I couldn’t help smiling, almost whistling as I browsed at the magazines at the Log Cabin adult bookstore. It had been a wonderful two years since I’d discovered glory holes and the joy of sucking dicks. Who would have ever dreamed that a womanizing homophobe could derive so my pleasure being on my knees in a viewing booth sucking anonymous stranger’s dicks through a hole in the wall? I still can’t believe the warm feeling I get when a dick comes through the hole and I take it in my mouth and know the pleasure I’m bring a total stranger as I close my lips around it and start sucking. The feeling of contentment when the dick tenses up and the stranger pays me the ultimate compliment of filling my mouth with the essences of his manhood, a load of hat salty cum. The warm glow that I experience as I show his gift the respect it deserves and let it slide slow down my throat. To do any less would be disrespectful to us both.

I’m proud of my new found calling and but because of society’s outlook to such activities I’ve kept my dick sucking to the confines of private viewing booths. Were anyone to find out it would have an adverse affect on my life and I don’t think that I’d like that, especially as well as my life’s going now.

Besides discovering the joys of sucking dicks I’ve reconnected with Linda and old girlfriend and briefly moved in with her in her mobile home in Kennedale. This had a double pay off. Besides living with Linda, it put me less than fifteen minutes from the adult bookstores with the viewing booths.

After I’d lived with Linda for awhile we both realized that we were good dates and lovers but poor living companions. I believe she came to that realization before I did because when we discussed it she’d already arranged for the mobile home park she lived in to rent me a mobile home. It was a repo for non payment trailer and for six or eight month had been used by maintance for storage. It was a long three-bedroom single wide with the master bedroom in the back and kitchen and dinning room at the front.

The front door was on the side and it had a fifteen x fifteen foot covered deck for a front porch. The other two bedrooms were between the living room and the master bedroom and were connected by a half bath. A hallway ran down the right wall back to the bedroom. The back door was right outside the master bedroom door.

I actually liked living alone was great. The beauty of living there was besides being close enough to date and when she felt like it fucking Linda, was that I was only about ten or fifteen minutes from my favorite adult bookstore and its glory holes. I even passed it going too and from work, so I could stop in on the way to or home from work and suck a dick or two.

Finally settling on three gay magazines I moved to the front check-out counter to pay. I was getting better, I was still self conscious when I was in the gay section browsing but it no longer embarrassed me to hand them to the clerk when I paid.

I paid and the clerk slipped my magazines in a gray plastic bag and I left. When I pulled into my drive way my neighbor was in his driveway working on his car. We weren’t what you’d call great friends but we were more the ‘speak when we saw each other each other outside’ verity.

When I pulled into my driveway and got out of my car I strolled next door and spoke to Joe.

He was an average looking guy, dark hair, glasses and about five-foot nine or so to my six-foot three. No one that would stand out in a crowd. I didn’t know a lot about his private life. Like me he lived alone. The only time I ever saw a lady there was when he was standing out front arguing with his crazy ex-wife one afternoon. I say crazy because I was washing dishs and from my kitchen window I could hear them arguing and from what I heard her saying she was definitely crazy.

As we chatted Joe asked me to hand him a wrench. Unthinkingly I laid my bag of magazines in the open top of his tool box while I found the one he wanted. It was a nice day to be outside so we chatted about ten minutes before I finally headed for my trailer.

Inside I slipped a pair of gym shorts on over my panties. Yes I like to wear panties. I’m not a cross dresser or anything but there’s just something about the way they cup my balls and the feel of the silken material against my skin. I guess they appeal to my feminine side.

I’d just done a quick clean-up in the kitchen and was straightening up the living room when there was a knock at the door. It was Joe, hair damp from a shower and wear clean Levis and a white t-shirt. Before I could say anything he stormed angrily into my living room. Stunned, I shut the door and turned to face him.

Waving the bag of gay magazines in my face he almost yelled, “Would you like to explain this? Are you a god damned dick sucking queer? For god’s sake you have that hot looking girlfriend down the block that I know for a fact that you’re fucking. ”

Stunned and embarrassed I stammered, “Not exactly.”

“Not exactly…what the fuck does that mean?”

Never having been confronted about this before I was handling this badly. “I sorta suck dicks but I’m not queer.”

“How the fuck can you ‘sorta suck dicks and not be queer?”

“I’m a cocksucker not a queer. A queer is interested guys romantically. We cocksuckers aren't interested in kissing and dating guys. All a we're interested in is sucking the guy’s dick and giving him pleasure. We care nothing about who the guy is or what he looks like. He can be the biggest ass-hole in the world and we’ll still suck his dick. All we care about is serving his cock. It’s almost like we worship the cock and balls.

“And where does all the cock worshiping and sucking take place?”

“Because Linda lives just a few trailers down and I’m uneasy about bring guys here, so it happens in viewing booths at the XXX-video up the road in Kennedale.”

“I know where it is.”

“Do you know what a glory hole is?”

“I’ve seen them.”

“Well, I go in a booth with a glory hole and wait for a dick to come through the hole and then I kneel down and suck it.”

“You kneel down in those booths? The floors are covered with used condoms and crusted with stale cum and piss.  And you just suck any cock that comes through the hole? How do you know whose it is?”

“Yes, I the floor is disgusting but yes I kneel down in it. Yes I suck any dick stuck through the hole. And no I don’t know whose dick it is.”

“God that’s disgusting. You let total strangers put their dick in your mouth. How do you know when to pull off?”

“What do you mean?" I asked confusedly.

“You know…pull your mouth off before they cum.”

“I don’t pull off before they cum.”

“You let them cum in your mouth? That’s disgusting,” he sighed as he sank weakly down on to the couch. “What do you do with the cum, spit it out?”

“I swallow it.”

He had such a stupid look on his face when I said that that he couldn’t even talk.

“Would you want me to spit it out if it were your cum? I think not.”

After that I just stood there and let him mull over what I'd said until he'd calmed down.

As I sat down in an easy chair across the living room from him, I wondered if he realized that he had an erection.

Sudden he asked, “What the fuck are you wearing under your shorts?”

Too later I remembered that the legs of my gym shorts were so lose that when I sat down you could see my panties through the leg holes. More embarrassed to be caught wearing panties than for Joe to know that I sucked dicks, my face reddened as I almost whispered, "Panties."

“This I’ve got to see. Stand up and pull off your shorts.”

Reluctantly I stood and let my gym shorts fall down around my ankles. Still embarrassed, I stepped out of them. I was wearing a pair of powder blue ones with lace trim.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” he said with a shake of his head and a sigh. “Let me make sure that I understand what this is all about. Even though you wear girl’s panties and suck dicks you’re not a queer, you’re a cocksucker. And there’s a difference between a cocksucker and a queer,” he said thoughtfully.

“Yes...we both suck dicks but a queer wants to marry his dick but all I…a cocksucker…wants is to be allowed to suck it.”

 “So explain it again, why do you suck dicks…not other cocksuckers…you.”

“Why do I suck cock? Well, that’s a tough one to explain. I’m not sure that anyone but another cocksucker could understand.  Most men, both str8 and gay, get most of their sexual pleasure from their own dicks and can't imagine not doing so. But we cocksuckers are different...we get our pleasure from another man's dick and from giving that man pleasure. I love knowing that I’m the one giving that pleasure to a man. I love knowing that my mouth is giving him pleasures as he feels my lips wrapped around his swollen cock. I love the sensation of seeing a guy sitting, standing or laying back naked preferably and looking at me to service him and bring him to orgasm. The sensation of being on my knees and feeling a soft cock inside my mouth growing and stretching my mouth to accommodate him thrills me beyond belief.

I get the most intense sexual pleasure from sucking men who have no interest at all in my dick. Their dick is the only thing they care about and when I'm on my knees for them that's all I care about too, because sucking cock fulfils me and satisfies me as no other kind of sex does. I don't need to reach orgasm. Seeing him watching me suck and lick his cock and balls knowing he has a cocksucker dedicated to his pleasure who wants to swallow his cum. when he does his orgasms for both of us and that's all I need. Nothing pleases me more than knowing I’m the cocksucker that will be responsible for and the recipient of his orgasm. Knowing I will give him the orgasmic sensations that deliver the precious warm seed stored in his balls for me to feel exploding in my mouth and sliding down my throat as part of him becomes part of me. When it’s over and we part company, I’m proud that I was able to give him pleasure and was a good cocksucker for him.”

“You don’t get your dick sucked. You just suck dicks,” he said obviously still puzzled.

“We even have a pledge,” I told him. “1. I WILL SWALLOW, unless otherwise instructed. A man’s cum deserves as much respect as the man himself. Swallowing reinforces the bond between a man and his cocksucker. 2. I WILL DEEPTHROAT to the best of my ability, regardless of whether I gag. A well-rounded cocksucker must master the use of his lips, tongue AND throat to maximize a man’s pleasure. 3. I WILL NOT USE MY HANDS unless instructed. My mouth is my sexual organ.  4. I WILL NOT TOUCH MYSELF when sucking a man’s Cock. His pleasure is my own. To suggest otherwise is deeply disrespectful.  5. I WILL NOT EXPECT RECIPROCATION.  6. I WILL MAKE MYSELF AVAILABLE, and service on his terms. A man should never have to jerk himself off to get relief when a cocksucker could do the job instead.  7. I WILL ALLOW HIM TO CALL ME NAMES, such as “faggot," “cocksucker” and “slut," regardless of whether I enjoy this. A cocksucker must accept his place on the sexual totem pole. Such names are a man’s way of claiming this superiority over a cocksucker.  8. I WILL CONTINUE TO SERVICE for as long as a man deems it appropriate, whether minutes or hours, without complaint.  I pledge these things because I am a cocksucker; because I am in awe of men and am at their service; because it is their generosity in sharing their manhood that allows me to achieve my own sexual fulfilment.

“Wow…that’s a lot of shit to take in all at once. What would happen if I told you to suck my dick?”

“I’d kneel submissively at your feet, pull down your pants and suck your dick.”

“Right here? Right now?” he shot back.

“Unless you wanted me to do it somewhere else,” I answered.

Pretending that I thought he was telling me that he wanted his dick sucked I went to my knees and crawled the feet across the room towards him. I saw a look in his eyes that in years to come I learned was the look of power that short men gave to physically bigger men who humbled and debased theirselves before them.

First I removed his Hush Puppies. I have always had a mixed feeling about feet. They were not in my list of top favorite body parts. I was just not into touching peoples' feet, but knowing that I had to win him over to keep him from blabbing my secret all over the Mobile Home Park and worse to Linda my homophobic girlfriend I’d have to extra submissive so I smiled and pulled off his socks.

When I reached for his belt it was hard for me to get to with him sitting down, so he stood.

As he stood there with his hands on his hips looking contemptuously down at me I reached up and grabbed his belt and unbuckled it and then unsnapped and unzipped his pants. A gentle tug and they slipped past his hips and fell in a heap around his ankles on the floor.

Standing, I pulled his t-shirt up over his head. Dropping his t-shirt, I leaned down and lick his nipples, wetting them with my tongue and then blowing lightly across them, one after the other. Joe, like most men didn’t realize that their nipples were erogenous zones, softly moaned, “Uuuuuuuuuum.”

Smiling, I kissed my way down his stomach to the waistband of his underwear. Hooking my thumbs in the elastic of the waistband of his boxers, I continued to kiss my way down as I slowly rolled them off his hips and down his legs. As I drop his boxers on down to the floor his dick was inches from my face. I was pleasantly surprised to see that like many short men, Joe had a more than fair size cock.

Although before, I’d only done it through glory holes, this was a situation that I knew how to handle. I slowly licked his silky head all around and nibbled at his foreskin. Moving lower, I took his ballsac in my mouth and rolled his jewels together with my tongue. Anxious with lust, Joe grabbed my head and guided my mouth to his hard cock. 

As I took it between my lips, the head was soon prodding the back of my throat. “Uugggghhhhhhh,” he moaned as he spread his legs wider and thrust forward. His hand resting on the back of my head, I bobbed up and down on his hard cock. The first dribble of salty pre-cum coated my tongue, exciting me even more.

Joe pressed my head down until my nose nestled in his pubic hair and then he fucked my mouth with an urgent rhythm. He hadn’t had any sex but his hand in so long that in a couple of minutes, he was shouting  "Ooohhhh my godd, I'm Cumming…I'm Cumming in your mouth! Ooohhhh, Ooohhhh, Ooohhhh yesssss!" then he flooded my mouth with a more than man size load of hot cum.

Embarrassed by his excitement now that he’d cummed, Joe quickly put his clothes back on. As he was zipping up his pants, he said, “Would you mind running over that code again?”

“Sure,” I said, “The Cocksucker’s Pledge is...

“Sure,” I said, “the cocksucker’s pledge is... 1. I WILL SWALLOW, unless otherwise instructed. A man’s cum deserves as much respect as the man himself. Swallowing reinforces the bond between a man and his cocksucker.

2. I WILL DEEPTHROAT to the best of my ability, regardless of whether I gag. A well-rounded cocksucker must master the use of his lips, tongue AND throat to maximize a man’s pleasure.

3. I WILL NOT USE MY HANDS unless instructed. My mouth is my sexual organ.

4. I WILL NOT TOUCH MYSELF when sucking a man’s Cock. His pleasure is my own. To suggest otherwise is deeply disrespectful.5. I WILL NOT EXPECT RECIPROCATION—ever. See above.

6. I WILL MAKE MYSELF AVAILABLE, and service on his terms. A man should never have to jerk himself off to get relief when a cocksucker could do the job instead.

7. I WILL ALLOW HIM TO CALL ME NAMES, such as “faggot," “cocksucker” and “slut," regardless of whether I enjoy this. A cocksucker must accept his place on the sexual totem pole. Such names are a man’s way of claiming this superiority over a cocksucker.

8. I WILL CONTINUE TO SERVICE for as long as a man deems appropriate, whether minutes or hours, without complaint.

I pledge these things because I am a cocksucker; because I am in awe of men and am at their service; because it is their generosity in sharing their manhood that allows me to achieve my own sexual fulfilment.” 

“That #6...what exactly does that mean?”

“It means that my mouth is available to you 24/7 all you have to do is ask and I’ll come to you.”

“You mean that if I call you at three o’clock in the morning you’ll come over and suck my cock?’


“I think i’m going to enjoy this cocksucker thing,” he laughed as he headed out the door.

I answered my phone about mid-night and Joe said, “Hello faggot, what are you wearing?”

“A pair of burgundy panties,” I answered.

“I want my dick sucked. Don’t bother dressing. My back door is open and I’ll be sitting in the living room waiting. Get your ass over her now.” Then before I could reply he hung up.

Our backdoors were about fifteen-feet from each other. During the day they were in clear view of the street. Fortunately the streetlight just barely reached back there so if I hurried no one would see me.

Leaving my backdoor open so I could get back in quickly, I ran down the four-steps and dashed across the grass. Almost leaping up on his postage stamp size porch I grabbed the doorknob and in a second was inside. Shutting the door I made my way up the dimly lit hall to his living room.

Moving across the room, I went to my knees at his feet. With an evil smile, Joe raised his foot and rested it on my chest. “My feet are so tired. I need a foot massage,” he drawled. ” 

As I said, I have always had a mixed feeling about feet. They were not in my list of top favorite body parts. I was not into touching peoples' feet. I opened my mouth to protest but I remembered that I was a cocksucker and that what I liked or wanted didn’t matter. Only what Joe’s did.

Instead of protesting I started rubbing his soles, pulling each of his toes slowly and rubbing between them. He moaned, “Ugh,” from time to time so it was easy to see that he liked it.

After ten minutes I was about done. When I stopped touching his feet, he said, "Oh, no. you’re not done yet.”

Making sure that I sounded humble, I asked, “What else do you want? I think I did everything I could."  

"Well, not everything. I like it when you rubbed between my toes, but I wonder how it would fell if you use your tongue," he said with a smug smile on his face.  

My mouth opened in surprise. What was he talking about? I’ll suck his dick, I thought but there’s no way I was doing that.

Remembering my place, I brought my face closer to his right foot. My lips touched his right toe and I held it there while looking up into his eyes. I felt a wave of electricity just passing through me. I had two very opposite feelings at the same time. On the one hand this felt wrong but on the other hand, I couldn’t help feeling turned on by kissing his toe and by his arrogant attitude.

I took a deep breathe. The second kiss was much longer. After I finished the kiss, he asked, "So? How was it?" 

"Actually I sorta liked it." 

We stared at each other for a few seconds. "I think you should kiss all my toes now," he said in a gentle but firm manner, "Let's see where this is going” I nodded hesitantly. "Go ahead and give each of my toes a nice kiss and look at me while you are doing it." 

"This isn’t happening," I thought "It’s too weird and yet I wanted to do it too."

"I want you to take your time and kiss each toe nicely. And think about how much I’m enjoying it while you’re doing it."   

I started on his left pinkie. My first few kiss were mostly my lips touching his toes and nothing more. By the forth one, I actually did kiss his toe. The fifth toe I touched with my tongue. It tasted a bit salty.

Then I moved to the other foot and starting with his pinkie each toe received a warm welcome from my lips. When I got to his big toe, I ended it with a small lick.

"Damn, I’m starting to like it more and more," he murmured. "This time I think you should use more of your tongue. Let's try your tongue between my toes," Joe said as he brought his left foot up to my face, pointed his toes and slowly tried forced them between my lips. My mouth remained tightly closed. For a second or two Joe moved his toes slowly around my lips, trying to get his big toe between my two lips.

Resignedly I opened my mouth a little more, allowing a little room between my two lips. Smiling, he slowly slid his big toe into my mouth and I closed my lips around it like it was a little dick.

I couldn't believe I had his toe in my mouth, I thought as I sucked on it. A few seconds later, he moaned, “Mmmmmmmmm,” as he pushed another toe inside my mouth…and then another. Soon I had three of his toes in my mouth sucking and licking them. Without thinking I had my tongue between his toes like he’d initially ordered.

I was trying to figure out in my mind how a simple blowjob turned into me having his toes in my mouth. It seemed like the more I did to please his feet, the more he expected from me.

His other foot received the same treatment.

"I’ve never been so turned on like I am now.  You have a magical tongue. Good job. Now I want that tongue to massage my soles, come on. Let's try that too," he ordered. "I do want it, but I want to hear you say that you want it too so ask me if you can lick my feet."  

My will power seeming to have vanished, I meekly asked, “Joe, I want to lick your feet. Would you please let me do it?"  

"Okay, I’ll let you do it,” he laughed, “Since you asked me so nice." 

I had to admit, after I asked him for permission, I really did want to lick the soles of his feet.

When I started licking I could sense the faint smell of his feet and also the salty taste of his soles. Surprisingly enough that only enhanced what was turning into an erotic experience and turned on even more.  

Standing up, he said, “Lie down here on the floor. I want to see how much of my foot can you take in your mouth.” knowing that resistance was futile I laid down.

“Now open your mouth, stick your tongue out," he ordered.

As my tongue came out, he none too gently put his sole on my tongue and rubbed it around slowly until my tongue met his toes. He then got my tongue between his toes one by one. All this time we stared at each other while the foot licking was going on.

"You should see what I’m seeing," he said. “I think I’ll take a picture so I can show you."

Then before I could object he grabbed a camera and started snapping away.

"This is fun. Now I can always remember this moment when I look at these pictures," he said "Stay there, let me put this chair over you. I want to sit and put both my feet on your face."

"Joe, don't you think that is a bit too much? This is getting a little humiliating," I complained knowing well he was not going to stop.

"Come on, a little humiliation won't kill you. This will be our little secret. No one in the Mobile Home Park will know about it. Not even your girlfriend, Linda. And don’t forget your code,” he said as he put one of his dinning room chairs over me. Then he sat on it and slowly placed both his feet over my face. My face was fully covered by his feet and I couldn’t see but I could hear his camera clicking away as he took more pictures. 

"Lick my toes. I love it when your tongue is between my toes."  Not having much choice since I wasn’t able to move much, I started licking his toes one after the other. And as soon as my mind got over the feeling of being humiliated, I started to enjoy.

"Okay, I think that is enough experimentation for one night,” he said as he stood up and moved the chair off my chest. Moving back over to his easy Joe said, “I could tell you liked it. Tell me what you thought of it." 

"Well, to be honest I wasn’t into it at first,” I said as I moved between his legs and took his flaccid cock in my hand, “but as we kept doing it, I started to enjoy it too. I was turned on.”

“I’ll tell you, having a cocksucker is going to be better than having a wife. This was something I wanted her to do to me, but half the time she wouldn’t even fuck me. And then it was only missionary position. To be honest I didn’t think I’d be able to get you to kiss my toes. Then I realized you weren’t going to be able to say no, so I got more demanding. I enjoyed the foot play, but I liked the domination better," he said.

Humiliated by the admission, I almost whispered, "I admit I liked your dominating side too, it was really hot."

"I think that you’re going to fulfill all the fantasies that my wife…ex-wife wouldn’t. And you can start by finishing my blowjob.”

Joe was so excited that as I lowered my face in his lap his cock jerked with anticipation of my lips tender touch.  I pressed my moist lips against his thick cock and put the head in my mouth and felt it continue to grow as I started to suck him.  He leaned his head back and sighed “ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes,” in ecstasy. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft as I shoved his throbbing cock into the back of my throat.  

He was moaning, "Ooooooh yeah, suck it man, suck my cock,” at this point. As my mouth moved up and down his thick shaft I could tell he was about to blow, so I went all out.

He moaned painfully, “Oh my fucking god, I'm cummmmmming…cumming…Cumming,” as he shot his load deep in the back of my throat. His spasms became more intense as he slammed his hand on the back of my head and shoved it down. Thank god I didn't have much of a gag reflex.

As I licked his dick clean of cum he continued to sit there with his head tilted back, eyes closed, breathing heavily.

Not having been dismissed, I knelt there with my face lying in his lap. Eventually he dismissed me and I went home. 

Joe woke me up Sunday morning to take care of his morning wood.

Then he was gone all day so I didn’t hear from him again until about mid-night.

While my mouth was bobbing up and down his hard shaft, Joe said, “Because she was such a bitch I always want to share my wife…now my ex-wife with my buddy Kevin. He’s going to be here Saturday…all day so don’t make any plans.

When you come over, don’t bother wearing any clothes, not even panties. You’re not going to need them.

Intrigued, I wondered what Saturday would bring.

A month or so later Linda moved back home to Alabama to take care of ailing parents so the threat of exposure to her was gone. But by then I was so addicted to Joe’s thick dick that it didn’t matter.

Eventually he got use to blowjobs on demand and we slowed down. After that I divided my dick sucking time between him and the adult bookstores.

The end…



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