I remember feeling deep vibrations going through me as they started up the engines on their huge trucks. Each guy had waived to me with their big muscular arms as they effortlessly spun their steering wheels and drove off.

I don't know what they had cooked up between them while we drove in separate trucks to the town where we were to spend the night but Doug pulled in to this truck stop just outside.

Getting so thoroughly laid had put me in a passive sort of mood and now I had lost control of the situation and didn't understand why we had all got out in this place. There where dozens of truckers gathered in this hall with a restaurant at one end. Doug had given me the slip and all I could see was his head as he was talking to a some other guys.

Finally Max came over with a man I had never seen before and approaching me very deliberately said. 'Right then! You are will be going with Hank here off to his place" Max then made off immediately and there was no sign of Neil nor mention of the Rugby Club. But then Hank was a fine looking guy and I so I decided not to protest and go with the drift. This guy was well built and looked promising so if all I got for the night was him well!.... I could do a lot worse!

Hank wasted no time hustling me off to his car apologising as we got in saying he had not been able to finish cleaning it.

'I'm not that far; just round the block; I was damn lucky to get this place; I'd been looking for ages and almost gave up. You know what, everywhere I looked there was something, always something!! not right. Things like dog smells, colour of the curtains, well yea even that sometimes. You know what , if a place sets you on a bad vibe it's just not going to happen is it?" he was rambling on; I thought perhaps he was just a bit self conscious and would come to his own when we got to his place. Had I missed opportunities to lead him on? The continuous commentary certainly didn't present too many!

'So this is it! Not a castle but fine for me I guess! Hey I'd better show you round" This was all before he had even taken my small case from the car. So I got this conducted tour of every room with a commentary on choice of upholstery, carpets, wall paint, you name it! I was just becoming resigned to this being a really boring interlude in an otherwise exciting adventure when he stood awkwardly in the doorway of one room and said. 'This is er ... nothing just a work room!"

From what I could see it looked more like an art studio with lots of upturned canvasses. But then Hank slammed the door quickly and obviously wanting to change the subject, lead me straight to the kitchen with more commentary on cookers, fridges, liquidizers etc.

'Hey I'd better get your case in and show you your room." So it seemed he had that organised too! Hank now started busying himself in the kitchen.

'You leave this all to me right? Just make yourself at home go where you like, you know what I mean" he said grinning at me. 'Turn on the telly or grab a magazine. I'll get some food organised right now!" Then I heard him turn on the radio and he went about a routine of banging plates and pans and humming to himself. I decided to investigate.

So walking nonchalantly across to the 'Work Room' I sneaked through the door to find this veritable studio. Some oil paintings hanging on the wall were vaguely erotic but nothing compared with what I found on turning over one of the canvasses. It was a full frontal of a very muscular guy, totally naked and with a very obvious erection which he had emphasised quite brilliantly by his style of painting.

I began feel quite furtive, realising fully why he had behaved as he did. I just had to look at some more and discovered they were all very erotic showing guys in an excited state but then I recognised Max and Neil among them. 'What the hell's going on here?' I thought and quickly put them back and returned unnoticed to the lounge where he had left me.

He had not asked me anything about myself and where I was going on why or anything like that so I guessed he was that sort of loaner who is more interested in his own life than others, although I had a pretty strong impression by now that he was not only gay but probably passive otherwise he would have been making advances towards an effeminate looking guy like me.

'So what sort of truck do you drive?" I asked when we sat down for our meal.

'Oh I'm no trucker! Not me! No no I'm an art teacher. I don't know one end of a truck from another!" he said chuckling to himself. I thought of quipping that I bet he knew one end of a trucker from another but decided we had better finish the meal first before going down that road! Instead I complimented him on his fine physique and asked him how kept himself so fit. He just said something boring about going to the gym and seemed not to think of returning a compliment to me, let alone try to chat me up or anything!

'Hey Hank that was an excellent meal many thanks indeed" Hank was already restraining me from helping to clear up.

'This is nothing leave it to me it all goes in the machine" he said confidently little knowing how he would have to react after my next comments.

'No Hank really! you are a man of many talents for sure, a cook as well as an artist!"

'Oh I'm no artist really, I just teach!" Hank retorted innocently.

'Oh no Hank you are utterly brilliant and I know because.. well.. perhaps I have a confession to make. I ... er ... took a look in you 'work room' as you call it. I recognised Max and Neil at least" Hanks demeanour and whole posture changed, his eyes looked panic stricken; he supported himself against the table.

'How do you know Neil?" he asked unsteadily but in some earnest.

'Didn't anyone explain to you what happened this afternoon?" I asked but Hank just gazed at me with an incredulous look.

'OK look" I went on. I had a feeling of being near to a raw nerve. 'I was with this guy Doug right? We are on our way to collect a delicate piece of machinery some way from where I work and well... the journey took a bit longer than expected." Hank had relaxed a bit feeling more at ease with a conversation involving factual description. So I went on as well as I could.

'You know these truckers are only allowed to clock so many hours before taking a rest. Well there is this place about an hour down the road with a pull-in and you can walk though the woods to a small river"

'Oh yea I know it's a great place, but I don't think I know this Frank?" mused Hank.

This had me wondering whether there were some truckers Hank 'didn't think he knew' despite them possibly having pocked him at some time or other perhaps without him even knowing their names.

'Well anyway we went up there and, being a nice day, we decided to go for a swim and that meant stripping off of course" Hank was looking a bit more uneasy now. 'I think you will understand if I say I was leading him on a bit; I mean he's a really fabulous guy especially with his pants down" I said this with a chuckle but Hank looked worried.

'So you see we got sort of preoccupied if you know what I mean and in the heat of the moment we hadn't noticed we had an audience. It was the three of them Brad and the others I said vaguely. So well .... one thing lead to another you know" Hank was looking everywhere in a wild sort of way.

'Was Neil there?" he panted desperately

'Oh yea I mean he was one of them; it was really so good!"

Hank turned suddenly and gave me a massive slap on the face almost sending me reeling. But I soon regained my composure. In fact the more so as he had now revealed everything and I had totally regained my confidence. Now I understood, I felt back in control of things and I knew at once what I was going to do.

'Oh no!! I am so sorry!! I'm so sorry, I never meant to hurt you, I don't know why I did it, I'm sorry; I'm sorry!!" Hank really could go on and on. He was such a pansy even with the his big hairy physique.

'Come on, which was your bedroom?" I said sharply grabbing him firmly by the arm.

'Hey what are you doing?" he protested mildly as I removed his shirt.

'Not making much effort to stop me are you? Now it's off with your jeans next and guess what; your pants will be coming off after that!" He sort of stumbled around awkwardly without offering any resistance even when I pulled his pants right down to his ankles and remarked on his limp cock.

Then when I stripped off in front of him all he said was 'It's not fair!"

'What's not fair?" I asked. 'You need fucking and I am not just going to fuck you but I shall really enjoy it as I have always had a fantasy of fucking a strong hairy muscular guy like you. Anyway you're at least three times as strong as me so you could easily stop me if you wanted to; so what's unfair about that?"

'I wish I was like you. You have just the body I wish I had. Don't you see!!?" he said desperately. I felt a bit sorry for him.

'Hank you must never despise your own body. I think you are terrific and I like the way you are, that's why I want to make love to you. I might even be able to repay you for borrowing your boyfriend Neil. He is your boyfriend?" I had one hand on his shoulder. He nodded silently.

Then he went to lie naked on the bed on his side with his bum towards me and his knees slightly forward. I wondered if he had already slipped into a routine.

'Hank your bum is much sexier than I ever expected. You have lovely big buttocks and a nice deep sexy slit. And those hairs! for me they make you even more exciting. Do you have any condoms?"

He reached for a packet by the bedside and as I prepared to put one he rolled on his back and pulled his legs up and apart. This was definitely a routine but I was about to alter all that.

I got him to suck me first before putting on the rubber and I was surprised to find him really inexperienced at first although he seemed to improve rapidly once he got a taste of my juices.

'Don't they get you to blow them first then?"

'No I just do the painting and..."

'And then you get this" I said pushing his hairy ass cheeks apart and revealing his pink cherry. It was quite substantial with shiny pink creases converging to his tight little asshole. 'Oh you sexy hulk! I'm going to fuck the daylights out of you" He winced as I forced my raging knob in his anus, I drove it right it until I felt his gland against my knob. His ass was so fucking exciting I was ready to shoot.

At that point his bedside phone rang. I picked it up. 'Oh is Hank there?" I recognised Brad's voice.

'Yea he's right here actually!" I said passing the phone over so Hank answered suspiciously quickly. But as he tried to speak I kept probing his gland causing him to gasp and interrupt his speech so he was getting in difficulties trying to explain things. I took the handset back.

'Hi Brad actually Hank's a wee bit distracted just now but he's really fine and we're having er ... an exciting time" At that point the phone went dead and I knew they would be round to investigate immediately.

'What did he say?" Hank asked and I said, not quite truthfully, that they had to rush off to meet someone at the Rugby Club and would phone back later. Before he could ask any more questions I started working his ass really hard. I loved being able to dominate such a strong man and I wanted to give him some powerful orgasms before the guys turned up.

It was obvious Hank had never been fucked properly before. He admitted afterwards that it was the first time he had ever experienced multiple dry orgasms. Luckily I have quite a long cock even if I am not as big and thick as the truckers.

So I guess Hank was getting fucked by the truckers in return for painting erotic pictures of them. The sad thing was they were too hot to display anywhere and I don't think even the guys themselves would have had copies at home. So here was this brilliant erotic artist ever to remain unknown!

Anyway he was now lying there totally distracted and groaning with pleasure when I looked round and found once again there was an audience. I might have realised they had a key and would let themselves in. This time Brad and Max were accompanied by two other guys who later introduced themselves as Clive and Nicky.

'What a surprise", 'Or not a surprise!" exclaimed Max and Brad successively. Then after the other two gave their names they all flung off their clothes and I was surrounded by four fabulous erections all pointing purposefully at me.

'I think we need to set the record straight here" said Max getting astride me and plunging his bare cock straight into my asshole. I was still on top on Hank.

'Hey let me get off Hank so the others can fuck him." I suggested but Max took no notice and was already showing off to the others by pumping my ass with his piston like cock. It felt so gorgeously huge inside me I didn't appreciate how much poor Hank was getting squashed underneath. But I still managing to function inside him until Max's cock began delivering loads of hot cum somewhere deep in my rectum.

'We're all opting for your nice smooth bum Carl. Sorry Hank but this young lad kind of wins the beauty contest!" said Nicky and I felt sorry for Hank as it confirmed his complex about his body. Meanwhile I had taken the other three cocks in my mouth at once and was enjoying working my tongue over their knobs and tasting their juices.

Clive was next to penetrate me. A big freckled guy with curly ginger hair he had a rough and ready manner. His cock was short and fat but once he got up me it seemed like it was telescopic! I could feel him getting everywhere inside my ass. I had come off Hank who was now getting it from Neil. He had arrived separately.

Clive had got me on my side holding one of my legs up high while fucking my asshole vigorously. The whole bed swayed form side to side until he finally he exploded into me raw. It felt like oceans of his cum fluids were flooding into me all at once. This guy was fertilising me like hell!! Wow! I really had some man inside me! Clive was supremely strong and fucked me superbly. Nicky took lots of close up photos of Clive's cock working my asshole which Hank later enhanced into some hot oil paintings.

Nicky was next up me. He was just big all round. With long dark hair he had a slightly Hispanic look and certainly that sort of passion as he stuffed me with his massive hard on. You never saw anything like it! Nicky's cock was long, thick, hard and utterly manly. His balls were slapping my buttocks as he forced his fuck deep up my asshole. When he came out I was really very slimy and sticky and Hank managed to get a couple of shots of me in this condition. He had a way of showing spunk in oils that is just so realistic, much better than a photo.

So into my sticky hole Brad slipped his long slim fuck pole. I call it that because he has a way of fucking you that is all about delivery. As he works his way around your rectum you get the feeling he is choosing the right place to ejaculate. Then when he does, oh boy! you don't half know you're being fucked. He shoots really hard squirts and you can feel his virile cum spurting up your bottom.

It was all over so quickly in fact I suspect it was timed to coincide with a football match which just happened to start on the Telly as Brad emerged from the shower after doing me.

I was left with Hank in his bedroom. I decided to persuade him to let me give him an all-over shave.

'I am going to turn your ass into the sexiest thing in town. No I'm not joking, I promise I'll get all those guys in there to fuck you when that match is over. Come on lets get going.

Hank had the good idea that I photographed him before during and after the shave as he thought he could make some good paintings exploring the rough and smooth skin textures and I can tell you he did it in a way a camera could never match.

Shaving him was real fun. I still hadn't orgasmed and felt as sexy as ever about him. I decided to shave him then raw-fuck him in front of the others.

I did his thighs first putting plenty of shaving soap then working over his skin with a safety razor to give him a really close smooth shave. His hairy thighs were sexy enough but when they were smooth they just sent your eyes up the cleft in his crutch and you could only think of fucking him in his deep dark slit. After doing his other thigh I shaved his chest. Hank had fabulous pectoral muscles as well as biceps. You wouldn't normally imagine a man with such physique to be a gay bottom like he was. When I got him smooth he looked like one of those Olympic swimmers. You just wanted to have sex with such a beautiful body.

Then it came to his bottom and genitals. My idea was to shave him completely and leave him with no pubic hair at all as I felt he was far too gay to be allowed any sign of active masculinity. But shaving his buttocks was slow as I had to be careful of pimples and it was a very delicate job around his asshole. It was at this final stage I was trembling with excitement to fuck him when I finally 'deleted' the last of his pubic hairs. Then and after rinsing him in the shower I lubed his asshole with some cream and took him naked into the lounge where the football match had just reached Half Time.

'I hereby present the smooth Hank and I am now going to show you how to fuck him properly." I announced knowing that would stir them up. So I fucked him bareback as he bent over in front of them. Seeing my sticky cock emerge from his asshole was enough to provoke all five of them (Neil included). Hank got such a bloody good fucking there was cum oozing from his hole afterwards and running down the inside of his big smooth thighs.

Neil then took me to the Rugby Club as originally promised and showed me to the guest room where I received both the team players (all 20 of them including reservists) and supporters (some 50 or so) one by one throughout the night. The team all stayed in the room together and, standing well back so they could get a good view, cheered each other on as they fucked me in turn. Afterwards I heard that the mattress was so impregnated with cum that it had to be thrown away. Those Rugby guys are real men every one of them and being fucked by them as a team and as a club is something I shall cherish all my life.

Doug, who I suspect had persuaded them to park me on Hank, was nowhere to be seen. What would he say in the morning. I didn't care really as I still had work to do and one of the jobs was to give a Doug's asshole a really good fucking. I was quite sure he needed it.



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