The story is told by Theo, the fourth year student equipment manager of the baseball team. As a freshman, Theo was the first guy to fuck Travis. The story took place three years ago and is from Theo's diary.

During their senior year, Brock and Travis (college roommates) made a bet one evening while drinking at a local bar following the last baseball practice before the season opened the following Monday in March.

Brock instigated a challenge to Travis by bragging about his own male magnetism. He bragged about is popularity with males on campus and his past conquests.

"Travis, buddy, lets look at the record. Last year I had the highest batting average in the league with 500 and 40 home runs. I am the stud on campus. I am a handsome 5' 11', 160 rock hard pounds, sexy blue eyes, curly blond hair, amazing red lips for kissing, and sprout a 9" cut cock with a big head. I have fucked over 25 guys since my freshman year until now. You do not have a chance to win this bet."

Travis in a drunken state and a big ego accepted the bet. "Brock, you are such a conceited bitch. Look at me. I have an academic grade point average of 4.00, a batting average of 390, own a cool new sting ray corvette that the guys love, well kept brown hair and brown eyes, stand 5' 11", weigh a slim 148 pounds, and carry around a big 8" cut cock. I have had my share of guys over the past three and half years at college."

The bet consisted of limiting the targets to the remaining seven starters on the team that included: Dallas, left field; Cameron, center field; Leon, right field; Jesse, second base; Drake, first base; Joey, the catcher; and Wolf, the number one pitcher.

They agreed that when one of the players was seduced then that guy was tagged out. The winner of the bet would pay for the two of them to take a two-week vacation to Hawaii where they would go after some hot Hawaii guys for fun.

On the opening day of the season, the team defeated their opponent by a score of 8 to 1. The coach and his wife had the team over to their house for a barbecue to celebrate the win. Brock drove over to the barbecue in his new Black SUV and Travis took his corvette in case one of them got lucky.

Near the end of the barbecue, Travis got a break when Dallas, the left fielder, asked him: "Travis could you give me a tutoring session in advanced chemistry?" Dallas was barely passing the course.

"Sure Dallas, I am all caught up in my studies. Lets go over to my apartment for the session."

"But, Travis, how about your roommate, Brock? Will he need to study?"

"No, Dallas, he is going over to spend the night with one of his fuck buddies."

Dallas was a real athletic stud. He stood 5' 10", weighed 160 pounds, was 19 years-old, rock hard body, coal black hair, deep blue eyes, and a 7.5" cut smooth cock.

As they started the tutoring session, Travis commented: "Dallas, I hope you do not take this the wrong way. If I give you several lessons in chemistry, I will not have any time for my social life. You know how I like to fool around with guys. I was hoping you would help me relieve my constant horny state."

Dallas looked stunned. "Travis, I am desperate. My whole life has evolved around baseball since my little, league days. If I fail chemistry, I will be off the team. I will do anything if you will tutor me."

"Dallas, you will do anything I ask?"

"Travis, yes, anything. I have to pass this shitty course in chemistry. Although I am straight, I will have sex with you ever time we have a study session."

Travis took Dallas to the bedroom, placed Dallas on the bed, got on the bed himself and began a 69 cock sucking session. They spit on each others' blood filled cock, licked up and down the hard shafts, and began swallowing each others' cock deep into their throat. Dallas copied ever sucking move by Travis. They both began moaning and panting with pleasure as their cocks oozed precum.

"Travis, Oh Fuck, you suck my cock better than any woman has ever done. I have always heard that guys are better cock suckers because they know how it feels."

As they both neared a climax, they stopped and Travis placed Dallas flat on his back on the bed. He lubed Dallas' cock, put a condom on Dallas big cock, lubed the condom, lubed his own ass and mounted Dallas. Travis slowly came down on the slick condom until Dallas' cock was deep into his inner ass. Travis began moving up and down on the big cock. Dallas caught on and began using his ass and legs to meet Travis warm ass. They fucked for the longest time.

"Oh, Travis, your ass feels like a woman's pussy. Fuck, hell yes, I love my cock in your ass."

Travis tightened his ass muscles around Dallas' cock. They pumped and fucked until it was too late to stop.

"OH, FUCK. OH, FUCK. I am cumming. I am cumming. Travis I am filling the condom with a huge load."

This set Travis off. He grabbed his own cock and jerked hard. He blasted a huge load on Dallas' legs and the bed sheet.

AS they clean up, Travis asked Dallas: "How was your first Gay sex?"

"Better than I thought it would be. But I still like a woman's pussy. It was good enough that I am willing to keep fucking you after my tutoring sessions."

"Great Dallas. Now lets get to your first chemistry session."

The score is now Travis one and Brock zero.

As Brock learned of Travis success, he started looking for a score. Which guy might be easiest to get in bed?

Drake, the first baseman, was a cute blond standing 5' 11" with a huge 8" cock. He had often been playful in the locker room with Brock hitting him with a towel. Maybe he was Gay.

Brock invited 21-year-old Drake out for drinks. They became rather drunk and wound up at Drake's apartment. Brock made his move by placing his hand on Drake's crotch. "Man, what are you doing fondling my crotch?"

"Drake, you seem to like it as you have a big hardon."

"Brock, I always have a rock hard cock when I drink. I am not sure about my sexuality. Sometimes I think I am Gay but I am not sure. I am not ready for gay sex now although you are really hot."

Brock hugged Drake and left.

In three days, Brock tried again. This time he attempted to charm Wolf, the pitcher. They were having a chest game. Brock asked Wolf: "Do you ever think how sex would be with a man and especially with one of your teammates?"

"Hey, man, I know you are Gay but hell no. I am totally straight. I only lust after a woman's pussy."

"Sorry man, I just thought I would ask. Lets continue the chest game."

Travis made his next move attempting to get up two to zero. He targeted Cameron, the center fielder, a 6' 3" stud with a sexy tan. Cameron was in his third year on the team. The 20 year-old was shy and had never been seen dating a woman. He could possibly be Gay.

Travis invited Cameron on a Saturday hike on a near by mountain trail. After about an hour, they stopped at a bench to rest when Travis made his move. "Cameron, you know I am Gay ans I find you really sexy and hot. Are you Gay?"

"yes, Travis, I am a Gay but still in the closet.

"Gee, Cameron, I could help you out. I bet you are horny for sex."

"Yes, I really want to experience sex with a man. But I guess I am looking for a one man relationship. I know you and your roommate are what can I say is rather loose with many pardners."

Travis struck out again.

Desperate to catch up with Travis, Brock found out that Leon, the team's right fielder, was gay. Leon, a beautiful red head, with hazel eyes and a rigged body had a giant penis at 9".

Brock invited Leon to go camping one weekend. As they were comfortable by the campfire, Brock said: "Leon, I learned that you are Gay like me. I was wondering if you have ever thought about making love to me?"

"Yes, I have lusted after you several times but I learned about the bet you have with Travis. Dallas told me about the bet and I have kept it a secret. I do not want to be a part of the bet. Sorry guy."

"Leon, please promise me you will not tell anyone until the bet is over. I still have a chance to win."

"I will keep it a secret."

"Thanks man, I owe you one."

"Brock, I will collect on that bet later when I fuck the shit out of you."

"IT is a deal, man."

Travis and Brock now have only two guys left as possible fuck buddies to win the bet: Jesse, the second baseman and Joey, the catcher.

Several weeks pasted and no more action until the coach asked Brock and Jesse to wet down the field and pick up the equipment after a game. When they weer finished and went to then locker room, everyone else was gone. They showered, wrapped towels around themselves and took a seat on the locker room bench.

It happened when Jesse said: "Brock, I am in a deep hitting slump for the past 12 games. If I do not improve, I will be benched by the coach. You are a super hitter, could you give me some lessons? I would be eternally grateful."

Brock leaped at the chance to bag this hunk and even the score. Jess was a 6' 2" cute brown haired and brown eyed stud. He had a hard 7-inch cock.

""Jesse did I hear you say that you would do anything to get out of the hitting slump?"

Yes, I would, Brock."

Brock took a hand and put it under Jesse's towel and slide it up and grabbed the big cock. Soon Jesse was as hard as a rock. "WOW, what are you doing, Brock?"

"I want to suck and fuck with you. Then I will give you all the hitting tips you want."

"Ok, Brock. I am desperate. The sex would not be that bad if I regain my hitting. Lets do it."

They began by kissing as Brock slides his tongue inside the red and hot lips of Jesse. They engaged in several minutes of sloppy kissing as both of their cocks weer ad hard as a diamond drill.

Next Brock had Jesse stand up facing the lockers with his hands on the lockers. Brock got down on his knees, spread Jesse's legs far apart and began rimming the hairless pink ass. Brock spent at least ten minutes tongue and finger fucking the beautiful ass. Jesse moaned and begged for more. He pushed his ass out to meet the hot tongue. Jesse pounded on the locker making a huge noise. Brock reached underneath the crotch of Jesse and jacked him off as the precum oozed onto Brock's fingers.

After 15 minutes of rimming and with Jesse then crazed with lust, Brock put Jesse on his back on the bench. He spit all over Jesse's ass, spit on his own rock hard cock, lifted Jesse's legs up high and started inserting his own leaking cock into this beautiful tight virgin ass of

Jesse. Soon he had succeeded in driving his red hot cock all the way into the ass of Jesse. He began fucking him harder and harder and faster and faster. They both were drained from the hot fucking and the sweat pouring out of their bodies. They moaned, panted and drew shorter and shorter breaths. Soon Brock yelled: " I am about to come. Do you want my semen in your ass?"

"No, Brock, give me a facial. I will eat your cum."

Brock pulled out and straddled the face of Jesse. He blasted at least seven huge loads in Jesse's mouth. At the same time, Jesse erupted with a huge load of his own cum on his belly and chest.

They showered again and went off to dinner. The score was now Travis one and Brock one. The only candidate left was Joey, the 22-year-old catcher.

Both Brock and Travis went after Joey for the win. Joey was the true stud on the team. He stood 6 feet, hard stocky build, large hard arms, thighs and legs. He was a typical strong catcher. He had brown hair, brown eyes and a huge 10-inch cock.

Brock and Travis tried all kinds of tricks to win knowing Joey was not only Gay but rather active sexually with several guys on campus.

Finally, Travis found out that Joey loved the NASCAR Sprint races. It so happened that Travis dad was a close friend and sponsor of one of the NASCAR drivers. Travis shared this information with Joey.

Travis took Joey out to dinner and said: "Joey, My dad is going to the NASCAR Sprint race next weekend. Would you like to go with us?"

"Hell, yes, I would do anything to meet the drivers. I would do anything."

"Well. here is the deal. I know you are Gay and experienced with several guys as I am. Lets go to my apartment and lets fuck. You can then go with us."

"Hell, fuck, yes. Lets get it on tonight. I am ready buddy to do what ever dirty thing you suggest."

They got to the apartment, undressed and started a wild series of kisses as their cocks bounced and rubbed against each other while spurting precum over their stomachs as they embraced.

Big Joey, consumed with lust, grabbed Travis, threw him on his stomach on the side of the bed with Travis legs hanging over the edge. He pulled Travis legs far apart, put one hand under Travis crotch, jacked him off, spit strings of spit into Travis ass, fucked him with his fingers, and got ready to fuck Travis. After a rather long time of jacking him off and fingering his ass, Joey got down and ate Travis ass for at least five minutes.

"Joey, Oh, Hell, Oh Shit, Oh, Fuck. Put that huge cock in my ass. Make me hurt. Use your huge body to drive that fucking cock in my inner ass. Give it to me, Baby."

Joey lubed his cock and Travis ass and began entering the worn and experienced big wide open ass. Soon Joey had drilled to the base of his own cock as he drove in and out fucking Travis like a bull fucking a cow. They both yelled and panted like wild animals.

After 15 minutes, Joey pulled out, they got on the bed in a 69 position and sucked each other with wild abandonment. This cock sucking lasted for five minutes when they both erupted in each others' mouth with gobs of jizz. They kissed and shared the warm seed.

Travis had won 2 to 1. Brock came home and learned the news. He prepared to buy the airline tickets and made the hotel reservations for the two-weeks in Hawaii. They agreed to look for hot Hawaiian men while on vacation.



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