On another business trip to Greenville SC in a nice hotel but the usual boring meetings.  My evenings were spent looking for an ABS with no luck so the third evening I stayed in the bar.  How great that decision would be.

I'm closer to 40 than I like but what can you do.  I'm divorced with an occasional girl friend and with that you pay for sex very differently so I resorted to reading sex stories and masturbating during the read and cumming all over my stomach and once in a while a load would shoot up to my chest.  

I learned from one of my GFs that cum can taste different based somewhat on you diet.  One of her BFs was an alcoholic and his cum tasted like tired old bourbon or beer.  A diabetics cum can taste a little sweet and the usual bit of saltiness.  Just to name a couple.  I'd gotten BJs but never gave one but was always curious about how it must feel having   a hard cock in your mouth and tasting cum.  But my trips to the ABS was always get but never giving.  I was to learn these things this night.

The third night started off with dinner then sitting at the bar watching some boring show on the TV nursing my drink as long as I could without the bartender asking me was I ready for another.  About 2 drinks later and a 1 and 1/2 hours I was about to give up, go to my room, take a shower and masturbate.  As I look back I'm glad it happened.  a woman came and sat beside me; not unusual as the bar was crowed so I thought nothing of it.  We had the usual conversation which turned casually into a sexual conversation.  "I'm bored out of my mind" she said.  "These meeting can try your patience"  I agreed and for some crazy reason, probably the alcohol, I began a short history of my situation.   Even going so far as to tell her my plans for this evening because of my horny station in life.  

I didn't expect that the woman, in her late 30's early 40's with long brown hair and obviously well endowed with a chest men would die for to suckle the nipples and just go nose first between them.  I was beyond any thought she would be available.   What a surprise.  It was late and I politely excused myself to go to my room.  To my surprise she went with me saying she was on the same floor so we went together.  As I was about to say good night at my door she asked if she could come in with me for a few minutes.  Of course, I thought, what man would turn down an invitation.

She came in and I said for her to sit at the desk and I'll sit on the bed.  She told "you know that conversation at the bar made me think about how horny I get sometimes"  I said "Really?  How can a woman like you not have many men try getting into your pants."  She laughed.  What came next was totally unexpected but delightful and sensual.   Her name was Mandy by the way.  While sitting at the desk she said, "do me a favor and take off your trousers.  I want to see what kind of underwear you have on."  Well by now my penis was beginning to stiffen and the alcohol just did it.  I dropped them and her comment was tighty whities colored blue and I see a tent beginning to form.

She came over went to her knees and pulled my underwear down and took my penis in 1 hand cupped my balls with the other.  At that point I just laid back on the bed and let her have it all.  My cock grew hard and the feel of her hands, lips and tongue began to take me to a full orgasm.  My head cleared a bit and I asked her to undress.  She stopped, unzipped her dress and revealed a tight bra and pink panties.  As she undid her bra those beautiful globes on her chest flowed out and I wanted them in my hands and mouth.

I asked her to take off her undies and she said "later baby, I'll give you everything I have on me.  We lay together kissing as she fondle my cock and I practically drooled of them.  At some point she started kissing and sucking on my nipples and moved down to my cock and took up where she left off.    By now I was too far gone and said keep it up and I'm about to explode.  All I heard was a moan of sorts and I exploded every bit of cum stored after a few days without masturbating.  Her tongue was all over my dick licking what cum she couldn't swallow.  I soon got to that super sensitive point where any more touch of the head of my cock just couldn't take any more.

I asked her to stop and come up so I could kiss those wonderful lips of hers.  She did and with the first kiss I tasted my own cum as she let it slip out into my mouth.  She asked me if I wanted to cum again.  I told her I wasn't sure I could.  She said watch this.  She took my cock in her mouth again and I felt a finger slowly slip into my butt hole.  She found my prostate and my penis rose to the occasion.  Before I knew it I was rock hard.  Then sshe told me to roll over on my stomach and her tongue began to slide between my butt cheeks and when it hit my butt hole I almost squeeled like a little girl.  I was ready for anything.  I said let me fuck you and she return no that I had a big surprise.

I felt more pressure on  my asshole and suddenly something slide in all the way and began she began fucking me.    This just blew my mind.  Her/his by now understood pumping my ass got faster and harder then came the sound I  understood she came inside of me.  I was out of my mind in complete mind boggling.

She climbed over me putting her thin but long nice looking cock right at my mouth.  I fell asleep with her cock in my mouth and mine in hers after she made me cum one more time.  I woke in the morning alone but a phone number saying next time I'm in Greenville give her a call.   What an awakening.  I'm looking forward to my next meeting.



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