I was scared out of my skull, but it was too late. I had gone out and cruised the street and let myself get picked up by these guys and now I had two huge black stallions in my tiny apartment with one thing on their minds.

I was walking down the street after leaving the third bar with the idea that I would try a fourth, where I would either hook up with the best I could find or go home and call it quits for the night. I had just moved to Chicago and had just turned nineteen but had a fake ID to get into bars, and I was wild for the gay sex I could find. Then this black sedan came rolling by with two black guys in it and the one on the passenger side did a full turn to look at me. Moments later, the car came back on the other side of the street and the driver checked me out. He honked and smiled and waved, but drove on. I shouldn't have waved back, but I did. Suddenly the car pulled up beside me and the window came down.

"Hey, boy, you looking for something?" he asked with a bright white smile.

I was desperately looking. I hadn't given a thought to black guys but I was quickly and seriously rethinking that. God, this one was good looking! I told him I might be and he reached back and opened the rear door and told me to get in.

I knew better, but it was getting late, I was getting desperate and his voice was so commanding; and I imagined he might get out of the car and force me into the back seat if I didn't climb in on my own. A tiny part of me wouldn't have minded if he had.

"You got a place?" the driver asked as we took off.

I hesitated, knowing I shouldn't have gotten in the car in the first place, and I sure as hell shouldn't tell them where I lived. But in that brief hesitation, I took in the thick necks, the broad shoulders and the massive arm that the passenger had laid over the back of the seat and I found myself blurting out the address of my apartment building and then giving directions. He found it easily. He parked the car and we all got out and that's when I began to think I was in trouble. They were huge! I had to look up at them; I was about eyelevel with their chests. I guess I must've hesitated, and the driver gave me a wave of his hand, as if to say, lead the way.

What was I thinking, I asked myself as I led the way up the steep stairs to my apartment. My hand shook as I inserted the key and one of them, laughing softly, took the key and unlocked the door for me. The door made an ominous clunk when it closed--it was the lock--and I felt like a caged animal, at the mercy of two savage beasts. Not to say that they were savage or beastly. On the contrary, they were both drop dead good looking, and massively built under their jeans and T-shirts. They looked like they could be models, or college football players.

"I'm Tyson. That's Wesley," the passenger said, and they both put out their hands.

If there was any doubt before, taking their hands--seeing my hand in theirs--was enough to humble me into submission. If they got hold of me with those huge hands, with all those muscles, I didn't have a chance. Yeah, I was scared, but I was more excited than scared. Especially when Tyson peeled off his T-shirt. His upper body fairly exploded out of his jeans; massive, beautiful muscles rippling when he moved. He lowered his arms and his broad, thick chest muscles sort of bounced when they settled on his rib cage. His shoulders looked even broader, heaped with muscle; they looked like soccer balls on each side. And, my Godd, his abs!! I let my eyes rake down the slope and linger for a second where they disappeared into his jeans, wondering what lay beyond; I had heard the rumors about black men.

"It's your place, man, aren't you going to get comfortable?" he asked me.

I was fumbling with my belt but couldn't seem to manage it, my hands were shaking so bad. Tyson laughed softly and stepped up to do it for me.

"You seem awfully nervous. Are you scared because we're black?" he asked bluntly.

"No," I said quickly. "I am a little nervous. I've never had two guys in my apartment before. Especially two guys your size. But it's got nothing to do with you being black. I'm nervous because you're so big."

"What's your name?" he asked as he deftly undid my belt and started on the buttons of my jeans.

"I'm Cody," I said.

"Yeah, you look like a Cody," he said. "You look like you're about sixteen. What're you doing out on the streets alone?"

"I'm not sixteen," I said. "I'm old enough to get in bars."

"Yeah, with a fake ID," he said, laughing. "How old are you, really?"

"Nineteen," I said.

Tyson pulled my jeans down and slipped my sneakers off then shoved me back on the couch to pull my jeans off. My shorts came down with them and he pulled those off, too.

"Hey, not bad for a white boy," he said, eyeing my cock.

"But I wanta see the other side; the business side," Wesley said.

It left no doubt, if there ever was any doubt, of what they wanted. He turned me over so I was kneeling in the couch, resting on the back, and started playing with my butt. I glanced over my shoulder to see Wesley shoving his shorts down. When he straightened, I know my eyes popped out and I think I gasped, because he laughed.

"This what you've been looking for all night?" he asked, stroking his huge, rubbery cock.

"Geezusss!" I gasped. "I didn't know anything that big existed," I said. By big, I mean he was huge. Easily seven inches hanging and when he pulled on it, it stretched even more, giving me a good idea of its potential.

He laughed again. "Fuck, you ain't seen nothing yet, wait till you see Tyson," he said.

I looked over my other shoulder to see Tyson pulling his shorts down. He filled his jeans out well but I couldn't believe the way he filled out his shorts. I could believe it even less when he pulled them down. Wesley was huge; Tyson was even bigger, with the potential of being enormous. Wesley started playing with my butt again. Tyson moved around behind the couch, to my head, hefting his manhood in one hand, offering it up to me.

"You look hungry. Hope you like dark meat," he said, rubbing his rubbery cock against my lips.

Being half scared of the two big black studs didn't hurt my appetite; I was starving for cock, and black meat for the very first time would do just fine. My mouth was watering. I opened my mouth and he fed me. He fed me too much too fast and choked me, but he didn't care. He just laughed as he shoved more of his cock down my throat. I can deep throat but his cock was so thick and I gagged around it but managed to control the reflex because I knew I had to. And I needed to get used to it before he got completely hard. These guys obviously had no concern for me or anything except their own lustful pleasure, but that was part of the attraction.

I could see my mouth distended something awful around the thick girth of his cock, so wide that I was amazed that it fit at all. I brought my hand up and I know my eyes popped when I couldn't begin to reach my fingers around it. I was more amazed when I found my face smashed into his hard lower abs, my chin rubbing against his balls and his monstrous cock--all eleven or so inches of it I discovered later--down my throat and no doubt somewhere in my stomach. He wasn't bone hard, so his meat conformed easily to the curvature of my throat. He laughed again and pulled back a couple of inches and shoved it back in, this time grinding his pubes roughly in my face. Then he began to fuck my throat and I thrilled to the feel of the hot, live meat sliding back and forth so deep through my gullet. Oh, yeah, fuck me, I moaned silently, fuck my throat.

My ass was twitching for attention too but his friend Wesley, had moved around to stand beside him, watching, laughing with him while he pulled on his cock and smacked my face with it, leaving warm cock-drool on my cheek.

"You gonna pull out and let me bury mine in there," Wesley said.

"Soon as I get him stretched for you, fucker; you'd kill him with that club you call a cock if I didn't stretch him out first."

"The hell; you're bigger than I am," Wesley said. "Fuck, I never seen any other black man built as big as you."

I'd never seen anything so big either as I watched Tyson slowly extracted his cock from my throat. I watched in wide-eyed amazement as inch after inch of the thick, black shaft came into view and there was still more of it embedded in my throat. My Godd, I thought, how much more can there be! There was a good six or seven inches of black meat between his pubes and my face and his cock was still lodged in my throat! When the head finally popped free of my throat and swelled out in my mouth I felt and tasted the slick drool of his precum. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and stepped aside. Wesley took his place and fed me more dark meat.

"I'll move around to the other side and get him loosened up in back," Tyson said.

I whimpered at the thought of being impaled on the huge cock. I wasn't a virgin but I'd never even seen cocks this size, and the thought of having them in my ass terrified me, but in a good way. Wesley clasped his big hands on my shoulder to hold me in place. I felt Tyson's rough hands on my butt, kneading and squeezing, and his long thumbs pulling me apart. I heard him spit and then felt those long thumbs working their way through my slick hole. He had big hands and fingers and his thumbs felt like two small cocks.

"You got any lube? That'd make this easier," he said.

I groped around in the drawer of the end table for the bottle of lube. Tyson laughed when I handed it to him.

"He's prepared," Wesley said with a chuckle.

Tyson squirted some lube into my asshole and began working it around with his thumbs. He started fucking me with his thumbs, working them back and forth through my hole. It felt good and I used that good feeling to try to psyche myself up for what was to come, namely more black, thick inches of cockmeat. I just hoped they didn't get the idea to try to fuck me both at the same time. I'd seen that in porn flicks and always thought it would be fun to try, but not with these guys. It would be like having two baseball bats shoved in my ass at the same time.

I submitted fully; I had no choice. I felt like a slave, bent over face to face with Wesley's manhood, the massive cudgel that was about to impale me. It throbbed along the side of my cheek with my face in his pubes. In my line of vision between my legs I could see Tyson take his stance behind me, planting his feet wide apart. His big hands pulled me apart and I felt the terrific heat of his cock before it even touched me. The head blocked my gaping hole and I felt him push against me.

"Ready, boy?" he asked, taking a right grip around my hips.

I nodded and uttered a little whimper. He shoved hard and when the head pushed through I grabbed hold of Wesley's cock with both hands like a life preserver and gobbled it up to stifle my outcry. It hurt like hell and I devoured his cock like a hungry wolf to detract from the impalement. He sank in way past where any man had gone before and I wondered where it would all go. It mattered not for I soon felt his hard, hairy loins against my butt and the powerful pulsations of his cock deep inside me. He held in deep for a moment before easing back. It felt like a ball bat was being drawn back through my guts, then it was being pushed back in.

I kept hold of Wesley's cock with my hands and mouth as his friend set his pace and began fucking me. The pain subsided almost as quickly as it came and I was surprised to find myself shoving back onto his cock.

Tyson laughed deep in his belly. "Just like all white boys, you love my big black cock," he said.

I nodded and whimpered and kept sucking the other big black cock. Within minutes I was fucking back onto Tyson's cock as much as he was fucking me with it. He told me he liked my white tight ass, too. He fucked me till my legs were cramping and when they were shaking he eased out.

"My legs are shaking too; let's get you in a different position," he said as he brought me up straight and turned me around. He sat on the couch and pulled me down onto his cock. I rode down on it facing away from him. It went in easier this time and I relished every inch as it shoved up inside me. At the bottom I twisted around on his loins, causing the big cock to lob around inside me. He liked that too. He pressed back in the couch and slouched down with his legs splayed out wide, his butt barely on the couch. He wrapped one arm around me and pulled back so I was lying on top of him. His hard muscles rippling under me felt so good.

Wesley came around to the front of the couch. He stepped up in the cushions astraddle both of us and hunkered his cock at my face. I opened my mouth and leg him fuck into my throat. I'd never had such a big cock in my mouth and I was scared anew that he would make deep throat him. That was exactly what he had in mind. He took hold of my head and fucked deeper and deeper into my throat. He paid no attention to my choking and gagging, only laughed and said a white boy ought to be honored to be sucking on such a big, beautiful hunk of black meat. I didn't know about the honor part but I liked his cock and I wanted to do it justice so I let him plunge deeper and repeatedly in my throat. Having Tyson's cock thrusting up into my ass made Wesley's cock all the more desirable for me. And desire it was, undeniably. I wanted these magnificent studs to use me and I would endure anything to make them happy and leave them satisfied with their little white slut.

"You ever had double chocolate?" Tyson asked.

I knew instantly what he meant and so did Wesley; he climbed back off the couch. They were going to double fuck me. and it scared the hell out of me. I tried to imagine my ass being stretched enough to accommodate both of their huge cocks. It would be bigger than a baseball bat; more like a fist followed with a massive, ham-like forearm. It would be useless to protest and I didn't. I dropped my head on Tyson's broad shoulder, my face nuzzled against his neck.

"I don't think I can do this," I whispered fearfully.

"You'd be the first white pussy not to be able to do it," Tyson said and he held his arm tighter around my waist as if he was afraid I might try to get away. It was a foolish thought. There was no way I could escape the two men and most of me didn't want to try. Despite my fear, I wanted them to do it. I wanted to experience the sensation of having two huge black cocks sliding in and out of my ass.

Wesley lifted my legs up and Tyson took hold of them. A smaller man's cock would have slipped out in that position but there inches of his cock still inside me. Wesley applied some lube to his cock and set the head of his cock firmly against the upper lips of my hole. He held it hard and firm against his buddy's cock and shoved. I was amazed how easily he stretched and penetrated my ass, sliding in right on top of Tyson's cock. He didn't stop till he was all the way in. It hurt but I didn't cry out. I wanted it too badly to protest.

My heart was thumping in my chest and I my temples. MY head was spinning as I tried to grasp what was being done to me. I thought it should have been impossible to do what they had done but my own asshole proved me wrong. The twin fuck tubes filled me to over capacity, the man meat rubbing against every one of the millions of nerve endings inside me. I cried out with unthinkable pleasure when Wesley started fucking me. When Tyson started moving his cock in tandem, he clamped his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. I still couldn't control my groans of pleasure. I licked his hand and he gave me a long, meaty finger to suck on, then another. They were the size of two small cocks.

The fucked me till I was on the verge of delirium, ready and wanting to scream, afraid I would pass out from the sheer pleasure they were giving me.

Suddenly Tyson thrust up hard and grunted, "Gonna cum!"

His cock swelled to what felt like gargantuan proportions, bolting violently. Then I felt it explode, shooting hard, sending copious amounts of cum deep inside me.

"Fuck, that's hot," Wesley groaned, apparently feeling his buddy's cum on his own cock. "Making more good lube," he moaned, fucking me harder.

Wesley didn't announce his climax. His body delivered the message. He lunged forward, hammering his huge cock into me unmercifully. My legs were spread out to the sides and he fucked me so hard my pubic bones hurt. Next instant his cum was spurting out, mixing with Tyson's, filling me so that it began to run out of my ass in a molten white river.

I was so caught up in it, the pleasure was so intense that I didn't fully realize that I was cumming too till I felt the stuff splatter hotly on my chest and chin, and face and neck. Tyson moaned that some got on his shoulder and neck. I'd never been fucked so hard and thorough. I was only nineteen but I'd had a lot of experience since I first got broken in by an uncle when I was only thirteen. These two guys outdid any guys I'd ever been with. Part of it was that this was the first time I'd been double fucked me. But it was partly because they were black and beautiful and absolutely magnificent in their manliness.

For a long moment we held together like we were glued, then Wesley slowly pulled his cock back through my guts.

"Please, don't take it out yet," I whimpered.

He paused and laughed. "You like these big black cocks stuffin' you like a sausage, huh?"

"Yes, I love 'em. You can fuck me again if you want to. You can fuck me all night."

"How about it, Tyson, you think you're up to an all-nighter with this little white begging bitch?"

I loved him calling me that.

"Hell, I can fuck him till he don't remember his name," he said. "It's you I'm worried about, getting that chocolate log back up to hard."

"Fuck, when's the last time you saw me not rise to the occasion?" Wesley said as he shoved his cock back inside me.

Its powerful pulsations told me he would be up to the task, and Tyson's cock had never gone down. As the two big cocks began to slide back and forth against each other like hard steel pistons, I started repeating in my head, "My name is Tyler Brown, my name is Tyler Brown," so I wouldn't forget it.

The end


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