This fictional story features Trevor from Tennessee, Calvin from Montana and Jason Kason from northern England. The hot sexual encounter is set in Banff, Canada.

After Trevor, a speaker and consultant from Tennessee, had met Cody on a speaking tour in Montana and their night of a wild sexual encounter, Cody had introduced Trevor to Calvin for a three way of hot sex. Later Calvin invited Trevor from Tennessee to spend two weeks in Canada on vacation and many nights of hot gay sex. This is where they met Jason.

Trevor, a handsome 6' 3" tall 190 pound tanned blond with sky blue eyes, at age 29 had been introduced to gay sex in Montana and was now on vacation In Banff, Canada with his new friend Calvin, a gorgeous 30-year-old African American standing 6' 5" tall, weighing 210 pounds with curly black hair, dark eyes and experienced at gay sex.

Trevor shares the story of he and Calvin meeting Jason and a night of wild sex

On our third day in Banff, we spent the entire day hiking and had lunch at a restaurant near beautiful Lake Louise. On our return to Banff we had dinner in the hotel's dinning room. Afterward, we went to the hotel bar for a drink.

Soon I spotted a gorgeous hunk sitting at the bar with a drink. He looked to be close to six-feet tall, semi-tanned, sexy dark blue eyes, and the most attractive hair cut between a buzz and butch style. His hair was designed to stand up on top of his head with a rather short cut around the sides of his head or cropped very close. I instantly got hard looking at this cute guy. I could not take my eyes off of him when I said: "Calvin, look at that dude at the bar. Man he turns me on. I would give $1,000 to get in his pants."

"Oh shit Trevor, I am getting a hard on since you pointed him out to me. WOW, he is one of the cutest guys I have seen. I wonder if he is gay?'

Soon I heard him chatting to the bar tender. Yea, he had either a British or Australian accent. That sexy accent had me ready to shoot a load in my pants. I had to have this guy.

Soon he noticed our obvious starring at him and the lust in our eyes. He gave us a big smile but did not approach. In about 30 minutes, he went to the restroom. Now this was my chance.

"Calvin, I am going to the restroom. Wish me good luck."

"Great Trevor, try to bag him for a night in our hotel room. You get first choice."

When I entered the bathroom, this cutie was standing pissing at an urnal. I got next to him, unzipped my pants and took out my still hard cock. I tried to piss with no luck. When he was finished, instead of putting away his golden gorgeous cock, he began to jack off, smiled at me and in his hot accent said:

"Hi there, I noticed you and your friend starring at me in a lustful way and now look at you. Man you have a huge boner. How big is that tool?" He continued to jack off.

"Shit, you are so hot. Look at your own dick, it must be at least 8-inches. Oh, I got so distracted with that cock of yours, sorry. Yea, I am big. My cock is at least 9-inches when this hard. How big are you?"

"My wood is 8-inches when I am jacking off like right now. By the way, my name is Jason and you are?"

"My name is Trevor and my friend is Calvin."

I reached to shank his hand. When we touched, I felt a small wet spot in his palm. Yea, it was a drip of pre-cum. His hand was very soft and felt so sexy. I took my hand up to my nose and smelt the salty cum and licked the wet cum. It tasted fantastic.

As Jason reached over and grabbed my cock, he said: "How do you like the taste of my seed? Man, you are horny tonight."

"Oh Jason, it taste awesome. I'm crazy with lust for you."

"Well, Trevor, I find you really hot. Let me tell you my favorite sexual act. I love cock sucking both to give and receive. Lets get in one of the stalls. Can I suck that big cock of yours? I am so horny as I have not had sex since arriving in Canada two weeks ago."

"Oh hell yes, suck my cock."

We got in a stall, closed the door, Jason pushed me up against the closed door, got down on his knees with his cock still out of his pants, took one hand and grabbed my stiff cock shaft, plunged his red hot sexy lips against my cock head and kissed it over and over. I began to ooze pre-cum on his lips. Soon he opened his mouth and took my hard cock deep in his throat. He went wild sucking on my boner. I felt his lips tight on my cock as he used his tongue to wash my cock. Although I was rather new to gay sex, Jason had to be the best cock sucker on the planet. There was no way to describe how good he was. I could tell he had sucked many hot cocks. He knew how to make ever nerve in my body come alive and I felt shivers all over my frame. I began to pushed my hips forward to meet his hot tongue and lips with my cock. I never wanted him to stop sucking my cock. If I could have, I would have stayed in that stall for the rest of our vacation. He had me crazy for his mouth.

As he sucked me, he took his other hand and jacked off his cock. We grunted, moaned and produced sloppy sounds. He sucked my cock for at least ten minutes when I could not resist any longer. My cock stiffened even more and the oncoming orgasm soon filled his mouth with a huge series of squirts of my thick hot semen. Being the pro he was, he managed to swallow ever drop until I was drained dry.

He stood up, pushed me down on my knees, took his very red hot cock with a purple cock head and parted my lips as he drove his huge tool to the back of my throat. He face fucked me harder and harder. I got most of his big cock in my throat except for about an inch. He grabbed the back of my head and gave me one powerful thrust after another. Before long, his thrusts were so powerful that I was banging my head against the stall door. It hurt but I could not care. I loved his cock in my mouth and the thrust were so tasty and hot.

As I grunted and spit saliva all over his big smooth cock, he went crazy face fucking me with his wonderful cock until I heard his breathing increase and his cock head seemed to enlarge. Then he yelled: "Here I come. Take my two-week load of jizz, you gorgeous bitch."

He almost drowned me with blast after blast of his seed deep past my tonsils. I managed to eat all his goo. It was both sweet and salty. Man, I had gotten lucky. Yea, Jason knew what it meant to suck cock. He was the best.

We zipped up and washed our hands. When we returned to the bar, I noticed that Calvin had a huge smile. He knew I had scored.

I introduced Jason to Calvin and said: "Hey, guys, lets get out of here and up to our room. The night is still young and I want Calvin to experience this hot Englishman."

"Yea Trevor, you cannot have this stud all to yourself. You must share him with me."

I noticed Jason sprout a big smile as we left for the elevator and our room.

Because Jason and I had just drained our nuts, we decided to take turns getting Calvin off. We all undressed and we put big Calvin on the bed on his stomach. Jason and I spread Calvin's big lags far apart. I got on one side and Jason got on the other side of Calvin. We began to take turns finger fucking the big ass. We also took turns feeding our wet fingers to Calvin as he sucked on them.

Before long, Calvin said: "Oh Shit, please take turns eating my ass. Put those big tongues in my ass."

Jason accepted the invitation. He got his head and mouth down on the raunchy ass and began to lick, kiss, suck and plunge his tongue deep into my buddies ass. He ate and rimmed the big ass while I licked on Calvin's earlobes and licked his neck. Calvin began to buck with utter pure lust.

After eating Calvin's ass for the longest time, Jason stopped. I turned to Jason and asked: "Hey gorgeous, how did that ass taste and smell?"

With wet lips and mouth and a satisfied looked, Jason said to me: "Oh my goodness, Trevor, I smelt the raunchy odors of his ass including tasting the hairs around his ass crack. There were a variety of smells and tastes. I also could smell cum as he must have shot his load on the bed sheets. Let me see if he did."

Jason put his hands under Calvin's crotch, grabbed the big cock and responded: "Yea, you big stud. You have shot your load. Look Trevor, my hands are covered in all that goo. What should I do with all this cum?"

"Hey, Jason rub it all over his ass crack before I rim him."

"Trevor that is a good idea."

I got down and began to thrust my tongue into the mess. I felt Calvin's outer ass ring of muscles pulsating on my tongue. I used his cum to make my tonguing his ass even more greasy. I sucked and ate his ass for some five minutes before I came up for air.

As I rested Jason asked: "How did that ass smell and taste, Trevor?"

"Jason, the same as you experienced. Calvin's ass had a hot raunchy smell mixed with all that salty cum. Look at me. I have all that goo on my lips. How about kissing me and let me share all that goo and raunchy smell. Go for it you hot Englishman."

Jason grabbed me by the back of the neck, plunged his very red sexy lips on my lips and went wild enjoying the taste of all those ass smells and cum.

I said: "Jason, have another go at that cum covered ass."

Jason lowered his head and drove his tongue deep into Calvin's ass. He sucked and licked that now very wet messy ass for some five minutes. When he was finished, he came off, grab me and kissed me with one hard kiss after another. Our breaths were emitting the ass odors plus the smell of cum.

By then we were recovered from our earlier ejaculations in the restroom.

I turned to Jason, saw his rock hard cock and my own full boner and suggested: "Jason, I have a hot idea. Why don't we fucked this really worn ass. How about a DP for Calvin? How about it Calvin?"

Both Calvin and Jason instantly agreed that it was a great idea.

Jason got on his back on the carpet with his now rock hard cock standing at full attention. We had Calvin face Jason, bring his wet ass down on the big cock. He slowly lowered his ass all the way to the base of Jason huge cock. They began to wildly fuck. Jason pushed his hips upward as Calvin used all his strong legs to push his ass onto the hot cock.

When they were fully engaged in fucking, I got behind Calvin and began to push my cock into his ass. Some how I managed to find room to plunge my cock into Calvin's ass although it was stuffed with Jason's large tool. The feel of my cock rubbing up against hot Jason's cock was like the best fuck ever. The heat and lust took charge of all three of us as we fucked that big dark ass for the longest.

Finally, I felt Jason's cock harden even more and the approach of my orgasm. But before I could release my load, I felt Jason shoot a huge load all over my cock and Calvin's ass. Soon I joined in as I emptied my nuts. We were like two well oiled piston as we emptied all our seed into Calvin's man pussy. The feel of all that cum in that huge ass was awesome.

I slowly pulled my spent cock out followed by Calvin pulling his ass off Jason's cock. We got into a circle as we sucked the three cocks clean. We spent several minutes kissing and mixing our tongues. It was so hot and steamy.

We took a community shower and then as we said good night to Jason, we made arrangements for him to join our hike the next morning. We wanted him to be part of our continued vacation.

The night of three way sex had been the coolest experience.


Naughty Eric


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