Trust Me, I’m a Doctor

College was an interesting time for me and my friend Jae. We separated to go to different colleges as he followed a major in medicine and I followed a pathway into marketing. When we were in high school, we had just a few late night escapades. More than once we jerked each other off and gave each other blowjobs as our experimental stages were at their peak. But as we graduated high school, we stopped and only saw each other during our summer breaks. Unfortunately we never had the time to play around during those 3 months every year. In 2012, we finally graduated college and decided to make our own way into the real world. I joined a marketing agency in Columbia and he became a doctor near Atlanta. My company eventually fell under and I found out about Jae working in Atlanta. Strangely enough, I missed him more than anything. No matter how many guys or girls I messed around with, I missed Jae the most. A random job opening in Atlanta caught my eye one day and I decided to make my way to him.

As I got my apartment set up in Atlanta, I called him up on the phone to tell him the good news. As I dialed his number, I felt excitement and a small tingle in my stomach. He picked up and I said, “Hey man, I just got a job in town and I’m now living nearby your office. Thought maybe we could meet up and pick up where we left off in high school.” I didn’t know what came over me as I spoke so bluntly about our sexual past. As my optimism got the best of me, I waited for a positive response. It didn’t come as he replied, “Hey, I don’t know how to tell you this but I’m actually engaged. I know we experimented in high school but I met a girl who made me feel normal again.” My heart sank as I realized my hopes and dreams had fallen apart in seconds. As I softly said okay, he spoke up again, “I know you still have feelings for me and I’d like to at least talk to you about all this in person. I can set up an appointment at my office so my fiancé won’t think anything of it. I’m sure you need a check-up at least.” I felt at little bit of hope regain as I said, “Sure, that’d be great. Is Thursday good for you?” As he confirmed the date for my appointment, we told each other goodbye and hung up.

As Thursday came, I felt better about the situation. If he didn’t truly want our sexual escapades anymore, I would at least have some closure on why and how he became straight again. Finally the moment came and I walked into the Jae’s office. His receptionist promptly told me to sign in and wait for my name to be called. Moments passed and soon enough, the beautiful, strong man I knew so many years ago walked in from the other room and said, “Michael Benson.” I stood up trying to hide the raw excitement in my heart and he guided me to the examination room farthest from the lobby. I lead us inside the room as he came in behind me and closed the door. I sat down on the bed and watched Jae smile and start our conversation, “Look, I know you still like me but I want you to know that I still like you too. I haven’t stopped thinking about our sexual experiences. You’re in my dreams at night and I sometimes think of you when my fiancé is going down on me. She definitely doesn’t have the skill that you had.” I calmly laughed and thought about how hard he used to cum when I sucked him off. He spoke up again, “I miss it all a lot, but I do have a fiancé now. I can’t get caught up in my old ways. If she found out she would leave in a heartbeat, she’s so close-minded. But anyway, let’s get this exam started.” He then pointed to take my shirt off and took my temperature. I shortly noticed him smile at my abs and pecs as I felt this was a bit more exciting for him than he let on. My cock tingled at the thought and I felt it start to grow. He didn’t seem to notice and I prayed he wouldn’t until it was over. He then said, “Okay, I know this might be nostalgic but drop your pants for me. Trust me, I’m a doctor now.” I laughed at his odd pun and unzipped my jeans. I kicked off my shoes and slip my jeans down onto the ground. At this point I was fighting my cock and the hardness I felt coming.

My dick was big to begin with, even when it was soft. But when it was hard, there was no hiding it as it measured around 8-9 inches long with thickness enough to gag a prostitute. As I stood there in my boxers, Jae said, “don’t get too excited on my now I’ve got to check your reflexes. Sit on the bed again.” I sat down and he then took the rubber hammer to my knees. My reflexes seemed strong and I saw him smile as he spoke again, “Okay, I need to check you out downstairs, lay down please.” All I could think in my head was, “Oh fuck, I’m not gonna be able to get away with this.” I lay back onto the bed and my cock laid out in front of him under my boxers, ready for the taking. I felt his hands rub my stomach around my appendix first as my cock started to stiffen up. As it grew harder, he then pulled my boxers down. My massive cock flopped out onto my stomach as it pulsed to my heartbeat. He smiled and spoke, “You must be happy to see me again.” He pressed beside my balls and above my cock and he gingerly bit his lip. As he pulled his hand away, I saw some of my precum drip off onto his knuckle. He smiled again and slowly licked it off of his knuckle. He spoke up, “Once I’ve had a taste of you, I have to have more. Fuck that fiancé of mine…hold on.” I grinned from ear to ear as he stepped out the door and yelled to his receptionist, “Cancel the rest of my appointments today and hold all my calls!” I stood up and as he shut the door back, I kicked my boxers off. He jumped into my arms as our lips touched. Our tongues fucked each other’s mouths as our spit covered our lips. His hand reached down and grabbed my cock as he jerked it off. Precum splashed out onto his hand as he jerked harder and harder. I tore off his doctor’s jacket and ripped open his shirt to reveal his perfect body. As I stripped him down to his boxer-briefs, I could see his giant cock just as hard as mine. It was a perfect shape, curved and thick as it was also soaked in precum.

I drug his boxer-briefs down as his dick bounced out onto my tongue. I licked the precum off of his cockhead and felt his warm juice slide down into my throat. It was sweet and addictive, just as I had remembered. I grabbed his cock and pushed it against my tongue as I licked from his balls all the way up his shaft. As I came to his cockhead again, it pushed precum onto my lips. I drug his shaft back down into my mouth and pushed it deep into my throat. I sucked on it deeply as his juices filled my mouth with warmth and sweetness. I felt his pulsating cock start to pull back and I let him go. I wasn’t done with him yet. As I stood up to kiss him again, he lifted me up and laid me onto the table. He pulled my cock into his mouth and started to deep throat it. It felt like perfection as my precum kept leaking from his mouth onto my balls and stomach. As he squeezed on my balls I felt his other hand reach for my asshole. He slowly stuck a finger deep inside and started to finger fuck my ass hole as he sucked my cock. I exclaimed, “Oh fuck yes, put two inside.” He listened as he fit two fingers into my ass. He took his mouth off of my cock and started suck on my balls as he jerked my cock with his big hand. I was in ecstasy as every sense from my ass to my cock was perfect. I felt me get close to cumming and stopped for a moment. He kissed my lips again as he came up to my face and started to jerk my cock again. I pushed him back as we kissed and laid him onto the table on his side. I laid down parallel to him and started to grind my cock between his ass cheeks. As he moaned louder, I got faster until finally I couldn’t wait anymore. I stood back up and bent him over the table. I spit onto my cock and pushed it slowly into his asshole. He moaned and I went in deeper until I felt my cock hit his prostate. He yelled as I pushed it deeper, in and out as I was finally fucking Jae like we always wanted. I reached around him and started to jerk his cock as I fucked him harder and harder. I had him screaming before I finally couldn’t wait any longer, I pulled out and turned him around. I pushed my cock onto his mouth and came harder than ever before onto his face and tongue. He seemed to savor the taste as he smiled and drank down my warm cum. I wanted his cum now and I knew I could probably cum again if he fucked my ass with that monster cock.

He pulled his cock over to my ass as I bent over for him but he told me he wanted to look into my eyes as he fucked me. So I laid with my legs spread and my cock laying out in front of him on the table as he plunged his dick deep into my ass. It hurt at first but as he pushed in and out, I couldn’t help but moan to the pleasure he gave me. My cock ached from the first cum but I could feel another massive load building as I jerked my cock as he pummeled my asshole. I felt his cock pulsing in my ass and as he came closer to shooting his load, I jerked harder and harder. Finally he released his huge load all over my body as it even shot me in the face and mouth. My chest and stomach was covered as I finally came again. My cum also hit me in the face and mouth but he quickly reached down and licked his and my cum off of my mouth and face. As he laid his head on my cum soaked chest, we smiled and asked, “How are we gonna get cleaned up?”


Michael J. Benson


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