NOE: Some of my readers have asked why I have written so many stories about truckers. Well, for many years I traveled the highways for work and encountered many truckers, most over my CB radio which was given to me by a trucker. I found them to be the most courteous and friendly drivers on the road.

I had taken a leave of absence from work, desperately in need of a break from my daily routine. I packed up my car and headed west from Virginia, with no particular destination. I would just stop and see the sites when I found something interesting, be it the scenery or a hot male person.

About the end of my third day on the road, I was going through Oklahoma. I had stopped for coffee and was wide awake, even though it was nearing ten that evening.

I entered Oklahoma City and at the intersection of a major north-south interstate and the east-west interstate I was on I found a major truck stop.

I pulled in and after hitting the restroom and relieving myself, I casually checked the stalls for glory holes. None were found and I was disappointed. I loved sucking cock through glory holes.

I headed for the restaurant for a late dinner. I found a table and as I looked over the menu, a man in his late thirties or early forties walked up to the table next to me.

He was a little older than I usually preferred, bu he was damn good looking, well built, and had a beautiful smile. There wasn't an ounce of fat on him.

He paused and asked the drivers at that table if any were headed west. One was going north and the others were headed east.

'I'm headed west,' I said casually. 'Can I help?'

'Man, I certainly hope so,' he replied. 'About five my rig broke a belt and I have just managed to get here and get a replacement. I need to get back and get it on and get rolling again.'

'Where is your truck?'

'At the rest area about fifty or so miles west of here.'

Motioning him to sit down, I said 'I'll give you a lift if you can wait until I get a bite to eat. Care to join me?'

'I'd really appreciate the ride but I, uh, have already eaten.'

'I'm Matt Connors,' I said, 'and I can usually tell when I'm being lied to. You had to spend you money on the belt didn't you?'

'I'm Jim Watson and yes I did. I called the company and they are wiring me some money tomorrow morning.'

'That's not going to help you tonight.'

The waitress came up and I told here we'd have two buffets.

'Matt, I can't let you buy me dinner. Just getting me back to my rig will be enough.'

'No arguments,' I said, 'or I might change my mind.'

He smiled and we ate dinner then hit the road, him thanking me over and over.

As we drove, I found out that he was forty-one, divorced, and had been driving for fifteen years.

He asked about me and I told him I was twenty-six, single and taking a months leave of absence from work to relax and refresh. He asked what I did for a living.

'I'm a corporate lawyer and just finished a high profile case that was in court for eight weeks. I won it but I'm drained and needed a break.'

'Hell, I bet you do,' he said.

We talked and i later asked him if his driving and being gone was the cause for the divorce.

'Yea, partly, but the main thing that broke us up was the fact hat she found out about one of my extra curricular activities one one of my trips out.'

'Oh, shit! How did that happen?'

'The person I was with had a Polaroid camera and took some pictures of us in action. I had a few of them in with my dirty clothes and was planning on burning them. I got home early one morning and after she got up, she went to the truck to get my laundry to wash and found them. She woke me up, cussed me out, and told me to get out. That day she went to a lawyer and filed for divorce.'

'From that, I take it they were very incriminating.'

'Oh, yes. Very. There was no doubt about what was going on.'

'I don't guess you fought the divorce?'

'No. In a way I was kind of glad. It gave me my freedom. When I was home, all we did was fight about me being on the road all the time. I provide for her well and even invited her to come along but she refused. I'm just glad that there were no kids to get hurt.'

'I can agree there.'

'Now what I make is all mine.'

'How long have you been divorced?'

'Five years, and I couldn't be happier.'

We continued on our way and he continually asked if there as anything he could do to repay my generosity. I kept telling him no but deep inside I wanted to tell him he could go to bed with me. The more I was around him the more he turned me on.

It was almost one in the morning when we reached his truck. He began trying to get the belt on with just a small flashlight. I had a high beam light in my car that plugged into the cigarette lighter and I got it and held it for him.

'Fuck, Matt, that really helps,' he said.

It took him almost an hour to get it on even with my help. When he was done, we both realized how tired we were.

After going into the rest room and washing up, we both went to take a leak. Standing side by side at the urinals we each glanced at the others cock. I then began to wonder what was in the pictures his wife found.

Returning to the parking lot, I said I was going to get a few hours sleep in the car since we were out in the middle of nowhere.

'Matt, stay up in my sleeper. I have an upper bunk you're welcome to. It doesn't allow for much turning. Or you are welcome to share the queen size bed I've got.'

I seized the opportunity to be close to him, saying that if he didn't mind I'd share his bed.

'Not at all, but I think it's only fair that I warn you that I normally sleep nude.'

'So do I,' I responded.

'Well, feel free to do it here. I'm used o seeing other guys nude in the truck stop showers. Some don't offer private shower rooms.'

I locked up my car and climbed into his rig with him. We stepped back into the over sized sleeper area and after he closed the privacy curtains, we began stripping for bed.

'I'll give you the outside,' he said as he finished removing his clothes. I looked over his magnificent body and said, 'I don't mean to sound weird, but you damn sure don't have the body of a forty-one year old guy. You're built damn nicely.'

'Your built pretty well also,' he said as he climbed into the bed and moved to the inside.

I slipped in next to him as he turned out the light. We lay there quietly for a while before he turned on his side facing me. I was on my back and after a moment I felt his hand on my stomach sliding down to my cock which was quickly stiffening.

As it slid down he asked softly, 'Are you sure I can't do anything or you? It seems you could use some tension relief.' He had grasped my hard cock.

'Yes, I probably could,' I replied thinking he was going to jerk me off.

He flipped the sheet back and sat up. I could tell he was moving around and he suddenly lay down again, and as he did, he swallowed my cock. I gasped and realized he was in a sixty-nine position. As he deep throated my cock, I slowly turned my head and swallowed his. I heard him moan.

Hungrily, we sucked each others hard large cocks, soon bringing each other to a roaring climax. We bot quickly swallowed and when he flipped back around, I leaned in and found his mouth and kissed him passionately.

When the kiss ended, he said, 'That was fantastic. I was wanting to suck you all the way here. I wasn't sure if you were into it but thought I'd give you the opportunity.'

'I'm glad you did,' I replied.

'Me too,' he replied.

'Can I assume that the pictures your ex-wife saw showed you getting sucked?'

'That and there were a few of me swallowing the other guys cock, and a couple of his cock up my ass.'

'No wonder she freaked out.'

'I've wondered if I subconsciously left them in my bag for her to find.'

'You might have, knowing it would end the marriage.'

'Well, it did and I have no regrets. Don't misunderstand me. I don't have sex with just anybody. I'm extremely picky about who I have sex with.'

'So am I,' I told him.

'We better get some sleep,' he said.

We spooned together, holding each other and were soon asleep. We awoke near eight the next morning, and after dressing, went to the restroom.

Standing back at the truck, he asked my route.

'I have nothing planned, why?'

'Why don't you follow me and we can stop along the way and have tonight together.'

'Sounds good to me,' I replied. 'What channel would be best to be on on the CB?'

'Let's go to thirty-eight.'

'Will do.'

We got in our vehicles and headed out, chatting back and forth on our channel, keeping it clean just in case someone else happened to get on it.

We stopped for lunch and he got his money from his home office, insisting that he pay for my lunch. After eating we went to his rig and had another sixty-nine, this time able to see each others hard cocks. After the sixty-nine, he said 'Tonight I want you to fuck me.'

'Tonight we fuck each other,' I told him.

'Deal,' he said.

That night I found out that when he started driving, he had never had sex with another guy. He said it was on an exceptionally long trip that he had his first experience with another man.

'I had been married about five years and was horny as hell. I had stopped at a rest area late one night to piss. As I did, a guy about eighteen or so came in and stood beside me and asked if I needed some relief. I asked what he meant and he said he'd be glad to suck me off. I took him to my truck and got my first male blow job. I loved it and started letting others blow me. I soon became curious and tried it and loved it. Fucking soon followed as well as kissing and rimming.'

'Hell, I stared at eighteen when my best friends dad got us both drunk and talked us both into sucking him after he sucked us both off.'

'He sucked his own son?'

'Yep. It soon became a regular thing with them, with me joining in frequently.'

'Holy shit!'

I soon slipped my cck into Jim and fucked his hot ass. I was awesome. He certainly didn't look like a guy hat sucked cock much less loved having a cock up his ass. After seeding his ass, he fucked me and I was in heaven.

We exchanged cell numbers, and he next morning we went on our way. Little did he know that I was following him, at least not until that night when he stopped for the night.

I followed him for my entire leave, or at least until I had to leave to get back to work on time.

We kept in touch by phone. talking almost daily. Then, one Friday afternoon he called and said he was in town and asked me to meet him. I was thrilled to see him again. I had had sex with others, but none compared to him.

We met at the tuck stop and he said to follow him. I did and we ended up at a house on the edge of town.

'Who lives here?' I asked.

Smiling, he said, 'I do.'


He explained that he had taken a job with a local trucking firm as the local terminal manager and had moved here.

Once inside, he held me and after a hot wet kiss, he looked into my eyes and said, 'Matt, I've fallen in love with you and I'm hoping you'll be my lover.'

'Oh fuck yes, Jim, I will.'

We spent all weekend having sex and he following week we moved my personal belongings into Jim's house. I leased out my condo furnished.

Jim and I had renovations done on the house to enlarge it and modernize it. The property was large and wooded and we added a pool and stayed nude inside and out.

Things have been great between us and we love entertaining. We frequently have guest over for barbecues and they usually turn into sex parties, but we love it.

We're planning on taking a gay cruise this summer. that should be fun and if anyone tries to steal him away they will find themselves being thrown overboard.




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