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It wasn't something I didn't want, it was just the way things happened that I wasn't expecting. I'm gay. I'm not out but I've admitted it to myself and it was only a matter of time before I came out, and a matter of how, where and who would be the first to know.

I was sharp in math and I loved ancient history. I was impressed but not overly surprised when both teachers of those subjects approached me about tutoring other kids. At fifteen bucks an hour I couldn't refuse. Very soon I had four kids I was tutoring which meant $120 a week I was making on the side. Then came the day of doom when Aiden Colby approached me at my locker one day after school. At this I was both impressed and surprised, and a little scared.

Aiden Colby was a jock, someone way out of my league. He wasn't stuck up necessarily, we just didn't travel in the same circles. I doubted that he even knew I had a circle. We weren't exactly on speaking terms, just a nod or a hello as we passed in the hallway. And suddenly there he was standing bare inches from me in the darkened hallway. My head was suddenly flooded with fantasies that I'd entertained for months.

"Hey, Joe," he said. Just the sound of his voice saying my name made me almost melt.

"Hi, Aiden."

"I need some help."

"With what?" I couldn't imagine anything I could possibly help Aiden Colby with.

"Math and ancient history; the two subjects I hear you're expert in."

I laughed. "I get good grades in both subjects but I wouldn't go that far."

"I heard you're tutoring some kids, I wondered if you'd take me on."

Oh Godd, I thought with a hot flushing that went through me. Take him on! I hoped I didn't break out in a sweat.

"I could probably work you in," I said. "What days are you free?"

"Only thing I've got going is rugby practice, I'll work into your schedule."

We worked out a schedule right then and there; time, place and payment. Mondays and Wednesdays were tied up for me so I worked him in on Thursdays and Saturdays. He wanted Fridays open for date nights if that was all right. Jealous as I was of the bitches who would be covered with those broad shoulders and have their legs wrapped around his lean hips, I wouldn't dream of interfering with his date night and depriving the girls of his magnificent body. He lived only four blocks from school which was on my way home so I would stop by his house on Thursdays and he would come to my house on Saturdays. He thanked me and even put out his hand to close the deal. I nearly fainted when I took his hand, that I was actually touching this big stud. I walked on air the whole way home.

The first session on Saturday went well except for an extreme case of nerves from being in such close, intimate contact with the big stud. He was actually in my bedroom!! I struggled at first to keep my eyes properly focused but soon decided that I had no reason to. He was in my territory, I could look anywhere I wanted. He was humbly cooperative about his lessons, as he was accustomed to being as an athlete. He even called me coach. I had him for over an hour. I jacked off when he left.

The second session, on Thursday, was doomsday. I never dreamed it would happen so fast, or at all. It was my turn to go to his house and I was waiting on his front porch. He had to rush straight from rugby practice so he arrived in his uniform, still sweaty.

"You been waiting long?" he asked as he jumped off his bike and wheeled it to the side of the porch. He rode a bike a lot to keep his legs in shape. Not that they needed much keeping in shape.

"No, you're not late," I said.

Rugby doesn't require much of a uniform. A snug fitting shirt that shows off the upper body, cleats, and those incredibly short, sexy shorts that show those incredible thighs. I didn't know about jockstraps.

"Okay, give me a minute to shower," he said as he let us in the house.

"You're fine," I said, bowing for him to precede me up the stairs.

"You get close enough, you'll change your mind."

I wouldn't but I couldn't very well tell him that. He looked great all sweaty and I was sure he smelled just wonderful.

"I don't know if my folks left any money to pay you," he said.

"You've got good credit," I said. "Or, we could work something out." Shit, where did that come from?

He laughed; he thought I was joking. I was glad I didn't have to explain myself but part of me wanted to. A big part of me wanted to take advantage of that fresh sweat before it evaporated from his body.

He sat at his desk and I laid out the math assignment I'd worked up for him. I sat beside and a little back of him where I had a great view of his bare, muscular thighs. He picked up a pencil as he studied the problems.

"I know I gotta get math but I sure like ancient history better," he said with a frown on his face.

"Don't let it overwhelm you. These problems are a review of what we did on Thursday, you can do them," I said.

"I appreciate your confidence in me," he said. "The only other person who has that kind of confidence is my other coach."

"He is your coach. I'm just your tutor."

He twisted around to look at me. "Don't say it like that....just my tutor," he said with a handsome frown. "You're saving my ass. Right now you're way more important than Coach, 'cause if I don't get math and ancient history, I won't even need Coach."

"Then let's get to it," I said, pointing to the paper on the desk.

He turned back to study the problems while I studied him. I might have uttered a tiny gasp when he reached down and groped his crotch, rearranging his manhood. At the same time he was working the problem with his other hand.

"Does that help you think better?" I joked, laughing, as I lay a hand on his bare thigh. I didn't know where that came from either, touching him like that, but he didn't seem to mind. He didn't even seem to notice. So I left my hand there.

"Coach said the best time to study is before practice while your body is in relaxed mode and your brain is calmer. I think he's right. It always takes a while for my brain to shift into study mode, and my body is always tense after a hard practice. He said it's because I'm so pumped full of testosterone." He laughed and brought his hand up from his crotch. "I think some of that testosterone gets pumped up to my brain 'cause it's all awhirl, makes it hard to think straight."

"Do you want to switch to ancient history? We can come back to math." I didn't wait for an answer, I reached for the history book and placed it on top of the math papers. I opened the book to a chapter I'd chosen purposely for this session.

"This is a short chapter. You're supposed to have read it but I'll give you time to go over it then we can talk about it."

I sat back in my chair and watched his athletic body hunched forward. His biceps curled up into large balls where he held his head in his hands to read.

"Man, I didn't know this stuff was in here," he said after several moments.

"Maybe because you never cracked the book?" I said jokingly, but still serious.

He was reading about the homosexual culture in ancient Greece, and the naked Olympics, and how men commonly took boys as their lovers, even the married men. I was waiting for him to comment on it.

"Man, I should've showered," he said again.

"You smell fine," I assured him.

He glanced around with a surprised frown. "You like me all sweaty?"

"There's nothing wrong with honest sweat," I said.

"You know something?" he said with a tight smile. "I sorta like the smell of sweat myself. I know it sounds sick but I love the smell of the lockerroom, all the sweaty jocks mixed with the chlorine from the showers. It's....I don't know....soothing to the nostrils." He looked at me, his smile broadening. "Am I a sick fucker or what?"

"I don't think you're sick. If the truth were known, I'll bet most of the jocks feel the same way. They just never thought deep enough about it like you have."

He looked back at the history book. "It'd be kinda neat, playing naked rugby, like they did back then. Not rugby back then, but they ran races and wrestled in the nude."

"I don't think rugby is a sport I'd want to play naked," I said. You lie! I would pay good money to watch a naked rugby game. I would empty my fuckin' account to be in the middle of those hot, sweaty, muscular studs. "But back to ancient history. What do you take away from the chapter you just read?"

He shrugged. "I don't know. That's my problem. I read it, I understand it, but I don't know what to say about it."

"What you just said, that it'd be neat to play naked sports. You drew that from the text you just read. Tell me, what do you think of the moral aspect of the homosexual culture of that time? Men taking boys as lovers. That sort of behavior would be roundly condemned today."

"I didn't read anything about the morality of it. There was a very strong male culture, that's for sure, where men and boys went to public bath houses and women weren't allowed. And even important men like senators took boys as their lovers. And their wives didn't say anything about it. There was no guilt so I don't see where morality entered into it. To me it comes across as perfectly normal for them at that time, so I'm guessing nobody got all fucked up in the head over it."

I smiled.

"What're you smiling about?"

"You said you didn't know what to say about it. When you think deeply enough about something, you say quite a lot."

"You know, those guys playing naked sports, with all that one-on-one bare body contact, I'm guessing they popped boners all over the place, and if they did anything about it, I guess that'd take care of the testosterone overload."

"You might have a point," I said. "I'm sure they did do something about it, what with the homosexual culture of the time."

"Wonder if their coaches got in involved and helped them out," he said. He nodded thoughtfully. "Yeah, it'd be neat to go back in time, to that time, just for a little while, and experience all of that." He looked down, sheepishly. "There's something else, Joe, I'm thinking deeply about."

"What's that?"

"It's not got anything to do with math or ancient history. Well, it's more to do with ancient history, I guess. Something you said about me being all sweaty and being fine with it. And the way you put your hand on my leg. I'm thinking, Joe, that you might have some feelings for my sweaty, rugby body." I could feel my face turning red. "I think I hit a nerve. I'd be right, wouldn't I?"

"If I tell you, you have to promise not to tell anyone. Not a soul."

"Alright. I guessed anyway, but I won't say anything."

"Yes. I do have those feelings," I admitted.

"Well, I'll tell you something and you have to promise," he said.

"Of course."

"I've had those thoughts myself." He swallowed, hard enough that I heard him, then went on. "I've wondered what it'd be like, you know, to have one of the other jocks make a move on me in the showers, and I'd let him, and he'd be down on his knees sucking my cock and the coach walks in on us." He looked around at me then. "I wonder if anybody else has thoughts like that. I wonder what Coach would do if that ever happened in real life, you know, walked in on some guys doing shit."

"I don't know. I guess we'll never know unless it does happen."

" you wanta do something?"

His bluntness startled me.

"I'd be okay with it," he said.

"You don't know how bad," I said.

"Well, then....," he said, turning the swivel chair around to face me.

The way he splayed his legs apart was an open invitation that I couldn't turn down. I was so excited! I'd created dozens of fantasies in my brain as to how I could make this happen and he took care of it so easily himself. There was a fleeting moment when I thought he might be setting me up, that he might go off on a homophobic tangent the moment I touched him, but he hadn't said anything when I put my hand on his bare thigh. And he needed me; needed my knowledge of math and ancient history. I was practically shaking as I slid off my chair to my knees between his feet. He slouched a little as if to confirm the invite and I moved on my knees between his legs and placed my hands on his massive thighs. My eyes were fixed on his crotch where his shorts rode up so high that there was no leg to them. The bulge there was incredible, making my mouth water. He laid his hand on my shoulder as if to confirm that it was okay for me to be down there on my knees between his legs.

I ran my hands up his hairy thighs, digging my thumbs into his crotch. I started to lean down and he said, "I hope I smell okay."

I looked up at him and said, "You smell fine, stop worrying about it." Then I buried my face in his crotch. And he did smell fine. He smelled like a man that's been out there on the rugby field ought to smell. I opened my mouth around the warm bulge and licked his shorts. My mouth was watering and I had them soaked in no time. I was also bringing him to life. It was such a thrill to feel the pulsations inside his shorts, and I pretended his cock was begging me to set it free.

I wrapped my arms around him and when he lifted his butt up off the chair I tugged on his shorts. I pulled them off and down his legs, leaving him in his jockstrap. I'd never seen a jockstrap like it. It was a lace up jock, dingy white, like it hadn't been washed in a while, if ever. I had a fetish for jockstraps and this was the sexiest one I'd ever seen, maybe because he was in it.

"I like your jockstrap," I murmured as I buried my face in it. I enjoyed the jock and its contents for a long moment before I decided to take it off of him. I caught one of the laces in my teeth and tugged on it till it came untied, then I unlaced it with my teeth. By the time it was gaping open, revealing his bush, his cock was hard and protruding toward his left hip. I mouthed up and down the shaft several times through the cotton material.

"I think you like my jock," he said.

"And what's in it," I said, chewing gently on his cock. He got impatient then and hooked his thumbs in the waist of the jock.

"I'll do it," I said. I tugged on it and he lifted up again for me to pull it off of him. His cock swung up over his stomach, throbbing and quivering violently and his balls lowered in their sack between his legs. I pulled the jock and his shorts off and tossed them aside then took his cock in my hand. I was a little surprised how big he got. But then I didn't have experience enough to judge the potential of a swinging cock. I wrapped my other hand around it and stroked it. A pearl-like liquid appeared, filling the wide piss slit, then overflowing it. I quickly lapped up the tiny stream as it ran down the curvature of the head. More appeared and I captured the head with my mouth so I wouldn't lose any of the precious nectar.

"Ohhhhh, fuck," he groaned, laying his hand on my head.

His ball juice was good and I squeezed his cock to get more. When I'd squeezed out all I could I went down on him about half way; all I could manage without impaling myself. I wanted so bad to deep throat him but I was afraid I would choke. I needed to practice before I attempted that feat, and practice I did. I moved my mouth up and down his cock, thrilling to the feel and taste of him and the deep moans that rumbled out of his belly.

"Fuck, Joe, that feels good. I never had anything feel so good," he said, laying his hands on my shoulders.

I could tell it was feeling really good, the way he started humping up out of the chair, thrusting his cock into my throat. I was proud I was able to take him. His hands moved from my shoulders to the back of my head, like he thought I might try to get away from him. He started getting a little rough but I sort of liked it, being at his mercy. He started pulling my head down as he thrust upward, forcing his cock all the way in my throat so my face was smashed against his pubes, my chin pressed against his balls. He would pull my head down and hold it there while his cock throbbed violently deep I my throat. I didn't mind that either, except that I had to fight to keep from gagging.

"Fuck, Joe, I can't believe how you do this!" he exclaimed as he slammed his cock into my throat.

I couldn't believe it either but I was so happy I could, and make him feel so good. Being my first time, I was naive. In all of my fantasies of sucking cock I never took it to the ultimate end and it was no different now, actually doing it. It was the thrill of doing it, of having a warm cock in my mouth, raping my throat. Suddenly, it hit me, when the big jock stood up and began fucking my mouth ferociously, grunting and groaning deep in his belly; I realized he was about to cum!

Oh Godd, he's going to shoot in my mouth! I was scared. What would it taste like? I'd tasted my own cum but it was by accident, and I didn't really like it. Would his taste the same, or different? How much would there be? He was a jock, full of testosterone; I wondered if that would make him cum more, or if testosterone made his cum taste strong. So many dumb-ass questions flooded my brain...., well, the answers were coming.

He slammed his cock into my throat and held my head tight for a few seconds. I could feel his cock quivering and I wondered if he was coming but I didn't feel anything shooting out. Then he pulled back, stroking his cock with the head hovering at my open mouth.

"Stick your tongue out," he said, his voice raspy.

I did as he said, and braced myself. The next instant his cock exploded. A huge rope of cum spurted straight into my mouth. It covered my tongue and brought my taste buds to life. It didn't taste like I remembered mine tasting. More cum shot out, splattering all over my face and neck, and as I realized how good it tasted I tried to maneuver my mouth to his cock and receive more of it. He saw what I was doing and shoved the head of his cock in my mouth. I clamped my lips around it to capture the rest of his load. My mouth was full and I lashed my tongue around in the warm, thick semen, washing it over the head of his cock.

As he came down from his shattering climax his cock got tender and he eased back, saying he couldn't stand it anymore. He let go of my head and slumped back in the chair. I knelt there in a sex stupor, my head spinning with the lust that had overtaken me. I sloshed his cum around in my mouth, knowing I had to swallow it, working up the courage to do so, for to spit it out would be a gross insult. I managed to get it down in three or four swallows then brought up spit to wash the taste down. My spit tasted like cum.

"Man, you like the stuff," he said.

I didn't really. I tasted good when he was shooting it in my mouth but that was because it was his cum; now, as the excitement began to wane, the stuff didn't taste so good. But I didn't tell him that.

"I couldn't let it go to waste," I said.

He laughed. "Fuck, if you only knew how much of the stuff I've wasted."

"Not anymore," I said.

"You wanta do this again?" he asked, sounding surprised.

"Yes, any time you want," I replied.

"You're gonna take care of me from now on?" he asked.

"If you can save it up, I'll take all you can give me."

He laughed again. "That'd mean you'd have to follow me around all the time and even sleep with me, 'cause us getting together twice a week wouldn't do it."

"I would do that," I said.

At school next day, right after last morning class, Aiden met me at my locker again.

"You hungry?" he asked with a sly grin.

"I was just heading for the cafeteria," I said.

"Boy's room, second floor, I'll feed you," he said.

A surge of excitement went through me. He wanted to do it in school! I walked with him up to the second floor and down the long hallway to the boy's restroom at the end of the hall. It was the least used restroom in school, especially at lunchtime. We went inside and he checked all the stalls then held the door open to one. I went in and he followed me.

"Get up on the stool so your feet don't show," he said.

I climbed up on the tool and squatted down in front of him while he undid his jeans. He pulled his jeans down along with his briefs and laid his cock across his palm, right in my face.

"I really need a cum dump," he said as he guided his big cock to my mouth.

I took it eagerly and sucked him like a hungry puppy. I was so excited I was shaking. I was glad to be his cum dump. As I sucked his cock I ran my hands up under his shirt, feeling his hard muscles. He shivered when I touched his nipples and he pulled his shirt up over his head. The view was wonderful. He took my hands and placed them on his chest, wanting me to play with his tits. Then he cupped his heavy balls in one hand and held them up so they smashed against my chin as I went all the way down on his cock.

"You're really good at deep throat," he said as he put his other hand around my head and smashed my face hard against his pubes. I thought he might be cumming but he didn't.

I saw him glance at his watch a couple of times and I asked, "Are we gonna have enough time? You can come to my house after school."

"Good, I will, but I need to dump this load so just keep your mouth locked around my cock."

I loved that he was so honest and open about using me. I didn't care that I probably didn't mean anything to him except a cum dump, like he said. I was anxious for his load. But he was long winded for some reason.

"We gotta kick this up a notch." With that he took my head in both his hands and held it like a vise and began fucking my throat hard. I choked and gagged and snotted but he paid no attention. He needed to get off and I was his instrument of lust. Suddenly he slammed into me and his body started shaking and next moment he was spurting warm, thick cum into my throat. It was awkward to swallow when I didn't need to swallow at all and I choked even worse. But he didn't stop till he'd emptied the tanks, then he leaned back against the stall door, pulling his cock out of my mouth. It fell heavy and slick against his thigh. He stood there on trembling legs, gasping for air. I grabbed some toilette paper to blow my nose and wipe the drool off my face and neck.

"Sorry, dude, but I didn't wanta shoot on your face and get it on your shirt," he said as he unrolled toilette paper to wipe off his cock.

"It's okay," I said.

He pulled up his jeans and shorts. "Stay here till I leave," he said. "We don't want anybody to see us coming out at the same time."

That hurt a little bit. We'd come in together and he wasn't worried about that; I thought he probably didn't want to be seen with me. I waited for a moment after he exited the restroom then I splashed cold water on my face, dried off and left. I skipped lunch.

I was surprised when Aiden showed up at my house after school. I'd told him he could but that was when I thought we didn't have enough time for him to get off in the rest room. I was working in the garage when he came sauntering up the drive. Godd, he was so sexy!

"You said I could come over," he said as he came into the garage.


"Anybody else home?" he asked.


He rubbed his crotch. "Can I close the overhead?"

"Yes, you'd better," I said.

By the time the overhead door was down he had his jeans and shorts shoved down to his knees.

"Are you ever not horny?" I asked as I took hold of his cock.

"It's your fault. Knowing I've got somebody to get me off makes me horny as fuck." He put his hand on my shoulder and I squatted down on my haunches and he fed me his cock.

I pushed him back against the side of the pickup and tilted forward onto my knees. He let me suck him this time at my leisure. I didn't mind the rough treatment earlier in the day but this was more enjoyable. When he shot his load it was in my mouth, not in my throat, and I held it all without swallowing. When he pulled his cock out I looked up at him with my mouth open so show him his cum on my tongue.

"Fuck yeah, that's hot," he said.

I rolled it around in my mouth for a moment before I swallowed it. He pulled me to my feet and drew me into a tight bear hug.


"You don't have to thank me," I said.

"I know you like doing it but I still thank you. You're doing me a great service. I feel sorry for the other guys, still begging for pussy and still using their hands when they don't get any."

"You never had to beg for pussy," I said.

"But you're way better."

"Am I?"

"Oh, fuck yeah."

"You haven't told anybody, have you?" I asked.

"No!" he said emphatically. "But I'd like to. I'd like to bring a couple more guys in on this."

"Don't," I said.

"They're guys I'm sure you'd like."

"I don't know if I could trust them," I said.

He let it drop; or I thought so.

Sunday morning my cell phone woke me up. I grabbed it and answered. It was Aiden.

"Hey, you wanta come over and be my little fuckslut this morning?"

Hearing him talk like that sent chills through me. I asked him if his parents were gone.

"Got the house to myself," he said.

"Give me time to shower," I said. I jumped out of bed and got in the shower. I put on some good smelling body splash and I was getting dressed when it suddenly hit me....what he'd said. It jolted me. Suddenly I wasn't so sure I wanted to go over to his house. But he was expecting me; he would be calling back if I didn't show up. I didn't want to disappoint him but I had to know. I called him back.

"You better be on your way, my dick is throbbing," he said, laughing.

"Aiden, there's something I....something you said."

"Yeah, what?"

"What you said about....about being your little fuckslut."

"Ah, you caught that," he said, laughing.

"So you meant to say it."

"Of course. I think we've come that far, don't you?"

"You....y-you w-wanta f-fuck me."

"You sound....I don't know....scared," he said.

"I am. I don't think I could do that."

"A few weeks ago you didn't think you could suck cock, or swallow cum. Look at you now."

"But that's way different....getting fucked."

"Kiss your ass it's different. Look, I've watched enough gay porn and saw how those guys getting fucked really go wild over it. I know you'd like it. You know it, too, deep down. If you like my cock in your mouth, you'd like it even more in your ass."

"I've watched that stuff too but I don't know, Aiden."

"So, do you wanta come over or not?" He sounded impatient.

"Yes, but I don't know if I can do what you want."

"Just get here and we'll see how things work out," he said.

I hesitated then said, "Alright."

"Listen, I don't want you to be scared," he said. After a long pause he went on. "I don't believe I'm saying this but here it is. The girls I fuck....when I get to know them real well....before I fuck 'em, I eat their pussies. It gets them really hot, so hot they beg for my cock. But then before I give it to them....before I fuck 'em, I kiss 'em, with the taste of their pussies still on my lips. It's a fuckin' turn-on." I pictured the big muscle stud down between a girl's, licking her pussy and her muffling her screams in the pillow, her legs flailing wildly. "I'm asking to fuck you, Joe, so I'd do the same to you. I'll eat your ass first."

Even as I hung up, I knew how things would work out. They would work out just the way he wanted them to. I would end up with him fucking me because the idea was in his handsome head and there was no way of getting it out till he satisfied his desires. That's what made Aiden such a hot jock; when he saw something he wanted he went after it. And he wanted my ass. I hung onto his words, trying to picture it; trying to imagine what that would feel like. I was still scared but his promise to eat my ass was certainly a game changer. I was still reeling from his words.

Realizing that I had to make special preparations, I took care of it and then finished getting dressed. Driving to his house, I wondered what this day would bring, and how it would end.

Aiden was waiting just like he said....naked on the bed with his big cock standing out over his stomach. He pressed his thumb at the base and made it stand up tall and hard. I grew weak in the knees just seeing him like that, trying to imagine all of that cockmeat in my ass. I started taking off my clothes.

"You know, I appreciate your body more and more each time I see you getting naked for me," he said. "You're built, dude. You oughta go out for sports. You've got awesome legs, you could easily make the rugby team."

"Maybe, but then I'd have to deal with the team making me," I said. "I couldn't do it. I mean, being in the locker room with all the guys for PE is one thing. Being in the locker room with just the rugby team....I couldn't handle that. I couldn't keep my knees from buckling, then where would I be?"

"On your knees, sucking rugby cock; fuck, dude, you'd be in heaven. We all would," he said.

I was naked and he scooted over to make room for me on the bed and patted the mattress. "Come here, you hot little slut." He laughed. "You don't mind me calling you my little slut, do you?"

"No, it's kind of a turn-on, actually. And a good feeling, like I belong to someone." I didn't know where that came from; I'd never had that feeling before, that I was conscious of but it was there all along.

I was totally surprised at Aiden's sudden change of attitude. Before, he would've gotten right to it, turned me up and shoved in and fucked my brains out. This time he wrapped an arm and leg around me and started nuzzling my neck.

"MMmmm, you smell good," he murmured as he kissed along my neck.

I was in a daze as I watched the big jock kiss across my chest and I shivered when he dragged his tongue over my tits. He went on down and I thought, Holy Shit, he's going to suck my cock!! But he bypassed it and kissed down my upper thigh. He scooted down farther so he was between my legs. He kissed my inner thighs then shrugged his shoulders under them.

"Hold your legs up," he said as he shoved my legs up to my chest.

I felt his hot breath down there and thought, Fuck, he's actually going to do it! He's going to eat my ass! But maybe he wasn't. He kissed up and down the back of my thighs and it seemed like a long time before I felt his tongue on my butt. He kissed all across both my butt muscles and finally made his way into the slopes. I honestly expected him to retreat before he got to the bottom of the slopes; I still couldn't imagine him doing what he said he would do. I imagined he was struggling with how to get out of it, and I wanted to tell him he didn't have to. But it was too late. He was doing it! I mean big time. He was lashing all over my asshole and pushing at it, then he was pulling my hole open and shoving his tongue in my ass. This can't be happening, I thought. Not Aiden Colby. He went at my ass like he was hungry for it, slobbering and moaning and slurping.

"Fuck, man, you taste better than any pussy," he said in a throaty voice. He paused to look up at me. "Girls don't ever get the smell out," he said.

"I cleaned up good for you," I said.

"Fuck, yeah, man, good enough to eat. And fuck. You ready to get fucked?" he asked between licks.

"Yesss! You've got me really hot," I said.

He chuckled and rose up on his knees, cock in hand. He didn't bother with lube I was wet and slick enough from his spit. He pushed the head of his cock against my hole and looked down at me again. I nodded and he pushed through.

"OHhhhhhhh," I moaned softly as he entered me without stopping. "Godd, you fill me up so," I said.

"You got me really turned on with your ass in my face," he said. "I'm gonna fuck your brains out."

"Yes, fuck me hard as you want, make me your slut," I said.

He eased back and slid in again. Then again. And again, each time a little harder. By the time he had his rhythm his loins were smacking loudly against my spread butt and I could feel his big balls slapping against my ass. It felt good; like I was being taken and used. I flailed my arms out, clawing at the sheets, groaning uncontrollably. He had me so hot I could hardly stand it.

"I've been thinking, and I'm gonna set you up," he said as he fucked me.

"How? With what?"

"Not what. Who," he said. The whole fuckin' rugby team."

"No, I can't do that, Aiden," I whimpered.

"Sure you can. And you know you want to. I want it too. I wanta watch."

"There's too many of them," I said.

"Okay, just part of the team," he said. Suddenly he stopped. His cock throbbed hard inside me and I tried to move on it but he held me at bay. "Tell me you'll do it."

"Please, Aiden, I......" I was still struggling to move on his cock. Godd, I needed it so bad; needed it plowing into me, gouging out my insides, pounding my sensitive prostate.

"Tell me! Say yes."

"Yess! All right!" I hissed. "Just please fuck me!"

He seemed to go on forever. I loved every stroke of his big cock even though my ass was starting to get sore. I couldn't understand my mindset; I wanted him to finish, yet I wanted him to fuck me all night. He got me off and kept right on fucking me. Laughing, he smeared my cum all over my body, even on my face.

"I hear it's good for your complexion," he said, laughing.

Moments later he suddenly pulled out and started stroking his cock. He was going to shoot it all over me instead of in my ass where I really wanted it. I wanted to feel him cumming in me. But instead I felt the humiliation he intended as his cock spurted long ropes of thick cum all across my upper body and face and neck. It was a powerful cum; his cock was literally throwing the streams of semen on me. I loved it, even the humiliation. Anything to make him happy. Anything so he would want me as his slut.

He gave me his cock to clean it off and I sucked the last drops of cum of of him and licked his cock clean. Satisfied, he didn't seem to want me to linger. He tossed me something to wipe off thecum then I got dressed and left without fanfare and was alone with my thoughts, pondering what I was becoming, and also what I'd committed to with the rugby team. I was a little scared but also excited. How many would there be? Who all would show up? What all would they do to me?

Next morning I called Aiden, for no other reason than to thank him.

"Fuck, dude, you don't thank a guy for fucking your ass, the guy's supposed to thank you. Man, you really are turning into a cock hungry little slut."

If he was putting me down I didn't take it that way. He was saying what I wanted to hear.

"Listen, Aiden, about what I said......"

"About the rugby team?" he cut in.

"Yes. I don't think I can do it, Aiden. That's too many guys."

"You don't even know how many I've got lined up," he said.

"You've already talked to them?"

"Still working on a couple," he replied.

"How many?" I asked.

"I'll surprise you."

"No, I want to know what to expect."

"Let's just say there'll be enough cock to keep you busy for a few hours."

"Geezuss, Aiden, you can keep me busy for that long," I said.

He laughed. "That's because you're such a little slut you can't get enough of me," he said. Listen, Little Slut Boy, I was thinking about something."


"I wanted to give you a heads up so you could be thinking about it, too."


"Taking on two guys at the same time. Well, three, actually."

"No! No way!" I exclaimed. "Have you mentioned this to any of the guys?"

"No, just wanted you think about it first."

"I don't have to think about it," I said. "Taking two cock in my ass at the same time? I don't know if it's even possible."

"Sure it is, I've seen 'em do it in gay videos," he said.

"Okay, so have I, but those guys are professionals."

He laughed. "You're becoming somewhat of a professional yourself."

I lay awake most of the night thinking about what was in store for me the next day, wondering how many of the rugby team he'd lined up. I was equally concerned who the boys were, and if they could be trusted to keep their mouths shut. When I woke up the next morning I considered disappearing; just not be there when they showed up. But I couldn't be gone forever and Aiden and his jock friends would still be waiting on me. I accepted the inevitable. It was only part acceptance; part of what made me flush out and get ready was that I was excited about it. I wanted it; to see what it would be like to have sex with that many guys.

Aiden called, earlier than I expected; it was about ten in the morning.

"You up?"

"Yes, I barely slept at all," I said.

"Too excited, huh?" he said, laughing. "You flushed out?"

"Yes, of course," I replied.

"Good, cause they're on their way."

"They? Aren't you coming, too?"

"Yeah, but I'm picking up Ron Dyer. There wasn't room for all of us in Steve's SUV."

"How many are there!" I exclaimed.

"I don't know, eight or nine I guess, if they all show."

Eight or nine! And with all that testosterone buildup they would no doubt all want to fuck me more than once.

They arrived shortly after I hung up the phone. I'd told Aiden that the door would be unlocked and that they should come on upstairs to my room and I soon heard the heavy footsteps tromping up the stairs. I counted them as they filed into my room, with a mixture of fright and excitement. There were six of them, all brawny, muscular athletes, and they had all come wearing their rugby shorts. Very quickly, excitement overtook any fear I had. I knew them and they knew me but we were not exactly friends at school. They were not here as friends but as horny, virile jocks, here to have sex.

"Aiden's not here yet?" one of them said.

"He's picking up Dyer," another replied.

"That mean we're supposed to wait?" another asked as he groped his crotch.

"There's no need to," I said although his question wasn't directed at me.

"Well, then......" He peeled off his tight rugby shirt.

The others followed suit, first their shirts, exposing bulging, rippling muscles that only rugby players develop, then their shoes and then their skimpy, tight shorts. That left two of them in their jockstraps, the other four were naked. My breath came short as I eyed their incredibly muscled bodies, and they all seemed to have cocks to match; thick and meaty, even muscular in their appearance. Their cocks were coming to life, some on their own, others from being pulled on. I began to psyche myself up.

Just then Aiden and Ron Dyer came through the door. I hadn't heard them come up the stairs.

He said we didn't have to wait," one the boys said.

"Didn't even wait to be introduced," Aiden said, laughing, as he and Dyer started taking off his clothes.

"We all know each other," one said.

"And even if we didn't, it ain't gonna take that long to get acquainted," said another.

One boy moved to the edge of the bed and pressed his knee into the mattress, his big cock sticking out over my shoulder. He put his hand on my head and said, "How about getting acquainted with this?" as he rubbed the head of his cock over my lips.

Instinctively, I flicked out my tongue to taste the wet trail of his ball juice and he took that opportunity to slide his cock through my lips. He didn't stop till it was all the way in my throat, with his pubes pressed against my face.

"Geezuss! He fuckin' swallowed it whole!"

"Yeah, he's good at that," Aiden said.

"Fuck, man, this is gonna be super hot!"

While I was being face fucked I could see one of the guys in his jockstrap. There was a hand covering it, and I could tell it wasn't his own.

"Come on, dude, you gonna get out of that thing?"

"I thought I'd let him take it off of me, with his teeth."

The thought of doing that excited me and I hoped neither of the two would take their jocks off.

"He's got another hole he likes to have plugged," Aiden said.

"I'll do it," someone said, and I felt someone else getting on the bed. Then another, and possibly another, I couldn't be sure. Then there were hands all over me, my legs were being lifted and pulled apart in a wide V and then I felt hairy thighs against my backside just before feeling the heat of a cock against my asshole.

"Fuck, he's all slicked up for us."

"I told you he's a fuckslut, he don't leave anything to chance," Aiden said.

I felt the pressure behind the cock pushing against my hole and the next instant he penetrated me. He was thick; it felt like a fist had been shoved in me. He barely paused except for a little gasp of surprise, then he shoved all the way in me. I groaned around the cock in my mouth. Again, he didn't pause; he started right in fucking me.

"You should've let us go first, you're gonna have him so stretched out he won't even feel us," someone said.

"You should've said something," the boy growled as he pounded my ass.

Another boy said, "Well, you're damn sure gonna go last. You fuck him with that horse cock of yours, there won't be any asshole left for the rest of us."

Godd, I wondered how big that boy was.

I sucked and got fucked and enjoyed it immensely. I was in my element. I soon felt the boy fucking me pumping hot cum in my ass. He was a hard cummer; fuck it felt so good. He pulled out and another boy climbed on the bed and took his place. He caused me no pain at all when he shoved in. I quickly learned that rugby players fuck like they play rugby; rough and tough and with everything they've got. The boy whose cock I was sucking lasted through three of his teammates fucking me. My ass was holding up fine but my throat was getting sore. When he did come his cock exploded in my mouth; he'd built up a real head of steam. It shot out with such force that it jolted me and I quickly had my mouth full of cum. He was surprised and delighted when I swallowed it.

"Man, he's swallowing!" he exclaimed.

Another boy took his place at my mouth. One of the things I loved most was wrapping my arms around their massive thighs and holding onto their hard butts. After a while I lost count but I realized that they were taking seconds, and I tasted more than one cock fresh out of my ass. I'd forgotten about the boy they said had a horse cock till he shoved it in me.

"Oh, my Godd!" I groaned as he impaled me on his huge cock. He spread my ass anew and went in deep. I saw stars and my head fogged over from pure lust that he churned up in me. I hoped he would last a long time.

It lasted for hours. I had a strange feeling in my ass; it was numb yet it was feeling incredible. Just when I thought they might be winding down, I was told to turn over onto my stomach. It was a welcome change in positions, especially for my legs. Someone arrived on the mattress on his knees and offered me his cock, which I gladly took. Another straddled my thighs and nudged his cock into the slick crack of my ass. He found my hole easily and shoved through. It was a good position, one that brought a whole new set of wonderful sensations. It was relaxing just to lie there on my stomach and have one guy feed me his cock and another fucking me.

Someone came up with the idea that they could double my fun if they double fucked me. It frightened me at first but it would do no good to protest. They would do with me what they pleased; that's what a good boy-slut did. They brought me up on my knees and one of them mounted me. Then I felt another cock working its way through my hole. After some difficulty both cocks were pistoning back and forth in my ass. I nearly fainted from the pleasure.

I didn't know how many times I took them on but someone else was keeping a tally. The last boy to fuck me finished and as he was pulling out he smacked my ass and said, "Man, if you wanted to be a fuck-slut, you are certifiable. You've been fucked 22 times and sucked 17 cocks."

I was a little sad that it was over as I lay and watched them getting dressed. Despite their ruggedness and their rough sex, they were gentlemen in the end; they came over to the bed to shake my hand and thank me. Aiden was the last one, and I thanked him for arranging it. Then he handed me a wad of bills.

"What's this?"

"You're a tutor, I told them you get paid for your time."

"This was hardly tutoring," I said.

"Oh, you tutored 'em," he said. "Only it was in sex, not math or history."

I liked Aiden's logic; I kept the money.

The end



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