Twins Are So Close

By : A. Williams

My story begins when my brother and I were thirteen years old. I’m James, my brother is John and we are identical twins. I’m the oldest, by two minutes. Growing up, we had our own language that nobody but us understood. No one could ever tell us apart. Not Mom or Dad or our Grandparents. We slept together, ate together, bathed together, went to school together. We did everything together, hell we even dressed alike until now.

As we started to produce hormones and start to mature, things changed for both of us. I started to be more outgoing, more confident, and John started to dive deeper in his books.  He was so smart already that he boarded on a genius level I.Q. He also became shyer, well to everybody but me.

Again, we are identical so we grew the same. We had the same pimples, same body hair and the same body strength. When we entered the tenth grade, we both tried out for the football team. And we both made the it, me as the Quarterback and John as the kicker. We both had a very good record the first year. John’s was better than mine actually, with a one hundred percent kicking record as far back as the thirty three yard line. I had a seventy percent pass for touch down record. Not too shabby for the first year.

 Still John only really talked to me and no one else. I really enjoyed our closeness and his comfortable nature with me.  And as our bodies became hairy and bigger, I began to crave his body next to me at night with nothing between us. No clothes or covers, only skin and hair. I started to lust for my twin and it made me ashamed but I couldn’t stop it, no matter how hard I tried. I often wondered at night as I felt him on the other side of the bed, what he would do if I rolled over and snuggled up close next to him. My desires were becoming stronger and stronger.

We turned eighteen and graduated the eleventh grade, both happy we only had one more year to go before collage. We never disagreed or argued, ever. We were perfect together and I started to love him in a different way. Not as a brother, but as a partner, still I had not held him at night and it was killing me.

One hot night in the middle of July, the powers that be helped me out. We had a bad storm and the air conditioner went out in the house. John and I pulled out several old fans and set them up at the foot of our bed. Even on high, it was still so warm in our bedroom. We both stripped off naked and lay on the top sheet on our backs, damp with sweat.

I rolled on my side facing my brother. I gazed at his naked body and even though it was like looking in a mirror, my cock grew hard. God I wanted him to touch me, anywhere…everywhere.

He reached over and rested his hand on my hip, “Brother, I have been waiting years for us to love each other. Is that what you want too?” he asked me in a whisper.

“God Yes John. Please love me,” I said as I moved on top of his hairy body.

“I want that hard cock in my mouth, and mine in yours. I want to taste you everywhere,” John begged as he pressed his soft lips to mine. I felt I’d waited all my life for this first kiss so I let my body relax into his as I slipped my tongue into his hot mouth.

We went slowly, all the kissing, touching was so careful and loving. We rolled around gently on the bed, rubbing each other and caressing one another all over.

“John, I love you. You feel amazing, I want us to be together forever as partners and lovers,” I whispered as I kissed and nibbled his ear.

“That’s all I’ve ever wanted. Just you my big brother James,” he told me.

As John ended up lying beside me, he started to kiss my neck and then lower still to my hairy chest.  Oh god, he sucked my nipples and I had no idea they were hooked to my cock somehow. “Uuuum, that feels wonderful. Don’t stop,” I begged, putting my hand on the back of his head.

John continued to suck on my pecs as he rubbed my abs and hairy legs. His wet tongue and soft lips went lower to the hairy trail down to my cock. He turned around and with a knee on either side of my head, straddled my face. His hard cock was only inches from my watering mouth.

“Suck me big brother,” he said as he swallowed my cock whole.

“Fuck!” I screamed out from surprise and pleasure as the head bumped the back of his throat. At his urging, I took his smooth cock in my mouth too. Soon our slurping and moaning noises could be heard above the sound of the fans. He tasted better than I’d ever dreamed possible. His cock was so alive in my mouth, pulsing and hardening as his legs quivered around my head. His hot mouth and wet tongue on my cock felt incredible, so much better than my hand. I hoped I was giving him the same wonderful pleasure he was giving me.

“Ummmmm,” he moaned over and over agian.  I knew I was making him feel desire. That desire, that wanting to explode in my mouth. Needing to cum was all we both craved and we were getting close. Bobbing my head, I sped up and so did he, licking and sucking enjoying each other’s cocks. I exploded first in John’s hot mouth and he filled mine seconds after me. We both swallowed all we were given and only wanted more, so much more. John cleaned my cock with his talented tongue, making me moan softly. He released my still hard dick and rolled over on his back beside me.

“Big brother, us together is addicting.  I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of blowing my load in your mouth or tasting your creamy hot cum.” he said.

I laughed out loud at his honesty, I felt the same way. He moved up on the bed and we lay looking at each other. We both had big smiles on our faces and the taste of cum in our mouths. Both of us were still hard as rocks and wanting more.

“You ready for round two James?” he asked me in a whisper.

I nodded my heart racing and my ass twitching.

“Good, I want inside you. I need us to become one,” he whispered.

“I want that too James but you have to go slow. I’ve waited for you. I’m a virgin, so go slow and easy ok?” I said stroking his face.

“I will Brother. I promise,” he said lovingly.

He kissed me and then got between my legs. He raised them up slowly and smiled when he saw my hole. “I need to taste you. Taste your man pussy, it looks so sweet all hairy and pink,” he said before he lowered his face on my ass.

He licked me slowly and nibbled me softly and then he pressed his tongue inside me. “Ooohhh that feels amazing John,” I moaned.

He intensified this tongue thrust going deeper by spreading my hole with his fingers. I had never felt such pleasure, then I felt his wet finger slide inside me and rub my prostate. “God,” I shouted as this feeling of intense pleasure ran through my cock. I felt I could cum if he kept rubbing there.

“Please, put your cock in me now! I need you in me,” I said with urgency.

John fumbled with something and I felt cool and wet over my ass. I realized he had lube and I heard him coat his cock.

“You sure you’re ready?” he asked with his cock head pressing on my hole.

“Yes, Yes … go slow.” I said breathlessly needing his cock in me but knowing it was going to hurt at first.

“You need to relax baby, I’ll never get inside you if you’re tensed up,” he said softly rubbing my abs and chest.

His soft sweet words helped me relax and his hands on my body did too. He slowly pushed into my hole and held still. The pain was intense but short lived. “Give me more Brother, slowly,” I asked.

He pushed slow, steady and as he rubbed my sweet spot I moaned loud as I grabbed handfuls of the sheet in my gripping fist, “Uuggghhh…Yes…yes…keep going…so good John …yes….mmoorrree.”

When I felt his hairy balls on my ass we both sighed loudly. We were one finally, in all ways. Body, heart and mind after all these years of longing and waiting.

“Yes John, make love to me slow and sweet, make us cum together,” I said my face wet with tears of happiness.

He lowered his face to mine. “I love you James,” he murmured as he kissed me deeply. He pulled his cock out of me so slow and careful. Then slowly back in he came while still kissing me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck.

I was in paradise, my lover…my brother was loving me and uniting us and it felt amazing.

God, I had never felt anything so marvelous. His hairy hot body on me, his wet sloppy mouth on mine and his cock inside me were transporting me to a whole new world. I pulled my mouth away from his to breathe and tell him what I needed.

“Uumm, John. Yes you feel so good inside me,” I whispered in his ear while licking and sucking his ear lope. “Please speed up. Fuck me faster,” I begged my cock hard and leaking pre-cum.

“Aaahhh, yes Lover, harder and faster. So fucking good, your ass is so wet and smooth,” he said breathlessly.

The bed was creaking and shaking but still he fucked me hard…and deep. And I loved it, if the bed fell apart I prayed he would not stop.

I met his every thrust. Pushing into him hard and urgent, getting close to cumming just from his cock. He was really fucking me hard and deep now as we both moaned and panted.

“Yes… Yes…Brother fuck mmeeee,” I screamed. “Make me cum…yes faster… so close,” I yelled.

“Yes James cum on me…all over me. I need your cum on me…OOohhh lover so close,”

He raised my leg to his hairy chest and draped it partiality over his shoulder. He slammed into my ass harder and deeper from a different angle as I screamed out, “God yes. Right there. Right there, yes…yesssss.”

I couldn’t hold back, my dick exploded all over us as John slammed in deep and filled my clenching ass with his thick hot cum. My cum was on his face, chest and on my abs too. We were a cum drenched mess, but completely satisfied and all smiles.

John slide to my side and I laid my head on his cum covered chest. He pulled me closer to him and moaned. We were both breathing hard and wet with sweat. I could hear his heart pounding, feel his chest rise and fall with each labored breath.

Damn that was so intense but satisfying. It only made me want more, alot more of him. My little brother, my twin and my lover. I had to laugh out loud at the irony of it all. He was me but I found him so sexy and hot. Did that mean I found myself sexy and hot too? Fuck who cares, I loved him, he loved me and I should get out of my head. Stop thinking about it all and just enjoy the loving.

John laughed too and said, “Big James that was so intense. I want more brother…more of that. More of you and that wonderful feeling when we cum together.”

Yes, for the rest of our lives it would be this way. Brothers in love and that special ecstasy only twins can share.


A. Williams

[email protected]


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