My name is Eric Gunderson. I am twenty-nine year old former Marine. Currently I am a semi-truck driver. I keep myself in shape by working out while on the road and on weekends when I'm home. I'm not what most people think about truckers. I shave daily and shower morning and night. My clothes are clean and pressed. It's just my preference.

I'm six foot three inches tall and weigh in at one hundred and ninety-five pounds, and it is all muscle. I have nice pecs and abs that are covered with a medium coating of black hair. I have blue eyes, my wavy hair is shoulder length, and I have a neatly trimmed jaw line black beard and moustache. I could have my choice of women since I am hit on at every diner I stop at and by secretaries at my stops. I'm not conceited just stating fact. The problem is that these hot beautiful women do not have what I like between their legs.

Enough about me, though. After the Marines, where I also drove a fuel transport, I began work with a small truck line owned by the dad of a fellow Marine. I was never home and the trucks were old and in only fair shape.

Then, just over a year ago, I was offered a job with another line. I would have one set route. I would leave early Monday mornings and return top town on early afternoon on Friday. I had a nice new oversize rig that contained a double bed, work desk, fridge, microwave and sink, plus a closet with storage. The boss said that it was cheaper in the long run to spend money on these rigs rather than pay for motel rooms over and over.

I had built up a nice relationship with my customers, some better than others. One was my last stop late on Monday afternoon, Jim's Hardware.

When I first started delivering to him I noticed that Jim took longer than necessary to check in his delivery, all while constantly eyeing me. He was in his mid to late thirties but didn't look it. He always wore extremely tight jeans. His shirts were snug revealing a nice muscular chest.

Each week he seemed to get more and more friendly until finally one Monday he asked if I would like to have dinner with him. I agreed and said that I needed to go to the local truck stop to shower and clean up.

"Hey, man., you can park your rig here overnight. I have a complete bath off my office. You're welcome to use it."

I agreed and once the load was checked in, I got a change of clothes and locked up the truck while Jim went and locked the gate.

Jim soon joined me and after locking up the warehouse area, I followed him to his office. What I quickly found out was that he not only had a full bath off his office, he also had a full apartment there with kitchen living room and bedroom. Plus, off the bedroom, he had a small deck with a four person hot tub. This is where he lived.

He let me shower first and while doing so, he found reasons to come in for just a moment at a time. The shower was clear glass and he had an unobstructed view of my naked body. The third time ne came in, he was naked and I noticed that his cock was about half erect. It was long and thicker than normal and he had a great physique.

We went to dinner and upon our return, we had a beer in his living room. Then, he went for the gold.

"Eric, I'm sure your rig is nice but you probably get tired sleeping in small quarters. I have a king bed and can only use half at a time. You are welcome to the other half."

"I appreciate it Jim, but I need to get on the road by five or shortly after and hate to wake you that early."

"Hey man, I get up that early every morning. Besides, I'd enjoy the company. I get tired of drinking coffee alone every morning before opening up. Your rig is safe in the lot."

"Well, okay, the change might be nice," I replied, knowing what he had in mind. I was sure there would be some hot sex before the night was over.

"Why don't we go hit the hot tub and relax?"

"Great but I don't have a suit."

"Neither do I," he replied. "We don't need one."

We went to the bedroom and he quickly stripped and went out the sliding door to the hot tub quickly turning on the jets. I stripped down and followed. We relaxed and talked before returning to the bedroom. upon our return, Jim flipped the covers back and climbed in nude. I always slept nude but normally I was alone.

Without a second thought, I slipped into the bed with Jim. He turned out the light and we said good night. I am a light sleeper and later, I awoke to feel Jim's hand on my hard cock, his fingers around it as he slowly stroked it back and forth.

I was on my back, and without moving I softly said, "That feels awesome. Do what ever you want."

It startled him when I spoke but he replied with "Anything?"

""Hell yea, it's all yours."

Jim quickly and smoothly slid under the sheet and I immediately felt his warm wet mouth devour my hard leaking cock. Ever so gently and lovingly, he began to suck my cock, and he knew exactly what he was doing.

After a moment, I reached over and found his hard leaking cock and began stroking him. I heard him moan softly in pleasure. A moment later, I changed position slightly, and hungrily swallowed his hard man tool. When I did he moaned again, loudly this time. We both began sucking with gusto and soon brought each other to a roaring climax, hungrily swallowing each others thick creamy load.

"I certainly wasn't expecting all that," he said. "I just considered myself lucky to get your cock."

"I suspected what you were up to and was glad to go along with it. I've had my eye on you for a while also."

He leaned over to me and we kissed passionately, exchanging tongues and afterward, he asked, "Can we make this a regular Monday night date?"

"I don't see why not," I replied.

So it was, every Monday night I parked my rig in Jim's lot. He'd lock up and we'd go to his apartment off his office and strip and shower together before preparing dinner nude. On the second week, after getting in bed, he quickly got me hard and sat5 on my cock. His ass was awesome and he loved my eight inches up his ass. We alternated sucking and fucking each other every week.

About four months later, as we locked up the lot and rig, Jim kissed me and said, "This has to be our last night for the summer."

"Oh, why?" I asked.

"My nephew just graduated from high school. He's eighteen and my sister asked if he could work for me this summer to get some money to help him start school. He'll be living here with me."

I smiled and asked, "Sleeping with you?"

"I wish. He's hot but has no idea I like men. He'll be on the sofa bed."

We had our regular weekly sex evening and it was hot. I was looking forward to meeting Rick, his nephew.

The following week, I pulled in and immediately saw a new face on the dock. I knew it had to be Rick. Jim came out and we talked as Rick and another employee unloaded their part of the trailer. Jim had been right. Rick was hot as hell, good looking and extremely muscular.

Jim offered to let me continue parking in the lot but I told him that I thought it might be better if I stayed at the truck stop to prevent any temptation. He agreed.

Over the next few weeks, Rick became more friendly and what I'd call 'touchy-feely', but only when we were alone. I began to wonder about him.

Then one Monday afternoon, while unloading the trailer, Rick looked at Jim and asked, "Uncle Jim, can I borrow your truck tonight?"

"What for, Rick?"

"A couple of guys I've met and I were wanting to go to the movies but neither of them has wheels."

"Yea, I guess so, but remember, we start early. You still have to be up on time."

"I will, Uncle Jim, and thanks."

The unloading was completed and I bid farewell until the following week. I drove to the truck stop, fueled up, ate dinner, then showered. After playing a few video games in the lounge, I returned to my rig and began watching TV.

About an hour later, I heard knocking on the driver's door of the cab.

TO BE CONTINUED..............



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