These are not real events. enjoy.

This all starts off at Johnny's father's house. Johnny got invited over for the weekend by his dad for a beer and to go to the movies for his birthday. when Johnny got this invitation he said " All right, guys night." He got there the next day a few minutes early and decided to get a beer out of the firdge. He waited till his dad got home and he got ready and while his father was getting ready Johnny slipped open the door to his dad's room silently and poked his head in. His dad was in the middle of getting changed and had his boxers off and lying on the bed next to him. Well Johnny saw his dads cock for the first time ever. His dad was at least 7 inches and quite wide. When he saw this he got instantly hard. 

Now Johnny was not openly gay, a few of his friends knew about it, and the local gay bar knew about it too.  Johnny was of an average build, about 5 11" and he worked out every other day too. With the sight of his father's cock, Johnny's normally 4" now grew to the fully erect 8" cock he was so proud of. Johnny shut the door and went downstairs to wait for his dad to get done.

when he was finally done, he came downstairs and Johnny noticed his dad had a noticable bulge poking up in his pants. Johnny almost drooled over this. He had always been a cocksucker when he could, but lately he had been wanting to suck more cocks to get the luscious juice out of the big meaty sticks.

His dad and him went to see a movie and afterwards went to dinner at a local restaurant. Johnny excused himself to go to the bathroom, although it wasnt for the reason he had said. His cock was aching to be released and he just happened on a stall with a glory hole in it to help in these situations. he moved to that booth and as he walked in and dropped his boxers, a hand came through the hole and motioned for him to stick his cock through. he obliged the guy on the other side of the divider and in seconds his entire cock was engulfed by the warm, moist, strong mouth that was now bobbing up and down on his aching cock. 

He felt cum coming up his cock and knew he was about to cum. when he did the cocksucker swallowed every last drop the second it came out of his cock, and he shot a lot of thick, hot, ropes of cum into the guys mouth. Johnny then proceeded to leave the stall and to wash his hands. he went back to his table where the food was just getting there.

they ate and when Johnny got back home, he was still horny so he decided to get on craigslist and found two dudes willing to come over and have a threesome. when they got to his house he invited them in and they all went upstairs to the bedroom and got undressed. the one was 6 2", middle aged, and well built, with a 7" cock, and said his name was Danny. the other guy was 5 10", younger, almost seemed like he was in college, and was kinda scrawny with some decent abs. he was packing a huge 9" that you would not expect to see on a guy like him. He said his name was Jacob. Johnny threw Danny onto the bed and started sucking him, while Jacob came up behind them and lubed up his cock and thrust it into Johnny's ass. Johnny was so surprised that he actually stopped sucking Danny, to let out a whimper. Johnny immediately went back to servicing Danny who moaned loudly when he went back to his cock. They fucked and moaned loudly for awhile then switched positions. Danny was sucking Jacob, while Johnny was face fucking Jacob. then Johnny moved to Danny's ass and started lubing up his cock. he then slipped it in and started furiously fucking his ass like he had been to Johnny.they all started to get close to climax, and all at once they all came. Jacob swallowed multiple mouthfuls of cum in a row, while Jacob got an ass full of hot cum. Johnny started to suck Jacob again when he was done, and Jacob reached an amazing climax the sent thirteen volleys of cum into Johnny's mouth. After that night those three never saw each other again.

Johnny threw 



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