My name is Kyle and I am 18 years old. I have a cousin that's 19. His name is Aden. On thanksgiving my family went on a trip to his house. He lives in Kansas while I live in North Carolina. After we arrived, we decided to fresh up a bit. Well I was changing into a new shirt and right when I took my shirt off, Aden came into the room and saw me with my skinny but muscular stomach with 6 pack abs. And he gave me a smile. He came over to me and gave me a handshake. After I got dressed, I've noticed that he was looking at me. I smiled to myself. Knowing that he might be straight or not. I knew for a fact that I was bisexual and wondered if he was gay or bisexual too. We both went to his church with our families and his church was big. We explored it and it was awkward. Knowing he was walking next to me made me hard. I knew I wanted him and all of him.

    After church we came home and played some board games and we played game on our phones. When it was time to sleep. I went to shower and he asked me if he could stay in the bathroom with me while I took a shower. I noticed the curtain was clear and I smiled knowing this was my chance. Well after I striped naked I front of him, I knew he was looking. I started to get a hard on and I got in the shower. I turned on the water and started to soap my body. Minutes later he said he'd be right back. I said okay and waited for him to come back. When he opened the door. I noticed he was naked. I gestured him to come and shower with me. I also noticed that he was erected. I was too. His dick was about 8" while mine was 7". We both soaped each other's bodies and I saw that he had 6 pack abs and was skinny but muscular like me. We both smiled and I started going down to soap his bottom. His dick was so warm and I wanted it. He also started to go towards my ass and started to finger it. It didn't hurt because I fingered my ass before and was used to it. I went down to suck his erected penis and it tasted so good. He started to moan and he grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth. It felt so good knowing his dick was in my throat. He turned me around to fuck my ass. He used soap to lube up his dick. He shot it in and I moaned. It hurt but after a while it started to feel so good. After five minutes, he came in my ass and it felt like a volcano just exploded.

    We finished showering and we went to our room to get ready for sleep. In his room, he pushed me on the bed and kissed me. He went down and down until he was he was in front of my dick. When he licked it, I moaned. He started sucking it like a lollipop and he sucked my dick until I came in his mouth. He licked all of it off my dick and he kissed me. I could taste my own cum and it tasted somewhat great. After we kissed for while we went to sleep naked. The next morning I woke up to him hugging me like a teddy bear. I didn't want to wake him up. I reached down to grip his dick. He got an instant hard on and he woke up. He smiled at me and kissed me. I went down to suck his dick and he moaned. After a while, he came in my mouth shooting eight strings of cum him my mouth. It tasted sweet and I wanted more of it.

    Later in the day we went to this family dinner and I saw his friend Tom. I found out that he was my cousin too. He is 15 and very cute. He was tall and he looked skinny and muscular. I wondered if we would join us in our little play time. Me and Aden went to his room and Tom followed us. I closed the door and locked it while Aden went up to Tom and started to kiss him. I went to him and started to rub his dick in his pants. It felt like it was huge! I pulled down his pants and underwear and It sprung out! It was 9" and it was perfect. I licked it and sucked it. Me and Aden took turns sucking and kissing his dick. Tom turned me over and stuck his raw dick in my ass and it hurt so bad but it soon felt like pleasure. Aden went under me and stuck his dick in my ass too. Making me having two dicks up my ass. It felt so good!! I didn't want it to stop! They both moved inside of me and they both came inside. It felt even better than the night before! They came out and Tom licked my ass. He and Aden sucked the cum out of my ass and their tongues were so warm and hot.

    That night Tom slept over at Aden's house and that's where I was sleeping. We all wanted to shower so we showered together and soaped each other and played a little bit. It felt like heaven. I was blessed with two sexy boys and their all mine. I wanted them both in my ass. We went out of the shower and into Aden's room. They both went in and it felt so good. They came inside and Aden sat in my dick pushing my dick inside. His ass felt so warm! I thrusted my hips upward and and he started to moan and Tom came up to my mouth and I sucked his dick. I came in Aden and Tom came inside my mouth. Now it was toms turn. Me and Aden both went inside of Tom. He moaned and he said it felt so good! His ass was so tight being his first time with two dicks inside. We both came and Aden's warm juice mixed with mine. I licked Tom's ass with our cum in it and it was like a candy with liquid juice inside it! Me and Aden kissed while Tom sucked our dicks. After for about two minutes. We both came again but in Tom's mouth. He swallowed all of our juice. We laid on Aden's bed and we was talking about our day. Knowing the next morning I was leaving to go back to North Carolina.

    We all hugged each other and wished we could do it again soon. After we left, I knew that I was crying. Missing them I texted them saying that I missed that and they said that they missed me too. After a long drive, we finally came home. I immediately messaged them both and we talked all night. And we all wished that we could have sex again. A year later we went back to Kansas and we met again. And you can tell what we did next.




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