Travis spread his cheeks open, studying the thick blonde hairs that spread from its tightest point. He clenched his hole, watching the skin of his cheeks tense, and release. He let go, and enjoyed the site of his bubbled butt. He continued his squats, and would occasionally look in the full wall mirror behind him, watching the way they bubbled, and flexed. He set down the light weights, and walked over to step up on the elliptical machine. He started moving in rhythm, glancing down to see his thick cock dangle, and sway between his hairy thighs, occasionally squeezing one of his balls in between. He liked the little bit of pain, and quickly became hard, as he continued to walk. He studied the way his hairy abs flexed when he breathed, and the way his smooth pecs bulged with each movement, his pink nipples hardening as he watched. His hairy armpits were beginning to moisten after an hour of being in the home gym, and he felt his forehead glisten. He watched his pulse rate increase on the screen, and made it another 20 minutes, before jumping off, and doing some minor stretches. He touched his toes, admiring the way his erection stared straight at him, begging for release. He stuck his tongue out, just barely touching the tip. He'd been practicing for weeks, slowly stretching, forcing every muscle and bone to give way to his lust. He couldn't wait for the day when he could suck on the head of his dick. He wanted to cum in his mouth, and feel the powerful shots hit the back of his throat. He wanted to flex his dick under his balls, and up into his ass, to fill his own hole with his cum. He wanted to own himself. To plant his seed within his own love hole. He didn't share these thoughts with anyone. He secretly lusted, and desired himself. He often dreamed of fucking himself, in two bodily forms, feeling his dick plunge deep into his hairy ass. Feeling the warmth of his lips around his thick meat. Wrapping his arms around his toned body, while simultaneously feeling his arms around himself. It was so intense, he'd often wake up with cum soaked sheets, and sweaty pillows. He wasn't cocky, or arrogant, but on the inside, he desired nothing more than to breed himself.

Travis walked calmly to the bathroom, his erection freely throbbing and bouncing with each step. He'd become so aroused that pre cum was dripping everywhere. He lived alone, so it wasn't an issue. He sat on the counter in the large bathroom, checking his messages, feeling pre cum oozing down the underside of his veiny shaft. He looked up, at the mirror across the counter, and clenched his kegels, making his dick move up and down, leaking more pre cum. He wanted to grab it, and stroke vigorously, til he exploded cum all over his sweaty muscled body, getting his cum all over himself. He restrained himself, and continued checking his messages. He got up and started the shower, stepping into the cool fountain of water, quickly lathering up and washing himself. He shampooed and conditioned his wavy blonde locks, stepping out, and walking through the gym, into his bedroom. He went to the chest of drawers, fishing out a pair of just-too-small briefs, tucking his erection into the pouch, and smirking at the way the fabric couldn't conceal all of his dick. He saw a small spot of pre cum forming where his dick head was begging for release. His shaft partially exposed by the high rise of the leg opening, and his thick pubic hair erupting from above the waistband, through each leg opening. He pulled on a pair of board shorts, and a tight tee, and slipped on some sandals.

He got in his truck, and drove toward campus to meet up with Matt, a guy he'd met in economics, and met up often to fuck and make out with. Matt answered right away, and buzzed him in. When he knocked on Matt's apartment, he was greeted by the tall, lanky gamer, completely naked, and raging hard. Matt had blonde hair also, but it was kept military grade short, and he had chin straps and a thin mustache outlining the 2nd most beautiful set of pink lips Travis had ever enjoyed. Matt had a smooth body, except for a faint happy trail and he always kept his pubes trimmed short, and his balls shaved. He wasn't well endowed, but his ass was so tight, Travis often had to wait a few seconds after entry, to keep from cumming in his little man pussy. He closed the door behind him, pushing Matt back into the apartment, nibbling at his lilps, and pulling at his dick. Matt was submissive, and immediately fell back against his bed, while Travis ripped off his tee, and shorts, pushing down the briefs, letting his still hard dick pop up, ready for action. He continued to heavily make out with Matt, while reaching to the small bedside table, looking for the lube. He squirted a large amount in his hand, reaching under Matt's tight balls, lubing his entire under carriage, and dick, then spreading some over himself. He felt a rush of excitement at the touch of the cool liquid against his dick. He grabbed his dick, pushing it toward Matt, who obediently raised his ass up off the bed, pulling his thighs to his chest. Travis slowly pushed the head in, watching Matt wince and smile. He slowly pushed his thick, meaty dick in, tll he felt his head push against the back of Matt's man pussy. He slowly started to slide in and out, pushing the head up, forcing himself into the hard tissue, listening for the moans of pleasure from Matt. He bit and nibbled at Matt's neck and ear, while he plunged in and out of his tight ass. Matt gasped loudly, and started shooting cum against Travis's chest and abs, sending Travis over the edge. He felt the rush of cum flow from his dick, shooting into the boy's tight ass. He felt shot after shot erupt from his manhood, owning that sweet ass. He kept fucking Matt, while he released more and more of his seed inside his man pussy, biting at his neck, and cursing under his breath. He slowed down, and finally collapsed beside Matt, feeling his dick slide quickly out of the exhausted hole. Matt lay his head on Travis's chest, running his hand down the muscled abs, through the thick curly hair, down to the full bush, grabbing the still hard shaft of Travis's dick. He massaged it up and down, and Travis could feel what was left of his cum, ooze out of his hole. He felt Matt shift and put his lips over Travis's dick, sucking every last drop of cum into his mouth. Travis smiled and stretched his legs, pushing his hard dick deeper into Matt's mouth. He heard the light gagging sounds, as he went to the back of Matt's throat, and relaxed, to give the boy a chance to breathe. He let Matt enjoy his dick for a couple minutes, before it became too sensitive, and he had to pull himself out of Matt's mouth, pulling the boy to his face for a last kiss. He got up, leaving Matt to rest, with his seed spreading throughout the boy's insides. He showered, and walked back into the room, getting dressed. Matt was still on his back, his legs curled up, hugging a pillow. Travis almost felt a love for the boy, but his self love left no room for that. He kissed Matt on the forehead and left the apartment, driving down to the coffee shop for some caffeine and a bagel. He ate quickly, leaving again to head to class.

After class, Travis went to the gym to do some minor lifting. He saw Brad across the room, doing squats. He stripped off his tee and started doing his reps. He hadn't noticed Brad walking up to him, and was greeted by a semi hard outline in a pair of Nike gym shorts. He slowly looked up with a smirk, to see those gorgeous grey eyes looking down at him. Brad asked what was up, and Travis said "apparently you, dude." Brad laughed and asked what he was up to when he was done. Travis said he could be done right now, and got up, standing chest to chest with Brad. Brad was equally as toned as Travis, but polar opposites with features. Dark grey eyes, thick curly black hair that fell just above his shoulders, he had a hairy chest and smooth stomach, with thick pubes similar to Travis, but dark as night. He shaved his ass, which had hints of dark hair, which would brush against Travis's face when he ate him out. Brad said his place was free if Travis wanted to fuck. He followed him out, and they got in Brad's car, making their way across campus to Brad's apartment. Travis followed closely behind, smelling Brad's musky odor evaporate from his sweaty clothes. He stayed close behind, while Brad made his way into the apartment to the back where his small room was. He took off his tank top, and slipped off his shorts, exposing his sweaty jock, and bubbled ass. Travis grabbed both cheeks with his hands, and spread them open, seeing that Brad hadn't shaved recently. Brad reached back, pushing Travis's hands away, and pulled his jock down, dropping it to the floor. He turned and reached under Travis's shirt hem, pulling up the tight tee, pressing his hard dick against the bulge in Travis's shorts. He moaned, as the soft cotton brushed along the top of his dick. He whispered "fuck me" to Travis and turned, to prop on all fours on his bed.

Travis quickly stripped, pressing his thick, hard dick against Brad's sweaty ass. He spent a few short seconds grinding against Brad's hole, and balls, feeling them rise, making way for the thick meat underway. Brad reached under his pillow, and found his lube, handing it back to Travis, who quickly lubed up himself, and Brad's ass. He plunged deep into Brad's ass, feeling him open widely for him. They'd been fucking all semester, and he could tell his ass was becoming accustomed the the large amount of manhood that entered it, almost on a daily basis. He fucked Brad deep and hard, hearing the familiar slapping noises of his lower abs against Brad's sweaty cheeks. Brad moaned, and buried his face in his pillows, pushing his ass up in the air, causing more friction against Travis's dick. He slapped at Brad's cheeks, and reached under to pull at Brad's meat, while he fucked him. Brad turned his head to the side, sighing deeply as Travis pulled at his meat. Brad whispered "Cum with me" and started moaning, pushing his face back into the pillows. Travis pushed all the way in, feeling Brad clench his sphincter as Travis released his load inside Brad's ass. Brad came a split second after Travis, shooting a thick load straight down into the sheets. Travis kept stroking Brad's dick, until he heard a short cry from the boy, letting go of his dick, and slowly pulling his own out. He collapsed against Brad, feeling their sweat combine, and the heat rise from their bodies. They were both drenched, and a thick scent of musk filled the small room. Shortly after, Travis got up, pulling at Brad, to follow him into the shower. They soaped up and rinsed off, making out in between cleaning. Travis toweled off, and got dressed, leaving Brad to removing the sheets from his bed. He gave him a final ass slap, and headed out.

He was late for his next class, but with good reason. After class, he got in his truck and headed back home. When he arrived, he saw Ken's car in the driveway. Ken had previously rented a room from Travis, and still had a key. They'd been fuck buddies for a couple of years, and had a huge blowout argument, which is why Ken had moved out. He was in his 40s, professional, and athletic. He was a very attractive middle aged man, and Travis had fucked him several times, even letting Ken fuck him once in awhile, but only out of fairness. He much preferred being Top. He walked in through the garage, and saw Ken's keys and sunglasses on the hall table. He went upstairs, to where Ken used to stay, but didn't see anything. He went toward his room, finding his door open, and curiously peeked around the frame, to see Ken completely naked on top of his bed, slowly jacking off, propped up against the headboard by pillows. He walked in, with a questioning look on his face. "I wanted one last fuck." "Well, I'm not really in a submissive mood Ken." "It's okay, you can fuck me." "I can't right now. I'm exhausted." He saw Ken roll his eyes, and let his eyes wander down the tan, freckled skin, to the reddish pubes surrounding the perky, pink dick. Ken wasn't large, but he was quite average in girth and length. Travis never minded him fucking him, because it felt pleasant and comforting. "How about you just watch while I play?" "Ken, I'm really not in the mood." Ken got up and pulled at Travis's tee, reaching his fingertips under the waistband of his shorts, pressing through the thick pubes, to the base of his shaft. He felt a shifting in his loins, and figured one last fuck wouldn't hurt. He stripped slowly, watching Ken's reactions, becoming more aroused, by this daddy type becoming aroused watching him. Ken spread his legs, pulling his knees up to his chest, while Travis scooted on his knees, closer to Ken. He grabbed his lube from the shelf beside his bed, and lubed up his dick and Ken's ass, plummeting into the smooth, deep hole. Ken was a pro at being fucked, and Travis hardly made a move. He enjoyed watching Ken slide himself over Travis's dick, grinding his ass against Travis's abs, working himself up and down Travis's shaft. Ken pushed Travis back against the bed, and straddled him, riding up and down on the thick shaft, sending Travis over the edge. He came hard, for being the third time that day, feeling his seed spread up into Ken's ass. Ken continued riding, and arched his back, letting out a long exasperated sigh, while he came hands-free all over Travis's chest and abs. He tried to watch Ken's erupting dick, while avoiding getting shot in the eye by his cum. Ken was a power shooter, and quickly soaked Travis's face, chest, abs, and arms. He liked cumming freely, without aiming, although Travis hated the mess. Ken leaned forward, and pressed his body against Travis's, lightly convulsing. "God, you've got a great dick Travis." He was breathing heavy against Travis, and waited til Travis had softened, and slid completely out of him, before he got up. They were both covered in sweat and cum, and Ken reached out, pulling Travis up with him. They showered together, and Travis kissed him on the cheek, saying goodbye. Ken left his key on the table, and Travis hadn't noticed until a few minutes after closing the door. He would miss Ken, but what a way to say goodbye.



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