I entered the Marines straight out of high school. I did my boot camp in North Carolina then was sent to California for my 'job training'.

I was assigned to transportation and received training in not just driving the big rigs but also basic diesel repair. During my enlistment, I became close friends with Bart Taylor. He was in transportation also ad a few months behind me.

Bart and I were drinking buddies and often on weekends we'd go into town and get a motel room then go to one of the local bars and find a hot sexy broad willing to take on two horny Marines. Back in the room we'd take turns fucking her one after the other for as long and an hour or more before either of us filed her with our loads.

Just before my enlistment was up, Bart asked what my plans were. I told him I wasn't sure and would just see what was out there.

"Eric," he began, "as you know, my dad owns a very successful trucking company in Denver. He pays his drivers extremely well and if you want, I'll give him a call and put in a good word for you."

"Well, driving the big rigs is what I've been trained to do. It will give me a chance to see the country I've been serving. Sure, give him a call. What have I got to loose."

Three weeks later, I received my discharge and was now a twenty-two year old unemployed former Marine. I decided to give Bart's dad a call.

"Mr. Taylor, this is Eric Sims. I was in the Marines with Bart."

"Yes, Eric. Bart called and said you might be calling. He really gave you a high recommendation. You interested in driving?"

"Yes, sir, I am," I replied.

He told me to come to Denver and we'd sit down and talk. I did and he was extremely nice, yet all business.

"You do realize that you might be on the road for as much as a month at a time before you get home, don't you?"

"Yes, sir. The only family I had was my dad and sister and my dad passed away just over a year ago. My sister is married and lives in Atlanta. So I really wouldn't mind being on the road all the time."

"Well then, let's see how you can handle a rig."

He took me out to a large lot where they trained prospective drivers. Introducing me to Zack, one of the instructors, he said, "See what he knows and what he needs to learn."

After almost two hours of very sustained situations, we pulled back to the parking area where he called Mr. Taylor.

When he arrived he asked, "Well, Zack, how did he do?"

"Mr. Taylor, to be honest, I don't think there is a damn thing that we can teach him. He's one hell of a driver."

"Well, it seems that Bart was right. Let's get you licensed and on the road, young man."

We did and a week later I was assigned a year old rig with a larger than average sleeper since I would basically be living in my rig. I was given a GPS system and a road atlas for the lower forty-eight states, as well as a company cell phone.

I received my first assignment and made my pick up. Things went well and my delivery was on time. Mr. Taylor worked with freight brokers all over the United States, so when I would make a delivery, I'd call the closest broker and get another load.

I had been driving for almost a year when I was given a delivery to drop off in Atlanta. I called Mr. Taylor and said that i would be laying over for a couple of days to visit with my sister and her family. He said it was fine with him.

I dropped my trailer at a terminal and drove the tractor to their home. Sue and Carl were glad to see me and made me welcome, however I could sense some stress.

I Finlay confronted them about it and found out that Carl had been laid off from his construction job. I had some money in savings both from the marines and from driving and gave them some to help them out. Later that evening as we talked, I asked if Carl would be interested in driving a big rig.

"Eric, I know nothing about them," he replied.

"Carl, I'll talk to my boss and see what he has to say. The company has their own training facilities and they will train you. However, it might mean you two will have to move to Denver."

"No problem there," Sue said. "I'm ready to get out of here."

"One other thing," I said. "Sue, Carl might be gone for two to four weeks at a time. they try to get the married drivers home as often as possible but it doesn't always happen."

"Look, if the money is right, I'd miss him but I'd learn to live with it,"she said.

"Okay. I'll call him first thing tomorrow morning."

I did and he asked me some questions about his honesty and if he used any type drugs. I said there was as honest as the day was long and to my knowledge had never used drugs.

"Have him come see me," Mr. Taylor said.

I told Carl and bought him a round trip ticket to Denver. He went for his interview and was hired. He went home and packed and returned to Denver and began his training. six weeks later he had his CDL license. Mr. Taylor had a delivery arranged for me so that I would end up in Denver.

He called Carl and I to his office.

"Eric, what would you say if I told you Carl was going to be your co-driver?"


"I'm assigning him as your co-driver. With both of you driving, you can make your deliveries faster and get more in bonus's. Besides, you can continue his education."

"Sure," I said.

In the back of my mind I began to wonder how I'd get my fill of pussy. Being a lone driver, I would frequently meet a secretary or other female worker at a delivery who was willing to meet me at the local truck stop for a hot fuck up in my truck. How was I going to handle that with Carl with me? I'd have to figure that one out.

Carl and Sue moved to Denver and Carl began as my co-driver. I was a twenty-three year old red blooded male that needed sex. Carl was twenty-four and had pussy waiting for him when we got home or passed through.

We'd get home for a couple days every two to three weeks. In between, I would hear him jerking off back in the sleeper while I'd be driving. To say the least, I did it frequently myself when he was driving.

We had been driving together for about seven months or so when i noticed that i didn't hear him jerking off as often. I wondered what was up.

Then one afternoon right at dusk, he said we needed to find a place to stop because he needed to take a dump.

"Fuck, man, we're out in the middle of no-where. Can't you wait?" I said.

"No, bro, I need to shit bad."

Just a short while later I saw a sign for a picnic area ahead. Below the sign was another that said 'NO RESTROOMS'.

"Bud, I'll stop but you're going to have to be a bear and shit in the woods."

"That's fine with me,"he replied as he pulled a role of toilet paper from the sleeper. I pulled in and parked and he jumped out and took off through the broken down fence, soon disappearing from sight. There were two other rigs there. The driver was in one and the other appeared empty. I figured the driver was sleeping. Lots of drivers slept in the afternoon and preferred to drive at night when there was less traffic.

I decided to stretch my legs so I got out and locked up the truck, leaving it running. Carl was talking longer than normal and I wondered if he was okay. I soon needed to piss and began walking down the trail he had taken.

Once out of sight of the parking lot, I stopped and whipped out my cock and began pissing. As I finished, I heard soft moans coming from deeper in the woods. I quietly made my way back before suddenly freezing in my tracks.

There ahead of me was Carl, leaning back against a large tree. His pants were around his ankles and another guy was kneeling in front of him. Carl's hands were rubbing the guys shaved head as the guy sucked his cock. I couldn't believe my own brother-in-law was letting another guy suck his dick. Suddenly, Carl moaned louder and bucked his hips forward. I knew he was climaxing. I turned and returned to the truck, climbing in and still not believing what i had seen. Although I had received offers to get mine sucked at some truck stops through holes in the stall partitions, I had never considered it.

When Carl returned, I asked casually, "Feel better?"

"Yea, thanks for stopping."

I turned and looked at him as he fastened his seat belt.

As he turned and looked at back at me I asked, "I can't believe you let another dude suck your dick."

"What are you talking about?" he asked nervously.

"Look, while I was waiting I needed to piss. I went out there and heard you moaning like a bitch in heat. I saw you against the tree with you pants around your ankles and the guy sucking you. How long has it been going on?"

"Shit, man, I'm sorry. Please don't say anything to Sue."

"I don't intend to but I do think you owe me some kind of explanation," I said as I saw the guy with the shaved head exit the woods and climb into the empty rig.

"Eric, it just happened. On one trip home, Sue was on her period so I had to do without. A couple days later we were at a truck stop and I went to shit and there was a hole in the partition. The guy on the other side made it obvious he was stroking and suddenly put his mouth up to the hole. I was horny as hell and just did it. I found it was much more satisfying that jerking off. After that, if the opportunity arose, I'd let a guy suck me off."

"What about today?"

I went out and dropped my pants and leaned against a tree and took my shit. As I finished I realized that guy had been watching me and stroking his cock. As I stood up he said he sure liked what he saw and asked if he could suck it. We went a little farther back and I let him.'

"I just can't believe you let another guy suck your cock. Damn!" I said as I put the rig in gear and pulled out.

Once back on the road, he looked at me and asked, "Do you hate me?"

"Hell no, but another dude?"

"Eric, I'd heard a guy can give a better blow job than a woman and I found out it's true. Never have I had a woman suck me as good as a guy does."

"How often you getting sucked?" I asked.

"Two,maybe three times a week, mainly through the holes in the bathroom. I fund out they are called glory holes. Sometimes though, another driver will ask me to his rig. that is more relaxing."

"Unbelievable," I said. "You have always been so macho. Never did I ever dream that you'd let a guy blow you."

"Well, I did and I plan on continuing. It feels great and if you'd loosen up some and let a guy take care of you, you'd be getting sucked regularly as well."

"I just can't,"I said.

"Can't or won't?" he asked. I didn't reply.

Things were quiet between us the fest of the evening and when we stopped for dinner, I went to the restroom and found a hole in the partition. I figured Carl would see it and use it.

After eating he went to the restroom and after returning later, I asked, "Did you take advantage of the hole?"


"When I saw it, I figured you would."

Nothing more was said about the blow jobs for a couple of days but my curiosity began to grow strong. Then, late one evening we stopped at a truck stop and had dinner. We both noticed a young driver about our age watching us closely.

After we finished eating Carl went to the restroom and the driver quickly followed. After a few moments, Carl returned to the table and sat down. Looking at him I asked, "Did he do you?"

"Not yet."

"What do you mean not yet?"

"We talked and he wants to do both of us. i told him I doubted that you would agree but if not he could still do me. He wants us to go to his rig. It's that big over sized red Freightliner we saw."

I didn't answer, but I had pretty much decided to try it just once to see what it was like.

We paid out check and walked out of the restaurant. Carl headed for the big red truck and I stayed by his side. he looked over at me and I saw him smile.

The driver was in the driver's seat and when he saw us walking toward him he unlocked the passenger door and disappeared back into his sleeper. We climbed in and locked the door , going back into the sleeper where we found him totally naked.

"Just so you know," Carl said, "we only get sucked. Nothing else."

"That's fine with me," he replied. "Why don't you both get naked for me."

Carl and I looked at each other then began stripping. once we were totally nude the driver looked at us and said, "You two are hot as hell. Such hot muscular bodies as well as nice cocks.

Mine wasn't exactly small but I glanced at Carl's and saw his was slightly longer.

Being nervous, Mine didn't get hard immediately like Carl's did. The young driver began sucking Carl's rock hard cock and as I watched, mine began to rise. Carl saw it and smiled.

Soon,Carl was moaning and fed he driver his built up load. Carl had shot his last load more frequently than I had. It had been several days for me.

Carl climaxed into the young driver's mouth and I watched as the driver eagerly swallowed the mouthful of cum.

The driver turned to me and as he grasped my hard cock, Carl said,"Just so you know, this will be his first blow job from another guy."

"Fucking nice," the driver said. "I'll have make it special."

He swallowed my cock and began slowly sucking me, massaging my cock with his tongue. The feeling was like nothing I had ever experienced before. As my climax drew close I began to moan over and over. Carl smiled and said, "Now who's moaning like a bitch in heat?"

Seconds later, my cock exploded and as it did, I grabbed the driver's head and held tight as I shoved my entire cock deep into his throat.

When I released the driver's head he pulled off and said, "for his first time, he sure knows how to feed a cocksucker."

Then looking over at Carl,he noticed that Carl was hard again. "You good for another load?" he asked.

"Sure but not as quick as the last one."

Perfect, because this time I want it up my ass."

"We've never fucked a guy before,but I'm willing to see what it's like," Carl said.

The driver lay on his back on the large bed and pulled up his legs. He lubed his ass and Carl's cock and said, "Go in all the way. Once you're in, you'll know what to do."

Carl inserted his cock into the young studs ass and went in all the way as the driver moaned in pleasure. After pausing a moment, Carl said, "Oh, fuck yea!"

He began fucking the guys ass and the both began to moan, with the driver saying how great it felt. Before long Carl shuddered and cried out as he rammed his cock deep into the drivers ass and dumped his load.

Collapsing onto the driver, Carl said breathlessly, "Eric, man, you got to try this."

My own cock was again hard and after Carl pulled out the driver looked at me and said, "Your turn."

I hesitated a moment and Carl said, "Go for it. It's awesome."

I figured I'd gone this far so I might as well give it a try. I got into position and was soon fucking my first male ass and it was indeed beyond belief. I soon was pounding his ass bringing myself to my climax. I was surprised that I cried out like Carl had and buried my cock deep as I shot my load.

After pulling out the driver handed us each a wipe to use and as we dressed he thanked us both for an awesome time. "I sure hope I run into you two again," he said.

We climbed out of the rig and I said, "I need some coffee."

We went to the restaurant and I led us to a table completely away from the other customers. After our coffee as delivered, I looked at Carl and said, "Bro, would you accept my apology?"

"No apology necessary. Be honest and tell me what you thought."

"Best sex I've had in ages," I replied. "And I'll confess to you now, if we have an opportunity to do it again, count me in."

"Fucking nice. No more hiding it from you," he said. "And to be honest, watching you turned me on again."

"Watching you turned me on also," I said.

After that day, we both would get sucked and fuck if we had the chance. Also, while driving, it was common for Carl to whip out his cock and jerk off there in the passenger seat while I drove.

One day while he was jerking his cock, I got boned watching and adjusted my hard cock into a more comfortable position. He saw me and said, "You good and boned?"


He smiled and after he shot his load into a paper towel, he reached over to my crotch.

"What the fuck you doing?" I asked.

"Helping you out. You need both hands on the wheel so I'm going to help you."

He unbuckled my jeans and opened them and extracted my cock and began stroking me off. I had to admit that feeling his hand on my cock felt good and wondered what it would be like to feel his. He soon got me off and afer he did I thanked him for his assistance.

"Any time," he replied.

That evening after dinner, it was his turn to drive. As we climbed into the rig, I went in back and called him to join me.

"What's up?" he asked.

Being together when we got sucked or fucked other guys had brought Carl and I close. Very close.

Looking at him I said, "Shall we get each other off before we hit the road?"

"I don't see why not."

We both striped and got into a sixty-nine position to make jerking each other off easier. soon,we both ejected huge loads onto each others chest.

Jerking each other became common. Then one night, we had both used up our driving time for that day and after eating, returned to the rig.

"Shall we get some shut eye?" he said.

"You mean sleep together?"

"After all we've done, why not?"

"Sure," I replied.

We both had begun sleeping nude and after stripping down we lay side by side on the bed. Carl casually reached over and grasped my cock and began slowly stroking and bringing me to an erection. I did the same to him.

To make it easier, we turned to face each other. After a couple of moments,our eyes met in the dim light and locked onto each other. As if we each knew what the other was thinking, our faces moved closer and seconds later our lips met, held for a second then separated. A second passed and they touched again, this time separating, exposing out tongues.

Suddenly, our hands left our cocks and wrapped around each-other as we tongue kissed passionately for several minutes.

Then after the kiss we cuddled and Carl suddenly began to change position and went into a sixty-nine. Moments later we were each sucking our first cock and when we each climaxed we each swallowed the others load. Afterward, we again kissed and was son asleep cuddled in each others arms.

The next morning nothing was said about what happened. We went to breakfast and after returning to the rig, I started it up to leave. Carl went in back and called to me. When I went back he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me passionately. I eagerly returned the kiss.

After the kiss, he looked at me and said, "We really don't need other drivers anymore do we?"

"No we don't," I replied.

However, to try and convince ourselves that we were still straight, we'd talk a secretary at a delivery point into joining us for sex. However neither of us could or would admit that it wasn't as good as sex between just the two of us.

All the while we were having sex with other drivers and each other, when we got home, Carl and Sue would have sex. But after a few months, Carl said that it didn't seem that Sue was really into it and he wondered if she was seeing someone else.

After a couple of months of Carl and i sucking each other almost on a daily basis, he decided he wanted to get fucked. I had the honor of taking his virginity and it was fantastic. I let him take mine and to start it hurt like hell but by the time he delivered his seed up my hole, I was loving it.

Basically, on the road Carl and I were lovers but often had three ways with single drivers or fur ways with other driver teams. When at rest areas, we'd have a three way with a local resident there for sex.

Carl and I grew even closer. We had it arranged where I would drive my eight hours then he would drive his eight hours they we'd have eight hours to make love. It wasn't just sex. there was more to it than that although neither of us admitted it.

Then we one day when we were headed home, Carl didn't call and let Sue know.

"Aren't you going to call Sue and let her know we'll be in town tomorrow?"

"No," he replied. "I'm sure she'sseeing someone else and I want to see if I can catch her."

We arrived home and after dropping out trailer, we drove to his house, stopping a block away.

"Come with me," hesaid. "Please."

I did and we walked the rest of the way to his house, seeing a strange car parked in front. It was shortly after six in the afternoon and he knew she should be home from work.

Heeased his key into the lock and opened the door. Easing in quitely, we heard laughter coming from the bed room. Easing down the hall we got to the bedroom door and there in bed naed was Sue and a strange man who was slowly and steadily fucking her.

"Fuck, Tim, do you ever know how to bring me me over the edge. Carl never could. I always had to fake it."

"Is that so?" Carl blurted out.

They both jumped and tried without success to cover their nude bodies.

Carl looked at them and smiled. "Just what I suspected. Sue, you have one hour to get your things out. I'll be back and you'd better be gone. Whatever is left, we're loading up and taking to storage."

"Eric, helpme. You're my brother," shepleaded.

"No way, Sue. You brought this on yourself. Besides, I've fallen in love with Clay, and say what you want, but he definitely does know how to satisfy in bed."

Carl was as stunned at what I said as Sue was. She looked at Carl with a blank look on her face. He looked at her and replied, "And I love him more than I ever loved you." Turning to me, he held my head and we kissed passionately right there in front of them.

After the kiss, he turned and said, "We'll be back in one hour. Be gone."

We walked out and were silent until we were back up in the rig. He turned to look at me and said, "Eric, I don't know if you meant what you said in ther but I meant every word of what I said."

"So did I. I love you with all my heart and soul."

He reached over and squeezed my hand. "Let's go rent a truck."

We did and in exactly one hour we returned to see her driving away. We loaded what remained in the house and took it to a storage facility. After unloading we returned the truck to the 24 hour dealer and drove to a motel where we got a room and made love.

That was three yers ago and we are more in love than ever. We found out that Sue's new boyfriend dumped her when he also found her cheating.

Carl and I have been to all forty-eight states and two provinces of Canada. For us, driving together is a constant vacation and we love it. and each other.




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