I joined a local gym to keep fit where I met a guy named Carl, Italian/American; he's a trucker, married with 5 kids. A good-looking guy with a good physique, broad shoulders narrow waist and a perfect looking bubble butt. The bulge in his shorts is enormous. He's 36 years old, about 250lbs (113kg) 6'4" (193cm) tall.

I'm Sammy 19 years old student. 112lbs (51kg) 5'6" (168cm) tall. Gay and proud. Slim smooth body, blonde hair and green eyes. Angelic looks. Been called a pretty boy many times by guys.

I'd been going to the gym about 3 months when Carl confided in me that him and his wife no longer had sex due to her not wanting anymore kids. Being catholic she didn't agree with any form of contraception. Carl told me he had been with a few women since his wife put a ban on sex, because he still needed to satisfy his sexual needs. He always used a condom, which spoilt the sex for him.

Carl passed through where my parents live in his truck, They are always getting onto me for not making more home visits. Carl said he would give me a lift anytime. It would take 2 days to get to my parents because of truckers rest periods, hours of service (HOS). That would mean us sleeping in the cab of the Truck. I was looking forward to that part. I said I would give him some cash for giving me the lift. He just laughed and said, "There are other ways you could thank me." I didn't know what he meant by that comment.

It was a few days later that I arranged a lift with Carl. After travelling for about 10 hours Carl pulled into the truck stop and parked some distance from the other trucks. "Ok" lets eat and clean up then it's bed time," he said with a grin on his face. The sleeping cabin in his truck wasn't suited for two people. "We will be a little cramped, still it's only for one night," he said. The thought of lying close to him was already giving me a semi-hard. I quickly stripped down to my boxers and climbed onto the small bed, trying to conceal my semi hard cock. "I always sleep naked," he said. I lay there discretely as possible in a confined space watching Carl strip. The muscles of his body tensed and relaxed as he peeled off his clothes. His cock and balls swung between his hairy legs as he pulled off his briefs. I turned with my back to him as he climbed into bed along side me.

We were like sardines in a can. I felt his naked chest pressing up against my naked back. "There's no room for my arms" he said as he wrapped his muscular arms around me. Making my heart beat fast in my rib cage. Fuck he's bound to notice I thought. Then I felt his hairy legs rubbing over my legs and his warm breath on the back of my neck. By now my cock was hard and aching. He was trying to get comfortable moving his left arm down the side of my body his hand eventually rested on my hip, inches away from my hard cock. Eventually he then moved his hand between my legs "Mmmmmm feels nice and warm," he said.

"Why don't you join me naked?" he said as he ran his fingers inside the waistband of my boxers. He sat up and pulled my boxers down. I sat up and tried to prevent him. He put his hand on my chest and pushed me back down. He succeeded in pulling my boxers off. He lay back down behind me. "That's better now your naked just like me," he said as he moved his hand between my legs and cupped my balls in his hand. I tried to pull away, there was no way to go. I was trapped. "Are they full of cum juice?" he asked. Before I could answer his hand brushed again my hard cock. "That's a nice hard cock you got there. I can take care of that for you," he said as I struggled to fight him off. He tightened his hold on me; he's a lot stronger than me, I had no chance of fighting him off. "You can struggle as much as you like boy but that hard cock tells me you like my hands on you." I was trembling not with fear but with excitement. I could not resist any longer I just at to give in I was enjoying having him touch me.

I turned and lay on my back. Carl positioned himself atop of me straddling my face with his semi-hard cock dangled over my mouth. I felt his lips on my cock his 8" thick cock was growing long and hard. I could smell his manliness. Drops of precum fell on my face from his cock slit. I opened my mouth and let his precum drip into my mouth. He was working his mouth up and down the shaft of my cock I could feel his hands stroking my thighs. I reached up and fed his thick cock into my mouth, it was stretching my lips to their limits, and Carl slowly started to pump his cock deeper down my throat stretching the narrow cavity of my gullet. Carl was taking the whole of my 6.5" cock down his throat sucking hard. I could feel his teeth and lips sliding up and down the shaft. He was thrusting more aggressively and faster with his cock as he skull fucked me, making me gag. It was an overwhelming feeling laying there under him. I ran my hands over his hard butt, down over the back of his hairy legs, making him moan out loud.

I now and then pushed on his hips and pulled away from his cock so I could gulp as much air as possible. Using his hips he would thrust as hard as he could. He was a man taking his pleasure. I nearly had the whole of his thick 8" cock down my throat. I felt a surge of emotional feelings in my mind and body it was an ecstatic feeling. My body was trembling and shaking as I felt my cock start to shoot my own load. I could hear Carl slurping as he swallowed squirt after squirt of my cum juice. Carl fucked my face more vigorously as he fed on my sperm juice.

One massive thrust of his hips and I was kissing his pubic hairs. He pressed hard down on my face. My mouth was suddenly filled with his hot cum. I thought I would choke he was shooting such big loads, one, then two, then three. I swallowed as quickly as I could and struggled to breath at the same time. The squirts were so powerful that I pulled away. His cock continued to squirt threads of pearly white cum into my face.

We were both inhaling and exhaling rapidly. My cock was softening as Carl sucked my balls into his mouth. It was an erotic feeling. I licked and sucked on Carl's balls and softening cock. We remained in this position for about 10 minutes, sucking and licking each other's balls and cocks. Until Carl repositioned himself so we were face to face. He wrapped his muscular arms around me and pressed his lips against mine. Snaked his tongue into my mouth, I could taste his and my cum in my mouth. "Wow that was so fucking intense," he said as he lay on top of me. We lay there for about 10 or 15 minutes with our arms and legs wrapped around each other in a dreamy daze.

He told me to get on my belly and stick my ass up. He licked his long middle finger then I felt his hand sliding along my ass crack searching with his finger for my anus. I felt his finger circling my hole. Then he fingered deep inside my anus, moving his finger around inside quickly. He was being quite gentle. I felt my ass tightening around his finger as he stimulated my prostate.

"Fuck I still feel horny," he said has he looked down towards his hardening cock. "I'm going to fuck you raw boy no condom for you, I'm going to fill your ass with my sperm juice. I want to feel my hard cock sliding up and down in your tight ass as I breed you." He spread my cheeks till it felt like my ass was going to rip open. "This is how I wanted you to thank me," he said as he stretched my anus wider and spat into my hole.

Taking his hard cock in his right hand, he put the head of it against my tight hole and gave a gentle but firm push, he tried a second time only this time with more force. I screamed out loud as I felt the pain. "Come on bitch let me in." I was all for letting him in, my ass was too tight for his thick cock. He leaned over and reached for a grease gun. "This will lube you boy," he said as he inserted the tip of the grease gun deep into my anus. I felt a cold sensation as he squirted the grease into my ass. He pulled it out and squirted some grease on the head of his cock.

"Now let me try again," he said. I felt the head of his cock pressing on my hole. Despite the copious amounts of grease my hole still put up some resistance. The head suddenly slipped in making me yelp. "Yeah that's done it" he said. My sphincter still put up some resistance until he put both his hands on my shoulders and thrust with the full force of his hips. My head jerked back, a mixture of pain and ecstasy ran through me as the head and shaft of his hard 8"cock slipped almost all the way into my gut. Nearly there boy he said. "Ahhh it feels nice and tight" he said as he thrust a little more until he had the whole 8" in me It felt like an enormous iron rod was being steadily pushed through my body and was going to come out the other side. My God, I thought, He's REALLY DEEP INSIDE ME!! "That's a nice feeling boy," he said as he stroked my back with his hands. Sending ripples of delight through my body.

Deep in me now Carl began to move his cock slowly up and down my gut. I had my eyes closed and cringed with each pump he gave. My ass full of truck grease and it still hurt. I thought maybe after the second or third thrust he would stop to give me a break, he didn't. Instead he began to build up. Slow at first then faster. Carl soon built up to a regular rhythm. Each thrust he made I moaned and yelped. The pain wasn't necessarily subsiding as much as it was becoming part of the sensation.
"Damn your ass is tight. I'm fucking you with all this grease and you are still tight." It was true. I could feel Carl's hard cock thrusting inside me, yet I was still tight. He pumped harder attempting to stretch me open. He lifted me into a kneeling position and held me tight around my waist with his left arm and had his right arm around my neck. My ass was so tight that he had difficulty pulling back his cock after thrusting deep into me. "Fuck boy this is so enjoyable, your ass is such a good fuck." He was trying to hold back for as long as he could before squirting. My cock was rock hard and squirted thread after thread of pearly cum all over the bed.

His body suddenly convulsed as he filled me with his hot sperm juice. One, two, three and four strong squirts. He was sweating and breathing rapidly. I felt his weight increase on me as he relaxed. The full weight of his body forced me down onto my belly. He lay on me resting and stroking the sides of my body. He was not slamming into me anymore. He was just letting his cock fill my ass with his cum making my ass overflow with his sperm juice. Spilling out and staining the bed sheets. I was thinking that maybe we might soon get some sleep. "That was so fucking intense, I got to fuck your tight ass one more time before I go to sleep," he said. and he did.

It was spontaneous, nothing planned nothing said we were both horny and in need of sex it seemed quite a natural thing to do! Carl gave me lots of lifts and lots of fucking and I saw a lot more of my parents



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