I jack-off my rock hard cock.

Soon Todd is in such heat that he begins to pound my ass as he utters: "I am taking what is mine, baby. Your man pussy belongs to me and no one else. Ok? Breath baby, breath baby. Take it all. Clamp those ass muscles down on my cock. Make my cock tight in your ass."

We both moan and breath harder and harder as he fucks my ass for the longest time. I then feel his cock grow in my ass and I feel his balls rise up tight against my body. I know he is going to come. He yells, Baby, I am cumming, I am cumming. My first ejaculation is in a man's ass and it is my best friend's ass. Oh, I feel my cum filling my condom. Oh, shit! It is so great."

When he is spent, he slowly pulls out and comes up to my mouth and inserts the wet condom into my throat. I suck the slick condom. I pull the condom out of my mouth and slip the cum filled condom off his red hot cock. I take turns with Todd eating the cum out of the condom. It is so warm and salty. Ymmmmmmmm!!

After a short rest, Todd says: "Baby, Sean, I want my virgin ass to feel your hot cock. I want you to fuck me so I can have the same experience as you just had. Take my virgin man pussy, please."

I place Todd on his stomach on the floor, spreads his legs far apart, lube his golden pink ass, lube my already dripping cock, place the condom on my wet and slick cock, and lube the condom. I loose no time as I want my best friend's ass so bad. I try to plunge in but his ass is so tight that I have to stop. I take my fingers and work his asshole until it spreads open. Then I plunge in and drive all the way to the base of my cock shaft. Oh, his ass is so tight on my cock. I feel as if my cock is in a vice. I love the feeling. I begin to fuck my buddy harder and harder and faster and faster. Todd is moaning and begging for more. The sloppy sound of my cock fucking his beautiful ass fills the room with such sexy noises.

I want to excite him as I say: "Do you like my cock? Does it feel good? I am going to fuck your hot man pussy until I explode." Soon I feel my cock become even harder and larger. I feel the cum leave my balls and rush up my cock channel. It is now too late to stop the rush of cum.

Todd realizes what is happening as he says: "Shoot that hot cum. Come on baby, shoot that thick white cum out of your aching cock." The dirty talk causes me to have a second surprising round of thick ejaculate. I have never shot such a big load of seed.

I pull out and Todd takes off my cum filled condom and pours the entire load into my mouth. We tongue kiss and have our second huge cum meal of the evening.

We shower, cuddle for hours and play with each other's once again hard cocks. We agree that our best friends' experience since first grade will now include a life time of sexual pleasures. We pledge our love for the rest of our lives.

Isn't high school experiences and a buddy so interesting and special?



Naughty Eric


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