Part 1

This is a true story about me

If it is illegal in your state or you are underage do not read this.

I guess any hope for regaining my manhood is totally lost after more than a

year of waxing my entire body my body hair had started growing in much

slower and much thinner but that wasn't good enough I was taken for laser

hair removal The woman who did it said that my body hair was already thin

and fine and that this might be permanent it was done anyway. It has been

almost 2 months now and no sign of any hair below my neck seems to be

growing in. On top of all this being made to let my 19 year old kid brother

fuck me has really broken my manhood. That was the only thing that hadn't

happened to me my ass was still virgin it was my last hope of returning to

manhood instead of the life of a faggot sex slave. Now even he has

dominance over me and I really want to be fucked again and no one will do

it. I sit here hard with one of Jon's friends stroking my cock since I am

no longer allowed to touch it myself and wishing someone would fill my ass

I wasn't always like this I was a jock a man's man I didn't believe you

could turn someone into a fag I was wrong Jon really drove the point home

the other night of what I real fag I am he knows this bi dude who he had

come over with his girlfriend he told me if I could get hard feeling her

naked body he would ask for my freedom from all this she got naked she was

beautiful I spent a good 45 minutes touching her feeling her she even

touched me (everywhere except my cock) and I couldn't get hard we stopped

then he made another offer if I could go the same amount of time feeling

the guy up without getting hard he would ask for my freedom from all this.

To my horror and humiliation I was as hard as a rock by the time the guy

had stripped to his underwear I didn't even have to touch him and with her

nothing. I feel like less than a man my 9 inch cock seems like it is

wasted since it will never be used on pussy again

If this story intrigues you at all and you want to know how I got to this

point let me know and we will start from when my change began

Part 2

Now that I have accepted the fact that I will never regain any semblance of

my lost manhood and am completely held in control by my masters Complete

dominance over me my craving for having a cock in my ass grows every day

and every time he mounts or lets one of his friends mount me and they fill

my ass with their big cocks, cocks that I envy because they belong to real

men. I am completely humiliated every time one of them fucks me because in

my mind I remember the days when I would mount and fuck hot girls I

remember the times when I was being begged to fuck them not me being the

one who begs to be fucked. As my master starts to think that I am starting

to get used to my humiliations

He decides that being kept naked when I am home is no longer enough

humiliation he wants to take my humiliation to a new level.

A few days after his decision to increase my humiliation levels a small

package arrives for him when it gets there he orders me into the car. We

drive to a local gym where my friends and I workout. Now I'm not a real

big guy I'm 6'4' and about 175 pounds pretty defined but not a whole lot of

mass but I have always enjoyed this gym and hanging out with my buds there

having been on the school swim team I never worried about not having body

hair but once the pubes were gone I sorta stopped showin up at the gym now

I was back and scared. Master took me straight to the locker room he

orders me to strip I get naked while he opens the little box it is a

roundish firm clear rubber thing he takes out of the box.

He walks over to me and tells me to open wide I open as wide as I can and

he still stretches my jaw a little further as he sticks the thing between

my teeth forcing my mouth into an open position 'Now into the middle stall'

he orders me. There are 2 eye screws 1 above and 1 below a hole about

waist level. He cuffs my hands behind my back and places a collar around

my neck then locks the collar to the 2 rings with short leather straps the

puts my mouth right at the hole fuck I know what he has planned here he

leave the stall door open and walks away. I tried to pull away I tried to

stretch my leg to reach the stall door and pull it closed with my foot

frantic to hide myself while I try to figure some way loose, Or at least

since so many of my friends worked out here if I had to be the mouth for

this glory hole not be seen. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't reach

the stall door and while trying one last attempt I heard the locker room

door open then a familiar voice 'Well what the hell is this? Is that you

Jason? I had heard rumors you were a faggot but I never realized it was

like this. Look at you not a hair on your body like a real pussy boy

faggot. Well better not waste it.'

He went into the other stall and became the first of many buff muscular men

to fuck my mouth and feed me their seed that day this continued for almost

a week a couple hours of being tied to the glory hole followed by a couple

of hours being forced to under go muscle straining workouts to build my

muscles to bigger and bigger size. The second week I was almost crazed with

wanting to be fucked a constant stream of being mouth fucked and fed jizz

my ass wanted attention no matter how humiliated I was I begged my master

to fill my ass. His response was to make me start going around holding a

butt plug in my ass which just kept increasing my desire for the cock of a

real man in my ass. After weeks having your stomach filled with

testosterone laden cum he forces me to under go even more muscle straining

workouts building my muscles bigger and bigger . The testosterone from all

this jizz also is causing my dick and balls to engorge and become painful

since I am being denied any relief. All in all I am starting to believe my

master is building me into a muscled cock slut. And I think he is trying to

build me into a money making male whore.

As always Master is always interested to hear about your ideas on what to

do with me or storylines that he might make me live out.

Part 3

Ok first to answer the questions that came in after my last chapter.

My Name is Jason I just turned 23 this past May I'm 6'4' tall and weigh

between 177 and 180 lbs. Yes my body is being kept hairless except for

hair on top of my head my eyebrows and eyelashes my cock is cut and it is

just short of 9 inches when fully erect and yes I am kept naked whenever I

am in the house and now sometimes in the back yard . Email is

[email protected] that is also my SN for aim and yes master enjoys when


IM me and send me humiliating email master has also said to those of you

who request pics you must state that you are 18 or over and send at least

one pic of yourself before he will allow mine to be sent out.. also

requests for his email address must be accompanied by at least a shirtless

picture and no one under 18

Well the hot weather is here and master has decided that my humiliations

should become more public. Sunday morning master woke me up holding a

black leather collar, a set of nipple clamps with a short chain between

them, and a black satin g-string with a pouch that was more the size of a

postage stamp than an item of clothing. He ordered me to put all these

things on and meet him downstairs. When I got downstairs he was on the

back porch he gave me a list of yard chores that he wanted me to do in both

the front and back yard and all I was to wear was what he had given me to

put on when he woke me up. When I was finished I was to lay out on a deck

lounge in the front yard until he got home. I got busy with the yard work

oiled in so much tanning oil that my entire body shined the fact that my

body is kept hairless made it look like I was coated in high gloss lacquer

. As I was working in the yards people in neighboring yards were making

comments calling me fag and making other lewd comments and up in the front

yard people who drove or walked by made comments about me being hairless

and oiled calling me queer, faggot and other humiliating comments as well

as hoots and whistles some asking me if I wanted to service them several of

the girls I knew went by and just pointed and laughed at the fact that I

was practically naked and trying desperately to hide a raging hard on in

that skimpy g-string . I finished the yard work and laid out like I was

instructed and must of dozed off because I was woken to a bucket of cold

water being thrown on me and master saying 'WAKE UP FAGGOT' He took me

around and pointed out the things he felt weren't done well enough. 'Well

looks like you need some punishment .' He took me to the back yard and

tied me spread eagle between 2 trees and then walked into the house. After

what seemed like forever he comes back out with 7 other people 3 guys and 4

girls all of whom I know the girls were all girls who I had been hot for 2

of em I had dated the 3 guys were all ones who always made me feel

uncomfortable when they were around they used to show up at swim meets and

the pool where I was a lifeguard just to stare at me always trying to see

me in as little clothes as possible. Master empties a bag he is carrying

onto the picnic table in the yard and announces

'I invited you all here today to once and for all prove to you that Jason

has become a full blown faggot. Ladies have a seat and enjoy the show.'

As he is saying this I'm looking over the stuff that he has dumped on the

table a pair of scissors a pretty long thick dildo a small hazing paddle a

bottle of baby oil and a tube of ben gay. He turns to Nick, Eric and Jim

and says boys he's all yours the first thing Nick does is take the scissors

and snip the strings on the g-string so that I am completely exposed and

spread eagle the girls start laughing at the fact that my hard on is almost

pointing straight up I'm so hard.. The guys take the bottle of baby oil

and pretty much empty it oiling me back up again oiling everything but my

cock. I'm still not comfortable with guys feeling me up what makes this

worse is that I know these guys have been doing this in their minds to me

for a few years now after a while of doing this the huddle and whisper to

each other and then go speak with Jon (That's my master) Nick takes the

tube of Ben Gay and starts smearing it all over my cock and balls and

begins to stroke me the whole time this is going on starting with them

oiling me and feeling me up the girls are laughing and making good use of

their camera phones. While Nick is stroking me Jim grabs the dildo and

Eric grabs the hazing paddle Jim lubes the dildo with the ben gay master

says 'Now Jason beg Jim to fuck you with the dildo' Between the fire on my

privates from the ben gay jack off going on and the humiliation of being

exposed laughed at the girls sending out pics to god knows who and these

guys feeling me up everywhere I am already almost crying.

There is no way I am gunna ask to be fucked especially in front of these

girls or by one of these guys. When I refuse to beg Jon nods and I feel a

swat from the paddle 'Now Jason you know what you are to do Beg Jim to fuck

you with the dildo beg him tell him what a huge faggot you have become and

how badly you want to be fucked that's the last time you will be told Eric

will continue to paddle you until you obey' I clench my ass cheeks and wait

for the next swat as I clench both Jim and Eric say 'Wow hot ass even

hooter when it's flexed like that' The swats start falling like rain and so

do tears from my eyes finally after I don't know how many blows from the

paddle I finally break and say between sobs 'Please Jim I need you to fuck

my boi pussy with that dildo I'm no longer a jock stud I've become a faggot

pussy slave boy who isn't fit to touch a female again and is only good for

gettin humiliated fucked and sucking cock please fuck me hard with the

dildo' One of the girls almost fell out of her chair laughing Jim slowly

starts to stick the dildo in me before the ben gay hits I moan as it enters

that gets cheers and insulting humiliating comments from the girls and more

pics tears are still flowing as I am burning both in my ass and my crotch

just as my balls draw up and I am about to cum Nick stops jerking my off

and Jim pulls out the dildo denying me any release I wildly start humping

air begging for anyone to help me cum I only get laughed at left tied

between the trees every so often to be stroked fucked or felt up but no

getting to shoot my load. As the sun was about to set and I was untied and

led into the house where Nick was allowed to get in the shower with me and

wash me down he washed me slowly exploring every inch and crevice of my

body slowly fingering my ass asking me 'Where is the tough jock who used to

strut the pool for the girls and chase him away from my lifeguard chair

when all he wanted was a closer look what happened to that jock all I see

here is a faggot pussy bitch who now instead of looking at you I get to

play with you.'


Jason the Faggot

[email protected]


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