All of us share a birthday.

That's actually part of what drew us together as friends. Mark's the oldest, one year older than the rest of us. Leo and I were born within 10 hours of each other. My name is Justin.

We met in high school. Only Leo and Mark were in the same class (he was not held back; he just started late), but we were all in the same grade. We became friends because we all enjoy tennis and played after school on the courts. Eventually, we all made the team, of course.

It was only a few years later that we found out something about each other: we all liked boys. It was a bit of an accident. A bit. It was summer and we were at Leo's house. Leo had his shirt off (did i tell you it was summer?) and for some reason, my dick decided to get hard. Awkward teenage moment. So, for some reason, Leo and Mark were fooling around and Leo ended up pushing him unto my lap.

But that's another story.

Suffice it to say, we experimented after that. Mostly just sucking, though. We were all scared of getting anything shoved past our anuses. We went on with this for years. Leo pulled away for a while when he got a girlfriend. He didn't want to cheat on her. She felt she wasn't ready for sex yet, so he remained a virgin for those five months. Man, did he miss wet dick. I was proud of him for keeping faithful, though; we all were. He's the only bi one in the group, though. The rest of us only dig guys.

So, after all these years of a friendship that made the awkward life of gay high schoolers so much easier, we decided it was time to try fucking. We figured it was better to try it with each other, who we knew wouldn't judge and didn't have a plethora of STDs since none of us had ever fucked before and only ever sucked each other.

So, there I was in the bathroom, a hose attacked to the pipe, washing my ass out. I was nervous. Why? I shouldn't have been. It was my 17th birthday! I was fucking well going to enjoy it!

Our birthday was midsummer, thankfully. My younger sister had gone abroad to spend some time with our father and my mother was at work. We were at the end of our first year of sixth form (12th grade for Americans), so had one more year of high school left. I walked out of the shower and into my bedroom, a little water dripping from me. I was proud of my body. I wasn't very tall (5'7'), but I was well built like all of us were. I had just got a haircut the day before, and I had a low cut with faded sides.

I decided not to put on any clothes to open the door when I heard the knock and call. Yes, I was horny and all seven inches of me were already hard. I went through the house and to the front door. 'You ready?' I called. The answers in the affirmative were all I needed. I unlocked it and let them in. Leo, the youngest of us, was the tallest, 6'4' and man, he had a huge one between his legs. I had the joy of measuring it once and it was at least 10 inches long and very thick. I thought that those things only existed in porn. He was the darkest of us all, too, and I was the lightest fairly light brown skin.

I locked the door behind me as they all came in. 'My room,' I said. I liked that they were looking at me. Mark, 5'10' and with a dick little bigger than mine, grabbed my hardness and led the way, holding on. They started stripping, but were smart enough to carry their clothes with them. I didn't expect my mother home until after 6, but one could never be too cautious.

Leo had a cherry-flavoured lollipop in his mouth, which he took out to say, 'You remembered the lube?'

We reached the room now and dicks were out, pants were dropped. 'Yeah,' I said, pulling a tube of baby oil off the bed and holding it up. My eyes dropped instantly to Leo's dick. 'Ready?' I said. I think all three of us were in agreement that we had had enough dick-sucking, so we'd basically go straight to the ass. Yeah, we were all nervous... but no sense in putting it off. 'I'll take some dick first?'

I wasn't ready for Leo's, though. I handed Mark the bottle and lay down on the bed, on my back. Mark knelt down and decided to try what he thought he never would. I felt as the lollipop entered me. Wow, what an explosion! He pushed it as deep as he could without losing it, allowing the flavour to go in. Then, it came out and I felt the tongue go in.

'Damn...' I never expected that to feel so good. I looked up to see Mark place the sweet in his own ass and push his ass in the air so Leo could get a taste. My feet on Mark's shoulder, I couldn't help but massage my dick a little. I wished I had some of the oil, but I didn't want to disturb them. This was too good.

I heard Mark open the bottle and I presumed he was lubing up. His tongue gave way to fingers that oiled my hole for him. I closed my eyes, forcing myself to breathe steadily as I waited for him to enter me. I didn't have to wait long, though. I felt his oiled head enter slowly. Biting down hard, I was able to stop myself from yelling out. What was I thinking going first?!

He was actually stuck for a while, I think. But somehow, he managed to get through. I kept my eyes closed until I heard Mark let out what I can only call a small shriek. Opening my eyes, I saw Leo had already entered him. Interestingly, this was the first step to beginning to enjoy being fucked. I didn't have that monster inside me, so I could relax...

So I did. And man, did it start to feel good. 'Yeah... man, deeper, Mark, deeper,' I moaned out my encouragement. Leo was fucking him in time with his own slow strokes. I felt all of Mark go inside me and felt his pelvis against my cheeks. My legs wrapped around both my friends as I Mark started to go faster. I smiled and let go of my dick as I felt him really get into it.

I don't even know how to explain how it feels. I didn't want him to stop! I was so glad that apparently all our sucking trained us not to come too early. Suddenly I got two urges; and both erupted from my mouth before I could think better of them:

'Mark, I want that ass. Leo, you can have mine.'

I guess I could be considered the 'leader' of our little trio. I'm the idea man. Mark seemed anxious to get that dick from out of him. 'Slow!' he said as Leo pulled himself out.

Mark massaged the oil unto my dick and climbed unto the bed. He lowered himself on top of me. I probably should have chosen that position. It meant better control of the force of the fuck. But man... I never knew ass could feel so good. I think I felt the his prostate. I'm not sure. Mark seemed a lot more comfortable with this, though. He moaned and his hard dick bounced up and down as he rode, that lollipop still in his mouth.

And then, Leo started entering me. Simultaneous pain and pleasure. Wow! He wasted no time. I felt like he was fucking the shit back into my upper intestine. All ten inches pushed inside of me, working hard. Man, I was in heaven!

It seemed we all were. 'Damn, that dick...' Mark said, bouncing like a horny rabbit. I grabbed that lubed dick and started jerking it. We were both surprised when Leo pulled out of me and pushed Mark down so his dick was pinned between our abs.

'What the fuck...?' we both said simultaneously. But we both found out soon. Mark's 'SHIT!!!!!!!!!' probably reached the ears of neighbours.

Leo was entering him. Two dicks in an ass only a few minutes non-virgin.

'What the fuck! Take it out!'

But Leo wouldn't. He bent over and kissed Mark's back. 'You'll like it,' he said.

I didn't know about Mark, but I liked it. The feeling of both dick and ass against my dick was... wow. I felt Leo explode inside him and the warm come make the ass feel even better. Leo was breathing deep as he pulled himself out.

Mark seemed in shock. 'Damn! What the fuck?!'

'You act like you didn't like it,' Leo said, massaging his dick. He had such satisfaction on his face.

'I mean, yeah... it wasn't that bad, but some warning, man!' Mark jumped up and pushed him a little. 'Your turn!' He pointed to the bed where Leo obediently went on all fours, too high off orgasm to complain. Mark mounted him unceremoniously.

'Shit!' Leo cried. 'Slow, Mark, go slow!'

Mark obeyed. But Leo's stunt gave me an idea. I crawled under him and started jerking him off. 'Relax, man,' I told him. 'Just relax....'

His breathing slowly grew less laboured and he said, 'Jus, I know what you're going to do. Just do it already.'

He didn't have to tell me twice. He winced as I pushed my pelvis up and pushed my dick into his ass.

'Sorry, man, it just felt too good,' I told him. Mark was having too much fun in his revenge to say anything. Of course, our two dicks weren't as big together and Leo's and mine (Leo's was THICK!) but still, it was as close as he would get. It was fun to be pushing Leo's own come into his ass.

I came before Mark, but just a few seconds before.

'Shit...' I said as I pulled my dick out. Mark tossed the lollipop stick aside, chewing the candy. He pulled himself out, too and then put his mouth against Leo's ass, sucking the come out.

'Man,' I said. 'We need to do that again!'


Tahric Thorpe

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