I didn't realize I was falling for my best friend until it was hurting to not be with him. We have been college roommates for the past 2 1/2 years and friends since sophomore year. We are seniors now and about to graduate. For about 3 months he found a steady girlfriend when before it was just randoms from around campus. I liked random girls because we could have 3somes. It was fun until his girlfriend came along and made me realize that I miss doing everything with him; eating our meals together, going to movies, going to parties, these last few years have been amazing. I got jealous and started acting out, doing petty things. He knows that I'm bi and I know he is straight and I've never attemted anything with him because I valued our friendship plus there were so many other guys and girls at school to mess around with. But one night I heard the tv on in the living room at about 2am, I walked into the living room to turn off the tv and saw him asleep on the couch. The angle at which he was laying gave me a clear look inside his shorts. I told myself to just turn the tv off and go to bed but I couldn't resist. I've seen him naked many times but tonight was different. I wanted him and it was making me tent in my pants. I got on my knees and gently pulled his cock from its resting place and sniffed it. His cock had his aroma that intoxicated me and I went for it, slowly sucking his cock taking in more and more as I went up and down on it still not trying to wake him. He was growing and fast and then out of nowhere his phone started ringing and I knew it was his girls ringtone. I got out of there quickly. The phone rang a few more times until it stopped and I could hear him talking. I was hyperventilating hoping he didn't know what I did. I heard the tv turn off and then footsteps to his room and I heard him flop on his bed. I was happy for not getting caught but sad I didn't get to finish. I went to sleep and awoke to being fucked slowly. I didn't make any movements and let him fuck me until he came on my ass pulled up my shorts and left the room. I couldn't believe he had just fucked me. The next morning when I woke up, I could smell the aroma of food and I went out there to the kitchen. I told him that he looked rejuvenated and like a new man, he laughed and then said to me that I seemed to wake up on the right side of the bed today. It felt like old times. We ate and I went out. That night he came back and I was awake which he didn't know. I let him pull my boxerbriefs off which made me completly naked but I didn't want just another fuck, I wanted him to love every minute of it so I turned around and looked him in the face. I could tell he was excited that I wasn't sleeping and said, "you have to finish what you started last night, if I knew you where that good, we wouldn't have had 3somes. I smiled and went down on him, then asked him if he wanted to try. He said ok and we turned so that we could 69. He wasn't great but it felt good that he was willing to try giving me head. We finally turned and started kissing and he put it in me and had me moaning for almost 30 mins. When he shot his load on my chest and then took his finger and took some in his month then kissed me to make me swallow it pushed me over the egde and I came. Hardest ever and started licking my chest and we started kissing and cuddled the rest of the night till morning. He broke up with his girl 2 days later saying that I fufilled him in everyway.




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