This story is pure fiction and is just a story derived from my imagination...

It all began one day when my car overheated on the wrong side of town. I pulled off to the side of the road and watched as the steam bellowed from the front of my car. I contemplated my options as I sat there in the hot and humid weather. I was broke and at least 15 miles from my destination. Even worse, I was in the Hispanic part of town. A place where no white boy should be alone. After ten or fifteen minutes past, I got out of my car and lifted the hood. I did'nt know the first thing about auto repair so I was at a loss as what to do. A pickup slowed as it drove by me. Inside was a few hispanc young men and the looked at me with a discerning smile and kept on driving by. One of them yelled out 'maricon' I knew this ment homosexual in spanish and thats when I began to get scared so I retuned to the inside of my car.

After about 20 minutes a towtruck pulled over in front of my car. I got out and aproached the driver. I knew very little spanish so our communication was limitted. 'Hola' I spoke. With no reply. I spoke louder 'Hola' once again I got no reply. A middle aged Mexican man jumped from his cab and walked to the rear of his towtruck. Working the controls he dropped a lift under the front of my car and began lifting it into the air. He then said to me. 'You can ride in the cab with me and pointed towered his open drivers door. I tried to explain to him that I had no money to pay for the tow or repair, but he did'nt even look at me with some kind of reply.

I was just glad to be off the dangerous street and on our way. The driver drove a few blocks and turned left onto a side street. I was already confused as to where I was or where we were heading. The houses started getting few and I could tell that we were somewhere on the outskirts of town. I began getting a little scared but had no choice in the matter so I went with it. Soon we pulled up at a small service station somewhere off the main road. The driver backe my car into a service bay and got out to release the towtruck from my front end. I waited in the cab and watched the driver enter into a office.

A few minutes had past and I was wondering how I would pay for the tow and repairs. Then two young Mexican men came out of the office and approached me. They opened the passenger door and grabbed my arm and pulled me forcfully from the cab. One punched me in the gut and the other one forced a burlap bag over my head and sinched it tight around my neck. They handcuffed me and pushed me to the back of the shop. I struggled against them, but recieved another blow to my stomach. I was led into a room and forced to sit in a chair. They cuffed my ankles to the legs and my hands behind me and to one of the chairs wooden cross supports. I struggled but it was useless I was bound to the chair with no escape.

I sat in the dark for what seemed to be a few hours. My wrists and ankles were hurting from my restraints. I heard a door open and the steps of my captors return. Without a word spoken they cut all my clothes from my body and pulled the bag from my head. They just looked at me and said, 'usted es ahora nuestra queer sexo esclavo'. It was obvious I did not understand them so one spoke in broken english. ' Your going to serve us, like the queer cock loving whore you are'. I yelled out 'I'm not gay' they said 'Good so your pussy will be tight as a virgins when we fuck you' I screamed and one of them punched me in the gut and said 'You will learn not to open your mouth or speak unless you are told to do so' And they were right. I was not going to speak again without being told to do so, as I was not wanting to recieve any more physical abuse from my captors.

The two of them then motioned for me to stand up, or forced me to my feet and pushed me down a hall and into a bathroom. Once inside they removed my handcuffs and handed me a disposable razor and a can of shaving cream. One said 'Afeitarse el cabello de su cuerpo' the other one waved his hands in a attempt at sign language pointing at everyplace on his body. The shower was turned on and I was pushed into the spray of water. It was luke warm but not hot. Nor was it freezing cold. I quickly but as carefully as I could shaved my chest, legs , arms and my pubic area. Once I was finished, one of them sprayed me with hair removal cream and began to rub it all over my body. It burned a bit and smelled awful but I knew what it was. Once I was covered in a film of hair removal cream I was pushed into the spray of the shower to wash it and the rest of my body hair away. When finished my body was completely void of any hair or stubble. I was thrown a towel to dry myself off with and was led from the bathroom into another room.

The only thing in this room was a barber's chair. I was pushed into it and they strapped my arms to the armrest and placed a large ballcock in my mouth and strapped it around the back of my head. Then one of them wrapped a thick leather belt around the upper part of my arm and tightend it. Then one of the men pulled out a syringe and poked it into my vein. He then slowly pushed the plunger as I watched things slowly fadved to black.

When I awoke from my drug induced coma, I strained to focus on the room around me. I was alone lying on a single sized bed. l felt light headed and my chest was tight and hurt a little. My head was a bit heavy and I now began to notice why? They gave me a hair weave and I now had long bleach blonde hair that was thick with large curls. I followed the curls as they ran down my chest. Thats when I noticed My large breasts. They actually surgicaly gave me breast implants. I was dumfounded and at a loss for words. I quickly lifted the waist band of the mini skirt They dresed me in, under that waa a silk black lacey V-cut G-string that covered my hairless cock and balls. Thank god they were still intacked.

The door opened and in stepped a man I had never seen before. He spoke 'My name is Geno' however you shall know me and address me as, 'Master Geno' or just 'Master' I began to tell him my name. Thats when he back handed me in the mouth and said 'You are now my property and you will learn to never speak unless I tell you to speak or expect a reply from you, I will command one! ' But now all I want to hear from you is 'Yes Master' Do you understand? 'Yes Master' Was my reply. And look me in the eye's when you reply. Now that your my Bitch, my cockslave, my 'Heshe, sissyboy' You should accept your fate and start enjoying your role as my personal property and my slave. And you can forget you ever had a birth name and forever will be known by the name of: Slave, Cockslave Sissyboy or sometimes Fagboy. 'Get used to it and be responsive and look at whoever addresses you this way. So He then began by fitting my man-pussy with a large anal plug. and attaching a leather dog collar around my neck. Now put on that outfit and high heals on and I will have some make-up applied by my lady friend. Oh and she will also be tattooing my name on the back side of your neck as this will be your property tag, or should I say my property tag. Then once you look to be your best, I will have my Photographer get some pics in various outfits and posses they will then be posted on the net. Also they will be updated weekly as to show the buying public my goods I have for sale or rent. Now stand up so I can get a good look at my new bitch.

Once dressed I stood and turned to my Master to see if he was pleased. He just grabbed a fistful of my hair and attached a leash to my collar and told me to follow him (as if I had a choice) and led me out of the room and down the hall. The plug in my ass was very painful and it seemed to work its way deeper into my anal cavity as i followed him down the hall. He led me into a room where their was a small cosmetic table and a couple of foldin chairs, In one was a Beutiful Mexican Senorita in her early 20's. I blushed and I could feel my face turning red. He led me to the chair accross from hers and sat me down by pulling my leash downward with a hard jerk. He then spoke to her in spanish and left the room.



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