I attended a trade show in Atlantic, Georgia. I was terminally

bored and slipped away to the baths. I had noticed them a few blocks from

the hotel and filed the location away for later.

I had a little trouble getting in. It was membership only. I

joined and then paid the entry fee. This better be good, I thought, it

would be an expensive fuck.

In towel I strolled the two halls, cubicles on either side.

Because it was only about nine in the morning, there were not many guys

here. I ignored the nellies, I was, I'm afraid, rude to some older guys

who grabbed at my stuff.

Further along the aisle I noticed two or three guys lounging around

a roomette, one entering and then leaving quickly. I moved closer to

investigate and stood with the small group. 'What's up I asked.'? One

sissy guys answered that there was this Asian in the room and he is too

'pisselegant' for all of us. I heard one guy in the room asking if the

occupant wanted a blowjob. The answer must have been 'no', because he

exited angrily. Soon the group dispersed and I remained trying to decide if

I wanted a rejection as well.

I peeked in. What a sight. There lay a young Chinese lad, on his

back, totally naked. He had placed an orange/red silk cloth over the

glaring light so that his pale, marvelously smooth body was bathed in

colored light.

'Here goes nothing,' I thought. I entered the room and approached

the bed. 'Hi,' he said in a friendly way and motioned me closer, 'So I can

see you better. Yes, you are young and very handsome. I love chest hair.

May I feel it?'

I moved right up to the bed. He was slim but not bony. His pubic

hair was natural, untrimmed black and unruly. Very charming.

'You are so beautiful,' I breathed.

'Do you think so? I'm too skinny and my chinky pubes are ugly.'

'Don't say thing like that.' I stroked his face and he rubbed back

like a kitten. I fingered his nubbies and they stiffened. He signed

charmingly. His tits were dark in color against his pale skin and I could

see that his penis was also eggplant dark as well as his plum colored ball

sack. His penis was not large but against his spare body it reached to his

navel with a curved stiffness.

I was entranced with him. I found myself murmuring love

compliments and stroking and rubbing various parts of his body. Suddenly

he let out a soft animal cry. His knees lifted and he pelted his smooth

skin with Oriental pearls.

It took him a moment to recover. He covered his face with his

hands. 'I am so sorry...so embarrassed. I was selfish, forgetting about

you. You can have all of me, me mouth, my hands or my ass.'

'No, that's OK. I loved spending this time with you and proud that

you got off from my petting.' I leaned down and kissed his forehead.

Well I made someone happy but I was randy as hell. I moved on into

the long room like a dormitory with about a dozen beds, six on each side.

Only one bed was occupied. I came close to check him out. There was only

one dim light so it was a little hard to see. There was a sleeping boy,

very young, tall with curly brown/blond hair. His face was away from me.

I lay down on the next bed. I looked as his sexy legs, fuzzy with

blond hair showing up against his tan skin. I suddenly remembered that I

had seen legs like that before. It was on the beach in Key West. The legs

belonged to Kiley Weston, my friend Mary's son.

Mary was a single mother. She didn't have much money but what she

had she spent on Kiley. He worn the best clothes and went to a top prep

school. He wasn't really spoiled but he was made to feel like a prince. The boy was gorgeous. I

always thought his good looks were like someone out of Scott-Fitzgerald.

He had that elegant widow's peak that you would see on color ads of the

time. His fabulous appearance was saved from preciousness by the casual

way he worn his clothes and his scruffy whiskers. No doubt, this was

Kiley. I prepared to move away when he woke up and looked at me. 'You are

one handsome dude. Do you like to top?'

I couldn't imagine Mary's little boy talking so tough. He studied

me. 'How old are you?'

'Thirty eight,' I told him.

'Wow, you could be my father.'

He reached his hand out and slipped it under my towel. I

lengthened immediately. If truth were told I always had a thing for

Kiley. Once I think I saw him grin at me when I was indiscrete where I let

my eyes wander. I realized that he probably didn't recognize me because I

had worn a beard for years. Now clean shaven I was told that I looked ten

years younger than my age.

He wasted no time, slipped off his briefs, lifted his fabulous legs

and said, 'Come on dude, fuck me or are you fucked out.'

'No, you're my first.' I settled in, lifting his legs to my waist.

The head of my cock nudged his hole.

'You're a little bigger and longer than I am used to. Be gentle.'

I slid in, half inch by half inch, Kiley moaning loudly at each

intrusion. Finally I was all the way in. He was panting so hard I thought

he would hyperventilate. I reached down and stroked his face. He opened

his eyes and looked at me. 'I think I am in love. This feels so great.

Please move in and out....but slowly.'

So I began. Soon Iwas in orbit, my mind on only sex, grunting like

a pig. Kiley's eyes were spinning and he moaned continuously. I took one hand off his calf and reached for his

ample cock. It was wet with pre-cum so that the hood slid easily in my

hand. He because to exclaim 'Uh, uh,' as I masturbated him.

My thighs were beginning to lock up. I knew that meant that I was

entering a landing pattern. I continued to fuck him but my body was

stiffening and it felt like I was pushing through heavy air. Suddenly

Kiley howled, his body began jackknifing. He began to spew, jet after jet

of spooge. He must not have had sex earlier. It was the longest orgasm I

had ever seen, but I couldn't look now. My eyes closed and I gave in to my

own orgasm. I think I screamed because Kiley put his hand over my mouth.

I rocked and thrust, rocked and thrust as my heavy load entered the boy's


At last we quieted. 'That was a fuck of the ages,' Kiley said.

'We must get together many times.'

I said 'yeah' but I had no intenton of a repetition. Fortunately

Kiley left for college shortly afterward and decided to stay in Phoenix.

Our paths never crossed and I never had to face the embarrassed of

revealing that I had fucked my best friend's son.



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