It all started, when all us straight guys were always picking on this little sissy, He was really scared of us, because we were considered tough guys in the neighborhood, and because I was the one that slapped little bob for once mouthing off to me, that gave bob the idea to get even with me, and did he ever!

I had just said my girlfriend had broken up with me, and i was hornet as hell, and good old fag bob said to me in secrect, I can take care of that for you sir, and for somereason the idea sounded pretty good, whats a blowjob if you close your eyes they are all the same I thought, so we planned to meet at his apartment later that night.When I got ther pretty little bob was all made up and in a sexy short skirt and blouse and high heels, and he really passed as a pretty good looking women, and I was horney.

Bob said, sir I even brought you some beer, and he even had it opened for me, I said good little girl and downed it immediately, within a few minutes, I was feeling woozy, and unbelievably horny, fag bob had put something in my beer.Bob immediately assed me to strip and I did it without question, and he had even found out my sizes and bought, red lace thong under wear, a red lace garter belt, black fish net stockings, a short skirtand see tru blouse ans high heels, they fit to a T, he really had planned this well.

He had me dressed and made up in no time and even had the balls for a fag to laugh at my tiny 3.5 inch cock which was sticking straight out, he knew what ever he gave me made me both non aggressive and really horney, Before I knew it, instead of him giving me a blowjob there I was on my knees sucking his (by the way huge cock), and to my embarresment loving it and sucking on it like a pro as he said, then I found myself face down on his bed, completelt stripped of the clothes he made me dress in and felt his fingers, putting what I believe was vasiline or something in my ass, and then his big cock followed and again I couldnt believe, how great it felt, I must have cum off 3 times on his sheets, before I passed out, only to wake up redressed in womens clothes, and tied face down to the post of his bed and hearing all my friends laughing and saying so you are right fag bob, brucie is a fag to, and they told me they really enjoyed the tape, that little fag bobby had taken secrectly of every thing I did to him and my use to be tough guy friends said you really take a big cock op your ass and its really good now that we have two fags to suck us off and now we have an ass to fuck, bob isnt very good at that and says tou are great at it and from what we saw on the tapes you love it alot more then fag bob, so we are making you our new ass fucking fag, and all 8 of them proved it that night by pounding my now sissy ass now I am known as the boys little dicked fag and bob as thier big cocked fag, and I am now thier new cocksucking and ass fucking fag, so I guess you could say fag bob really got even for that slap! And can you believe now take orders from big cocked Bob



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