Tucker Price was the epitome of young manhood when I was in college. I was a freshman, he was a senior, and a jock with muscles where other guys didn't even know they were supposed to have muscles. All the girls wanted to be with him; all the guys wanted to be him. Most of the girls in school had been with him, and those who hadn't lied and said they had. To be fucked by Tuck Price was almost a rite of passage to womanhood on the campus of the small college.

There were three of us who were out to each other, but no one else; me, Chase Miller and Aaron Gifford. We were all lowly freshmen, all turned eighteen in the same month back in high school, and all absolutely starry-eyed over Tuck Price. We even traded dreams we had about him. We didn't act gay and we were sure no one suspected, but when we were by ourselves we were giddy over the big stud.

Of course we were too scared to try anything or even hint that we were interested. We were scared shitless to even be around him. We almost pissed our pants when he spoke to us in the hallways. Being in his presence in the locker room and showers was almost more than any of us could stand, and still act normal and straight. Meanwhile we fantasized and day dreamed.

We wouldn't have had the opportunity if Tuck hadn't decided to take elective PE class. Seniors and juniors who were jocks weren't required to take PE but Tuck, being the physical jock he was, signed up for PE with the freshmen and sophomores. So having him in our presence on a regular basis, we got to know him better and we began to get more comfortable around him. He was a really nice guy. He didn't lord it over us that he was an upperclassman and a jock, and he didn't make fun of a boy if he didn't know how to throw a baseball or a football. Instead he very nicely showed him how. He became sort of the assistant coach.

Without really realizing it, the three of us--privately, we called ourselves the muskgayteers--had taken to lingering after PE class just to be in his presence. He had such an aura about him that it was almost intoxicating. I don't know how long it was that we did this, or how many times it happened but one day Tuck noticed and he called us on it. Actually, you could say he outed us. It was a little embarrassing, but it turned out for the good.

A little before PE class ended Tuck always dropped out of whatever we were doing and went into the locker room to get ready to work out. By that, I mean he changed shoes, from tennis shoes to black, high-top lifting shoes as he called them. He looked sexy as hell in them. He put on wrist wraps and put a wrap around one knee that he said he needed as extra protection when he did squats, and he got his lifting gloves and belt out of his locker. He was very methodical about lacing up his shoes and wrapping his knee, and he was finishing this process as the locker room emptied out except for the three of us lingerers.

We had all showered and come into the locker area to dry off when he was starting his workout. As had become our supposedly unnoticed habit, we hung around and watched. Aaron sort of covered our butts, asking questions about what he was doing so we wouldn't look like three gay freshmen ogling his super-hot body. He even asked Tuck if he thought we might work out with him sometime and maybe start getting ourselves built up like him, if that was possible.

To his credit, Tuck didn't laugh at the idea. He was nice about it, but he said he didn't like dealing with workout partners. He liked to concentrate on his workouts. But we could watch him if we wanted to and learn what to do, and he would give us pointers along the way. We took that to mean, okay but stay the fuck out of his way.

We didn't have any real intention of working out when he was around, we would be too embarrassed. But we watched him while we got dressed, which was a slow and piecemeal process because we were in no hurry to leave. We must have lingered a little too long that particular day--and probably had on other days--and that's when he hit us with it. He sat up from the bench after doing bench presses, using what looked like incredible weights, and made one of those sexy swipes with his hand across his sweaty chest and wiped it on his workout shorts. Shorts that just barely covered the essentials. Covered but still accented. Godd, he had such a bulge there!

"Okay, guys, I'm going to go out on a limb here and take a wild stab," he said as put his hands on his knees, the muscles in his arms bulging. "Are you guys gay or something?" Before we could say anything or even recover from the shock, he went on. "Don't get me wrong, I don't give a fuck one way or the other, and if you are, your secret is safe with me. But it just seems sort of odd that you same three guys are always hanging back with me after PE class."

It was a question, not an accusation, I thought, and Tuck sounded in no way threatening. He was asking because he was curious. Still, we were aghast at his question, and speechless, and probably looked a little scared. We didn't know what to say. We exchanged what-the-fuck glances with each other, then Aaron spoke up; too quick to respond, I thought, and he sounded too defensive.

"We were just watching you work out, Tuck, that's all," he said, sounding rather meek. "You said we could."

Tuck didn't buy it.

"I've had guys watch me before, but not the way you guys look at me."

"How do we look at you?" Chase asked. He sounded as meek as Aaron, and even a little wimpy. Fuck, grow some balls, guys, I wanted to scream.

"I don't know......a scared, hungry look," Tuck said bluntly.

In that moment or less I was assessing the situation and it wasn't going well, and on top of that, my two friends were blowing what could be a golden opportunity that might not ever come our way again. It could be risky, but I was willing to take the chance.

"Well, I guess you've found us out," I said with a sigh. "The answer to your question is, yes. But how, is what I want to know. How did you guess?" My two friends looked as shocked with my bold answer as with his blunt question.

Tuck's reply put them, and me, at ease. "It was just a hunch," he said with a shrug of his incredible shoulders. "A common sense deduction, Nick. Don't worry, I'm fine with it, and even a little more at ease having you around, knowing for sure."

"And how does knowing we're gay put you at ease?" Chase asked. "It would make most guys more ill at ease, if not downright hostile."

"I don't think you hear much in the way of hostile remarks here in the locker room," Tuck said, sounding a little defensive. "Some jokes, maybe. I'm just saying, for me it's better to know than to wonder and think about it all the time. Don't worry, it's no big deal, and like I said, your secret is safe with me."

"That's a relief," I said. I could tell that my two friends were uneasy with the situation and they started to leave. Suddenly they were out the door, but I lingered back. Fuck, was I the only one with any balls? Tuck had opened the door to a wonderful opportunity and I was determined to take advantage of it. I was going out on a limb too, speaking for Aaron and Chase, but I had to do it.

"You said it's better to know than to wonder and think about it all the time," I said. "I hope it's not keeping you awake at night, but what do you think about?"

He shrugged those incredible shoulders again. "You know....imagining it....what gays do." Now he seemed ill at ease. I sort of liked that. I felt like it gave me the upper hand. Not that he couldn't snatch it back with a word or a look. If he recoiled in any way, I would fold, melt and run down in a heap at his feet. "As for keeping me awake at night....yeah, I have laid in bed and thought about it," he said as he lay back on the bench, feet planted wide apart, and gripped the barbell. I ogled the bulge in his shorts.

"Listen, Tuck....now that you do know about us....Godd, I hope I'm not out of line saying this....but now that you know, and you said you're okay with it....well....there wouldn't be anything wrong with you taking advantage of that....if you wanted to."

His big, muscular hands slowly relaxed around the barbell and lifted his upper body off the bench, giving me a curious look, a scowling frown. Godd, those abs!! I had no idea what he was thinking and that scared me a little. Shit, I was propositioning him and homophobic or not he could easily get up from the bench and charge and make quick work of me. But I held onto my courage and went on. You have to understand, Tuck Price was that kind of stud, you would risk your neck to have him.

"You wouldn't have to just imagine it," I went on. "I mean, we would be up for it." Listening to the words coming out of my mouth, I thought, My Godd, what was I doing? I just propositioned the biggest stud in school and if he didn't go for it, he could break me in half and leave me for dead. Worse, he could out us to the whole damned school. My heart was in my throat, waiting for his answer, or more, his reaction. Finally, he smiled his tight little smile that made the girls giggle as he released his grip on the barbell, ducked from under it and sat up.

"Serious, man? All three of you?" he asked finally. "I mean, are you speaking for your friends?"

"Yes," I answered quickly.

His smile widened. "Okay, uhh....geezuss, this is sort of weird, but....okay, what're you guys doing Sunday morning, say 6:00, 6:30? I'll be working out if you guys want to meet me here, see what goes down."

What goes down? Foolish boy! We would be going down.....on him! I think my voice quivered when I answered him. "We can meet you here, or wherever; six, or whatever time you say," I said.

"Great. Then it's a date. See you then."

I had to tear myself from the spot where I was standing and away from his god-like presence. I rushed out the door and ran to catch up with Aaron and Chase walking slowly down the deserted school hallway.

"That was not going well," Aaron stated as I caught up with them.

"You left too soon," I said smartly.

"What were you doing back there, Nick, putting the make on him?" Chase joked.

"You could say that," I said. "Sunday morning, 6:30, be here. We've got a date with Tucker Price."

"What!" They both stopped in their tracks.

"What do you mean, we've got a date with Tucker Price?"

"His words, not mine," I said. "He said it's a date." They were giddy with excitement as I explained.

"Oh, Godd! Oh, Godd. We're going to do Tucker Price! Oh, there is a god."

"Yes, and he's back there doing squats to build up those massive thighs and that aw awesome ass," I said.

"Godd, I want those massive thighs of his locked around my head," Aaron said.

"I wanta bury my face in his ass!" Chase added.

"You just might get your chance," I said.

Saturday was a whirlwind of nothingness. We didn't have our usual Saturday sex together. We decided to save it for Tuck, to let the anticipation build. Saturday night I didn't sleep. Neither did Aaron. Neither did Chase. How I know that is, we kept calling each other to talk about Tuck.

"I heard my sister telling one of her friends that Sherry Hanson had to put ice on her vagina every time after Tuck fucks her because his dick is so big," Aaron relayed in a whisper. He'd already told us that story several times but it was still exciting.

"I heard he was at a party over the summer and hooked up with five different girls in one night," Chase offered.

"I heard he has to special order his condoms online to get ones that fit," I bullshitted them. "Fuck, guys, go to bed. And, Aaron?"

"Yeah?" he answered. "Don't jerk off anymore, okay?" Chase laughed at that while Aaron gave a guilty sigh.

Sunday morning I was awake for the hundredth time at 4:30. I had showered the night before so I wouldn't make a lot of noise when I got up early. I realized later how foolish it was to shower the night before; I could've showered at school. Maybe I would shower again. I even shaved. I didn't need to but I didn't know where my face would be and I wanted to be nice and smooth for him, in case it found its way to his awesome butt.

I walked up to the school; it was only six blocks. Aaron and Chase were already there, waiting with their bikes. When they saw me they began locking up their bikes.

"We waited, we didn't want to go inside alone," Aaron said.

"If you went in together, you wouldn't be alone," I said.

"But since you arranged it......."

"He's nothing to be scared of," I told them.

"Bullshit, you're as scared as we are," said Chase.

"I'm scared out of my head," I admitted.

We went up to the door. "Somebody pinch me so I know I'm not dreaming this," I said.

"Wait! What if he wants to fuck us!" Aaron said. "I didn't get ready for that."

"I did, he can fuck me," said Chase.

"No fucking this first time," I said. I hadn't thought of getting ready either.

"Hey if that big stud wants to fuck me there is no way I'm letting you interfere," Chase declared.

I wasn't up for an argument. We went inside and part way down the short, dark corridor that led to the gym but turned into the locker room.

"Did you lock the outside door?" I asked.

"Oh, shit!" Aaron said and rushed back to lock the door.

We went quietly inside the locker room and I saw to bolting that door myself. We crept down the ramp as quietly as we could, like thieves in the night. We could hear Tuck's grunting and the clanging of the weights. We made our way through the locker room and back to the weight room, across from the showers. There, we stopped.

Tuck was doing squats. He had a barbell across his broad shoulders, loaded down with a ton of weight. When he was all the way down, he pushed back up. His massive thighs bulged under the strain, as did his butt muscles.

"My Godd, look at that ass," Chase whispered.

Tuck had on his black, high-top lifting shoes and tight, yellow workout shorts that clung to his thighs, hips and butt like a second skin, and his butt muscles bulged mightily under the strain of pushing the weight back up. We watched as he did it again, then one more time, then he racked the barbell.

"We should make ourselves known," I whispered.

When Tuck glanced at his watch, I tugged on their arms and we moved into the workout room where Tuck could see us in the wall mirrors.

"Hey guys, you made it," he said with a big smile.

"Yes, I hope we haven't interrupted your concentration," I said.

"No, I was just finishing up," he said with his warm smile.

"Actually, I sorta had to concentrate extra hard anyway, waiting on you guys." He laughed. "Well, before you guys start in on me, with whatever you're going to do to me, I'd better take a shower," he said as he pulled down his shorts.

"No! You.....y-you don't have to," I stammered, too quickly.

"We....like you....the way you are," Aaron put in bravely

He looked at us. "I've worked up a pretty good sweat," he said as he straightened his shorts in his hand.

"We know. In fact, we like you just like that," Aaron said, nodding to him in his jockstrap and high-top shoes.

"Alright." He shrugged and tossed his shorts aside and they caught on the handle of a piece of equipment nearby.

Alright was our green light, and with great courage we moved toward him as one. It was as if each of us had staked out our territory on his body. I sat on the workout bench and put my hands on his hips to bring him toward me, and nuzzled my face into his crotch, alongside the weighty bulge of his jockstrap. Aaron stepped beside him and leaned down to begin sucking on his right tit.

"I know what I want," Chase murmured as he dropped to his haunches behind him and began squeezing his butt muscles. "Fuck, you really worked these muscles. They're like solid rock."

"Oh, man, I wasn't expecting this. Geez, what all are you guys gonna do?" Tuck asked.

"What were you expecting, big guy?" Aaron asked.

"A blow job....I guess taking turns, two of you waiting in line....something like that," he said, laughing.

"I hate lines," Chase said.

"There's gonna be a lot more to it than a blowjob," Aaron assured him.

"Yeah, I....can s-see that. Ohhh....Oh, shit man," he gasped, putting a hand around the back of Aaron's head to press his face against his chest. "Fuck, I didn't even know I had feelings there, or my ass."

I was mouthing his jock pouch, soaking it with my spit. His cock was growing fast and hard and my anticipation kicked up as I wondered how big he was going to get. Behind him, Chase was murmuring happily with his face buried in his ass. I was waiting for the moment he touched him with his tongue. I moved my fingers back and dug them into his taut butt muscles to pull them apart for Chase.

"Ohhh....OHhhh....fuck, yeah, feelings there too," Tuck moaned.

I nuzzled my face into his crotch alongside his jock and I was able to lick his balls where his cock was now tenting his jockstrap.

"Ohh, fuck, you guys have got my legs shaking," Tuck said.

I stood up. "Here lie back on the bench."

Chase moved out of the way and Tuck sat on the bench like his legs were about to give out, and laid back with his thighs spread wide on either side and his hands folded behind his head. His jockstrap bulged mightily, and moved with the steady throbs of his cock. Chase straddled the bench and brought Tuck's legs up and shoved them toward him to bend him in half, then he hunkered down and began rimming him again. I knew from experience that Chase was an ass man but I didn't see how he could ignore the guys cock bulging against the worn jock. Or maybe he was saving it for me. I buried my face in his crotch again. Aaron went back to his tits, and I saw him going into his armpit.

I mouthed his already damp jockstrap and the smells of old and fresh sweat filled my nose. I wondered how long it'd been since he had washed it. Probably never. Not that I minded, it was a huge turn-on to plant my nose in his ripe jock and take a deep breath of his musky funk.

I pushed the pouch aside to let his balls out. They fell big and smooth between his legs. I pulled one between my lips and used my tongue to massage it as I sucked. I realized he must shave them to be so smooth. I switched to the other and met Chase's eyes, the rest of his face buried between Tuck's meaty ass cheeks.

My cock was so hard it hurt and it didn't help that it was trapped in my jeans. I reached down and let it out but couldn't keep from handling it a bit. With my other hand I stuffed Tuck's ball sac into my mouth until it felt like my cheeks would burst. My tongue could barely move with my mouth so full but I managed to flick it around some while gently sucking at his swollen nuts.

"Guys...," Tuck was moaning. "Fuck, guys," he gasped. I'd had Aaron and Chase work me over before so I could just imagine what he was feeling. And we'd barely started.

"Wait, you guys....just hold up....please," Tuck said as he moved out of our collective grasp. He put his feet back on the floor and sat up, slid back on the weight bench. "Godd, I was getting too close," he told us as he stood.

His chest was heaving, wet trails glimmering in the light from where Aaron had been using his mouth. His nipples were hard and pointed, a little red from what Aaron had been doing to them. His cock had grown up under the waistband of his jockstrap, arched off toward his right hip, with his balls hanging out below.

He stepped over the bench and shucked the jock down before lifting his feet out. His cock bobbed out, heavy and hard. It was long and wide with thick veins running over it, huge to my eyes. I watched it throb and sway, hypnotized for a moment, before looking up to see Tuck's face.

His eyes flicked from the open crotch of my jeans and my hard dick then over to Aaron and Chase, still crouched down where he'd left us. "You guys can take off your clothes, too," he told us.

We all rushed into action and I watched him while I undressed. I'd never really noticed before but seeing him naked, except for his shoes, it was obvious that he shaved his whole body. Even the hair over his cock was trimmed down to a little patch. It left no distraction from the overwhelming sight of his muscular perfection. The simple act of vanity made him more human in my eyes and helped ratchet down my nerves.

"Good," Tuck proclaimed and put his hands on his slim hips as he surveyed the three of us, now naked. Unconsciously we'd lined up in a row. Aaron was trying to hide his dick with his hands but Chase was openly stroking himself. I mirrored Tuck's stance. "Look at you three, you're all hard. Is that for me?"

Almost as one, we nodded and said, "Yes."

"Damn, I had no idea what to expect but now...," he trailed off.

None of us were built like Tuck but none of us had anything to be ashamed of either. Chase and Aaron were almost as hot as Tuck but in their own way. We were still nearly boys but Tuck was pretty much a grown man, yet it seemed like he was admiring us.

"You'd all do anything I want, huh?" he asked in a husky voice. He took his cock in hand, giving it a few slow strokes. It had to be eight nine inches long and I couldn't help noticing that his fingers almost couldn't encompass the girth. I felt a shiver race up my spine.

"You all suck cock?" he questioned. Somehow it sounded dirtier coming from him than when one of us said the dirtiest thing we could think of to one another.

"Oh yeah," Aaron answered for us. He made a move to take a step toward Tuck, a hungry gleam in his eye. Aaron loved to suck cock.

"Wait," Tuck said and held up his hand. Aaron immediately stepped back beside us. "Do you all take it up the ass?" Tuck asked. The three of us exchanged a look, me and Aaron uncertain, but Chase was quick to answer for us, "Hell yeah."

"Geez," Tuck hissed. "One of you come and get this," he said. He used the fist around his shaft to slap his cock against the open palm of his other hand, it made a soft thwacking sound. By unspoken agreement Aaron was the one to go forward and fall to his knees in front of Tuck.

Of course it had to be Aaron. We wanted to impress Tuck and all three of us knew Aaron was the best. He loved going down on a hard cock, could even get off on it without even touching his own. Sometimes Chase and I teased him that he must have a g-spot in his throat. We watched the back of Aaron's blond, buzz-cut head as he leaned forward and took Tuck's cock into his mouth, moaning around the head.

"Don't just stand there, you two. Do you sixty-nine? Let me see you."

Any illusions I may have had about controlling the situation were long gone. Like good little slaves Chase and I got down on the hard rubber mats that covered the weight room floor. I lay down on my back and Chase got onto his hands and knees over me, facing my hard prick.

"Yeah, like that," Tuck groaned. I reached up and pulled down on Chase's cock to get it in my mouth. It was boned up hard and sticking up against his belly. I tilted my head back when I got the head in and took hold of Chase's ass cheeks, getting a good grip. He sank his cock into my throat. Chase muffled a groan by swallowing my cock.

I went out of my way to put on a good show, knowing Tuck was watching made it especially hot. Outside of the sounds I made sucking on Chase I could hear Aaron gurgling and choking on Tuck's meat. As much as I wanted to be where he was, Chase's mouth on me felt amazing, like always.

"Hot fucking damn, kid," Tuck choked out. I figured Aaron was showing him how his deep throat talents.

Chase pulled my legs back until they were tucked behind his arms then let up on my cock to attack my asshole. I curled up and pressed my face between his smooth cheeks to return the favor. We curled up into a tight ball of two bodies as we rimmed one another.

"Fuck yeah, eat each other out," Tuck's voice came out barely above a whisper.

I found Chase's tight hole with my tongue and forced it in where he was smooth and hot. He must have put some kind of cologne or something in the crack of his ass, only a little, but it smelled good. I pressed hard and wiggled my tongue, felt him do the same to me.

"Jesus, where're you putting it all?" Tuck asked breathlessly. Aaron must've been doing a good job of things. I focused on Chase's hole as it relaxed and fucked him good with my tongue.

"You guys," Tuck called out. Chase and I slowly broke apart. I looked over and saw that Tuck had one large hand on the back of Aaron's head and was slowly fucking my buddy's face. "Nick, fuck Chase," he told me. I turned to look at Chase and we shared a look before he scrambled around until he was laying on his back.

I spat into my hand and applied it to my cock. "You ready?" I asked Chase before spitting more lube onto my cock.

"Fuck yeah, do it," Chase said. I watched him gather spit on his fingers before lifting his legs and rubbing it over his own hole. My cock throbbed at the sight.

I put Chase's legs over my shoulders and got into position. Chase guided my cock with one hand with practiced ease, after all we'd done this plenty of times before.

I let my cock sink slowly into Chase's hot ass, him taking it at his own pace. When he had it all I rotated my hips to get a feel of his tight insides wrapped all around my cock. He felt damn good. I waited as long as I could, all of three seconds, before I started fucking him.

"That's it, Nick, get your buddy good and ready for me," Tuck encouraged me.

I stared down at Chase whose eyes kept flicking from mine to the audience behind us. His chute milked at my cock just the way he knew I liked it while his dick tapped against my belly.

"Look at 'em, Aaron. See how Nick fucks," Tuck said in his gravelly voice. "See how Chase takes it, listen to him moan, dude."

I couldn't help looking over my shoulder. There was Aaron with red-rimmed eyes, Tuck's hand still on his head. His lips were swollen and a mix of tears, snot and spit coated his chin; a long line of it still connected from his lip to Tuck's wet cock. Aaron was looking right at me and stroking himself. I saw the white clumps on Tuck's shins and knew Aaron had got off at least once already.

It was fucking hot and no matter how hard I tried not to fire my load into Chase's tight ass, it was gonna happen. I pounded it out into Chase, my body shuddering with each burst of cum until I was spent. I sprawled over him, feeling boneless.

"That was real good, Nick." I heard Tuck's voice coming closer then he was pulling me up. He practically lifted my entire body as he separated me from Chase. He sat me down on the weight bench and I leaned back on one elbow so I could still see. Tuck offered a hand to Chase and pulled him up to his feet, asking, "You think you're ready for me?"

"Y-yes," Chase replied, a little uncertain but his dick was hard as I'd ever seen it.

"Come over here," Tuck led him to me with his hands on Chase's shoulders. "Let Nick hold onto you," Tuck said and looked at me. "You can hold him?" he asked. I just nodded and scooted down on the bench, planting my feet wide.

"Come on, Chase," I murmured to him. Chase straddled my legs and laid himself out over me. He buried his face in my neck and ran his arms under me to grip my shoulders while I wrapped my arms around his back. "You okay with this?" I asked him, wondering about Tuck's size; he was bigger than any of us.

"Yeah, I want it, Nick." I couldn't help believe him with his hard cock digging into my belly, mashed up against my own hardening prick.

"I've never fucked anyone in the ass before," Tuck told us as he moved in behind Chase's widespread ass between my legs. "You'll let me know if I'm hurting you?" he asked. Chase nodded his head against me, his breath hot and wet on my neck.

Even with Chase on top of me we were still kind of low and Tuck hunkered down to get in position. I watched over Chase's shoulder as he held his raging hard-on and guided it forward. Chase's hips bucked when Tuck found his hole. I hoped the load I'd left behind would be enough lube.

I knew the instant Tuck breached Chase's ass as he froze and stiffened over me. "Relax and breathe," I coached him, "you know how to do this." He breathed deeply and I looked up at Tuck, his jaw was tight and his eyebrows drawn together in concentration, who looked right back at me.

"Geezus, he's tight. Feels like he's strangling my dick, bro," Tuck ground out between his teeth.

"Don't stop," Chase groaned as Tuck paused for a moment.

"Get it all in so he can get used to it," Aaron commented from the sidelines. I glanced over at him stroking himself while he watched. I turned my eyes back to Tuck as he planted the last few inches of his big cock in Chase's tail. I could feel the impact of it through Chase's body and his heavy grunt.

Trying to soothe my friend through the wonderful ordeal, I rubbed my hands slowly over his back. "He's so fucking big, Nick," Chase told me breathlessly. "I swear I can feel his cock up in my gut." His cock throbbed steadily against mine as he clenched around Tuck's meat.

"Damn he's hot... and slick. I can feel your cum in him," Tuck told me. "What do you think, Miller? Can I move now?" he asked Chase.

"Do it, Tuck, just start slow," Chase said after a few moments. His breathing sounded easier and he'd let up a little on the death grip he'd had on my shoulders. His whole body shuddered as Tuck took the first long outstroke. I couldn't imagine anything hotter than helping Chase take Tuck's huge cock and was glad Chase was the first to do it. I knew that if he could take it then I could too.

Tuck began his taking of Chase's ass at first slowly but hard. I could feel the jolt each time he rammed full length into Chase after an agonizingly slow withdrawal. I reached up and back to hold onto the uprights that held the weight bar to keep us in place as Chase clung all the harder to me.

As he picked up speed and momentum Tuck leaned forward and I felt his hands wrap around the posts just above mine. The new angle had Chase gasping. He lifted his head and looked at me with glazed eyes. "Godd, oh Gawd he's on that spot," he wailed. I knew Tuck was riding his prostate now.

We weren't much for kissing, the three of us, considering ourselves fuck-buddies and not boyfriends, it seemed weird. But while Tuck literally fucked the cum out of him Chase practically mauled my mouth with his. It was hot as hell, all lips and tongue, and like nothing we'd ever done before. Maybe we'd just never done it right because his tongue thrusting against mine was amazing, almost like fucking. His cum filled up the space between our bellies and made my dick sticky wet.

None of us should've been surprised by what happened next, at least not me and Chase. Tuck's pounding faltered and the loud slapping of his pelvis meeting Chase's ass cheeks grew soft. I opened my eyes and saw the look of disbelief on his face. His mouth hung open in shock and I instantly knew what had happened.

After all no one suspected blonde, skinny, all-American boy Aaron Gifford of anything; not ever. He got away with so much shit, that kid. And who'd been the guy to take my cherry, Chase's too? If he was to be believed he'd also gotten his older brother's, one of his cousins and a camp counselor over the summer. Who'd managed to fuck me at least a dozen times in the boy's bathroom at school since the fall, against my better judgment? And the ultimate; who'd managed to sneak in and shove his cock into Chase's ass along with mine? Then a few weeks later he somehow managed to get into my hole which had already been occupied by Chase. There was a reason me and Chase had given him the nickname 'Ass-bandit'.

And now he'd just gotten Tuck's cherry!

"No, you little bastard...," Tuck gritted out. "Shit, stop! Ahhh," he cried out and his eyes clenched shut and I knew he had seven inches of Aaron's cock in him.

It had to've been a tempting sight and I couldn't blame Aaron for trying but I would've been scared to death. Tuck half-squatting and half-crouched over the two of us with his ass spreading open every time he pulled back to thrust forward. Later I'd learn that Aaron had been fingering Tuck's ass at least half the time he'd been blowing him, catching the drool off his chin and stuffing it up Tuck's virgin hole with one finger and eventually two.

"Ass-bandit?" Chase whispered the question to me.

I nodded and whispered back, "Strikes again." We both would've laughed if I hadn't been bearing his weight and he wasn't stuffed full of cock. We let out a series of wheezy chuckles though.

When Tuck opened his eyes I could practically see the wheels turning. He couldn't just stand up, not with his center of balance so far forward. He was supporting most of his weight with his hands on the uprights of the bench. He could fall forward onto me and Chase but it would only make his ass more vulnerable. Interestingly, he'd never actually stopped moving his cock in and out of Chase's ass and in doing that he was also fucking himself on Aaron's cock.

Our eyes met and I read the confusion there easily.

"I'm going to wring his fuckin' neck," he promised me in a raspy voice.

"Oh fuck, he's cumming in me," Chase moaned.

"No, I'm...," Tuck started to say but his voice failed him. A new look was taking over his expression.

"I can feel it," Chase said. "You're swollen up hard and shooting or... fuck, is that just precum? Can't be precum, there's too much of it!"

I stared up at Tuck, at his huge biceps and triceps flexed hard from the strain of holding himself up. I found his tiny nipples on the big slabs of muscle over his chest and gave them a tug. "Fuck," he bit out the curse. He looked at me and there was no denying he was enjoying his first fuck.

"Enjoy it while....you can, Gifford," he said between grunts and groans. "Probably the last... damn....last fuck you'll get before I kill you." Thankfully he didn't sound serious and it was proven by his next words, "Harder, kid. Aw, fuck, yeah, plow that ass," he sighed.

Instantly the pace picked up and Tuck was ratcheting his hips between my two best friends. He bared his teeth in a grimace as he rode the two sensations with a look of determination, fucking and getting fucked at the same time. A long, low groan built up from deep in his chest.

"Oh fuck, now he is cumming," Chase said with certainty. Tuck bucked and his groan died out as he sucked in a breath and let it out with a roar. He bucked into Chase and the sight, the friction was too much. I started shooting as well, adding my load to the mess Chase had already made.

Based on the noises he was making I guessed that Aaron was getting off up Tuck's ass. For a long time we just stayed there, breathing hard. In the end it was Tuck who got us moving.

"Get off me, Aaron," he growled. He didn't sound mad, just wrung-out. Once Aaron was out of the way Tuck pushed himself up, his prick falling out of Chase's ass with a sucking pop.

"Hit the showers," Tuck told us gruffly before Chase or I had even moved. Not wanting to tempt his anger, real or not, we were quick to scuttle off through the locker room to the showers.

"I can't believe you fucked Tucker Price," Chase whispered to Aaron.

"I didn't plan it but then he was there and....and I don't know, it just seemed like a good idea at the time. But now he's going to kill me." Aaron seemed genuinely worried about it.

"Don't worry, buddy, I'll speak at your funeral and tell everyone what a good guy you were," I told him with a slap to his shoulder.

"Whatever, asshole," he griped. We took our spots under three showerheads beside each other. We stepped aside to turn them on and let the water come out warm before starting to wash.

"That was so fucking hot!" Chase started talking while we waited for the warm water. "I think he shot, like, a gallon of spunk in my ass. It's still leaking out. And his cock is so big. How the hell did you choke that thing down?" he asked Aaron who was under the water.

"Let's talk about it later," I told them, worried Tuck might come in at any second. "Right now I wanta get out of here. He ordered us back here, hell, he's got us cornered."

"We can meet over at my dad's," Aaron chimed in. "He and my step-mom are out of town for the weekend, won't be home until late tonight."

"Sounds good," I agreed. We used his dad's house a lot, when we weren't having one of our 'sleepovers'. We'd all agreed to not come out to our parents in case they ever suspected the 'sleepovers' were actually orgies. "How about three o'clock?"

"Yeah, three's good. That way I can go home and get my chores done," Chase agreed. Right then was when Tuck walked in. His shoes were gone and he was naked.

"Listen, Tuck....I'm sorry," Aaron started but Tuck cut him off.

"Never mind," he barked.

"I know it was a dumb thing to do," Aaron went on, sounding genuinely scared.

"I said never mind!" Tuck barked again as he adjusted his shower. "I didn't know what I was getting into but...," he paused and seemed to consider his words. "Next time my ass is off limits. You got that Gifford?" Aaron gulped and nodded. "Unless I ask for it," Tuck added, much to the astonishment of all of us. His eyes tracked to Chase and then me and we each nodded. Chase even held up his fingers in a Boy Scout salute.

"So....are you saying....there's going to be....a next time?" I asked Tuck hesitantly, eyeing him under the shower across from us. He did have an amazing ass and I felt a little jealous of Aaron.

"Like I said, I had no idea what I was getting into, but it was pretty awesome, actually."

"Even the part....what I did?" Aaron asked timidly.

"We already covered that," Tuck snapped. Then he went on in a more civil tone. "I was thinking maybe I would invite a buddy of mine next time. You know my buddy, Morgan?" he asked.

Of course we knew Morgan Tate....senior, football quarterback, homecoming king, most popular guy in school, Tuck's best friend and second in studliness only to Tuck himself. Still, I had to ask, "Morgan Tate?" because I couldn't believe he would be inviting that stud into gay sex. He would be outing himself, wouldn't he?

"Yeah, he's a real good guy. He won't say anything about you three, I promise."

I was a little suspicious and my first instinct was to say no. I was afraid Tuck might be setting us up, inviting his buddy along to beat us to a bloody pulp. But something about Tuck's expression stopped me. Chase and Aaron didn't say a word, no doubt mesmerized by the sight of Tuck soaping himself up. Not that I was unaffected but there was more going on than what Tuck was saying.

"What makes you think he'd be into this?" I asked cautiously.

"A gut feeling. I've caught him a few times where he was looking at me like you guys do," he said. Amazingly I thought I saw a blush creep up from the top of his chest to his cheeks that had nothing to do with the warmth of the showers. "I'd like to find out about him for sure," he said.

I continued to wash and pretended to think about it when really I was wondering about the way Tuck was acting. "Let us think about it," I finally said.

"Yeah, sure, no problem," he assured us. "So, same time and place next Sunday?" he asked and I quickly agreed for all three of us.

A few minutes later my buddies and left the showers, all of us together. Tuck had gathered our clothes and laid them out on one of the benches by the lockers. We dried off and got dressed in a hurry. I was still oddly uncomfortable with the situation as it had developed. Back outside, Chase offered me a ride home on his handlebars but I told them I'd walk and meet them later.

Instead of going home I walked around the building to the parking lot by the gym. Tuck's little Nissan pickup was still in the lot and I leaned against it while I waited for him. Fifteen minutes later he came out with his bag over his shoulder, dressed in cutoff jean shorts and a wife-beater.

"Hey," he greeted me as he came over and threw the bag into the back of the truck. "What's up?" He was cheerful but it sounded forced.

"What was that?" I asked.

"What was what?"

"Things got twisted around back there. You got your ass fucked and the three of us walked out in one piece. The Tucker Price I know would've torn us to pieces and left us in a heap."

"What can I say? Things got out of hand. My mind was in a fog. I didn't know what was happening till I suddenly realized Aaron was shoving his cock in my ass. He'd been fingering my ass and it felt incredible, touching something up inside me and I didn't know he'd replaced his finger with his cock till it was too late."

I wasn't sure I was buying it. It sounded lame but I didn't dispute him; it would've served no purpose.

"I think I know what you really want, Tuck, and I can help you get it." I was going out on a limb and just hoped to God Tuck wouldn't break my face for it. I had an advantage over him now, knowing his little secret, but he had a huge advantage over me with all those muscles.

"Oh, really? And what's that?" he asked with the kind of smile that was meant to blow me off.

"I think, besides wanting to find out about Morgan Tate, you want to get in your best friend's pants," I stated boldly. There was no doubt in my mind he'd had a good time with us in the weight room and now we were a convenient means to an end for what he really wanted.

He reared back in a double take, his smile tightened. "You are way off base," he said.

"Chase, Aaron and me, we can help you make it happen," I went on, ignoring him.

Tuck paused on his way around the truck to the driver's side. He stared off toward the football field for what seemed like a long time before he looked back at me, his face unreadable. "I'm supposed to go and take care of the lawn at the senior center right now. You want to come help me? I'll take you to get some pizza at Vinnie's when we're done."

"Sure, that would be cool," I told him.

"Get in," he told me over the roof of the truck and opened his own door. Once we were in and he'd started the truck he told me, "Maybe, uh....we could talk some about this plan of yours."

"Cool," I said. I couldn't believe I was in his truck, hanging out with him. "But you said I was off base," I reminded him.

"Maybe you are, maybe you're not," he said. "Right now my whole head's off base. Like, I don't know, so I know you sure as hell don't. But that don't mean we can't talk about it. So after lunch we'll go park up by the water tower and talk," he said as he steered out of the lot toward the exit with one hand and put his other hand on my thigh. His hand slid up higher and he squeezed me. He tried to make it quick and playful, like it didn't mean anything, and he pulled his hand right back. But I was hard before we got off the school grounds.

He called it the senior center but it was actually combined with the nursing home way outside of town. It was said that they established the senior center to cater to older folks and entice them to use their nursing home when the time came. There was plenty of time to talk. But I was waiting on Tuck. Finally, he opened up.

"I don't know if you're off base or not, Nick. Just like I don't know a lot of things lately. Been some real strange shit going on in my head and you three musketeers just brought it to the forefront. Like I gotta face it, now. Just like I don't know for sure about Morgan. He's been my best friend forever. I've always looked up to him, admired him. He says he's always looked up to me and admired me. Sort of a mutual admiration society," he said, laughing, as he glanced over at me.

I thought it was my clue to say something. "I think it's great that you two feel that way about each other."

"Kinda like you three guys," he said. "Except you're a lot tighter." He cocked and shook his head, as if to clear it. "But it's those feelings that are getting in the way," he said.

"How so?"

"I don't know....I don't know if it's just a matter of admiration anymore, you know what I mean?"

"I think I do."

"I think you do, too. I think you know better than I do," he said. "I don't want it to be this way. I mean, I never wanted it to, never even let it enter my mind, but now all of a sudden it's creeping into my head like a thief in the night, stealing my thoughts and mixing them all up."

I smiled and it turned into a quiet chuckle. He looked around at me with a scowl.

"It's nothing, I just can't tell if you're really confused or if you're covering your macho ass."

"Fuckin' fact is, I don't know either. That's the reason I wanted you to come along and talk. I have a feeling you can read me better than I can read myself."

"About the plan.......," I said, letting the words hang between us so he would pick up on it.

"Yeah, the plan. You said you think I wanta get in Morgan's pants."

"I also said Aaron, Chase and I could make it happen."

"Yeah," he said with a chuckle, "you three do know how to make things happen."

"You seem to be trying to shy away from what happened back there," I said. He kept his eyes straight ahead on the road, in silence. "It'd help a lot, Tuck, if you face reality....maybe talked about it more openly."

He stole a side glance at me but looked back at the road.

"You got your tight, awesome ass fucked, Tuck," I said quietly.

"I know. I can still feel it," he said, still without looking around.

"Is that all you wanta say about it?"

"I was stunned, I can say that much about it," he said, pretty emphatically. "Pissed, too. I couldn't believe fuckin' Aaron was trying to shove his cock in me. It happened so fast, almost before I knew it was happening and I was so stunned I couldn't stop it. It was like my mind went numb and I was suddenly helpless but to let it happen."

"Is that what you really believe?" I asked.

"Yes, it's what I really believe. It's what I actually felt. Then when he was doing it....actually fucking me....it was like my head exploded with thoughts and emotions that I couldn't grab hold of or sort out, and then it was just plain feeling so good....fuckin' awesome, the way he was touching a spot inside me....and I couldn't believe......man, I am so fucked up."

"Do you think you're gay?" I asked outright. "Is that what you're afraid of?"

He took his foot off the gas and let the truck coast. There was an old, seldom used rest park up ahead and I knew he was going to turn in. He made the turn and let the truck coast down the grade till he braked at the parking blocks. Then he turned the truck off.

"This conversation is between you and me. You can't say anything to anybody, not even Aaron and Chase."


"To answer your question....do I think I'm gay....I don't know, but it's crossed my mind."

"It can be scary, I know," I said.

"It scares the shit out of me."

"It's not the end of the world," I said. "Look at me, I survived it. So did Chase and Aaron."

"I don't think I'm so scared of being gay as I am others finding out. Like, what if I'm wrong about Morgan? What if he's not gay, he's going to know, or think I am. And my parents.....Godd, my dad would die if he found out. Do your parents know?"

"No. We three decided we wouldn't come out to our parents just yet. Not that it makes all that much difference, I've read that in most cases parents know before their kids do. But I'm sure most of the school knows."

"You really think they do, or they suspect," he said.

"It is what it is," I said with a shrug.

"Would you care if I gave you a blowjob?"

I reared back with surprised laughter. "Fuck no, I wouldn't care! There's nobody on the planet who would care if you gave 'em a blowjob."

When he reached over and groped my crotch I put my hand over his, not to stop him but to slow him down.

"I think your head's still in a fog, Tuck. Maybe you wanta think about this. If you wanta wait till after you're done at the senior center, we can go back to my house and sixty nine."

"It's not like that. It's like, I need to do it, right now, before I chicken out."

"If you think that'll be the determining factor whether you're gay or not, it won't be," I said. "Just like getting your ass fucked isn't a determining factor. It's not like you can do gay sex and suddenly that's the key. A guy can get his ass fucked and he can suck cock and walk away from it up as an experience."

"Then I need to find out if I can walk away from it," he said as he continued to grope me.

He had me hard in no time. When he fumbled with my belt I started to help him. When he fumbled with the button of my fly I started to do it for him, but both times I refrained and sat back and let him do it. As excited as I was about him sucking my cock, like he said, it wasn't like that.....he wanted my cock, he had to get it out.

I did shove my shorts and jeans down about mid-thigh to give him all the room he needed. He stroked my cock, eyeing it with keen interest. I was surprised when he swiped the precum off and licked it off his finger.

He wet his lips. "I don't have a clue what I'm doing," he said.

"You'll figure it out," I said, laying a hand on his shoulder for encouragement.

"Don't cum in my mouth, okay?"

"I'll give you a heads up, you can decide," I said.

"I don't wanta take your load. I don't think I could do that."

"Your choice; you'll have a heads up," I said.

He looked over his shoulder as he leaned over, to see if we were still alone.

"I'll keep an eye out," I said.

Then without the least bit of hesitation he went down on me. He was right; he didn't know how to suck cock. He thought he would go all the way down but stopped short when the head of my cock pushed into his throat. He quickly backed off but didn't let go of my cock. He started sucking me. He did know to use a lot of tongue. I sat there almost aghast at the sight of Tucker Price sucking my cock. Of course I couldn't ever tell anybody, hell nobody would believe me. Being his first time didn't deter one bit from the pleasure; in fact his virgin mouth only added to it, that and the fact that he was Tucker Price. I wasn't going to last long.

At one point he rose up and asked, "How am I doing?"

"Fuckin' great," I said.

He went back to sucking me. I wondered what was going on in his handsome head.

He rose up again. "Tell me when you're close," he said.

"I will. It won't be long."

"I'm that good, huh?" he joked.

"You're that good," I said. I had a hard time taking my eyes off of him to keep an eye out for someone pulling into the rest area. As my climax built up I focused on glancing over my shoulder every few seconds to check. Nearing the point of no return I laid a hand on his head but I gave it another few strokes before I said anything.

"It's about there," I said hoarsely.

He gave it a few more strokes with his mouth before he rose up and continued to stroke me with his fist.

"I'm cumming!" I gasped, driving my cock through his fist.

"Yeah, do it! Let me see you unload!" he said excitedly as he jacked me harder.

I lost it at the very moment he was speaking and spurted the first salvo of cum straight up into his mouth. He groaned in dismay and reared back, wiping his mouth with his hand but in that same split second he leaned back down and capped my exploding cock with his mouth. His tongue lashed all around the head of my cock with his lips locked tightly around the sheath. He groaned as he took my load, and resumed sucking me. I didn't feel or hear him swallow and it felt like I was filling his mouth but he stayed on me till the end.

He stayed till I settled my thrashing butt back into the seat then he rose up and opened his door and spit my load out on the ground. He spat several times, wiping his mouth with his forearm.

"Fuck!" he swore, over and over again.

"I gave you a heads up," I said, afraid he might be pissed at me.

"I know, it was my doing. My bad," he said. He straightened back in the seat and closed his door. "Fuck, it tastes awful."

"It's an acquired taste," I said as I was doing up my clothes.

We didn't linger at the rest park. He started up the truck and pulled out, going in the direction of the senior center.

"Can I ask you something?" I said.


"Did you get hard?"

"Like a fuckin' bone," he replied. "I just hope it goes down before we get there."

"For the record, it doesn't prove anything one way or the other. It was just curiosity," I said. A mile or so further I said, "But now it's nut cuttin' time, as my grandpa would say."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you've been fucked and you've sucked a cock. Even took a load in your mouth. Now you have to process it all."

"I'm doing that right now," he said. "How long does it take?" he asked.

"It takes as long as it takes," I said. "However long that is, I'm here anytime you wanta talk."

"Thanks, that means a lot. There's not another person on the planet I can talk to about it."

****************** to be continued.

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