"God damn! That ass boy!"

I was standing in the bathroom, tousling my hair with Paul Mitchell, and Joe was sitting on the edge of the bed. I decided on a pair of Balmain leather skinny pants, and a gold foil print Cavalli top. Joe was wearing dark Levis and an Army T-shirt. We were going to a party downtown, and I think he assumes it's casual. If he weren't such a hottie, he couldn't pull it off. He gets up and walks over, running his hands up the backs of my leather covered thighs, reaching his finger tips under the leather waistband, and poking my ass cheeks. I bump back, into his crotch, and he bites at the back of my neck.

"Mmm baby, fuck me later? We're already late."

"But I thought you loved being fashionably late."

"I'm not that gay, am I?"

He laughs, and slaps my ass, walking out of the bathroom. I follow him out, locking the door behind me.

The party is crowded, and the spacious studio is lowly lit, with faint house music playing overhead. Joe and I grab a cocktail at the open bar, and walk around, looking for a familiar face. I see a colleague Isaac and his girlfriend. She models with Ford, and I've only seen a couple of her print ads, but she' gorgeous. She kisses my cheeks, and we talk briefly about work, and I comment on her Donna Karan. Isaac hits it off with Joe, even though I'm sure they met at our holiday party last year. One of our photographers, Randall is there as well, with his boytoy (I'm assuming.) They come over and introduce themselves to Joe, and I compliment his work in the last issue. He's a landscape photographer, who dabbles in fashion and architecture. He's a handsome upper 50s gentleman, with a strong facial structure, and an oddly grown goatee. He compliments the pants, nudges Joe's shoulder.

"I bet you've got your hands full with this one, huh?"

"We don't usually use our hands much."

They both laugh, and Joe puts his hand at my waist. I didn't know Randall was gay until he made a pass at me after a work happy hour one night. It was the last encounter we had outside of work, and I never mentioned it to Joe.

The party goes on, and we bore quickly. We found the coatroom, which was actually a walk in closet off the entry, and I rummage for our coats. I find Joe's Lanvin overcoat, and I'm searching through a stack of fallen coats, when I feel Joe press against my leather covered ass. I stop, and turn, grabbing his face and biting his lip. He pushes me further into the closet, pushing my legs up and grinding his hardness against me. I want him in me so bad, but it being a party, I stopped the progress.

"Baby, let's go home and you can fuck me in every possible way."

He moans in my ear, and smirks, taking my hand.

On our way home, Joe keeps mentioning my leather pants. He's seen them before, but I guess tonight just had his mind on a darker, sexual track. I suggest we go to Pleasure Chest, and Joe gets crazy eyed happy. We walk in, and it's a pretty organize store, with a variety of whatever gets you off. I choose a whip and cuffs, and a leather mask, and open front faux leather briefs with a built in cock ring. Joe's eyes have never been so intense. I sign the receipt and we head home.

I unbutton my shirt half way, then decide to leave my clothes on. I put the mask on, turn and look at Joe, looking at me.

"Alright you bad boy, strip!"

I crack the whip on the closet door frame. Joe jumps, and obediently starts to undress.

"Slower! I want to feast my eyes on you."

He slowly pulls his t-shirt up, revealing his lower abs, and hips. I lick my lips deliberately, as he pulls his shirt up a little higher to his pecs, reaching behind his head, to pull his t-shirt up from the back. I watch his furry muscles flex, as he removes his shirt. I feel myself becoming aroused, but this is about him tonight. I reach down, and run my nails up my thigh, cupping my crotch, as he unbuttons the fly of his jeans. He pushes down at the waistband, revealing his Armani Exchange briefs. As he pushes down his Levis, his briefs lower, revealing a hint of his thick pubes. I bite my lower lip, and watch him take off his jeans, and socks. He stands back up, and slowly pushes his briefs down. He's semi hard, and his dick bobs free, welcoming me to do as I please. I smirk at him, and crack the whip again.

"Make it harder!"

He starts to jack off, and I stand there, watching him, taking it all in. I walk up to him, and raise my knee, caressing his balls and taint with my leather covered thigh. He moans, and closes his eyes. I lower my leg and get the cuffs and leather briefs ready.

"Don't cum yet, until I tell you to!"

He slows his motions down while I get the bag. I come back and throw the leatherette briefs at him.

"Put these on, and lay on the bed you bad boy."

He quickly slips into the briefs, locking the ring around his balls, which makes his dick look bigger, and more erect. He lays back on the bed.

"Put your hands above your head."

He obediently raises his hands above his head. I walk around the side of our bed, and hand cuff his hands together. There's no where to cuff him to, but it doesn't matter. I slip off my leather pants, and unbutton my shirt, dropping them both to the floor. I slide out of my Polo bikini briefs, and straddle Joe, facing away from him. I hold the whip over my shoulder, feeling the leatherette tails wisp my lower back, assuming they're caressing his hairy chest as well. I hear him moan. I'm completely hard at this time, and start to grind against his furry abs. The texture of his body hair, and the ridges of his abs rub against my shaft and balls. I slide up and rub my dick against his. He throbs at the contact. I slide back, and raise myself up, to give him a peek underneath. I feel him move, and his hands on my back.

"Stand down soldier!"

I whip at his feet lightly. He quickly resumes his position. I slide back further, pressing my ass to his chin, feeling his scruffy face against my soft ass cheeks. I grind into his chin, allowing my cheeks to spread, pressing my hold against the stubbly peak. I moan loudly. It really feels great, and I watching him leak a little pre cum. I hump my ass hole against his chin lightly, feeling myself wanting him to enter me. This has now become a teasing game for both of us. I pull my legs up tightly against his sides, and press my dick into his furry chest. He breathes in, causing the space between us to tighten. I raise up, and look down, seeing a string of pre cum from his chest to my dick. I sit up again, and hold the whip up, dangling the tails across his bobbing dick. He's got a steady stream of pre cum, and it's all I can do to not sit on it, and ride him til he explodes inside of me. I drop the whip, and lean down, taking him in my mouth. He's salty and a little sweet inside my mouth. I give him a couple heavy slurps and suck him into the roof of my mouth, to cradle him briefly, and let go, moving his shaft over, to suck on his balls. It's not easy fitting both of them in my mouth, but with the cock ring, they're a giant sack of hardness, covered with hair. I don't stay down there long, as I slide back up, humping my ass hole against his stubbly chin.

I position myself over his face, and lightly whip his abs.

"Tongue fuck me Soldier!"

he obediently pushes his tongue against my hole, entering me. I'm wide open for him, and lean back, bracing myself, but allowing enough pressure, where he can go deep with his powerful tongue. He's lapping at me, and licking around my lips, and then pushing into me. I let my dick bob up and down, pushing pre cum out, all over my stomach and thighs. I let myself moan loudly, breathing deeply. I lift myself up, and push up, to straddle him again. I scoot up, and rub our dicks together, allowing our pre cum to mix. I start to jack off, and quickly feel myself cumming. I shoot all over his dick head and shaft and balls. He moans loudly, and his dick throbs in response. I shake a little, and wait for myself to calm down. I squeeze the last drop of cum onto his cum covered dick, and position my face directly over his dick.

"Finger fuck me, Soldier!"

He obediently pushes a finger in, quickly fucking me. I put my mouth over his dick, tasting my salty cum, mixed with his pre cum. I suck it all down, swallowing heavy, and moaning over him. He's quickly fucking me with his finger, and breathing quickly, as the vibrations from my moaning send him over the edge. I feel him shoot straight down my throat, and I swallow quickly. He deep throats me with his thrusts, and pushes all of his cum down my throat. I move my head up for air, jacking his dick. I lick at the tip, as drops of cum surface, making sure to get every drop of my baby's cum in my mouth. He's still finger fucking me, and I tell him to stop. I undo the cuffs, taking the mask off, and he sits up, holding me close to him, kissing my chest and neck. I feel his hard dick press against my back, and he undoes the cock ring.

"Fuck baby, that was hot stuff."

"Mmm, you're so talented with that tongue baby."

He smiles and we kiss again. I stand up, and walk to the bathroom, to start the shower. He washes me off, and we make out for most of the time under the steam. The next morning, I wake up, laying on Joe's chest. The sheets are off, and his dick is hard, pointing straight up at me. I slowly slide my finger tips down his hairy chest and abs, grabbing hold of his shaft...



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