From part 2....

Then, one Friday night I entered the tunnel and when I was about half way through, I saw one guy with his pants down getting fucked by one man, while he sucked another. I paused for a moment, watching this public display with others, when I noticed the Marine emblem tattoo on his left bicep. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.


I needed to see right bicep to be sure. I eased around to the other side and there it was. On his right bicep was a serpent wrapped around a sword. it was him!

I eased away and caught Duke's attention and motioned him to me. He walked over to where I was standing and as he smiled, he rubbed my crotch and asked, "You horny?"

"Normally, I'd say hell yes but I need to ask you something?"

"Ask away."

I pointed out the man to Duke and asked if he was a regular in the tunnel.

"He used to be, but about the time you first began coming through he stopped coming. I first saw him again Two weeks ago on a Thursday then again tonight? Why?"

I thought back and when he was last down here, I had been out of town on business.

"I'm sure I know him," I told Duke. Now I had to find a way to let him know that I knew that he frequented the tunnel.

I took Duke's hand and we walked to my apartment, hand in hand. I now wasn't that concerned about who knew that I was gay.

After a hot and sweaty fuck session, Duke cuddled with me and asked, "How do you think you know him?"

"I never really got a look at his face, but from the tattoos on his upper arms, I feel sure that he's my boss."

"Holy shit! Did you have any idea about him?"

"No! None what-so-ever, but I'd need to see his face to be sure."

"Next time he shows up, I'll give you a call if you want me to?"

"That would be great," I replied.

Every day at work, I'd look at Jim and wonder if it was really him. Looking at his mouth, I wondered how often he had a cock in it and if he swallowed. Then, when I'd see his hot butt in his snug slacks I wondered how many cocks he had in it and if he did it bareback.

Then, about three weeks later in mid-week, Duke called.

"The guy you were asking about just showed up, and from the way he's acting, he wants a cock in each end."

"Thanks. I'm on my way."

Duke was waiting near the entrance to the tunnel when I arrived. He had a plan.

"If he's wanting fucked, when he starts sucking a cock, he always drops his pants. If you find out it is really your boss, I'll see if I can get him to suck me and if he drops his pants, you can ease up behind him and slip your cock up his ass and fuck him."

"Sounds good to me," I replied.

With Duke staying in front of me, we eased closer and I soon got a good look at his face. My suspicions were verified. It was Jim.

I turned my back to him and Duke went up to him openly telling Jim that he needed his cock sucked. Jim smiled and followed Duke to a niche, where they both dropped their pants. Jim quickly bent over and began sucking Duke's cock as Duke leaned forward and began playing with Jim's ass.

As he did, Duke motioned for me to come over. I did and immediately slid my gym shorts down, letting my hard cock spring forward. After spitting into my hand, I smeared it on my cock and began my entry.

To my surprise, my cock slid in fairly easily as Jim moaned audibly with his mouth full of cock. I began humping his ass hard and fast and after a moment he paused his sucking just long enough to say, "Buddy, I don't know who you are, but you certainly know how to fuck an ass."

He returned to sucking Duke as I pounded his hole., soon climaxing and filling it full of my cum. Being that I was actually fucking my boss, I was so turned on that my load was larger than normal.

I quickly pulled out just moments before Duke filled Jim's mouth. I hurried away and reached the entrance just as I heard Jim ask, "Who fucked my ass. I want to meet him."

"He's gone," I heard Duke say as I hurried to my apartment.

Later, Duke came by and told me that Jim had said several times that it had been a great fuck. I smiled at Duke and said, "I had a good teacher."

I then led him to the bedroom where we had a hot sixty-nine. I loved feeling his long cock caress the back of my throat.

After Duke left, I began wondering how I was going to let Jim know that it was I who had fucked him and wanted to fuck both his holes.

I lay in bed for a while thinking and then it came to me. I knew what I'd do but the timing had to be right.

TO BE CONTINUED............



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