This story takes place in early October, 1965.

'Fuckin' bus!' I murmur quietly to myself. 'Goddamn fuckin' bus! I'm standing here for 20 fuckin' minutes and no fuckin' bus.'

The only time I cuss is when nobody can hear me... it seems like it's liberating or something. Of course, I'd never do it around someone else. I have a reputation at school of being a preppy square, and I guess I am. Whenever I try cussing with other people round, it just sounds really stupid.

So where's the fuckin' bus? I wish Mom had let me borrow her car. Actually, what I REALLY wish is that I didn't have to do this school work on a Saturday. I'd much rather be hanging out with Doug on an Indian Summer day like this than doing research for that term paper. Maybe I can hitch a ride to get down there quicker.

My thumb is out for less than 5 minutes, and a car's pulling over. DAMN! Look at that awesome car! Not only is it a red Mustang -- my absolute favorite car -- but it's also a fastback! I haven't seen one in real life before, but I sure love looking at pictures of them. And I'm about to be riding in one! Wait until I tell Doug; he'll be SO jealous.

The guy rolls down the passenger-side window. 'Where you headed?'

'The central library, downtown.'

'You're in luck. I live about two blocks from there. I can take you the whole way. Hop in!'

This is so amazing! A black interior. Manual shift. And one of those new 8-track tape players I've been reading about... playing the Beatles' new album -- 'Rubber Soul'!

'Nice car, mister! REALLY nice car!'

'Thanks. I just got it two weeks ago when the '66 model year came out.'

The car pulls out from the curb quickly.

'That a 3-speed or a 4?' I ask, trying to sound knowledgeable.

'A four. It's got a 289 V-8 under the hood... 325 horses.'


Wait 'til I tell Doug! This is so great!

'Doing some research at the library, huh?' he says, looking over at me. 'Which college do you go to?'

Is he teasing me or something? I give a little laugh and look over at his face. No, he's serious. 'I'm a senior in high school, sir,' I say. And even though I just turned 18, I've always looked a lot younger than my age. If you had to guess, you'd probably think I was 14 or 15.

'Really? I could have sworn you were older.'

I smile. I guess he just being nice, but it makes me feel good to hear him say it.

I wonder how old the man is. Maybe 30? 35? 40? Dad is 42, and he looks a LOT older than this guy, but maybe that's because Dad

is getting bald and a little fat.

'My name is David, by the way.' He reaches his hand over and I shake it.

'Pleased to meet you. I'm Trey.'

'Good name,' he says. 'You must be a 'The Third'. I went to school with a Trey and a Trip. So, is your real name something like Thurston Howell III?'

I laugh out loud at the reference to Glligan's Island.

'Close. My real first name is Emerson. Pretty bad, huh?'

'Well, 'Trey' is a lot better. So where do you go to school?'

I jab my thumb over toward the imposing group of stone buildings that we're just now passing. 'Glenrich.'

'A prep school boy, eh? I was too. I went to Saint Andrew's.'

It's my school's arch-rival... an all-boys school, like Glenrich.

'But I wish my parents had sent me to Glenrich,' he continues. 'You go to the best school in the state.'

Wow! That makes me feel proud... especially hearing it from a Saint Andrew's grad.

'Do you hitch rides very often?' he asks.

'Sometimes. Usually when I'm with my friend.'

'I used to hitch a lot when I was in high school. I met all kinds of interesting people.'

We drive along for another minute without talking, as the song 'Norwegian Wood' plays.

'Have you ever had a guy pick you up and want you to do stuff with him?' he asks, looking over at me with an interested expression on his face.

I wonder what he means by that? 'I don't think so.'

'I was hitching one time, and this guy asked if he could stroke my cock as we drove along. And I didn't have to do anything to him... just let him stroke it and make me feel good.'

I feel a sudden tightness in my chest. 'Did you do it?' I ask after a moment of awkward silence.

'At first I was thinking: no way I'm letting some stranger play with my cock. Then I thought to myself: well heck, my friends

and I get together sometimes and feel up each others' boners, and I really enjoy it... so why not. So I went ahead and did it. And when he had finished, I felt like I was floating on a cloud! I guess you've had that same feeling all the time when you jack you off... right?' He's saying all this in a completely normal tone of voice!

I'm so embarrassed that I can't even look at him. My eyes are pointing straight ahead, but not really seeing anything. I just nod my head. I hope the man doesn't notice how intensely my face is blushing.

'What would you say if a man asked you the same question?'

I glance toward him. My eyes fix on his right hand, resting on top of the gear-shift, kind of massaging the leather-covered


'Would you let a guy stroke your cock for a few minutes? And you wouldn't have to do anything in return?' I stare at his hand

moving sensuously up and down on the shifter knob... like he's masturbating a cock-head! 'What if I asked you to let me do it to you?'

I don't know what to say. There's this feeling in my chest that's like a combination of fear, excitement, and embarrassment. My mind is replaying the warnings Mom and Dad gave me years ago about being cautious of strangers. But then I'm thinking about

the times a couple years ago when Doug and I felt up each other's boners. And how good it felt. And how much I've wished we had done it again since then. And how often I think about Doug's hand on my cock when I'm beating off. I want to let the man do it, but I'm totally nervous about it.

Oh, God! I can feel my dick getting REALLY stiff in my khakis.

The man's words break through my daze. 'It'll feel really good,' he says. 'It sure felt that way for me, that time when I was your age. And it isn't like doing it with a guy at school... someone that you'll see every day. That can be embarrassing sometimes. And I'll bet you haven't gotten any of those frigid prep school girls to do it for you yet.'

His hand lifts off the shifter, and moves toward my lap. It comes to rest on my knee and just sits there for a minute.

'OK?' he asks calmly.

I can barely speak. 'OK.' It's almost a whisper.

His hand slides up toward my crotch. My boner is aching... as hard as I've ever felt it... and he squeezes it gently through

the material.

'Undo your pants and slide them down a little,' he says in a pleasant conversational voice... as if this is a perfectly normal thing to be doing as we drive along.

I unzip them and expose my underpants. The bulge is even more prominent beneath the snug white cotton material.

'Your underwear too... slide them down so I can see your cock. I can tell you have a really nice one.'

I tug down the waistband as I lift my butt off the car seat, and pull up my shirt a little.

'Yeah! It's VERY nice!' he says, as his warm hand slips around my erection. My body flinches slightly at his touch. 'Relax,'

he says, as his fingers gently caress my rock-hard cock, and his thumb rubs lightly along the ridge of my circumcised cock-head.

I gasp almost silently as the pleasure of his touch runs through me.

'You've got a really handsome a cock,' he says. 'The perfect size.'

I've only seen one other guy's boner... Doug's... and that was two years ago. His was about 5 inches long, like mine, so I guess that's just right.

His hand begins to move up and down in a slow, gentle jacking motion. I sigh with pleasure. He moves a little faster, stroking a little more firmly. 'You like that?' he asks.

'Oh, yessss!' He doesn't really need to ask. My body is already doing the talking... tensing, shuddering... my hips rising up as

he masturbates me.

He brakes for a red light and removes his hand to put the shifter in neutral, then immediately moves it back to my boner. Damn,

this is so good!

He removes his hand again when he starts up and quickly shifts through the gears. Then back to my cock again. This time he's

going faster... stroking with almost the same cadence that I use when I beat off... but it's so much more intense than the feel of

my own hand!

I know I can't last long. I never do. I just want to feel that blast of incredible pleasure as fast as possible.

'I'll bet you shoot a lot of sperm when you cum, huh?' he asks as he concentrates his strokes on my cock-head, pushing me higher.

'Huh? I dunno... I guess so.' The words come in gasps as the pleasure builds. Fact is, I don't really know if I cum a lot. I've never seen another guy do it; just heard guys talk about it.

And just as I feel that wonderful pressure building up as I approach the blast-off point... he stops! Just plain... stops.

His hand goes to the knobs of his tape deck and turns up the volume of the Beatles' song 'I'm Looking Through You', then to the steering wheel.

'Hey! I thought you were gonna....' My words drift off. I realize he didn't say he was going to make me cum. My dark red

boner is pulsating visibly, and I'm so incredibly horny. I'd finish myself off in about 15 seconds if I was alone.

'Yeah; I was about to make you shoot your load, and that would have been really cool. But I figured you didn't want to get it

all over your khakis and that nice oxford shirt you're wearing.'

'Oh... yeah.' I pull up my pants and fasten them over my throbbing cock.

'I've got an idea, though. How about we go to my apartment, and I can give you a really fantastic cum?'

I almost blurt out 'YES', but then I think maybe it's not such a good idea. 'Don't go with strangers' says the voice in my head.

'I dunno... I gotta do research for my term paper, and....'

'Like I said, I live only two blocks from the library. I could even give you a ride back to your neighborhood when you're done with your research. What do you say?'

'Gosh... I don't....'

'Do you know what a blow-job is?'

I nod. A bunch of us guys were talking about it just the other day when we were hanging out by the athletic field after lunch.

'Ever had one?'

I shake my head. Of course I haven't. I've never even made out with a girl, much less had one suck my cock.

'I'll give a blow-job like you wouldn't believe,' he says, as our eyes met. 'I really enjoy giving pleasure to good-looking guys like you, and I wouldn't expect you to do anything in return. If anything makes you uncomfortable, then we won't do it. And

you can just walk out anytime you like.'

His hand is back on my leg, rubbing gently along my inner thigh.

'You won't believe how good it feels to have a skillful mouth pleasuring your cock,' he continues. 'I'll give you the best orgasm you've ever had in you life. OK?'

My brain is full of mixed signals, bouncing all around. Do it, Trey. (No; it's dangerous.) Don't be a wimp; do it. (But I

don't really know him.) He wants to give me a BLOW JOB for Christ's sake! And he seems like a really nice guy. And I'm so

damned horny....

I just can't pass up this opportunity. 'OK,' I say, and give him a nervous smile.

In a few minutes we drive past the massive downtown library and turn into an alley behind a row of historic-looking townhouses.

He parks behind a house at mid-block, and I follow him through the back door.

'The good thing about the first-floor apartment is that I can come in the back,' he says. 'The people who live on the upper

three floors have to use the front door. How about something to drink? I've got coke, ginger ale, iced tea....'

'A coke would be fine, sir!' I say.

'Please, Trey; call me David.'

'OK... David,' I say with a smile.

I look around the place. The fireplace and windows and stuff are old-fashioned looking, but the furniture is really modern... like

in a movie or something.

I sit on a firm low sofa as he brings me the soda.

'I'll just be a minute, straightening up the bedroom. Feel free to look at those magazines if you like.' He gestures to the

stack on the glass coffee table in front of me.

I eagerly pick up the top one. The cover has a picture of a naked woman, a beautiful blond, posing on the beach. The words

are in some foreign language. Like Scandinavian, or something. I flip through it. WOW! I've seen Playboys, but never one like this. The women have hair on their pussies (in Playboy they're always bald), and you can see their... you know... their cunts.

And they're all incredibly beautiful. I pick up the next magazine. Same weird language, and this time it's men and women together. And the men have boners! Really BIG ones! And they're doing real sex stuff... you know, fucking and sucking! These are things I've talked about with Doug and some of the other guys, and I fantasize about it when I beat off, but I've sure never seen it before.

And then my eyes focus on the next magazine on the pile... all the pictures are of men... all with big boners... posing by themselves or in pairs... stroking their cocks... stroking each other's cocks! They look like college-age guys, and they all have really nice athletic bodies. I'm staring at a full-page picture of a muscular blond guy standing naked outside in a meadow, having his boner sucked by a guy who's kneeling in front of him. My brain is blazing with pure lust and my cock is throbbing like crazy in my pants.

'Are you ready to try that?'

I jump at the sound of David's voice. He walked up behind me while I was totally captivated by the magazine. He's wearing one

of those silk bathrobes like Hugh Hefner wears... what's it called... a smoking jacket? I don't think he has anything on

underneath it.

'Come on back and I'll take care of that handsome cock of yours.'

I follow him into the bedroom. Man! It's like something out of James Bond, with an enormous modern-style bed, low to the floor.

The lights are dim, and soft jazzy music is playing on a stereo.

'How about you take off your pants?' he asks.

I nod, and sit down on the bed, kick off my loafers, pull off the socks, and then slide off my khakis. I feel a little awkward

about the bulge in my underwear and let my shirt cover it.

He gets a pillow and positions it in the middle of the bed behind me. 'Lay back and get comfortable.'

I fall back onto the incredibly-smooth sheet (is it satin?), with my legs over the side of the bed. David kneels on the floor and

spreads my knees apart. His hands slide up each of my legs, and when they get to my crotch he gently massages the front of my

underwear. My cock is already rock-hard, and my whole body shivers at his touch.

'White briefs are so sexy,' he murmurs, as if talking to himself.

I don't know about my underpants being sexy. Right now, all I care about is this strong urge to have a cum. To be specific, having a cum in David's mouth.

Still fondling my covered boner, he reaches up with the other hand and unbuttons my shirt, pushing it to the sides. His hand

wanders over my chest. I don't have much of a build... too skinny and not much muscle... but I'm pretty sure he likes the way my body looks.

His face dips onto my crotch, and he kisses my cock through the material of my underwear. And he's rubbing his nose against it too... as if he likes the way it smells! Then his fingers slide inside the waistband, and he pulls my underwear over my cock and then down my legs. Now I'm completely naked, except for my open shirt. I'm a little nervous, but mostly REALLY turned on.

'Ready to get sucked, Trey?' he says, with a little wink.

'Yeah!' I reply, and bite my lower lip in anticipation.

His right hand circles my cock and gives the taut skin a few gentle strokes. It's leaking that fluid out of the piss-slit. His mouth comes down, and his tongue swipes at the end of my cock-head. Oh, yeah! And now... oh, God!... now his lips have encircled the whole head, and his tongue is swirling all over it.

Oh, Jesus! My entire body is shaking as his lips move down the shaft!

So this is a blow-job! No wonder guys talk about it with awe!

His lips and tongue are going wild, moving up and down all over the top half of my cock. The sounds of his eager slurping combine with my moans of ecstatic pleasure. I hear little

sighs of satisfaction coming from David's throat, even though his mouth is full.

I feel like I'm gonna cum REALLY soon at this rate! He must realize it too, and he lifts his mouth away.

'Don't want it to end too soon. The longer the stimulation, the better the orgasm is. But I'll bet you already know that from

jacking off,' he says with a smile.

I smile back, but I don't really know what he's talking about. I always just beat off as fast as I can.

My cock is twitching... aching for more. David runs his hands along my belly and up to my chest. His fingertips gently pinch

my nipples, which are totally stiff at his touch. Then his hands roam all over my body... massaging my shoulders, carressing my

hairless armpits, stroking down my legs... even feeling my feet! This feels good, but I really want my boner in his mouth again.

'I want you to....' I feel shy asking for this, but... 'I mean, would you... suck my cock some more.'

'Absolutely!' he says. He doesn't seem at all annoyed by my impatience.

His mouth envelops my cock-head again, and this time it slides more than half-way down the shaft! Jeez, this is so intense! His lips slide back up to the head, and then plunge again, taking in even more of my boner. His hand goes to my balls, and he

gently fondles them as his mouth rides up and down on my cock. Oh, Christ! My boner is going all the way into his throat! Shit! That feels so incredible! And I can hardly believe my eyes as I watch my entire cock being swallowed. He's going faster. The stimulation is so strong! It's so good... so

fucking intense! I feel the orgasm building up inside me... getting close... oh, yeah! Suck me; suck me; suck me....

'Yes! SUCK ME! Oh God, yes! I'm gonna... YESSSS!'

I ride an incredible wave of pleasure as my cock pumps its load, accompanied by body-wracking spasms. He's sucking the cum right out of me, and I keep shooting spurt after spurt.

Oh, Jesus that's good! And he's still working my boner with his mouth. He's not sucking hard and fast anymore, but my cock-head is still in his mouth -- he must have swallowed every drop of my cum! -- and his tongue is lightly dancing on the super-sensitive flesh. He's keeping me in a zone of total pleasure... anything more would be too intense. He wasn't kidding about being good at this!

Agghh! I just felt another squirt of cum shoot out of my cock into his mouth! I thought I'd finished cumming!

Finally his mouth lifts from my cock.

'You came a bucket-load, Trey. That was incredible! Thanks.'

I smile, feeling dazed. Then I think to myself: he shouldn't be thanking me! It should be the other way around.

'We could quit now, and you can go to the library whenever you catch your breath. Or maybe you'd like to stay around a bit longer and I can give you another orgasm. I'll bet a stud like you has plenty of cum for a second go-round in a few minutes. What do you say?'

My brain's reaction is instantaneous: Of course I'll stay! Our eyes meet and we both smile.


'Let's take a break first. Shift over so we can sit together.'

He motions me around so I'm leaning back on pillows propped against the headboard, and he sits down next to me. His robe falls open, and his boner is sticking up really stiff. Man! He's got a good one! Maybe an inch longer than mine, and a little fatter. He gives it a few strokes, knowing I'm staring.

'Want to play with it?' he asks.

Yeah, I want to! But I hesitate for some reason. 'Uh; I don't...'

'That's alright, Trey. Like I said, you don't have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Here; let's look at some

hot pictures.'

He opens the drawer in a bedside table and pulls out a magazine containing pictures of three older-teenage boys, all naked, with

hard cocks... and having various kinds of 3-way sex! I stare at pictures that show them lying on their sides in a circle, each

one sucking a cock and also getting sucked. As I flip through the magazine, there's one of them on his knees, sucking two cocks

at once! And then there's a sequence with one of the boys on his back with his legs spread apart and pulled back... and another

boy has his boner sticking deep in the guy's asshole! And the third one is kneeling next to the first one's head, getting his cock sucked.

David's fingers lightly graze my bare thigh, and I shiver at the stimulation. His hand slides up and begins playing with my balls.

I look away from the magazine, and down at my crotch. My dick is getting hard again!

'Want to try some of those things?' he asks, as his hand starts stroking my stiffening penis, gently and sensuously.

'I'd like... I mean... I'm not sure.' I just don't know about sucking his cock. I've never even imagined doing that before. As for having David put his big cock into my asshole....

'Would you fuck me?' he asks. His hand is stroking a little more firmly now, and I'm fully hard. 'I know you'll like it... it's

even better than fucking a girl.'

'Really?' Until today, the thought of fucking a girl was the pinnacle of my sexual fantasies.

'I guarantee it,' he says. His free hand reaches over and flips the magazine pages to the last one. The boy who's doing the

fucking is having his orgasm, and he looks like he's in heaven!

'I'll try,' I say, looking back at David's face.

He seems REALLY happy. He lets go of my cock and takes off his robe. He's completely naked, and his body is slender and smooth.

He's not all hairy like a lot of men I see at the pool... just a little on his chest. His 7-inch cock is especially nice, and his pube hair seems short, like maybe he trims it or something. He reaches over to the bedside table, getting what looks like a tube of toothpaste.

'This is lube,' he says. 'Excellent for jacking off; essential for fucking a guy.'

He squirts a big glob on his right hand and rubs it around with two fingers of his left. Then he starts stroking my cock again,

much more firmly than before, and it feels amazing with the lube! It's almost like a completely new sensation compared to regular

masturbating. I need to get some of that stuff to use at home!

David gets on his back next to me and puts a pillow underneath his butt. He rubs some of the lubricant stuff around his asshole with left hand, while he starts stroking his own cock with the right. Then he pulls his legs way back and spreads them apart.

'Kneel between my legs and slide your cock in. It'll feel great!'

I'm partly grossed-out, part horny... but the horny part is definitely winning. I get in the same position as the guy in the magazine and use my hand to direct my cock to the hole.

'Go ahead... fuck me real good!' he says eagerly.

I push forward. Won't this hurt him? It seems so tight. But as I push harder, David's asshole seems to open up for me to enter. My boner slides forward into the tight warmth. And then it gets even tighter... oh, man... so good! My hands are resting on the

backs of his legs, and my hips thrust forward, trying to shove my cock all the way in at once.

'Take it slow, Trey.... You're doing great!'

My body wants to hump into him really fast... I feel my hips twitching in anticipation. I feel like I could cum in a minute if I just let my body do what it wants. But I make myself calm down. My cock pulls back slowly, being massaged by the tight, hot flesh of his asshole. Damn, that's good! I ease in

again smoothly. Both of us groan with pleasure at the same time!

It's like I already know how to do it, maybe from those times I humped my pillow on the bed, pretending it was a girl. But this

is 1000% better! Better than masturbating. Better even than the blow-job! David starts stroking his cock as I start fucking him

in a smooth, steady rhythm. I look down at his slippery hand beating off his handsome erection, and it makes me even more horny and excited.

'Oh, God. You're so incredible, Trey! Your cock is fantastic! You're fucking me so good!'

'Yeah!' is all I can gasp in reply.

Oh, Jesus! I can feel his asshole clamping tight around my cock each time I plow into him. This is so wild!

I'm getting close! I can feel the pressure building! My hips start going nuts, fucking him faster and faster. We're both grunting and gasping. I want it to last forever... but I also want to cum.... In fact, I need to cum RIGHT NOW!!!


My cock is spurting into his ass as I push in as deep as I can possibly go. He's laying there with his eyes closed and his mouth gaping open, one hand still stroking his cock while the other cups his balls.

'Jesus Fucking Christ!' I mutter in amazed, joyous ecstacy.

Did I really say that out loud? 'Oh! Sorry!' I tell David immediately.

'No problem, I agree completely,' he says, smiling up at me as he stops stroking his rigid cock.

My softening penis slips out of his reddened asshole.

'Let me clean you up a bit,' he says, reaching beside the bed and getting a damp wash cloth and a small towel. Man! He's prepared for everything!

'Do you think you'd like to try getting fucked?' he asks as he cleans off my penis. 'I'd take it really slow and gentle.'

'I don't know.' David certainly enjoyed it, but...

'No problem. I understand,' he says immediately, a sympathetic look on his face. 'You have a whole lifetime to try new things.'

I look down at his cock. It's still totally stiff. Without really thinking, I reach out my hand and run my fingers along the shaft.

'Could I just... you know... stroke you?'

'Certainly! I'd love to have you jack me off,' he says, as he leans back and stretches his body out on the bed. 'How about if you put some lubricant on your hand.'

This is great! Stroking his boner with the slippery stuff feels so... I dunno; sensual, I guess. It's so awesome to be beating

off another guy's cock for the first time in my life. I kinda wish it was Doug I was stroking, but David's cock is so big and sexy! And he's really enjoying it. I must be doing it right.

'That feels wonderful, Trey! Play with my balls too!'

My other hand reaches down and massages the thick eggs in the soft, dangling pouch.

'Yes... squeeze then harder!'

I'm happy to comply. He's made me feel really good... twice... and I want to repay it.

I'm beating off his cock fast and hard, and my hand tightens around his nuts.

'Oh, God! YES! Keep going... keep stroking... squeeze those nuts.... Oh, YEAH!'

I'm grabbing his balls so hard that it's gotta hurt! And my hand is stroking so hard and fast that my arm is getting tired. But I

keep going, giving him all I've got. And then his back arches, his breathing stops, and...


A long rope of cum shoots out of his cock as I keep stroking. Maybe 5 or 6 good shots follow, splattering across his chest and

belly. And more is flowing down onto my hand.

He covers my hand with his own, making me stop.

'Good Lord, Trey! That was totally fantastic!'

I'm beaming with pride. I DID do a good job, didn't I?

He takes the towel and wipes himself off, then hands it to me. When I've wiped the cum and lube off my hand, he pats the bed beside him, indicating that I should lay next to him. I snuggle up beside him, and he puts his arm around my shoulder. My head

rests on top of his bicep as we both lay there naked, the sides of our bodies pressing together.

It feels so good to relax like this. I hardly know David, but I now feel totally at ease with him. It's so blissful just laying

here, listening to his breathing.

'Guess you'd better be going to do your work pretty soon,' he says after a long comfortable interval of silence. 'Unless you'd like to stay for a little longer, of course. I'd love to give you another orgasm... and I could show you a few more ways of giving you pleasure.'

I think about it a moment. 'Maybe I should get going.' My sense of responsibility is stronger than my currently-diminished lust.

'But do you think we could... some other time... maybe....'

'I'd like that a lot. Let me write down my phone number for you.'

I watch while he gets up and walks across the room. I'm thinking more than ever how handsome he looks... and how sexy his naked

body is.

Maybe the library can wait for a while!



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