It was ten-thirty, I had just got down working a shift at my job; being a business man full is too much.

I had always thought of what my life could have been if I had opted for my degree and went to a junior college like the rest of my classmates.

But no, I had to different. Fuck my life, just fuck it all up. Just I was about to head home, my co-worker were telling me about this club named Tempt.

So I thought, what the heck? And agreed. Maybe I could get a man- or two. It's been a few years since I've with someone, everyone knows I was tired of toys and wanted the real thing.

Shoot, I'm a pretty good looking for a man well in his thirties with the height of a twelve year old boy.

I'm getting something tonight that's for sure.

"See anyone good looking?"

Winona asks me this, then downs a shot. That woman's been out of her shell ever since hooked at the owners. "No. But what I do see my sober driver downing vodka." "Oh come on James- be out there a little. Look at those two over there. Now double the chocolate."

Damn. She was right. Two ebony skinned twins came into the club, decked out in jewelery and fancy robes. They looked to be important for some reason or another, on top of that they looked like thay weren't from her, like somewhere else far, far away. They both had hazel eyes.

Oh lord those eyes.

They looked like golden gems as they looked around the room. Both had a dark, silky, wavy hair, it made me want to run hair through it while they fu- "Hey Baby!" I looked at over at Winona as she greeted her two hunky, French boyfriends. "Bonjour Little One," They both greeted me with hugs.

"Hi Big boys. What's with those two over there?" I watched their expressions over turn from joyful to serious. "Wait here," They both gave their girlfriend a kiss before heading over there. "Okay, what the hell just happened?" Winona sat down on a bar stool and patted the seat next to her.

I sat down careful, then she began to speak. "Those two twins are heir to the Rashid throne, Cemal and Zaki. Both are 'princes'; Their supposed to be long time friends of Amie and Rene, but right now it's all business. I don't think they have a need to be too serious about it," I nodded at her and laughed with her.

When they get serious, it was just too funny.

And to think Winona met them at their own club. Hell maybe lightning could to strike twice at the same place.

Or not.

I ordered tequila, gulping it down, the liquid burning a went down my throat. "Come on Win, dance with me a little. I bet I can dance better." That girl had the nerve to flip her hair and pop her lips.

"Mhmmm, come on, show me." She grabbed my hand and lead me to the dance floor. When we were under the light, we began to dance, I found a willing male and grind my hips against his groin.

I heard his moans of pleasure, I smirked with victory. I still got it! Hands grabbed me and I faced two very aroused prince.

Those eyes stared at as they sandwiched me in the middle of them, one had their hands on my hip, one on my member. I continued to grind more and more. I felt my 'friend' rise in my trousers, it grabs the attention of the twin in front of me. He licked his lips, planted bites on my neck.

They stung at first, then started to burn. As it continued to burn, I panicked and looked around for my co-workers, they were no where in sight. I lost feeling in my legs, slumping against the man's chest and my breathe quickened.

The only thought I had in my mind was that, I did not want to die this way.



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