My first time ever having sex was when I was 18. Although I wasn't actually 18 at the time. I went to a party of a cousin of a friend. There were all guys there. I had always wondered why I found men so attractive. And there were a lot of attractive guys at that party.

I had noticed this one guy kept staring at me. Actually there were a few, but this one guy was older and I found that I liked him looking at me. He winked at me and I smiled back at him. Later he walked by me and told me how cute I was. I said thanks. Soon my friend had to leave because he had to get up early for work the next day. I told him I was staying. As soon as he left, I went upstairs to use the bathroom. When I came out, there was that guy. He was waiting for me. He again told me how cute I was. But then also said how nice my ass was. And that some of his friends were saying the same thing. I was wearing very tight little shorts. Anyway, I'm a bit shy and didn't know what to say. But I blushed. I asked him how old he was. He was 37. And is that ok? I said, 'I guess so'. Then asked me if we could go somewhere private to talk. Sure. So he takes me into a bedroom, locks the door and starts kissing me while I'm up against the door inside the bedroom. At first I tried to push him off. But he was too strong! He told me how I was strutting my little ass at him downstairs at the party. Which I was. And how much that turned him on. And that since I willingly went into the bedroom with him, that meant I wanted him to fuck me. I told him I've never been with anybody before. He told me that if I'm going to wear tight little shorts, and strut my cute little ass around, then that is telling guys that I want to get fucked. But he also told me that he would be gentle with me since this would be my first time.

For some reason I was really turned on by all this. I started kissing him back. Very passionately. He was feeling my ass and undid my pants button so he could get a better feel of it. I began to feel his body and noticed how big his arms were. I started pulling at his shirt and he took it off for me. DAMN! His biceps were huge! He flexed them for me and I was feeling them, and telling him how big and hard his muscles were. He told me how that was turning him on. I was even more turned on by that. And then he said that's not the only thing big and hard. And I knew what he was talking about since I could see his bulge.

I started to feel his bulge and it felt big. He then pulled his pants down and took off his underwear. His cock was so fucking huge and thick! I asked him how big is that. He told me he was 11 1/2' and very thick. And it was also very veiny which I found that I really liked. Now, up until then I had never been with anyone, so I didn't really know what was big, or what wasn't. He then pushed my head down to his massive cock. I tried to pull away but he was too fucking strong! I could barely open my mouth wide enough to wrap my lips around the head of his cock. I finally managed to. But my jaw hurt from my mouth being open so wide. Then he pushed my head against his cock, and I was gagging! I told him I'd never sucked a cock before. So he told me to just wrap my lips around his cock and slide my tongue up and down along the side of his shaft. After a few minutes sucking and licking his cock, he stops me, then looks down at me and tells me that he wants to fuck me really bad. So, he pulls me up and throws me onto the bed. He comes down on top of me and we start kissing again. I again told him that he is the first one, and to be gentle. Then he sits up, and wraps my legs around his waist and raises my ass, and rams his cock so hard inside me I was in so much pain. At first I tried to hold him back. But that was of no use since he was just too strong. I told him that he promised to be gentle. But he told me that I needed to be fucked really hard for teasing him downstairs before. I actually loved it when he said that to me! And I told him that it hurt so bad, but felt so good having his cock deep inside me. And he wasn't even half way inside me yet. And I found myself telling him to force all of his massive cock deep inside me! I have a small and very tight ass so he really had to thrust hard. And so he was thrusting his cock so deep inside me, and with such force that I thought he was going to rip me apart. Finally he got all of it inside me and was going back and forth inside me like crazy! And seeing his muscles bulging as he's fucking me was such an incredible turn on! After, I don't really remember how long, his body began to really tense up, and he told me he was going to cum. I said something like, 'cum, baby! Then I felt his cock pulsating and began to feel his hot cum pumping and pumping deep inside me! Then his cum dripped out of my ass and onto the bed, and down my legs! After that he couldn't even pull his cock out of me. He was still too hard. But I told him to keep in me because it felt so good! He smiled and told me how incredible his cock felt deep inside my ass. And he wanted to fuck me again. So he did.

He fucked me several times that night. My ass was sore for days!

After that party I went over his house many times to get fucked. He also wanted me to learn how to suck cock by practicing on him because he told me how much he wanted to cum in my mouth. But I just could not keep my mouth open that wide for too long. Though I got almost a quarter way a few times. Which he said is about as far most guys get on him. Anyway, he still very much enjoyed me sliding my lips and tongue up and down the side of his shaft. And when he was ready to cum, he would put his cock in front of my mouth, and I open just wide enough to take his head, and he cummed in my mouth. And of course I swallowed it all.

He also would sometimes have a few friends over his house, and they would take turns fucking me. Some of those guys were really kinky. One would be fucking me from behind, while at the same time I was sucking anothers cock. One guy loved watching me get fucked and jerking off and cumming all over my body. Another loved wrestling with me and getting me into a hold from which I could not move while another guy would come over and fuck me. Then that guy would put me into a hold while the other guy got to fuck me. Tag team! I really liked that! Those guys were all in their late 30's and early 40's. But I do remember one guy was over 50. It was also then that I first heard the term 'twink'. One of his friends told him how he always wanted to fuck a twink. Yes, I was the twink in these older guys fantasies. And I made it a reality for them. And I loved it!


Larry B

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