I was singing the song 'Santa sweetie bring my baby to me; Santa sweetie have him under my Christmas tree' as I was decorating my Christmas tree.

I've been seeing this guy Jack for a while now and hoped that he'd come to my Christmas party instead of going away with his family. I had spoken to him earlier in the day and he told me that his parents were leaving town and that he might go with them but was still uncertain; the party was just 24 hours away and I had much to do so I extended an invitation for Jack to come and help me after his shift at least this way we can see each other. Around 6h30 he ended up at my place with rum, eggnog and a movie so we listened and sang to some of our favourite Christmas songs and hung ornaments. After we were done we began to watch a movie.

I was lying on the couch with Jack lying in front of me, both of us on our sides, heads on a pillow, comfortable in a big couch. Considering we had barely seen each all week so we were both really horny. Each date was getting steamier with kissing and touching, we were both sexually frustrated. With a blanket wrapped around us I slipped my hand around his waist and down his pants to grab his cock. As the movie played, I jerked him off so good he actually came in my hands. The best part was Jack couldn't make a sound as my roommate was in his room working on his last term paper which was due at 11pm.

I was getting quite uncomfortable in the tight jeans I was in, so I excused myself and changed into looser pants. When I returned to the couch Jack had moved in my spot so I layed down in front of him, and he in turn rubbed my cock and with his fingers also played with my anus-I've never wanted to scream louder in my life. Instead I bit into the pillow and waited for the movie to end. At that moment his cell phone rang and it was some friends asking him to join them at a local pub we like to go to-he had forgotten that he had promised to join them for a drink so we decided to go even though we were quite horny. Would make for an interesting time anyhow.

I decided to drive and then this song came on the radio that never fails to get me rock hard. Immediately I pulled off the highway and into a parking lot that was empty and I got out and climbed into the back seat. I started to take off my shirt and pulled Jack on top of me-I decided I couldn't wait till after the pub for a good fuck as we've been working to this for a while now. We ripped each other's clothes off and fucked like you wouldn't believe his cock deep in my throat was the best thing that happened. Jack has a beautiful cock---7-1/2 inches long with the right thickness and circumsized, just the way I like them. I licked and sucked on his balls for a while and then teased his head with my tongue-sucking and licking and eating him while he was on his knees on the back seat while his hands held my head to thrust deeper in my mouth; I loved licking that blue vein from the base up and then wrapping my lips on his head my saliva making him slippery for just that right sucking sound-fuck he felt so good in my mouth my cock was throbbing as he creamed all over me as I held on his ass. After he came Jack made me switch places with him on the seat.. I chose to sit so he could deep throat me as I watched. I opened up my legs so he can have better access to my hole as I love to be fingered as I get sucked on. Jack spat on his fingers to get better access to my hole while his mouth worked on my throbbing cock; i felt him stretching me and before long I was on my knees holding on the to seat belt as Jack's hard cock was deep in my hole fucking me like there was no tomorrow. The sound of wet balls hitting against the cheeks of my ass was all I could focus on, but his bites on my shoulders and back of neck just added to the excitement in between the licks with each fuck I was receiving. I was practically screaming by the time I came, bent over with Jack behind me and my hand working my cock stroke for stroke. I reached under and stroked his balls while they tightened in my hand and Jack moaned and buried himself in my ass, flooding it with come so hot I felt it. we just stayed there for a minute, sweating and creaming all over the seat and after he had calmed down, he turned me around and gave me the best head I had ever had.

Out of nowhere flashes of light sweep inside the car. Bolting up, I realized through the foggy windows that some security car had spotted us and was getting close. I jumped into the front seat while Jack was laughing, started the car and got us the fuck out of there hoping that I wouldn't hit anything cause of the fogged windows. With Jack still laughing I drove up to the bar and realized I was still naked (Jack had gotten dressed in the back seat). He threw my clothes at me and got out of the star where without shame he pulled me out of the car and turned me around and kissed me right there. Whistles in the parking lot, Jack told me to get dressed so we can have a drink with the guys quickly and get back home to some more cock time .I'll never think of tree trimming, or the back of my car, the same way again. That was the best fuck I've had in a while.



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