My coworker Doug and I decided we wanted to take a week off and drive down to the Florida keys for vacation. I had a bit of a crush on him. He was about 5' 9" and thin (maybe a bit too thin), brown hair brown eyes, with thick dark eyebrows. I could see dark hairs pushing up over the collar of his shirt so I knew he must have a hairy chest.

He knew I was gay but he had a girlfriend and was straight as far as I could tell. That didn't stop me flirting with him now and then only half serious. We would kid either other about things. Sometimes he'd point out guys and see if I thought they were hot.

He lived with a roommate whom is met a few times. He was a big guy, shaved head, also straight, but always liked to walk around just wearing sweatpants and no shirt. He was smooth and muscular with a shaved head. The sweatpants left little doubt that he was very well endowed.

Doug and his girlfriend had just started seriously dating, it was a kind of on and off again kind of relationship, I think he was a virgin before he started seeing her. They would fight and break up then be back together a day later.

I was surprised that she didn't come along with us on the trip. I subtly lobbied against it, fearing I'd be a third wheel. We had planned the trip before they had really gotten together. think he wished she was coming along but was aware that I really didn't want her to spoil our "guys only" road trip. I know I would not have had a good time with her there.

So we set off down to coast escaping from the cold northern February winter. We planned on driving as far as Jacksonville where my sister lived the first day. Then from there meeting up with friends who were down for spring training in Fort Lauderdale.

We sister and her husband lived in a bungalow a few blocks from the beach. My brother in law was in the navy so was away a lot and my sister was going to be away for business when we were heading down, but would be there for our return trip. She told me where the spare key was hidden and said we were free to stay there while she was gone.

After a long day of driving we finally got to my sister's house after dark. We unpacked a few things and checked out the place.

"My sister says there is a nice local place to eat a few blocks away, let's go get something to eat."

"Sounds like a plan, I'm starving".

At dinner we had a few beers. We talked for a while about all kind of things. We got on the subject of sex and his girlfriend.

"Sometimes we just hang around the apartment naked"

"What about your roommate? Aren't you afraid he might walk in?"

"Sometimes he's home when we are, he doesn't care, he stays in his room a lot anyway, I think he's in there masturbating to porn a lot"

"Ever caught him? Or seen him naked"

"No, I typically don't go in his room, I just hear it through the walls", he relied.

"He looks like he has a pretty big dick, you really can't miss it in those sweat pants he always wears", I observed.

"I guess so, I haven't really been checking him out or seen any ciocx to compare" he had this way of saying the word "cock" in a funny way that we always laughed at.

"What about you? Ever measured yours to see how big it is?" I asked, emboldened but the second round of beers we'd ordered with dinner.

"No, I've never measured it, I guess it's average"

"We had this contest with guys in my youth group growing up about who had the biggest dick, we all measured them and I won."

"Really..." He smirked

"We should go back and find a ruler and measure it." I offered.

He had a puzzled look on his face like he wasn't sure if I was just kidding or being serious.

"Sure why not" He agreed tentatively.

My mind was racing, Was I really going to get to see my straight friend's cock? Maybe even touch it? It blew my mind. I was getting a hard on there in the bar.

The whole way back to the house I was shaking in anticipation. When we got inside, I looked around the house and found a ruler in the office. When I returned he was standing awkwardly by the sofa in the living room, as if not sure he should be there.

"We're really going to do this?", he asked seeing the ruler in my hand.

"Sure, I'll do it too", I replied try to sound relaxed, as if this was no big thing.

"Ok...", he replied a bit hesitant.

I unbuttoned my shorts and looked over at him. He was wearing jeans even on this warm Florida evening. He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the down. He was wearing gray boxers. I could see a substantial bulge in them. As he pulled down his jeans I got to see his hairy legs. They were covered in thick dark hair.

I finished taking off my shorts. I was wearing boxer briefs so the outline of my hard cock was unmistakable.

I wanted to see his chest as well, so I went ahead and stripped off my shirt to see if he would follow suit.

He did. He lifted his teeshirt up over his head and sat it on top his jeans on the back of the sofa. There he was, in just his boxers, the object of my lust. He was covered in the same thick hair he had on his legs. It spread out from his chest up to his neck and shoulders and down the middle of his belly and piled up at the waist band of his boxers. He seemed a bit embarrassed at it.

"Wow! you are really hairy"

"I know, I hate it, I was given growth hormones while growing up because I wasn't developing fast enough and it seems like that made me grow all this hair."

"I think it's hot", I wanted so badly to bury my face in his chest at that moment.

"Really? I'd shave it off but it's a big pain and just comes back quickly."

"No I would keep it the way it is."

I idly spun the ruler in my hand and then took the leap. I pulled down my underwear and let them drop to the floor. My cock stuck out and down heavily in front of me. I stroked it a few times but I didn't need to since I was harder than I'd ever felt before. I lifted it up and placed the ruler along the top and pushed my dick up so was was level against the cool surface of the ruler.

"Just about 8 inches", I said.

He watched me with curiosity. I noticed his boxers push out a bit, or was I imagining it.

"Ok now you", I prompted. The moment I had longed for had arrived, would he go through with it or back out.

He hesitated then pulled his boxers down and let them fall. His dick sprang up straight out in front of him. It was massive. Both thick and long. It had a large head and the skin was a shade darker than the skin on the rest of his body. It jutted out from a thick patch of pubic hair and below it were two large hairy nuts.

My mouth watered at the sight of it. I was trembling. I steadied myself, taking the ruler I reached out for his cock. He didn't object so I continued to place the ruler on the top of his dick. I wrapped my fingers around it felling the heat radiating from it. I felt it convulse involuntarily from the contact with my hand.

"Just over 8 inches, and thick", I emphasized by wrapping my fingers around it and squeezing. I then reluctantly let go.

"Is that good?", seeming to not notice or not care that I had just been touching him in such an intimate way.

"It's better than good, you know the average is only around 5 inches."

"Really? I didn't think I was that big."

"Are you kidding me, you are huge. I think we are both well above average and you've got one of the biggest I've ever seen. "

He smiled and seemed flushed with the news that we was indeed above average.

"I don't know about you but I'm really horny, want to take care of these." I said motioning to our throbbing members.

"Well... I guess" said after what seemed like an agonizing pause.

I lead him to the guest bedroom. We got on the bed next to each other and started to stroke our dicks. I was so close to cumming I had to be careful. I watched as he stroked his cock from base to tip. It looked so hot I wanted to taste it, to feel it in my mouth.

I was shaking I was so nervous.

"Can I suck your cock?" I asked my voice cracking like a teenager.

He looked at me and started to laugh. We had this running joke about the word cock, he would say it like "ciocx" and we'd laugh about it. I guess me saying cock kind of made the whole situation kind surreal and brought the reality of what we were doing back to him. I could tell the mood had shifted and he seemed uncomfortable.

I laughed it off a bit with him. I backed off. I didn't ask him again. I could sense that would have been a bit too far for him at this moment.

I couldn't hold back any longer, the sight of him next to me alone was enough to send me over the edge and I had been in the edge almost since we got in the door. I shot my load with such force it hit the headboard of the bed and landed on my face. Several more volleys landed on my chest and stomach. Doug was watching with some interest and perhaps a bit of disgust.

"Are you going to...?"

"I don't think I can right now", he replied.

I was disappointed and a bit sick with myself for pushing my friend to do something that he appeared to now be regretting.

"That's ok. Sorry I took it too far. "

"That's ok..."

We were quiet, for a bit. He had stopped jacking off. I got up and grabbed some toilet paper to clean up and came back to bed. We both lay there in silence for a while. Then I drifted off to sleep.


It was early morning, the sun was just starting to rise up over the dunes and peek in through the curtains. I opened my eyes a crack to see Doug laying on his back, the light sheet draped over his body. His wiry chest hair radiated out from his nipples and disappearing under the sheet. As I watched I noticed that the sheet was rising a falling. Being pulled from something further down. I raised up a bit to get a better view but was careful not to wake my sleeping friend. It seemed that one part of him was wide awake pushing the sheet up like the great pole of a circus tent. It swayed with the rhythm of his slow heartbeat. I could see a small patch of wetness forming at the top of the pole. My cock was already rock hard by this point as I watched his dick with only a millimeter of thin cloth separating me from it. I wanted a better view. I very gently tugged on the sheet, as if maybe I was turning over in my sleep. It slipped down his body revealing more of his luxurious pelt.

I held my breath afraid he might wake up, but his breathing remained the same. Now the sheet was resting across his abs. The thick hair tangled in the hem of the sheet.

The movement of the sheet caused his dick to jump and climb to new heights as well a spew out more precum which began to soak through the sheet in a new spot. My prize was only a few inches from being revealed.

I steadied myself, mustered my courage, and once again tugged on the sheet. This time it slipped away easily letting his dick free from its confines. In the early morning light I took in the sight before me. Soft wiry hair lead from his chest down to a thicket of pubes and up part of the shaft of his rod. His dick twitched and throbbed again, sticking out almost perpendicular to his body. It leaned slightly to the left and up. As it throbbed it moved closer to center. The head of his cut dick flared out, along the top was a kind of indentation and it flared out at the edges.

I became bolder and sat up, moving to get a closer inspection. His breathing remained steady as I got within a foot of his crotch. I could smell this earthy smell emanating from his damp pubs.

From this angle I could see his balls resting between his hairy legs. As I watched I saw them begin to tighten and pull up against his body then relax and fall back down. His cock twitched again releasing a drop of clear liquid from the tip. It sat there catching the morning sun light like dew on a leaf.

I could not stop myself. I lowered down and stuck out my tongue to catch the dewdrop. It was warm and salty. I hesitated again, I was shaking like a leaf and my dick throbbed. I was so close now. His manly scent rose up to greet me. Luring me closer.

There was no stopping now I had to taste more of it. I held out my tongue and opened my mouth wide to allow his huge head to slip inside. The soft feel of it was incredible. I could taste the salty musky flavor. I let my tongue explore the ridge of his head then down to the ribbon of skin just behind his head. The remnants of his long lost foreskin.

His cock jumped as I kneaded the sensitive skin and another drop of his nectar escaped and rolled down onto my tongue. I went deeper, trying to see how far I could go, to get as much of him in me as I could. I could feel his hair tickle my chin as his head poked the back of my throat. I didn't want to gag and cause him to wake up and find me there so I reluctantly backed off gliding my tongue the length of his shaft.

Just then I heard a moan escape his lips and at the same time the pressure of his hand on the back of my head.

Oh god is he awake!? I panicked for a moment. But I realized that his hand was not pushing me away but trying to pull me back down his slippery cock. I let it guide me back down. When he reached the back of my throat his grip relaxed and I lifted my head up, still keeping the head in my mouth. I looked up to see him looking down at me. Our eyes met. I could see the pure pleasure on his face.

I shifted my position on the bed to get a better angle and let him guide me back down his shaft. This time his head popped into my throat. My eyes watered as I resisted the urge to gag. I could feel my nose nestle into a forest of dark hair. I wished I could stay there but knew I would start to gag involuntarily any moment. He seemed to sense this and let me up. I pulled off his cock, a trail of spit and precum still connecting me to it. I kicked the underside and down to his balls. I flicked them with my tongue. Getting the hairs caught in my teeth. I licked back up along the underside off his dick, tasting and smelling the thick manly smells. He winced at this, a feeling that both tickled and felt incredible judging by the convolutions of his abs and the throbbing of his dick.

I licked back up the underside of his cock and chewed lightly on the soft skin under his head. His dick expanded and pushed back against me in response. Then I took him deep into my mouth. Swirling my tongue around the sensitive tissue as I went. I wanted to give him the best blowjob he'd ever had.

I was rewarded with more salty liquid. I relished the taste and used it to further slicken his shaft.

I could hear involuntary moans coming from his lips. He was getting closer. I could feel his balls pulling tighter. I grabbed them and lightly tugged on them. My fingers found more soft hair on the underside of them leading back to his hole. My fingers probed gently as I continued to suck him. As I did I heard him take a sharp intake of air. I bet no one has ever touched him like this there, not even his girlfriend. It seemed he liked it, so I hatched a new plan.

I released his dick and again licked my way down the shaft to his balls. I got down really low between his hairy legs and licked the underside of them, probing my tongue in the dark crevice below his meaty balls. He let out a sigh and shifted his legs out to give me more access. I dove in and licked and jabbed the sensitive underside between his balls and his ass. He writhed with the sensation of it.

His dick jumped and bounced in delight, spilling more wetness down onto my fingers which I had wrapped around his shaft. He bucked into my hand as I explored even lower.

"Oh god! Fuck!", escaped his lips as I lifted up his legs and found his pucker with my probing tongue. It tasted raw and manly with a metallic twang. I licked and sucked and probed with my tongue until he couldn't take anymore. I could tell he was close so I quickly returned to his cock. Enveloping it in my warm mouth. After a few more strokes I felt his hot spunk shooting into my mouth.

"Oh fuck, oh!"

He yelled as shot after shoot of his seed escaped into my awaiting mouth. I held him still as he continued to shoot. I swallowed and swallowed his loads. Finally he couldn't stand it anymore and I relinquished my hold. I cleaned up as much juice as I could as his still hard dick left my mouth.

He slumped back onto his pillow and I sat back looking at his slim hairy body. The taste of him still in my mouth. I cock neglected all this time twitched and ached. I reached down, it only took a few strokes to cause it to begin to shoot. My cum shot up and landed on his balls and leg. I saw him wince a little at this knowing my semen was now dripping down his leg.

"Sorry ", I said as I wiped it off with the sheet.

He didn't say anything just laid there.

To break the ice I said. "Let's get a shower and go grab breakfast."

"Ok" he finally replied.

We showered and got dressed. We didn't talk about what happened until a few nights later but that story is for another time.




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