Something warm bumped my nose, waking me. I opened my eyes to find myself staring at an elongating, large cock right in front of my face! It had bumped my nose! 'Jeez!' I exclaimed, putting my right hand up, palm outward, self-defensively, between my nose and the big thing.

'Jeez!' the guy at my bunk-side whispered right after me, and then he let his cock press into my palm! 'I thought you were asleep,' he added softly, huskily, still whispering, as my fist impulsively wrapped itself around the rapidly growing organ. In less time than it takes to read this sentence, his cock grew from that elongating, large cock into a giant, vibrating weapon of stiffly hard meat. As it raised itself, drawing my fist up with itself, two giant balls in a tight sac were revealed. To this day, I don't know why I hadn't recoiled instinctively from the touch of his cock the moment I felt it, since guarding one's macho image is instinctive, but I can explain exactly why my fist closed around it so tightly. I liked what I was looking at up so close.

His body moved back slightly as he bent to look down at me. He rested the top of his forehead on the edge of the bunk above me. Immediately, I was struck by how handsome he was. He grinned. I couldn't help myself, I grinned back.

'You were asleep when I came in here,' he told me, in a whisper. 'They hadn't told me I'd have a bunkmate. I didn't want to wake you, so I stripped quietly and went off to take a shower.'

I nodded, wondering where this was leading.

'When I got back and saw you like this...' he paused, glancing down my body to my crotch.

I lifted my elbow and followed his gaze. I was startled by what I saw!

I had been sleeping on my left side, facing into the room. My sheet had become entangled beneath me and I was covered only from my feet up to my right knee and diagonally up to the middle of my right thigh, exposing most of my naked body to him. But even more startling was the fact that I had a complete erection! It was so hard, in fact, that it was vibrating robustly in front of my belly inches from my abdomen, looking rigid and ready. My balls were stretched tight at its base. Even the head looked wet, I was so aroused!

He could read the surprise in my face. '...yeah, you were so hard,' he continued, still whispering, 'that I thought you had heard me come in and were awake, enticing me. But I saw you were asleep and I thought you were having a wet dream. But, to be honest...' he paused, again, flashing me an expression as if asking my permission to proceed.

I raised and lowered my chin indicating interest.

'...your fuckin' cock looks so huge, so solid, so perfect, that I had to take a closer look at it.'

As we both looked down again at my erection, it seemed to swell even further and a large drop of clear lubricating fluid oozed out to fill the indented slit at the top of my cockhead. The drop sparkled in the dim light of the small room.

'Jeez!' I sighed, overcome with emotions - but mainly I was completely turned on and full of lust, unable to think clearly. After all, we were both in the Army. This was a barracks for transients, either awaiting transfer to another unit or here on temporary duty (TDY), like me. The walls of the barracks were obviously paper-thin. One had to be discreet. Playing hide-the-sausage with one another was seriously frowned upon by the Military, yet here I was holding on to the hard 'sausage' of one of the best looking men I'd ever seen.

'Yeah, just lookin' at that big fucker got me so hot I was going to jump right up into my bunk and jack-off,' he whispered. His voice was even more emotion-filled now.

'And that's when you bumped my nose with this big fucker and woke me up,' I whispered back. As if to confirm that his 'fucker' was indeed 'big,' for the first time I moved my hand on it, lightly fingering it up to the swollen head and then back down to his oversized balls. The feel of the cock's size and strength was awesome. I realized it was one of the biggest I had ever touched.

He nodded with a grin. 'I didn't mean to wake you, man, but you were lying so close to the edge, and your body and that big cock got my dick to swellin' so fast, that it happened. But to tell you the truth...' he paused, once again waiting for my approval to continue.

I nodded while tightening my grip on his cock and beginning a jacking movement on it.

'...I touched it while you were asleep...' he admitted in that husky whisper, pausing again.

I nodded, emphasizing my interest by improving the jacking motions.

'...with my mouth!' he finished.

'And here I thought we'd maybe just jack each other off,' I whispered, boldly. I looked down at my hardon and his eyes followed my gaze. The drop of liquid had turned into a constant flow. Now a thin line strung down to the sheet and was starting to pool there.

'Yeah, I had that big cockhead in my mouth, man. It started to pulsate. I thought you were going to come, so I stopped,' he explained.

I guess I looked puzzled.

'Yeah, man, I thought you might wake up before you came, so I didn't want to alarm you. It's the first time, really, that I've ever done anything so reckless, like that, but, fuck, man, your cock is just singing out to me to be sucked!'

'Do me a favor,' I asked in the continuing series of whispers we were exchanging. 'Tug the damn sheet out there at the bottom so I can turn over on my back.'

He leaned to his side, careful not to break our erotic connection, grabbed the sheet and yanked it out, throwing it towards the wall behind me. I turned over on my back slowly. I held onto his cock as I turned and he had to bring his head and body towards me, under the upper bunk, as I moved.

Wordlessly, he turned his head and we both looked at my cock. It continued to ooze, now even more heavily. It pulsated well above my abdomen, reaching up past my navel. We both knew I was willing and ready!

As I felt his hot breath on my cock, then his wet tongue, and then his moist mouth, I drew his body towards me. I indicated to him what I wanted by tugging on his cock and directing his movements with my left hand and arm, guiding him into a '69' position above me. Effortlessly, we joined together in a perfect sixty-nine! His cock slid past my eyes, my nose and slid smoothly into my already impatient mouth. He hummed as he felt my mouth draw him in and begin an energetic sucking. I hummed back to let him know I was really enjoying this.

Sometimes, you can almost count the minutes as they pass, but with his cock sliding further and further into me, and with my cock being sucked on diligently, I lost all track of time. Before I knew it, my nose was spreading his balls apart, and I could feel his nose dividing mine! We were both in up to the hilt! We both had had sufficient experience to deep-throat big cocks and were now proving it to each other. I found it to be explosively erotic. I tightened my grip on his ass-cheeks, energetically humped my hips to get every millimeter of my meat into him, and I erupted into one of the best ejaculations of my life.

Instantly, I felt his cock swell at my lips and I knew he was coming, too. I shifted my hands to his hips and lifted him upwards, drawing his cock up my throat and into my mouth so I could taste all the good juice he was sizzling into me. It was perfect! I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed his hot semen. I loved it!

Simultaneously, he was draining me dry, running his juicy mouth up and down my shaft as I blasted off, catching some in his mouth but most of it really deep in his throat. I was ecstatic!

As we wound down from tremendous heights, he swung around athletically, straddled my belly kneeling and grinned down at me, his face fairly close to mine as he tried to keep from hitting the upper bunk. It was close and very intimate quarters.

'Man, you are terrific!' he sighed.

'You're perfect,' I admitted without flattery.

'I'm Todd,' he said.

'Jack,' I responded.

He bent over and kissed me on the lips. My still hard cock swelled in response, pressing up between his buttocks.

'Fuck me, Jack,' he pleaded in a whisper, reaching a hand behind himself, grabbing my erection and aiming it for his own asshole. 'Fuck me, Jack,' he repeated excitedly.

He did all the work. I just stayed there on my back. But I slipped into him with very little effort for either of us, lubricated as I still was with his saliva and my semen. He took it like a man who had done it before. Very quickly we were really making those old bunk springs squeak.

Suddenly, he stiffened, leaned towards my ear and whispered, 'Stop!'

I held my breath. We both could hear the rhythmic squeaking of springs from the bed on the other side of the wall.

'Someone's joined the fun,' Todd said with a grin and began riding the length of my cock with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

I have to admit that the idea of someone getting off listening to the two of us fucking our heads off really turned me on. I was very quickly raised to those wonderful levels of orgasmic bliss that drown out sound and bring focus to the orgasm. I memorized every nuance of Todd's sweat covered handsome face and started jetting forceful spurts of cum deep into him.

When he realized I was finished, he struggled to wiggle on his knees up my body, freeing my cock, presenting his drooling erection to me, and whispered, 'Suck it!' loudly enough for the pumper in the next room to hear it. As I sucked in the giant plum of a cockhead, I heard the guy in the next bunk suck in his breath and stiffen, stopping the squeaking of the springs. I knew he was coming! Todd started filling me with jism almost before I was prepared, but this second load tasted even better than the first, and I think he, too, was turned on by the idea of the guy jacking-off to orgasm with us.

Todd collapsed on me, but after a while I patted his behind letting him know I wanted to get some sleep, and he whispered that he was going to clean himself up. I cleaned myself up with a damp towel I had on the bed-rail, and by the time he got back, I was sound asleep.

Reveille woke us in the morning. A good night's sleep had reinvigorated me. I had a stiff one tenting the sheet.

Todd rolled his legs off the upper bunk, feet facing me, and slid down slowly. That big cock I'd made love to last night came into view as stiffly erect as my own. He stood there, posing, for a moment, head above where I could see it, showing off his glowing morning erection. I reached out with thumb and forefinger and snapped the cockhead against his belly.

'Ouch!' he cried playfully with a giggle.

'Let's hit the showers,' I recommended, shoving him aside and getting up. I tossed a towel over my shoulder, grabbed my shaving kit, and moved the step or two to the door. 'Coming?' I asked, looking over my shoulder at the handsome guy.

'I hope so!' he laughed as he grabbed his things to join me.

As we opened the door and went out into the hallway, turning in the direction of the latrine, the door behind us opened and someone came into the hallway. I glanced behind to see who it was. Apparently, so did Todd because we were both stopped in our tracks.

Standing there was an Adonis of a nude man! A cross between a swimmer and a wrestler, with a perfect build, he had slung a towel over his shoulder and had a hardon the equal of ours. Once again I feel compelled to point out that this was a military transients' barracks where walking around with erections is seriously discouraged.

This vision of a man started to move towards us. He smiled radiantly, big white teeth flashing. 'Mornin',' he said in a husky whisper, imitating our speech.

I nodded to him. Todd returned the greeting. 'Mornin''

'You boys sleep good last night?' he asked in a friendly tone.

'Sure did,' Todd answered affably. We all started to move down the hall towards the latrine.

'Me, too,' he affirmed, adding after a pause, 'especially afterwards.' He flashed a devilish grin.

'Afterwards?' I repeated with a question in my voice.

'Com'on,' he chided, quietly, 'you two were makin' so much noise I'd be surprised if everyone in the whole fuckin' barracks didn't hear what was goin' on. And I'm damn sure you heard my springs squeaking, too.'

Todd let out a jolly laugh and punched me in the arm. 'Com'on, Jack, let's not play coy with this guy.' Then turning to him, he held out his hand and said, 'Todd.'

'Steve,' the guy replied with a grin, shaking his hand firmly but looking down at Todd's outstretched but no longer standing erection.

'This here's Jack,' Todd said, adding, 'He's an okay dude.'

Steve and I shook hands firmly. I liked the touch of him. His cock had partially deflated, too, but mine just stood there taking it all in.

'I got in yesterday,' I said to keep the conversation going.

'Me, too,' Todd said, then added, 'at night.'

'Right, I heard you guys. I've been here 22 days, already.'

'Hope it doesn't take that long for me,' Todd replied.

I wondered what he meant but I said, 'Well, I'm here for five days. I'll go back on Friday.'

Both of them stopped and looked at me strangely. 'You're on TDY?' they asked in unison.

'Well, sure,' I answered, 'Aren't you?'

'Fuck, no!' Todd answered, 'I'm waiting on a discharge, and I'll wager Steve here is waiting on one, too. Right, Steve?'

'Well, yes, I am,' he responded.

'Humph,' I mumbled, not knowing what to make of it.

'Damn, I was certain you were here for a discharge, too, man. Especially after last night!' Todd sounded genuinely surprised.

A bell went off in my head. It was my turn to be surprised. 'You mean...' I left the question unanswered.

Steve nodded his head. He understood. 'Everyone they put in this barracks is awaiting discharge because they've been found out to be gay.'

'Jesus!' I sighed quietly. Then I turned to Todd and asked painfully, 'Even you?'

'Fuck, man,' he said enthusiastically, 'especially me! You think I didn't enjoy myself last night?' He ran a palm down his abdomen and slid it down his cock as I stared. 'And don't try to tell me you didn't. I wouldn't believe that.'

'What did you guys do last night?' Steve wanted to know, asking quietly as if trying not to disturb us.

'While you were getting your jollies jacking off listening to us, man, we sixty-nined, he fucked me in the ass, and he sucked me off as you came. What the fuck did you think we were doing?' Todd replied, rather belligerently, I thought.

'Fuck!' Steve sighed, looking at me. 'And you're only here on TDY?'

'Oh, shit! Now I'm in trouble,' I exclaimed.

'No! No, you're not,' Steve said in a comforting way. 'Complain that you've been dumped in with some fruit cases and they'll move you out. Quick! If anyone comes snooping around asking questions about you we'll just say you were a stuck-up fag-basher. They'll believe us and leave you alone.'

'You two would do that for me?' I asked with relief. I didn't want to get booted out of the service. They didn't want to either, probably, but it was happening. This conversation had made my dick shrivel like a dead earthworm in the sun.

'Sure, we will' Todd confirmed, grabbing my arm and moving me along down the hallway. 'If there's one thing we've learned since joining up, it's watching out for one another. Com'on let's clean up and get something to eat. I'm starving!'

Only one guy was showering when we entered the long room together. Steve said 'Mornin'' to him and he replied with a smile and a nod to all of us. As I passed him, I felt cold spray from his shower and realized he was almost finished. He was a nice looking guy with a good body, but, well, I had been seriously turned off by this crazy turn of events. Sure enough, though, he turned off his shower and left the room.

The three of us had gone to the end of the room and turned on two showers on one wall and a third shower on the back wall. We were very close to one another.

'Well, we're all alone, now,' Steve announced, spinning under his shower to get his muscular body completely wet.

'How's that?' Todd wanted to know.

'Mark, the kid that just left, is the only other guy in the barracks right now. Four others stay here, but they all leave at five in the morning to do some shit KP duty or other and don't get back in here till about two in the afternoon, Todd. You, Mark and I won't get back till four. I have no idea what Jack will do.'

'Hmm,' Todd hummed. I could sense the wheels turning in his sexy head. I could also see his erection developing.

I glanced at Steve. He was almost completely hard! It had taken only a moment, and it was a big one! He caught me eyeing the huge organ, grabbed it and asked, 'So tell me, Jack, do you like sucking cock?'

'Oh, man,' Todd interjected, 'he does it so good, he has to love it!'

'How good?' Steve asked, his voice a husky whisper of lusty passion. He waggled his stiff meat at me invitingly.

'He takes it right down to the balls, I tell ya,' Todd promised.

Steve's eyes opened wide in surprise. 'He gulped that big boner of yours down to the balls?' he asked in astonishment.

'Fuckin' A!' Todd exclaimed.

'Oh, man, you gotta do me! Please! These pussies around here don't know how to suck cock, even if they are gettin' discharged. They'll move you out of here today, and who knows when we'd have another good chance for some fun.' He sounded very sincere. 'What do you say? No one will catch us. No one has ever shown up here, this time of day. Or any time of the day! Whadda ya say? Please!'

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for a man who pleads for it. I took a step or two out of my spray and he sort of waddled over to me in a sexy dance, his cock leading way out front, swaying lustily.

'Go for it!' Todd urged softly. I glanced at him and saw he was already stroking his big one.

With a nod to the inevitable, I meekly allowed Steve to slide a hand around my neck and bend me to the task I really wanted to perform, anyway. His wet cockhead had a shine of welcoming alertness. There was no hesitation on my part. It was another perfect penis, at the peak of arousal, drawing me down without reluctance. It entered my mouth smoothly. Both of us liked the connection and worked together to get that fat cock lodged down deep in my throat with the ease brought on by mutual experience. And I believe we both loved the presence of Todd cheering us on enthusiastically.

The movement of his huge meat through my throat was a wonderful experience and I was enjoying myself completely when suddenly Todd moved around to my rear and slid his giant erection into the cleft of my ass. It was an erotic touch.

'Jack, this is such a great ass, I think I'll return last night's favor and give it a good fucking!' He was sliding the long organ up and down between my meaty ass-cheeks. My whole being pulsated as I thrust my ass back at him invitingly. I thought I'd drop a load right then and there.

'Oh, man, he wants it!' they both said in unison. These two fuckers were attuned, I realized. I could picture them staring at one another over my bent over back - the one watching a cock being sucked; the other watching as a cock was being slowly embedded up my ass. I don't know when it felt so good to be alive as at the very moment of penetration of the huge, flared cockheads, one at me mouth the other at me ass. The room was humid with the moist air of the running showers, the concrete floor felt solid under my naked feet, and they seemed to manhandle me in firm but pleasurable ways. I was pulled and pushed between the two of them as they fucked the hell out of my mouth and ass. I was ecstatic!

'Hi!' one of them said in quiet greeting, and I opened my eyes. I saw a second pair of naked feet next to Steve's! I worked against reluctant pressures from Steve to see the intruder. I raised slowly, seeing nice calves, muscular thighs, and then a big cock being fisted with a knowing grip. The cockhead, in my arousal, seemed as big as the fist pumping under it. With some effort I looked up, past good abs and a strong chest to the grinning face of Mark.

'I was shaving and brushing my teeth. When I didn't hear you guys talking, I had to look in,' Mark explained. 'This looks like fun. Mind if I join in?' he asked.

'Man, check out that dick, Jack!' Todd sighed behind me, still plowing steadily. 'Wouldn't mind having some of that cock, would you!'

Steve put a hand on the back of my head and ended any part I may have had in the discussion. 'I'm right there, fellows!' he almost shouted, and within moments his energetic humping stopped, he froze in place, and began hosing cum down my throat.

'Ohh, look at him struggle to get a taste of my jism on his tongue!' Steve exclaimed proudly, releasing his hold on my head and letting me rise up to get the cockhead up to my mouth. 'Watch him swallow! Oh! Fuck, he is good! He's sucking every ounce of cum out of me. This is great!' He kept humping as I kept swallowing. It was an impressively sizeable load!

'Man! Watching and pumping is getting me off!' Mark suddenly announced.

Unceremoniously, Steve tugged free, trailing a string of semen between my lips and his cock, backed away and said, 'Try this - it's great!'

I didn't even try to straighten up. I wanted Mark's cock in my mouth. My whole being was ablaze with passion as my ass and prostate were being assaulted with piston-like ferocity. I'm sure there was a puddle of oozing pre-cum on the floor beneath my drooling cock. But I opened up and one of the largest cockheads I've ever experienced filled my mouth completely.

'Geez!' Lookit that!' Todd exclaimed as he watched Mark's cock disappear into me. Todd humped really hard, lifting my feet right off the ground, and stiffened in orgasm. I felt his cock spasm at my asshole and I knew he was pumping hot cum into me. It was remarkable.

Mark knew Todd was coming, too, and, perhaps because of my overly energetic sucking as both men fucked me, he suddenly stiffened and blasted off in me even before his cockhead had reached the back of my throat. I loved it!

'Christ, they're both coming, aren't they!' Steve exclaimed with passion.

Mark pulled out of me first. The sight of that humungous cockhead withdrawing from my face is something I'll always remember. It was awesome!

Todd pulled me to straighten me up and slowly withdrew his long cock. It felt like it was still completely hard. He spun me around.

'If you haven't dropped a load on the floor, Jack, you're ready to blast off,' he contended. Without invitation, he simple leaned over and sucked my cock into his hot mouth. It was almost better standing up than lying in bed. And could he suck!

'Here, Mark, suck my cock!' Steve pleaded, standing next to me. 'Jack is the sexiest man I've seen in this damn barracks and watching you guys come in him has me all hot again.'

Mark simply bent down to slip the long cock between his lips. He was more handsome than I had realized from the brief glance I had given him, but then I realized that I had looked more at his cock than at his face before.

But Steve's ecstatic expression as powerful sucking brought him enjoyment helped lift me to that gut-churning, pelvic-thrusting, cum-blasting stage of overwhelming orgasm! I came a bucketful! With Todd, it was great to know he could handle it all. Steve seemed to reach orgasm right after I did. I was amazed he came so quickly, but he was one sexy dude!

We showered together, Mark staying with us to clean up, and then finished our toilet. Yet again, I was surprised that very little time had actually passed. During our chatter, Mark agreed readily to cover for me should anyone ask about my interest, if any, in male to male sexual activity. These were great guys!

At 0800 hours, I met Bill, a sergeant I had been sent to assist. After introducing himself, his first question, apparently out of politeness, was, 'Get settled in okay?'

'Well...' I said, stringing out the word hesitantly.

He frowned. 'If something's not right, son, spit it out.' His choice of wording amused me but I did not react.

'It's just that, well, this morning, uh, in the showers...' I spoke slowly, then paused hoping I wouldn't have to say too much. Fortunately, it wasn't necessary to say much at all.

'Jesus!' he exclaimed. 'Which barracks did they put you in?'

I told him it was the Transients' Barracks.

'Oh! Fuck! They weren't supposed to put you in there. I'll have to speak to the Sergeant who made those arrangements. That's the barracks they put the ones waiting for their discharge papers to come through; them there sissy-boys.'

This time, I couldn't help smiling.

'Just what the hell are you grinning at?' he demanded.

'Sorry, Sarge,' I said quickly, apologetically. 'It's just that I never heard 'em called 'sissy-boys' before, that's all. Sorry.' I felt my face redden in embarrassment.

'Well, son, I'll tell ya something,' he responded, leaning in towards me like a conspirator, 'the powers around here just don't like us calling 'em cocksuckers, like we want to. Know what I mean?' He grinned.

I grinned back, being sociable. 'I hear they don't like us calling 'em faggots, neither,' I suggested, playing his game.

He punched my arm playfully and said, 'Son, you and me is going to get along real good. This afternoon we'll see about getting you moved. But let's get to work, now.'

We took a coffee break two hours later. The work had gone exceptionally well. I could tell he was pleased. But I could also tell some-thing was bugging him. We took coffee and doughnuts outside away from any activity and sat on the ground, our backs against a wall.

After some meaningless small talk, he suddenly said, 'I gotta admit something's been on my mind all morning.'

'What is it?' I asked politely, but I had a feeling I knew where this was leading. I knew I had to be particularly careful with the details of my story. I had to make him believe that something completely different had happened than what had really happened.

'That problem in the showers, you mentioned. It's been gnawing at me. Would you mind telling me about it?' He looked frustrated with curiosity. 'It won't go no further than between you and me, I promise. You can depend on it.'

'I don't want to get anyone into trouble,' I told him honestly.

'Son, those sissy-boys are all past trouble. No one cares what they do together, so long as it's amongst themselves. They get processed out of here as fast as possible. So, what happened?' His face was lit with interest.

'Well, it wasn't anything, really...' I started, hesitantly, glancing at his face and then down to the ground, feigning embarrassment. '...just that when I went to shower, two guys were already in there...'

He nodded encouragingly.

'...and, well, apparently they hadn't seen me, or heard me coming...' I paused to let that sink in.

He looked even more interested.

'...after all, I arrived late last night and they probably didn't realize a new guy was in the barracks - especially a guy that didn't belong there...' I paused, letting that sink in, too.

He nodded, seriously, silently agreeing.

'...and I saw...' I hesitated, '...well, I saw...'

'What did you see?' he demanded huskily. He was exploding with curiosity. 'Just tell me!'

' of them, er, had the other, uh, in his mouth,' I stammered.

'Jeez! Givin' him a blowjob,' he stated quietly.

I nodded.

'What were they like?' he asked eagerly.

'Oh, a couple of nice-looking guys, my height, my age, 19 or 20, real muscular...' I paused.

'Could you see much?' he wanted to know.

I wrinkled my forehead, looking puzzled.

'Com'on, you know. Was the guy's back to you?' He was very inquisitive.

'Oh, no,' I said innocently, 'they were both in profile to the door, standing very near the entry, in fact; just a few feet from me, really. They weren't able to hide anything. I don't know who was the more surprised, them or me.'

'Jesus, just a few feet away,' he repeated softly, more to himself than to me. He looked at me. I nodded in agreement, my face blank. 'Well...' he asked, pausing, '...just what did you see?'

'The one guy had sort of squatted in front of the other guy, and was... umm...' I paused, acting too embarrassed to continue.

'Sucking?' Bill asked in a strained whisper.

I nodded.

'Jeez!' he sighed. 'Umm, did you notice how he was doing it?'

'Wadda ya mean?' I asked.

'Well, I hear some sissy-boys just lick the knob, sort of, you know? Mostly they just jack the guy off, like. You know? Is that what he was doin'? Jackin'...' he wanted details.

'Oh, no, Bill,' I interrupted, delighted to furnish all the lurid details I could think up, 'it was impossible for me not to notice, immediately, that the squatting guy's arm was around the guy's ass holding him in tight. His nose was hidden in pubic hair. And his mouth was all the way down against the guy's balls!'

'Holy shit! He was deep-throating him!' He sounded awed by the news.

'Deep-throat...' I repeated, trailing off, playing dumb.

'Man, only the very best cocksuckers can deep-throat. That's what you saw! You said you saw he had him in down to the balls, right?'

I nodded.

'When they saw you, did they stop, immediately?' he asked.

'No, Bill, that's the strange part,' I told him as though puzzled. 'I don't know about you, but if I'm interrupted having sex, I think I'd stop! But they didn't! Although now that you told me what kind of barracks I'm in, they probably just thought I was one of them and wouldn't mind if they displayed their pleasures right in front of me.' I looked at him for approval.

'You know, you're right! They must've taken you for one of their own. Did you feel embarrassed? What happened next?'

'Well, I don't think I was so much embarrassed as I was simply, well, sort of curious. You know what I mean?'

He nodded slowly, as if thinking about it.

'I had also noticed,' I continued, 'that the squatting guy was jacking himself off, when suddenly he starts to rise up, and Bill, he just kept rising and rising off one of the longest things I ever saw...'

'Oh, God,' Bill interjected.

'...and when he popped off of that big thing, he said to his partner, urgently, 'I'm gonna shoot! Now!''

Bill eyes bugged out.

'Then the other guy grins at me, leans over, and sucks that big... umm...' I hesitated as if looking for the right word.

'Cock!' Bill prompted energetically.

'Yeah, he sucks that big cock right in and I could see that he was, you know, swallowing the guy's load!'

'Oh, my God! Did he deep-throat the cock?' he asked eagerly.

'Well, yes, Bill, I believe he did, indeed. The long thing just seemed to disappear right into him. I'd never seen anything like it,' I answered.

'Even when he came?' he asked huskily. He was turned on, I was sure of it.

'No...' I said slowly, as if thinking about it, drawing the word out to give this randy tale some tension. 'As the guy came, like we all do, his hips were really humpin'... umm...' I hesitated, again. I liked it when Bill said 'cock.'

'Cock!' he grunted in frustration, 'just call the damn thing a cock!'

'Okay, his hips were really pumping cock into the cocksucker's throat, but when he stiffened, like we all do when ejaculating...'

'Ejaculating!' he repeated softly.

''...the guy sucking him seemed to rise up off the cock. I thought he was going to spit it out. The shaft was real long and I could see the connection real good, then I noticed the cocksucker swallowing. I could tell. His Adam's apple was really bobbing up and down. Seemed quite a while before he stopped swallowing.' I was really getting into the narrative and Bill was lapping it up.

'What happened then?' he asked eager for more.

'Well, this is a real embarrassing part. I really don't want to tell you,' I said looking at him with all innocence.

'Ya gotta tell me, Jack, I'm dyin' to know.' He was being very honest.

'Well...' I started back up hesitantly, '...after he finished swallowing that big load, he says, 'I'm about to pop,' quite loudly. To my amazement, they both looked at me, and the guy who had just come puts out both hands, palms up, one behind the other, pointed at the other guy's big erection, pantomiming an offer for me to come over and, well, you know...'

'Suck it?! He gave you an offer to come suck the guy's cock?! That's amazing! What did you do?' I thought his question rather impertinent, so I pretended shock, raising my eyebrows. 'Anyhow, by the way, what were you doing all the while this was going on?'

'Bill, it's taking me longer to tell you about it than it took to happen. It was all so fast it left my head spinning. I'd never seen something like this before, had you?' It was time to be assertive.

'Actually, I have, a few times. Some day I'll tell you about it, Jack, but finish up. What happened? Where were you?' He was persistent.

'I was still at the entrance where I had stopped when I saw them.'

'Were you naked, too?' he asked, again huskily.

I was tempted to tell him I was, but I softened my line. 'No, I was holding a flimsy towel around my waist.' I let him think about that.

'Flimsy,' he repeated to himself absently. He was enjoying this. 'Go on!' he insisted.

'Anyhow, I shook my head, politely, smiling at them, declining the offer,' I continued, 'I saw no reason to get moralistic, emotional, or panicky. I realize most men would go berserk on seeing two naked men together making out, like that, but, can I be truthful, Bill...' I paused.

'Please,' he pleaded.

'...they obviously didn't mind that I was watching them; they weren't attacking me; they were both real good looking; and they both had real big cocks...' I paused, then added as if absentmindedly, ' big as my own, almost...'

Bill sucked in his breath.

'...and you know,' I added, ignoring his reaction, 'I'd heard about cocksucking but I didn't think it really happened. And I've heard about guys making out together, too, and sometimes I've sort of wondered just what two guys really do, do together. You know? Like, who does what? What fits where? How they handle it? That sort of thing. You know what I mean?'

He nodded eagerly.

'So, at any rate, they smiled back, the guy squatted back down and really amazed me, taking that cock again without effort completely down to the balls, which he was playing with, by the way, with his fist. Then the same thing happened in reverse, the guy stiffened, groaned, said he was coming, the other guy slowly slid up to the top and started swallowing as the guy was obviously ejaculating into his mouth.'

'Ejaculating,' Bill repeated again.

'That's what happened. Sorry to burden you with it, too,' I said, looking concerned.

'No, no,' he offered, immediately. 'It's no burden. I think we both found it, well, sort of fascinating. Didn't we?' He looked like he wanted some agreement.

'Yes, I have to agree,' I concurred. 'It was sort of interesting.'

'And you weren't hurt by it, were you?' he asked with seeming compassion.

'No, except...' I trailed off and chuckled.

'What? What?' he asked with renew excitement.

'Well, it was sort of funny. Afterwards they separated, one to each side of the room, showering and cleaning up, and I had to walk between them to go to an inner shower. As I walked by, one of them reached out and slapped me hard on the ass, surprising me. Then, he asked me something. It's kind of embarrassing.' I waited for his reaction. I felt my little yarn was going very well.

'What?' he asked eagerly. 'You can tell me. I mean, shit, man, we've told each other a lot already. What did he ask?'

'He asked, 'Do you want some help with that, Dude?'' I stressed the word that. I stopped and waited.

Bill was a quick study. His eyebrows jumped up, the light dawned, and he said, 'Flimsy towel. He saw that you had an erection under your flimsy towel, didn't he?'

I frowned, but he looked so interested I had to go on. 'Well, Bill, it wasn't really an erection, as such, it was just that seeing two sex acts, like that, even if it was between two men, well it sort of... uh...'

'Got you horny!' he interjected, completing my thought, sounding triumphant.

'Yeah, I guess I was tenting out the towel some,' I admitted, nodding.

'Shit, I'll be honest with you, now,' he affirmed. 'Just hearing about this got me horny, too. But, com'on, we're both men. Talking about sex always gets men horny. That's why we jack off. And we both jack off. Don't look so surprised! I'm not married. I'm only six or seven years older than you are. What do you think, we all stop jacking off after twenty-five? No way! A quick hand-job relieves the pressures. And I'll admit something else...' It was his turn to pause.

I nodded trying to look as interested as he had looked.

'...confidentially, I don't mind getting a quick blowjob now and again, and I'm not too damn fussy who gives it to me, either, female...' he paused, '...or male! And I've often heard it said that males know how to do it better, anyhow.'

'Gee!' I said softly.

'Sometimes a hardon is just a hardon, Jack. It needs relief. If no one's around to do it, I use my hand. So do you. I'm healthy. So are you. I do it often, and I'll wager you do it a lot more often than I do.'

I grinned, blushing. I can play the innocent.

'And...' he added slowly, 'like a friend of mine once said to me, 'Getting your knob knurled is just another way to release pressures. It ain't no big deal!''

'Knurled,' I repeated with a grin, 'that's a funny way of putting it.'

'So tell me,' he insisted with a devilish grin, 'after they both left the shower, what did you do?' I must have looked reluctant to answer because he added in a whisper, 'D'ja jack off?'

'I wanted to, I'll tell you honestly, but I was concerned that someone else would come in.'

'Did anyone?'

'Yeah, in fact another guy did come in just as I was finishing up.'

'What was he like?'

'Bill, I'd have to say he was very much like the other two. Big. Handsome. Well built.'

'Hung?' he asked quietly.

'Yeah, I guess you'd say he was hung, too.'

'As big as you?' he asked in a quiet whisper. He was trying to sneak one in, but I rejected the implications and simply answered.

'Almost, I'd say,' I replied distantly, as though thinking about the guy's cock size and comparing it to my own. 'But, now, com'on, tell me about those 'few times' you watched guys getting blowjobs, like you said you had,' I insisted, trying to be assertive.

'Well,' he said pensively, 'I'll only tell you about one time.'

I nodded agreement.

'On weekends, especially Saturday nights, you know that barracks are always pretty deserted. Late one Saturday night, I came back - slightly tipsy - and felt I wanted to shower before going to bed. I got naked and walked toward the latrine carrying my towel, hearing a shower run. Maybe it was even the shower noise I heard that made me decide to shower. I've always liked seeing my fellow soldiers in the nude.'

I could tell he was relaxed, talking about fond memories and not particularly aware of or concerned about the sexual implications.

'Almost like your adventure, I came upon two of our sexiest looking, most muscular, most handsome barracks-mates making out.'

'What were they doing?' I asked breathlessly.

'A guy named Carl had gone down on his buddy, Mike, whose eyes were closed with passion as he gave a standing hump to the face of the kneeling, sucking Carl. So he didn't see me standing there watching, and neither of them heard me enter the latrine. Carl was slowly beating his meat as he sucked cock.'

'They were in profile, too?' I asked.

'Yeah, just like your two.' Bill smiled at me, apparently pleased that I was paying attention, but then he added, 'although Carl was not deep-throating the cock, like your boys.'

I nodded. 'What did you do?' I asked softly.

'Well,' Bill said hesitantly, 'for one thing, I got hard in a hurry.'

'And no flimsy towel,' I interjected.

'Right!' he responded with a laugh, 'I was naked! Standing there with a hardon right in the middle of the latrine, looking into the shower where two sexy studs were making out right in front of me. It was really arousing, I can tell you.'

'What happened when they saw you?' I asked, intense with interest.

'Suddenly, I heard Carl gurgling and slurping. Mike had gone completely tense. I knew he was coming! Carl was drinking down his load, I was sure of it. Then Mike put his hand of Carl's forehead and pushed him away, tugging his dick out of Carl's mouth. It was l big, long dick, I'll tell you. Carl was grinning, with sperm seeping down the side of his mouth, when Mike caught sight of me standing there.'

'Gee!' I sighed, caught up in the story and pleased with Bill's detailed telling of it.

'In a deep voice, ringing through the shower room and the latrine, Mike said, 'Looks like you're in for a double treat, tonight, Carl!' Carl's eyes followed Mike's gaze and he saw me standing there. Me and my hardon! His eyes grew very big. At first, I thought he was surprised by the intrusion, but I quickly realized that he was impressed by the sight of me. And my hardon!' he added with a grin.

I grinned back, realizing Bill was coming on to me.

'Carl said quietly, motioning to me with a hand, 'Com'on over. Don't be shy! No one's gonna bite you!' So, I headed towards him, my dick so stiff that it hardly swayed with my movement.'

'Wow!' I signed softly.

''Feed it to 'im,' Mike suggested lewdly as I neared, 'he loves cock!' As I got closer, Mike slid his arm around my shoulder familiarly and sort of hugged me to encourage me. 'Slip it to 'im!' he whispered. With his free hand he reached down and pushed my cock to stand straight out, pointed at Carl's mouth. Carl did the rest!'

'Geez! He gave you a blowjob, right there in front of Mike!'

'Hell, Mike was sort of holding me in place in case I chickened out. He hadn't grabbed my dick, he'd just pushed it down with his closed fist. It was like he was helping Carl without really playing with a cock himself. Know what I mean?'

I nodded. 'Most guys want to hold onto their macho image of themselves, even if they've just had a blowjob.'

'Damn! You really know what I'm talking about, don't you? I have to admit that now I am really horny. How about you?'

'I've been horny all morning. That's probably why I told you about this in such detail. Half the time, I've had a boner running down my leg,' I admitted.

'Wish you and I could sneak off somewhere and get a little relief, together,' he said huskily. 'Would you like that?'

'D'ya mean you'd be willing to do that with me?' I asked innocently.

'Damn straight. D'ya want to? We could, uh, jack off, together.'

'Sure, I think I'd like that,' I replied. 'You know I'm real horny, too,' I added defensively, 'I could use some of that relief you're talking about, and now I'm not embarrassed to admit I do jack off a lot.'

'Jacking off with you will be great!' Bill said excitedly. Then with a smile he went on, saying, 'We might even try doing other things,' he added suggestively. In response to my feigned puzzlement, he added, 'You know, maybe touch each other, play with each other, maybe even jack each other off. Would you be willing to try that?'

'Sure, I think I can try,' I answered, stressing the word 'try' and drawing it out as though I were contemplating doing something new.

'Good man! Truthfully, I believe 'trying' other things is what makes a complete man. If you try and don't like something, don't do it again. If you like it, well, hell, have fun! You've broadened your world of enjoyment.' He grinned and I grinned right back. 'I might even show you how good it feels to get...' he paused.

'To get what, Bill,' I asked breathlessly, indicating great interest.

'...sucked!' he whispered right into my ear.

'You'd do that for me?' I asked in apparent awe.

'Only if you'd want me to. Only if you...' he paused, again.

'Oh!' I interjected, acting surprised, 'you mean, you'll try to do things for me if I try to do things for you, too. Right?'

'Exactly!' he beamed. 'It's only fair, isn't it?'

'Sure. I see no harm in trying new things. Anyway, I already admitted I've wondered how some of these male-to-male things work, and, you, you're so sexy, I think doing it with you for the first time might be a real pleasure for me.'

'You think I'm sexy?' he asked, his voice filled with the impact of my flattery.

I nodded, shyly.

'Then, I'm not embarrassed to tell you that I find you really sexy, too, man. Right from the moment you walked into my office. Even before you started to tell me about the shower incident.'

'Great!' I sighed, smiling at him.

'I wonder where we could go?' he asked.

'Well, you know...' I said hesitantly, as his eyes grew wide with interest, '...we're working on our own, by ourselves, no one will really miss us, and I know for a fact that that Transients' Barracks is empty until at least 1400 hours this afternoon.'

'D'ya think we could go there?' he asked, sounding surprised.

'From what you've said, I'd guess it's a place others avoid like the plague. I've been assigned there, legitimately. You'd just be coming over to see if my quarters are acceptable, before you'd insist that I move somewhere, anywhere, else. Doesn't that sound, well, reasonable?' I asked.

'Absolutely!' he agreed. 'And necessary!' he added. 'Let's go!' He was so eager I thought he'd take me by the hand and lead me away. But he did jump up and offer me his hand to help me up.

Walking along with him was especially erotic. We were mutually headed for a sexual encounter with one another. We hadn't said exactly what we would do, but the agreement to do something was crystal clear, and probably would include sucking cock. I noticed a certain prideful swagger in his step. And a certain intriguing bulging of his fatigues! And, oh, yes, I forgot to mention, he was ruggedly handsome!

As we approached the building, I wondered just who was seducing whom, here. And I have to admit I did become a little apprehensive as we entered. You know how it is when you first make out with someone new. But I shouldn't have worried. It turned out that Bill knew exactly what he wanted and exactly how to go about getting it! But so did I!

Too bad I've run out of space. I'll have to save the details for another time. And by the way, I stayed in the Transients' Barracks the full five days. And stayed there three more time over the next year. Let me tell you, I could write a fuckin' book about that Transients' Barracks!

One last thing. On arrival for my second stay at that Transients' Barracks, I inadvertently learned that it was Bill who was the Sergeant who had been arranging my lodgings there! Some seducers pray, others plan!


Jack Sofelot


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