When I was a kid back in the 70s, I would hang out at old department stores and cruise bathrooms for cock. I was a curious boy you see, and, being an only child, and, a brat, I pretty much did whatever I wanted, when I wanted. Especially when my parents were bickering, which, they always did back then, and it was so darn easy to slip away.

One of the most frequent places they would go was this place called Two Guys. It was huge! Lots of different departments for me to hang out at and get lost behind furniture, clothes racks, shelves, you name it. It even had an arcade with snack bar, which was at the far end of the building. 

On the other end of the building sat the bathrooms. And it seemed miles away from all the other departments. They were nestled in the far back, with a dingy, small hallway with low-lighting that roped around a corner into even more low-lighting. 

That's where the shit went down. 

Sometimes, because I was a brat, I would stop at the pet department which wasn't far from the hallway and squirt bottles of shampoo into the fish tanks and watch with wonder as they gobbled up the poison and swam to the surface with fear as the suds foamed around them and they dropped back down, then shot back up to the surface, twisting their fishy bodies like crazy, and getting lost in all the suds. 

I don't know why I did strange things like that. I guess it was all the frustration of being an only child with crazy folks who were so busy hating each other, that I had to take it out on someone. So, why not fish? 

One time, the suds filled the tanks and oozed over the sides causing quite a ruckus for the employees to mop it all up. I would get a kick out of watching them from behind shelves, amazed at all the mayhem I could cause. 

But, when it came time for me to hit the bathrooms, I didn't goof around too much. I was very cautious of the place, and very careful of what men to approach. 

A lot of times, I would just watch. Especially in the beginning when I lifted a box of Goobers and Cherry Lemon Drops and darted into one of the stalls so I could woof them down. 

That was when the first encounter happened. It was someone on the other side of the stall that kneeled down and started playing with himself. 

I was scared shitless. Here I was, sitting on the toilet, in my flip flops, blue shorts and Farrah Fawcett t-shirt watching the man go faster and faster against the wall, whispering...

"Hey kid. You want to watch me bust?"

Bust, what? I thought. What the hell was he talking about? 

Though, I couldn't see his dick, I could see the shadow of it getting bigger on the floor, and these big hairy balls dropping down between his legs. 

If I remember correctly, though it's been awhile, they even touched the floor which I thought was really gross because the floors in the bathroom were really cruddy. And cold. Some of the stalls even had cigarettes, wet toilet paper, and used condoms, which, I mistakenly picked up, not knowing what they were at first, (a kid in school later told me what they were for) and tasted one. 

It was salty and nasty, and the flavor stayed on my mouth all day long. Gross! 

Anyway, whoever he was, he didn't cum because someone came into the bathroom and started pissing and he quietly got up, tucked everything back into his shorts, including his balls, which, I had no idea how he got those big fuckers back inside. 

So, that's all it took, that weird, sensational, moment, and I was off to the races. Hitting the old bathrooms whenever I could, while my parents, sometimes my grandmom, strolled around the store bickering. 

Often, whenever the bathrooms weren't very busy, I would have to walk around the store and eye up different men, hoping to lure them down into the bathrooms. 

Oh My God! One time, and I still jerk off to this moment till this day, I ran into this man who looked just like Magnum P.I who I flashed a smile until he noticed me and couldn't stop looking away. 

And to make it even crazier, he was with, I assumed, his wife and kids. He had one of them in his big arms, a little girl, and her head was rested against his hairy chest. 

He was wearing an open Bermuda shirt with little palm trees and seashells, something like Magnum would wear, that was tucked into his shorts, which, I'm pretty were tan, or light brown. 

They were tight too. He had big thighs, round butt, and big hard, dark hairy legs. His arms were also hairy, and muscular, and he had a big mustache on his face. 

His wife, if I can remember, was looking at clothes, and she was holding the hand of another little girl. 

He had this huge fucking bulge in his shorts, and, I couldn't stop looking at it, and when he finally caught me, I didn't know what to do, so I smiled real big and looked away. 

If I remember correctly, I was also wearing shorts and a half cut off shirt with Star Wars on the front and dorky flip flops again. 

I think he liked my flat stomach, and my legs which were usually tanned from my parents taking me to Ocean City every summer for the weekend. 

Anyway, we played this, cat and mouse game, I guess you could call it, and I drifted around the store, pretending to look at stupid shit like women's clothes and cameras and toasters and, who knows what else! My mind was only on one thing. Those big arms holding that kid, and the bulge in his shorts. 

Finally, we tracked each other in the arcade, where he sat down the kid, and went to the snack bar to get them something to eat. His wife sat at one of the tables, in the back, fussing or doing something with the girl's hair, and that's when we made contact for the first time. When she wasn't looking. 

I was standing in front of one of the games. I think it was a pinball machine,...oh, wait. Space Invaders, that's what he was, pretending to play, when he came to my side and just stood there for a few minutes. 

I could smell his cologne, which was pretty sharp, and at first, I thought I might gag. But the smell wasn't too bad after a few minutes. 

Man, I could hardly hold my breath, I was so nervous, until he finally tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I needed change to play the game. 


Was all I remember saying. At one point, I peeked over at his crotch, and must of turned fifty shades of red. Or, something like that. 

He had a thin chain necklace, gold, that nestled down into the hair on his chest that caught my eye as well. 

Before I knew it, he slipped his hand into his pocket, fumbled around for a few seconds, obviously, playing with his dick to draw my attention, and pulled out a few quarters and handed them to me. 

"Blast those áliens" He said. "Blast them for me."

Then he gently patted me on the back and rested his big hand on my shoulder. I remember looking up for a second, seeing him smile, but also, his eyes watching his family at the table as well. 

"Yes, sir." I said, which, I never called anyone sir, but felt like it was appropriate for the time. 

"You here alone?" He asked. 

"No. With my parents. They're shopping somewhere."

"They leave you alone? To run around a big store like this?''

"Yep. But I'm not scared. I like this place. I'm here all the time."

"I see. Would you like to take a walk with me for a few moments. Help me fine a restroom."

"Um, sure. I guess."

"Great. Give me a few seconds, then follow me after I leave the arcade. But, not too close, okay? Then you can help me fine that restroom."

"Yes, sir" I said. 

I remember getting so hard that I had to dip my hand into my shorts to adjust my little dick. Which later, some people told me, 'it wasn't so little' after all.

After, which felt like forever, he got pizza and sodas from the counter and walked over to his little family, he made some excuse and pointed that he had to go somewhere (obviously, the bathroom) and, after setting the kids up with plates of pizza, he kissed his wife and strolled out of the arcade, briefly looking my way, and nudging his head for me to follow. 

Luckily, the bathroom was empty and after ushering me to the last stall with the flickering lights, he told me to sit on the toilet and do as I was told. 

"Yes, sir." I said, with my big brown eyes staring up at him. 

He unbuttoned his shirt all the way open, and let it drape behind his arms, then unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop to the floor. 

He was wearing no underwear, and was extremely hairy, with a big large bush and fat, soft cock dropping down in front of me. 

"You like this boy? My big cock?"

"Yes, sir." I said. My dick was so hard it hurt. 

"Nice. I'm gonna have myself a smoke while you play with it. Do whatever you want, but we don't have a lot of time, ok, boy?"

"Yes, sir."


It took him only a moment to reach back down, pull a lighter out of the back of his shorts, and lift a cigarette out of his shirt pocket, and light it up above me. 

He then braced his arms against the stall walls, and with the cigarette in his mouth, looked up at the flickering light and closed his eyes. 

I gobbled that fucker down like nobodies business. 

The fucking meat pumped up in my hand, in my mouth, and I gagged for a second before licking all over it like a popsicle and then sucking on the head, my eyes peeking up at him on and off. 

"Suck it boy." He mumbled, cigarette hanging from his mouth, white smoke blowing up into the air. "Suck it like you love."

"Yes, sir." 

I remember dropping my shorts and spreading my little ass over the toilet, with my dick sticking strait up between his huge hairy legs as I slurped, sucked, and devoured his huge cock as much as my little mouth could take.

I remember ashes from the cigarette dropping down, touching my hair, falling into the toilet and some on the floor. 

"Milk it boy! Come on! Grab those big balls and milk it good."

I went wacko! Grabbing the bottom of his ball sack with my little hands so hard that his body jittered, and his legs slide further apart as I twirled my mouth, and smacked my lips, all over the man's cock who looked like Magnum P.I.

"S-suck it, Boy!"

"Mmmm. Y-yes, s-sir"

"Milk it!" 

I remember almost losing my balance, and my small ass slipping off the toilet as I clutched his thick legs hard and started whining like a pup. 

That's when someone else suddenly stepped inside the stall beside us, and dark,  black knees dropped to the floor. 

At first, I got distracted, and a little weirded out, until Magnum guided my attention with his hand back onto his dick. 

The sound of a zipper being undone was heard from the floor beside me, and, I peeked down, cock still in my mouth, my eyes burning and wet, and a long, black dick flopped out on the floor. 

"I'm next" Said the brother. 

I gulped, and you cant believe what happened next....


man with Pipe


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