It happened about 6 years ago. It started at work, realize I am straight. I had a gay co-worker. We became friends, he invited me to his place on weekends to use his pool and social gatherings. One Friday on our last break he invited me to a party starting that evening and last all weekend, I was single and he knew it, told me there would be people to meet and a few single woman that I could "hook up with." So I said great I'll be there. Looking forward to the weekend, I rushed home, showered changed and packed a bag knowing I was staying the weekend.

I arrived at his place in the country, knowing it was way out there to the point it was a clothing optional. My friend showed me to the guest room, and with a grab of my package and ass with a kiss on the neck, that I did not refuse, I knew it was going to be a fun weekend. I had at the time been very curious of bi and gay sex and he knew it, for he was naked when he showed me to my room and I had garbed his cock when he kissed my neck and stroked him some.

Since it was clothing optional, and I'm not afraid to show my tattooed body, I stripped naked and went outside by the pool. Standing there, a female co-worker of ours, also naked and one I liked, approached me. With her naked body, she full on hugged me, from witch I got hard. She felt it against her and whispered nice, moved back for everyone to see. I got a thrill from all the "oh my" that I heard.

As the evening went on and more I drank the more free I became. Having to pee, I went and found what I thought was a private spot. As I peed I heard, I'll suck you clean when done. I turned to see my friends lover/partner watching me. I finished and turned. He dropped and started to suck my cock.

Although he did not finish me, I returned to the party with a chubby for all to see. At this time it was nothing but guys around. Being new to gay men, I got nervous and felt like a wounded lamb to the wolves. Next thing I knew I was grabbed from behind and put on my knees.

I had a jaw lock forced in my mouth, was forced to drink water, later to find out it was laced with Viagra to get me hard. I had about 4 cocks in my face. Either being made to suck them or taking a cum load or piss. I swallowed all I could and wore the rest. I was put in a device and my hips/ass pulled up. I felt a hand run between my ass cheeks with lube then fingered deep. As I was being forced to suck a cock I felt one enter my ass. I moaned loud in refusal, but there was no way to fight him off. I took his big fat dick until he unloaded his cum in me. From that point on, I was a dick loving cum taking slut. I pleased all 4 of them that night and still do to this day.



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