My husband Charles and I have been married ten years. Both are in our mid 30's and stay in great shape by watching what we eat and exercising 5 or 6 times per week. Even though we have a very honest, loving marriage and one night he asked, “What can we do to ‘step it up a notch’ in the sex department?”

I answered, “Hum, I’m not sure.” 

To which he replied, “I want to watch you with another man who's got a big cock.”

Charles is only barely 6 inches and not very thick. He knew I’ve never had intercourse with a ’well hung’ guy. I was taken a little aback by his request but after a few weeks warmed up to the idea. 

My only experience with a well hung guy was back in college when I sucked off a date who had this huge cock. Claude and I were in the backseat of his car making out when he put my hand on his crotch. He was hard as a rock. 

I was curious so I unzipped his Levis and out popped this huge cock. It was very thick. I'll never forget it.

Now that I’d go that far, I figured go for it girl so I lowered my face to his lap and started sucking him. When I put both my hands around it side by side and his head still stuck out the top. 

Once I got it in my mouth, it didn't take long for Claude to shoot a big load which I promptly swallowed. Of course. If I don't exactly like doing it then and then so I quickly gave him a wet kiss. Since then I’ve always made it a practice to kiss a guy after he cummed in my mouth. I just figured if I’m doing this to you, he’s gonna kiss me. 

I enjoy giving blowjobs now because I like giving pleasure to my partner, it turns me on to know that he is enjoying it, and I like the action itself. It's a very intimate thing and I really like that.

But Claude was such a pompous ass that was the last I saw him. Oh I saw him around the campus but never socially. But honestly I’ve always did wonder what it would feel like to have sex with a guy hung like that.

Long story short....Charles and I placed an ad on Craigslist and were soon swamped with tons of replies but one stood out.  Travis was from nearby Arlington. He sent a shirtless picture. He was 32 years old, 6 feet tall and a very lean sexy 190 pound body. 

I loved the way he looked, and when he sent a cock picture I was even more excited. He was 9 inches, and very thick. I sent him pictures of us and of myself naked. He was just as interested as we were. We arranged to meet at the Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham, an upscale hotel on Brookhollow Plaza Drive the following Friday night.

Charles and I showed up at the bar and took a back booth. Charles left me there alone long enough to go get us a room. My ego got a big boost. As soon as he was out the door, a couple of young ‘cougar’ hunters came over and flirted with me. Austin and Calvin made me giggle like a silly school girl. I was so flattered that I took their phone numbers and agreed to call them next time Charles was out of town on business.

When Travis showed up he was just like his picture and wearing a tight t-shirt to make sure to emphasis his body and there was already a bulge in his tight black jeans. When he came over and joined us in our corner booth, I was between him and my hubby Charles. We made small talk waiting for the drinks. 

We hung out for an hour or so, consuming a couple rounds of drinks and getting comfortable with each other.  Travis was very laid back, easy to talk to and generally a nice guy.

I suggested we all go to our hotel room and have a couple more drinks there. Once in the room it was a little awkward at first but then Travis and I both stood up. He was behind me and started kissing the nape of my neck, a definite erogenous zone. I was so horny it was incredible his kisses were like electricity.

Then I turned around and kissed him a deep wet kiss. Travis’s warm mouth devoured mine, his tongue flicking mine as he nibbled on my lip. His hands went straight for my breasts, kneading them through my blouse. My pussy felt so wet and was tingling, gaping, begging for his cock. I allowed my hand to move down towards his dick and felt it through his jeans. He was so fucking hard, clearly his cock was going to be the perfect match for my pussy.

Without a word, I unzipped his jeans and his huge cock popped out.

I said, "Ohmigod it’s incredible."

Travis just watched as I reached down and took it in my hand. As I held his hard cock in my hand I looked at Charles and asked, “Is this what you want honey?”

He replied, “Go for it baby. Have fun.” 

Solemnly Travis let me lift his tight t-shirt up over his head and off. Going to my knees, I pulled his black jeans all the way down to his ankles. He could tell I wanted him to lift a leg so I could pull them off. I couldn't believe it was really happening as he let me take them off of him one leg at a time, letting his Nikes fall off I did so. Soon he was completely naked in front of me. 

The realization of what was about to happen made me shiver for a moment and I felt dizzy with excitement.

I boldly took his cock in my hand, led him over and sat him down on the edge of the bed. Pushing his legs apart further, I got on my knees. I couldn’t believe it. His cock was huge, and it wasn't even fully erect yet. I kissed my way from his belly button to the base of his cock. I lifted up his cock and put my mouth on his balls. It was incredible, his balls were totally shaved.

As I sucked on them I caught his sweet scent. By the time I got to his dick, Travis was already leaking pre-cum. I started just fiddling around the head with my tongue. His pleasure was made obvious by the non-stop moaning. Taking him in my mouth, I worked my way down his thick shaft with my lips, working up to going all the way down to the base. 

Travis started a humping motion and was practically face fucking me. His head slammed the back of my throat as his hands went to the back of my head.

I wrapped my hands around him and started squeezing his butt cheeks. Which unlike his balls were unshaven. We were both moaning pretty loudly, except my sounds were muffled and distorted by the huge cock being thrust in and out of my mouth.

Smirking, Travis looked at my husband Charles and said, “Look at your bitch sucking my big dick. Do you like that? When Charles just smiled, Travis added, “She's an awesome cocksucker that's for sure.”

I was staring at Charles the whole time. Eventually I stopped sucking, got up and walked over to him and gave him a wet sloppy kiss. I'm sure he could taste Travis's pre-cum. I then asked him to undress me for Travis.     

Ripping the buttons off, Charles jerked open my blouse. Untucking it from my skirt, Charles pulled my blouse off my shoulders and let it fall on the floor. He hesitated momentarily at the skirt. 

Travis just sat there impassively and say nothing, 

Charles's shoulders slumped in defeat as he started to unsnap and unzip my skirt. I wiggled my hips slightly as he worked the skirt down and off my legs and leaving it puddled around my ankles. Turning to face Travis, my hands unconsciously moved to cover my bra and panties.

"My God, you really are the fucking slut, aren't you? Look at those fucking panties," Travis laughed.

"Now her underwear," Travis ordered.

With shaking hands Charles reached behind my back and unfastened the clasp on my bra. Slowly drawing the straps down my arms, he finally pulled the cups away from my breasts and dropped it on the floor with the rest of my clothes. As I turned back to face Travis, my hands immediately went up to knead the newly exposed flesh.

"Keep your hands at your sides," Travis chastised.

Face reddening, I lowered my hands from my breasts. Against my will my nipples hardened from the sudden exposure to the cool air blowing in from the air conditioner. Despite their size, they were extremely firm and had no visible sag to them.

"My God, look at those fine breasts. It's no wonder you like them touched. Now lose the panties slut,” Travis ordered.

When Charles hooked his thumbs in the waistband of my tiny panties, Travis said, “No. use your mouth.”

On his knees with his hands behind his back, Charles used his teeth to pull the crotch of my panties out of my wet slit.  and worked them down my legs and off.
Travis and I, now both naked, I laid on the bed and said, “Ok time for you to return the favor.” I spread my legs as far as they would go and asked, “Do you want to taste my sweet pussy?”

“Well, well, well…..what do we have here?” Travis chuckled as he reached out and ran his finger down my slit.

I knew what he was referring to. I was soaked. I was pissed that I was so wet. But the way he worked my nipples, licking them like lollipops, the way he kissed down my body like he was carefully unwrapping a present was all too much.

‘What the hell is wrong with me’ I cursed myself for enjoying this shit. His two fingers went inside the lips, grazing over my clit. I jumped, pushing my hips towards him.

“Oh shit,” I wailed.

“Oh so you want me to take this pussy, huh?” Travis asked condescendingly.

He blew gently on it, putting his two fingers inside me again.

A moan escaped my mouth.

“Oh you like that?” Travis said easing his fingers in and out of my wetness. 

Gritting my teeth, I started breathing heavier.

Travis was enjoying himself, teasing me.  Fingering my pussy, when what I wanted was his mouth on my pussy. He bent down, spread my lips apart with his thumbs and flicked his tongue on my clit. I squirmed, I tossed wildly.

“Calm down,” he laughed, grabbing my legs and putting them on his shoulders as Travis buried his face in pussy.

“OHMYGOD,” I shrieked. To silence me, Travis had Charles rub my panties in my slit, getting them sopping wet. Once soaked enough, he had t Charles stuff them in my mouth for a gag.

His strong arms pushed my legs further apart, and Travis literally buried his entire face in me. He used his forehead to rub my clit, even his nose. He ate my pussy like it was his last meal. He used his tongue to fuck my pussy, darting it in and out. I screamed and I moaned. All I could do was keep my legs open, my knees bent and take it…like a fucking slut.

Travis hands slid down under my ass, spreading my butt cheeks as he went lower and deeper with his tongue.

“Oh shit,” I mumbled around my panties as a wave of orgasms crept through me. 

“Fuck, this feels good,” I said to myself.

Wiping his face with the back of his hand, Travis used his thumb to rub my clit and finger fuck me.

“Shit. It was so frustrating not being able to make noise.

“If I take the panties out of your mouth will you be a good girl?” he asked.

I nodded my head violently.

More than anything, I wanted my panties out of my mouth.

Travis went back down, using his fingers to play with my asshole.

I was moaning through my panties.

“Oh…someone like’s that,” Travis laughed, putting his thumb in my tight asshole.

At first I flinched, the sensation of a foreign object in my ass was uncomfortable. But then Travis went back to licking my pussy, sucking, drinking up my pussy juice, all the while pushing his finger deeper and deeper in my ass. I erupted without any reservation and jerked wildly on the bed, moaning, making pure ecstasy noises.

“Damn this pussy tastes so good,” Travis said, licking my slit from top to bottom.

“You like that?”

I nodded and moaned to let him know I was enjoying it.

“Good,” he said as he pulled the panties out of my mouth.

Soaking wet and weak with lust, I just said, “Please fuck me now.”

Travis sat up, put the head of his cock on my pussy lips and said, “Tell your husband to tell me to fuck you.”

I looked at Charles and said, “Honey, tell him to fuck me.”

Instead he moved over, reached between our bodies and grabbed Travis’s cock. After kissing the head and guiding it between my lips, Charles said, “Please fuck my wife Barbara.”

It was very erotic, having my husband Charles tell another guy to fuck me.

Not to be left out, Charles took Travis’s cock and rubbed it on my clit and then inserted it an inch or so then back to my clit. He must have done that 8 or 9 times or so, teasing me before I finally I said, “Please let Travis fuck me. Please,” to which Travis cut in, “I'm warning you, you'll get addicted to my big cock.”  

That said, Travis slowly inserted his cock. As Travis pressed the head of his cock into me it hurt a little at first because I could feel my pussy being stretch further than ever before. I couldn't believe the feeling. It quickly changed to the most intense pleasure I've ever felt; it was different, exciting. Once he had it all the way in I wrapped my legs around Travis’s waist, my arms around his shoulders, and I just moaned and told him, “Fuck me,” over and over. Several minutes past and then I looked over at Charles. He just stared at us, as he stroked his cock.

Travis fucked me hard, pounding me into the mattress like a plie driver. I cummed quickly and was wetter than I've ever been before. Travis’s dick was like a drug. I was in heaven. His cock was unbelievable and he knew how to use it. His cock was so thick and long I’ve never felt so full and excited in all my life.

I kept saying, “It’s so big. It’s so big. I love it. Fuck me, fuck me.”

I lost track of how many times I cummed. It was like a blur, the massive orgasms followed by intense fucking. Travis was fucking me like a machine, smiling and telling me how much he loved my wet pussy. At one point Travis looked at Charles and said, “I love fucking your beautiful wife.  Her pussy is so wet yet nice and tight. I’m gonna stretch her out.”

Then he smiled at me and fucked me even harder.

As he pounded me like a $2 whore, I kissed him and whispered, “Cum in my pussy.”  I knew we took a risk here but I hate condoms and I love cum.  It’s so erotic to me to watch a man as he cums, knowing his manhood is cumming in me or on me. 

Soon I felt Travis’s cock grow even larger so I caressed his nipples, just then he let out a huge, “Uuuuuuugh,” and cummed in multiple spurts in my pussy. He gave me a kiss and whispered, “I haven't' cum in days so I really filled you up.”

I stopped for a moment and looked at Charles and said, "You liked that didn't you baby?" 

"Yes," he said.

"You liked watching your wife get fucked by my big cock, didn’t you?” laughed Travis.

"Yes," he said again. 

When Travis pulled out and went to the bathroom, he said, “I'll get you a towel.”

I said, “No need for that.”

Then I looked right at Charles and said, “Now do something for me. Eat my pussy and clean me up.”

Charles was shocked to say the least. “Come on honey,” I said, “it's what I want.”

 So Charles came over and looked down at my swollen pussy lips and Travis's cum dripping out of me, that’s all it took. He did it. He went down on me, licking up cum, both Travis's and mine mixed together. Caught up in the moment, I was moaning, “Eat me honey.”

Slurping and sucking, he went back and forth from my pussy to my clit. 

I had another massive orgasm.  Knowing my husband Charles was eating another man’s cum out of my pussy was a major turn on.

Sated I lay exhausted. 

My pussy cleaned, Charles went back to his chair and sat.

Travis came over to me and wrapped his arms around me spooning, I was in a dream state. Don't know how long the spooning lasted but the next thing I know Travis is kissing the nape of my neck.

I turned and kissed him deeply, my hand grasping at his now hard cock. I felt his hands on my shoulders and soon I had his cock in my mouth. 

I ran my tongue around the tip and then took the whole head in my mouth as I caressed his balls. As I bobbed my mouth up and down, Travis grew in my mouth. 

I rose up and slid up his body, kissing his chest and his lips, as I straddled him, cowgirl style. Rising up higher, I positioned his cock against my pussy lips.  Placing my hands on his chest I slide down on that monster cock while letting out a loud moan.

I started riding him slow at first, enjoying every inch of that 9 inch cock moving in my pussy. All the while moaning, "So big, so incredible."

Laughing like a silly virgin, I looked at Charles and said, “Watch me getting fucked. Watch me honey.”

Grinning, I asked Travis, “Does that feel good baby? I want to make you feel as good as you make me feel.”

He moaned, “God yes.”

I rode him like a bucking bronc for a long time while cumming several times. 

Travis not only had a large cock but had control over his orgasms. When he was finally ready, he rolled me over on my back, slid back down between my legs.
Grabbing me by my ankles, he placed my petite little feet up on his shoulders.  Then, in one thrusting movement, he plunged his big cock back into my dripping wet pussy as far as it will go, making me grunt and whine from the impact. "Oh, yessssss!" I hissed as he pulled out slowly then ram into me again, his tight balls slapping against my sweet ass cheeks as he repeatedly bury his 9 inches all the way to the hilt.   

My moans changed to screams as his massive cock slammed brutally in and out of me. His body got rigid, and his thrusts became uncontrollable as he started spewing his cum.  Over and over and over again he shot his cum deep in my pussy. 

As his thrusts slowed, I could feel my pussy flex as I milked his cum from him. 

Travis laid on top of me and I ran my fingers through his hair. As he started to pull out, I put my hand on his ass, and said, "Not yet baby…just a little longer."  We stayed connected for several more minutes. As we finally separated, Travis smiled at me and excused himself to go to the restroom.

Then I turned to Charles, called him over and embraced him. Kissing him, I told him, “Clean me up again,” and he surprised me by with relish, licking and eating all our bodily fluids as they dripped from my pussy. 

As I lay on the bed, Travis now dressed shook Charles’s hand and kissed me gently on the lips and said, “I’d love to meet up again.”

Now alone with my dear husband Charles, I asked him, “What did you think?”

He said, “It was the most erotic thing that's ever happened to me.”

I agreed and had him lay next to me. Stroking his cock and kissing him telling him what a slut he made me. My hand action quickly had him cum and then we both fell asleep.

Now we meet with Travis once a week or so. Hubby is enjoying his clean up role. We’ve progressed to the point where hubby and I will be in 69 position and Travis will fuck me and cum.  Charles now cleans off his cock with his mouth before cleaning up my dripping pussy.

I've encouraged hubby Charles to explore bisexuality. Last time Travis brought a bi buddy and he and Charles went at it. We were both side by side on our backs, holding hands and getting fucked by big cocks. It was incredible.

The next time Charles went out of town on business I wasn’t out of the DFW parking lot before I had Austin on the phone. But that’s another story. 



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