My baseball coach seduced me when I was a senior in high school. He was almost the first guy I ever made it with. It happened one Thursday in April after a particularly rough practice session, and it came as a real surprise to me - not unwelcomed, just unexpected. All that spring, I had been thinking a lot about making it with another guy, and I fooled around a bit with some guys, but I had never put the coach on my secret list of potential sex partners. He just seemed so straight, you know?

Thinking back now, I guess he had shown me a lot of personal attention, frequently calling me into his office to give me extra help and pointers on how to improve my game. That's why I didn't think anything about it that afternoon when he stuck his head into the showers and hollered that he wanted to see me in his office, pronto. In a way, I was relieved when he called to me, because on that particular day I was having one hell of a time trying to keep my cock under control.

I wonder now if he had noticed my semi-erect cock as I stood there naked, soaping off the sweat and grime that had been building up over the last few hours. If he had, I'm sure he couldn't know that the erection I was trying so unsuccessfully to repress was caused by desire for my teammate, Jeff, who was standing under the showerhead across from me, as naked as I was.

Anyway, when the coach called to me, I quickly rinsed off, turned off the shower, and hurriedly grabbed my towel. Drying myself off, I followed the coach down the aisle between the lockers. Just before I stepped through the door of his office, I stopped and wrapped the towel around my midsection. That's when I noticed that Jeff had followed me out of the shower, and was standing at his locker, leisurely drying his lean, muscular body, and intently watching me. Our eyes locked for a second, he turned away, and I went into the office, the coach closing the door behind me. I remember wondering briefly what Jeff was thinking at that moment, and if he had any idea at all that he was number one on my secret list of potential sex partners.

Jeff had everything I admired: a lively expressiveness, good humor, great looks, a serious attitude towards developing his fine body, and modesty (but with the sexy air that doesn't say "yes" but doesn't say "no" either.) I wanted to find ways to be with him, to get to know him better. I wanted him to like me. I wanted to see where things would lead. I wanted to make it with him if I could work it so that he thought it was all his idea. I did a lot of daydreaming about it, and my balls ached all the time, so I jacked off thinking about him every night. For the last few years, it was his older brother Peter, who drove me crazy, but he had graduated and gone off to college.

Unfortunately, things hadn't gone very far at all with Jeff and me neither. It seemed as if he tried to avoid me more than just ignore me. I'd sit next to him casually after taking a turn at bat, for example, and when he'd come back from his turn, he'd find another place, not returning to the open spot next to me. Someone would call to him and say a bunch of us were going to get something to eat, and he'd see me in the group and decline the invitation. He'd grunt whenever I'd made a remark directly to him, and be non-committal. I was reluctantly coming to the conclusion that he had somehow developed a dislike for me, and I couldn't figure out why. You know how teen-agers are. I hurt like hell. He couldn't have known I was gay. You learn very quickly to mask that sort of thing, and I was a quick learner.

The day after the coach put the make on me, though, Jeff came into the shower room and took the showerhead right next to mine. Since we were almost alone in the large room, it was a startling move. Whenever anyone came in to shower, standard procedure seemed to dictate that he take a showerhead at least two showerheads from the next guy, if possible, even if they were good friends. The only time someone took the showerhead right next to mine was when the room was almost full. And Jeff would normally have taken any other showerhead but the one next to mine. I looked at him with surprise.

"Hi, Jack." He smiled, looking me in the eye. It was the first time I could remember he had ever called me by name. And he had never greeted me before. I had always been the one to say "Hello" and he'd grunt. And he had never looked me so boldly in the eye before, either. "Huh?..." was my clever response. I stared back at him. Suddenly, for no reason I could explain, I started to blush. Apparently, my whole face, neck, shoulders, and part of my chest turned bright red. I felt hot and flushed, even though the water spray was cool.

"You're turnin' all red, Jack." His smile turned into a wicked grin. "Somethin' wrong?"

He turned his body to me, soaping up languorously, hands running over his well-developed chest and abdomen, legs apart. Somehow his hand movements drew my attention to his crotch, where everything seemed to be in motion.

"Uhh..." My conversation had become brilliant. I felt my face get even hotter as I stared at his swaying cock. It was lengthening, enlarging. "Er..."

"You okay, Jack?" he smirked.

"Umm. Er. Yeah. I'm okay. My mind was wandering. Sorry." I looked back into his leer and felt my face flush even redder.

He leaned over toward me and whispered conspiratorially, "Do you always turn red when someone starts talkin' to you in the shower, kid?" He laughed aloud, throwing his head back, jutting out his crotch as if to provide me a better look. "Well?"

The laugh was infectious. It made me laugh, too. And all the harder as I realize how inappropriate it was for him to call me "kid." We were both eighteen, had the same build, the same height and weight, were in the same grade, and on the same varsity ball team. While I secretly lusted after him, there he was calling me "kid," like I was some pimply-faced ninth-grader. It seemed so unfair. It was also so frustrating. He had caught me completely off guard. If I hadn't laughed, I would have cried. But I stopped laughing as I noticed his cock continuing to lengthen.

"You never talk to me in the shower or anywhere else. You caught me by surprise, Jeff." I was recovering. "What's up?"

I looked directly at his cock. Openly. Obviously. Then I looked up into his face. He was still smirking. But then, instantly, his expression grew serious.

"You remember my brother, Peter, don't you?" he asked.

"Of course I do. He was Team Captain when you and I first made the team. What's he now, a freshman at State, right?"

I wondered why he wanted to talk about his brother. Peter had been my idol. I thought he was perfect. I had been eager to please him when I'd first started playing on the team. But I'd pretty well put him out of my mind lately. Jeff had replaced him.

"He told me to say 'hello' to you."

"He did? No Kidding. When?" I was very pleased to hear that Peter had thought of me.

"Just last night. He's home for some kind of break. He and I got to rapping about you. He asked me to invite you over after workout tonight. Wadda ya say? Will you come?" He smiled. Then he slid his hand into his crotch and began soaping up his cock, grabbing it lewdly, it seemed to me. I thought about the invitation as I watched in fascination as he soaped his cock and balls, now with both hands. His back was to the doorway and to the other two fellows in the showers. I had the clear impression that he was beginning to play with himself just for my benefit. I found it very difficult to keep from getting a full erection.

The idea of seeing Peter again was stimulating. He had been number one on my secret list for a long time - until he graduated. At the time, he was the sexiest player on the team, without a doubt. He was always playing grab-ass, or snapping towels at some naked jock, or telling dirty jokes. I had enjoyed just being around him, nearby. I wasn't part of his intimate group of friends, but he seemed to want to make the time to give me a pointer to improve my game, or to pat me on the butt for a good play, or just to wink at me to let me know he knew I was around. You know the type.

"I'd have to phone my Mom first. She gets pissed if I don't show up when expected. What time should I tell her I'll be home?"

"Tell her you're sleeping over."

My mouth fell open.

"Sure. Tell her we've got to study for some exam tomorrow, and that my parents thought it would be good if we study real late and go right to bed." He gave me a confident smile. "You know how to bullshit 'em, don't you?"

"Yeah, but sleeping over... I don't know..."

"C'mon! Pete says it'll be fun."

"He does? You mean he asked you to ask me to sleep over?" I was really puzzled. Why would Peter even remember me, particularly? Why would he want me to sleep over? "How come?" I asked aloud.

"Fuck," Jeff said, rinsing off the soap and backing up into the spray, not turning from me, watching me stare at his heavy cock and huge balls. "Pete didn't ask me to ask you. He told me to tell you!" He laughed mysteriously, enjoying the puzzled look on my face. "Just say yes. We'll have a good time, I promise you." He smirked and raised his eyebrows a few times, as if trying to be suggestive. It just looked silly and I laughed. Still I was curious.

"Okay. I'll come over."

Thirty minutes later, I was following Jeff through the back door of his home into the kitchen.

In a loud voice, he called out, "Pete, we're home."

"Umm, Jeff," I asked, "aren't your folks home?"

"Naw, they're off on a two week vacation."

"Geez, you heard me tell my mom your parents thought it was a good idea if I stayed over. She'll shit if she finds out they're not here."

"My parents think this is a great idea. We phoned them last night and told them. Your mom will never find out - and even if she does, my dad will tell her it was his idea. Stop worrying." He called out again, "Hey, Pete! C'mon down."

I heard a door close upstairs and heard someone coming down loudly, taking two or three stairs at a time and thudding to the bottom. Then Peter came bounding energetically into the room, looking more spectacular than handsome men ought to be allowed to look. He put his arms way out and came right over to me. He embraced me warmly - I had been expecting a formal handshake. I figured this must be how he greeted his brother and his brother's friends, so I returned the strong hug. It felt good!

He reached out and tousled his brother's hair, saying with a grin, "You got 'im!"

I wondered what that meant exactly, but it seemed as if I'd never understand other people's motives, so I just smiled, as Peter went to the fridge to get himself a beer.

We had some sandwiches for supper. Afterwards, we sprawled out in Peter's bedroom, listening to his stereo and talking baseball. Just as I was beginning to grow comfortable in the presence of these two handsome brothers, one my old idol, the other my new flame, Peter ask something that hit me right in the groin!

"That ol' cocksucker of a coach still around?"

Jeff laughed. "He sure is. I'm glad you warned me about him."

I felt my face flush. "What do you mean?" I spoke awkwardly, feeling I had been caught in a trap. What were they up to?

Peter rubbed his crotch lasciviously. We were lying on the floor in a "Y" formation. Both their crotches were only inches from my face, one on each side of me, as I lay on my stomach between them.

"You mean no one ever told you about him?"

"No." I could hardly get the word out, I was so flustered.

"He's the biggest cocksucker in town. I could tell you stories about him that's make your hair stand on end."

"Or something stand on end," Jeff added with a giggle. The both laughed. They seemed to be communicating with each other on a level I couldn't take in.

"Yeah," Peter sighed with a smile, "that guy is really something else. He called me into his office one evening as I was coming out of the showers. I went in, closed the door, and asked what he wanted, and he said, right out, he wanted to suck my cock. Can you beat that!" He grinned at me.

My eyes bulged out. I was sure it was a look of guilt, but he seemed to take it for a look of disbelief.

"Hey, Jack, no shit! He asked right out if he could suck my cock." He paused. Both he and Jeff were waiting for me to say something.

"Wha... What did you do?" I asked quietly, barely able to breathe.

"What would you have done?" Peter parried, his hand still rubbing his crotch. Jeff's hand was now on his own crotch, holding it lewdly, I thought. I could have passed out.

Peter leaned closer. Well...?"

"You mean if..." I paused.

Jeff interrupted. "Yeah, suppose he asked you if he could suck your cock, man. What would do?"

I thought as fast as I could. Here they were, apparently getting aroused talking about the coach who had given me a blow-job just the very night before, and asking me what I'd do if he asked to blow me. I didn't want to lie, for some reason, although that would be easy, but I wasn't about to open up and admit anything right then and there either.

"No fair," I countered. "I asked you first, Peter. What did you do?"

Peter grinned, but said nothing.

"Lemme see if I can guess," I ventured bravely. "You said you were coming out of the shower so you were naked, right? You were about my age then, so you were horny. Am I right?" He raised his eyebrows. I decided to be assertive. "You were probably curious, too, if you're anything like me. So I'd guess that you probably tried it." For the first time, I relaxed and smiled. "Right?"

Peter grinned back, still not replying, so I turned to his brother. "What about you, Jeff? Did the coach ask to suck your cock, too?" I smiled at Jeff. His full crotch was even closer to my face than his brother's. To challenge them at their own game, I sat up, my legs crossed yoga style, and I rubbed my basket boldly, even though it contained a completely deflated cock.

"Not yet, kid," Jeff said with that wicked grin of his, "but I've been expecting him to ask any day now. Pete says he seems to prefer only the seniors. I figure I'll be asked soon enough, especially since I happened to see him close his door behind your naked ass last night, Jack."

"Oh, shit!" I blurted out. I was discovered. "No wonder you and Peter talked about me last night."

"You bet your ass we did," Peter laughed. "Why don't you tell us what happened?" He winked at me. "Jeff said you didn't come out right away." He sensed my reluctance to talk about it, so he said, enthusiastically, "Good fuckin' book, ain't it?"

"Book" What book?" Jeff demanded eagerly.

"You know about the book, Peter?" I asked with some relief. If he was referring to the book of male nudes the coach had shown me as a "good fuckin' book," he must have seen it - and liked it - too. But, then again, maybe he was only toying with me.

"What book?" Jeff persisted.

"Yeah," Peter said, rather casually. "He shows that book to everybody." He turned to his brother. " Jeff, I've told you about that book plenty of times when we've been beating off together. It's the photo album of nude, muscular, young jocks he likes to look at, and show to guys he's interested in blowing. It's got all those pictures of him blowing guys." He turned back to me. "You didn't see my picture in it, though, did you, Jack?"

"Uh... You guys jack off together?" This was going by too fast for me.

"Well, hell yes, sure we do - but that's another subject. Did you see a picture of me?" Peter was insistent. "in the photo album? Did you?"

"No," I answered honestly, "but I didn't see the whole book. Did you pose for him?" I couldn't imagine that, but the idea of it started turning me on. "Well?"

"Sure did. It was fun. But he swore he'd never put any photo into the album within four years of its being taken, so that no student would recognize a former student. You wouldn't have seen a photo of me, even if you had looked through the whole book."

I decided to get a little brazen. "Well," I said," some of the photos only showed some guys from balls to tits. I'd have to take a look at you, now, to see if I had seen a picture of you." I laughed, rubbing my now responsive cock. "You know?"

"That can be arranged," Peter said with a laugh. He began to unbutton his fly with one hand, while his other hand slid his tee-shirt up to his neck, revealing an excellent, maturing body of thick muscles and superb definition. His large, hard cock jumped from the fly, looking red and ready in front of dark cockhair trailing to his navel. He was even sexier than I had remembered - and his body odor was wonderful, causing my nose to sniff eagerly, my mouth to water, and my cock to throb!

"Man," I sighed, straining toward him to inhale the masculine odors.

Jeff leaned over and pulled off his brother's tee-shirt, and I grabbed Peter's jeans by the cuffs and tugged them off. He was nude. Then I grabbed Jeff's cuffs and pulled off his jeans, while he unbuttoned his shirt. They were both naked. My erection was surging harder by the second. Suddenly, Jeff straightened out in front of me and I saw, for the first time, his magnificent erection.. It was larger than his brother's , but they were both perfect. His brother had larger balls, it seemed. I looked from one sexy young man to the other and was dazzled by their breathtaking beauty and awesome sexuality. I started unbuttoning my jeans.

"Yeah," Peter said and moved down to help, pulling off my pants as Jeff pulled my tee-shirt over my head. The three of us were naked, sporting hard-ons that looked ready for action.

"Wow! Look at us! Tell me about the photo album, Jack," Jeff pleaded. "What's it like?"

I looked at Peter. He winked encouragement.

"It's a big three-ring binder, about five or six inches think. Each photo is an eight-by-ten or larger, held in a plastic protector. Most pages have only one photo, but every once in a while there two photos facing each other. The first few photos are of real body builders, who've been shaved. They were pictured from the crotch to the neck. but you couldn't see sex organs. The coach said my abs were going to look like that, someday."

"Fuck, I remember," Peter suddenly broke in, excitedly. "That's exactly what that fucker said to me. And he put his hand into my groin to show me. I remember. Is that what he did with you, Jack?"

"Yeah, exactly. Told me I have great development right..." I grinned at Peter and stretched out my hand to Jeff and pressed under his erection to touch his abdominal muscles. "...right here. Then he stroked 'em, like this."

I stroked Jeff's abdomen, while the back of my hand rubbed erotically against his hard cock. It was electrifying! The coach had only pressed the muscles and stopped, but I continued rubbing the cock under the pretext of imitating the coach pressing the muscles.

"Yeah," Peter said, grabbing his own cock and beginning to pump it, "that's just how he did it to me."

"You mean like this?" I asked, and reached out with my other hand to slide under his pumping, cock-filled hand, to stroke his abdomen, too. I felt cock on the backs of both my hands. This was getting downright amazing!

"Oh, yeah! That feels good," Peter sighed, releasing his cock to press firmly against the back of my hand.

"What'd he do, then?":" Jeff asked in a tension-filled voice.

I dropped the pretense of stroking their muscles and took a cock in each hand to pump them in unison. Both men sighed, looked at each other and snuggled together, lying in a "V." heads touching, watching me.

Between them, now on my knees, I began to jack them off. Each put an arm under the other and started to caress each other's body with his free arm, Pinching nipples, rubbing flesh, and humping cock into my fists. I could see instantly that they were familiar with each other's body.

"C'mon, Jack, tell us what he did then," Jeff whispered huskily.

"He showed me a photo of a guy with a hard-on. It's the first photo of a hard-on I'd ever seen, and it excited me. It was a big one! He said he knew the guy. Then he showed me a photo of a guy with his cock in a mouth at the edge of the picture, and he told me that guy was named Jack, just like me."

Peter laughed. "No shit" He told me that guy's name was Peter!" We both laughed. "What a routine - next thing you know, he'll be telling someone his name is Jeff."

The three of us laughed at that. But I didn't let go of the two incredible cocks. The knobs were getting bright and shiny, showing drops of lubrication at the tips. Each looked completely different from the other, even though they were brothers.

"The one that really got me, though, was the next one," I continued. "It showed the coach himself, down on his knees, suckin' the big cock of that guy. He had it all the way down his throat to the balls. I got as hard as I am now."

They had both been looking at my erection. It was dark and throbbing between their own. They couldn't quite reach it.

"Wow! Did he go down on you?" Jeff asked, naively, looking excited.

"Of course he did," Peter interjected before I could say anything. "Wouldn't you go down on something as great looking as Jack's cock if you were the cocksuckin' coach?"

Peter smiled at me. It took my breath away. Was he saying he'd suck my cock?  Was he telling Jeff to suck my cock? I was being constantly amazed by these two sexy brothers.

"He sure did, Jeff," I confirmed. "and he was pretty good at it, too."

"Fuck, I should hope so, Peter laughed. " He's had years of experience. But tell me, Jack, what did you do then?"

I grinned. "C'mon, Peter - what did you do after he blew you?"

"I asked you first.

"Yeah, c'mon, Jack" Jeff pressed, sensing that his brother was on to something interesting. " What did you do next." He looked fascinated and very keen on hearing more details.

I decided, with a cock in each hand, to be honest. "Well, the blow job had felt so good, and his cock was so big and tempting looking, I just gave him a blow job right back."

No one spoke for a while. The two of them just continued to flex their ass muscles and pump their cocks up into my fists, clearly offering themselves to me. In fact, both began to look pleadingly into my eyes. It was as if they had suspected me all along, had discussed me between themselves, and were hoping I'd give them blow-jobs, too. I figured that although they admitted jacking off together, they probably didn't want to blow each other. On the other hand, these were fleeting impressions, as my attention was focused on the magnificent meat in my hands. I couldn't resist it much longer - especially after what I had learned from and done to the coach just yesterday.

I leaned over to my left and licked at the fat head of Peter's cock. He groaned with pleasure. Jeff's eyes got real big and his breathing stopped as he sucked in his breath. Next, I bent down and sucked the entire head of Jeff's cock into my hot mouth. He groaned even louder than his brother.

"Wow! This is great! This is even better than jerkin' off!" he said enthusiastically.

"Tell me Peter," I asked, coming off Jeff's cock with a 'pop,' "what did you do after the coach blew you?"

"Yeah, tell us," Jeff begged, as the idea of his older brother blowing the coach suddenly occurred to him. "What did you do?

"Shit, I'll never tell," Peter said, but the smile of a naughty boy flitted across his face.

"Then show us," I urged, settling back on my haunches and arching my back, thrusting my full erection into the air in front of him. It was rigid with anticipation and was leaking viscous fluid from the large cleft in the tip, looking moist and inviting, pulsing with energy and excitement.

Peter looked at my cock, glanced at his brother, groaned, and moved over my weapon as if in a trance. His hot breath bathed my cockhead as he stared at it up close before stretching out his tongue to touch the smooth, moist glans. He groaned again and slid his thick lips over the fleshy cockhead with a greedy slurp. Instinctively, my hands grabbed his head as his right hand swirled around my balls and tugged on them sensuously.

Jeff's eyes bugged out, looking at my cock disappearing into his own brother's mouth. Unconsciously, his hand began pumping his pulsating cock.

"Don't waste it," I told him, angling over to take the tip of it into my mouth as his beating fist bumped my chin. He pulled his hand away and groaned with pleasure as his cockhead was sucked into my eager mouth.

Peter then shifted his body so that his crotch was next to Jeff's head. I watched as Jeff studied the stiff, quivering meat for a moment, then licked his lips to moisten them, and slowly bent his head toward his brother's cock, sniffing as he went. I knew it was the first time they had gone this far. Obviously, Jeff liked what he smelled, as his hot lips encircled the fat cockhead, drawing the meaty glans into his mouth. That in turn made Peter suck in more of my cock as he drew in his breath in surprise and delight.

"Ummmmm," Peter moaned, vibrating my cock.

'Ummmmm," I repeated, vibrating Jeff's cock.

"Ummmmm," Jeff agreed, vibrating Peter's cock.

We had formed a tight, triangular ring.

After and incredible moment of blissful abandonment, Peter's mouth popped off my cock and he asked, "How does Jeff's cock taste?"

I came up off of Jeff's cock with a slurp. The rigid wet cock smacked against Jeff's belly with a loud thwack. "Try it, man. It's great!"

Another slurp, another thwack, and Jeff said, "Yeah, and let me try Jack's."

We shifted positions. Suddenly, Jeff's mouth covered my cock and sucked excitedly. The entrance of my cockhead through his handsome, well-formed lips and into the face I had fallen in love with, drove me wild!

I sucked with demented fury on Peter's cock and felt it stiffen in response. I pumped my hips at Jeff and groaned. I wanted to give him my load. My orgasm enveloped me, surging from head to toe, stiffening my muscles, driving my cum up the length of my cock and into Jeff's eager, virgin mouth. Simultaneously, my mouth was filled with Peter's jism. Thick, spicy fluid jetted into me, spurt after delicious spurt. I sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed, wanting more and more of his heavy load! Jeff sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed, until I had to pull away, backing off Peter's cock as he, too, pulled away.

"Boy! Jeff came just at the same moment I did," Peter gasped excitedly.

Jeff laughed. "Jack did, too! We all came together. Geez, that was terrific!"

"God, that was more spectacular than I had ever dreamt of," I said with matching excitement,. "I can't believe this. Sucking cock! Sucking cock together! It's incredible!"

"Yeah, incredible," they both echoed in unison.

We sat up cross-legged and looked at one another, naked and smiling with gooey, cum-drenched mouths. We all spoke excitedly at once, confessing that we loved cocksucking, loved being naked together, loved talking dirty, and maybe even loved one another. We admitted that we had wanted to do this for as long as we could remember, but had never had the courage to suggest it.

I was surprised that their admissions were as heartfelt and open as my own. They both told me that each had longed to make it with me, and had both felt that I would be a willing partner, but they didn't know how to approach me, so they reacted by being somewhat distant towards me. I got all choked up as they spoke of jacking off together, talking about me. They said they had hoped I'd be a jack-off buddy, but that, now, this cocksucking was even more awesome than they could ever have imagined.

We went into the master bathroom and showered together, laughing and playing around like kids. As we dried off in front of the big mirror, erections beginning to raise their shiny heads, Peter said, "You know, that ol' cocksuckin' coach will never realize what a big help he's been to us."

Then Jeff said, "Maybe I will tell him when it's my turn to look at his photo album. And what do you think, Jack..." he grabbed his cock and began jacking off for us in the mirror. ""...will I make a pretty picture?"

I could barely hear myself say, "You'll make a perfect picture," as I sank to my knees.


Jack Sofelot


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