So being feminized is a sort of intimate experience? Believe me it's more than that! In fact I don't know how I can say everything about how I feel now or then when it started happening to me. But that's how my life goes. Things tend to get done to me. However much I try to regain control of my life I find others dominate me.

For those of you who haven't read my story so far it is basically this: I was an effeminate schoolboy and all my friends knew I was not cut out for macho things. Then one evening I lost my virginity to a bunch of transsexuals in full view of my old school mates.

It was early afternoon and I was feeling a bit more in control of things. I planned to take my own car to be independent so I could leave whenever I liked. This was the big day! In some ways I was dreading it and in others... Well!

Ian is one of the many from the local Rugby club who has taken a keen interest in me. But few people could miss noticing the changes I had been experiencing. At first my nipples got very sensitive and contact with my clothing made me feel extremely excited. But now he was making my breasts swell.

It was not only Ian who was checking progress under my shirt every day. There were lots of others, mates of Ian, old school friends and Rugby guys who regularly groped my tiny little boobs which seemed to grow by the day. But they were not even the main attraction. I have always had big and rounded buns but my feminised buttocks were ripening like peaches for these virile guys who don't need any prompting about what I really need.

I can make any resolution I like about being independent but once someone slips his hand under my pants I go all passive and just wait for it to happen, which it always does. I love it so much I can't resist any of them once I feel they are going to do me.

Even on week days at least two or three guys often come round in the evening so the first thing I have to do after work is to shower and prepare myself. This is easy enough done as I can unscrew shower the head and slip the bare hose up me and get well cleaned out inside before my guests arrive.

A typical evening is when five or six come round to watch football as well as visiting me. They don't like me wearing too much below the waist so I don't put on jeans as they'll just rip them off me.

I find I have more control over things when I take the lead. If I get my shirt so it just covers my ass and put on skimpy panties I find it intimidates them a bit at first. But they always do me anyway before the match starts, and they like to give me a 'Fill up' during half time. After the game they take it in turns to give me a good fuck in my bed.

But it's during play when I have fun trying to distract them. It's no good for the first 20 minutes but then they get more responsive. Usually they cram on to two settees and I sit curled up on an armchair to one side with only a long shirt or bathgown on. This is where I find I can get some sort of control over them for a change! I let my shirt ride up a bit to show more of my legs by mistake! Then as I see them glancing my way I will casually run my hand up my thighs briefly exposing my crutch and then covering it again. By this time they are constantly taking their eyes off the match. But I keep them in suspense while they pretend not to notice. Then comes the stage where I run my hand over my bare bum and start feeling my crack. Then you can see them adjusting themselves under their jeans. Sometimes I don't have to go any further as someone says something like: 'Go on Andy give it him just to keep him quiet'.

Sometimes I would just go straight for their cocks. None of them could resist this even in full view of the others. Unzipping them, pulled their pants aside and getting intimate with their genitals never fails to provoke! Their cocks would be soft at first but I liked to feel them swell in my mouth as I began sucking liking and squeezing. Usually they would let go and drench my throat with their lovely salty sticky cum juices. Other times if I really needed a more physical response I would have to get a bit more explicit.

I love it when I know they are all looking at my bare bum! It thrills me to tease them by fingering my hole and I feel so sexy it's easy to let it dilate a bit so some cum starts to ooze out of me. It's a nice position to be fucked in as well because I can push my bum out over the edge of the chair. I gets quite funny if a goal is scored while one of them is fucking me.

Anyway to return to the goings on this particular afternoon. Ian and three others were not my first visitors that day. Mandy and two other trannies had called earlier. [See the previous story for info on her]. They had been shopping and had brought round a miniskirt they had found for me to try on. By the way, you do not refuse presents from Mandy!

'Come on get your pants off and lets try this on you' she said unpacking what looked more like a kilt except that as well as the tartan there were shiny leather hems. It was very brief too and when she put it on me I realised it had some extra pleats like one straight down the back which gave anyone easy access to my bum slit.

'It looks perfect on you' she announced, 'So now all we need do is complete the inauguration! Isn't it girls! So bend down and get ready for some tranny juice!' Mandy was rather keen on syringes especially when it came to using them to service my bottom. I assumed it was some extra hormone to speed up my feminising.

'Unfortunately some of us couldn't be here this afternoon but they have sent their contributions anyway.' It was quite a large syringe half full of cum on to which she had attached a slim tube which she fed straight up my bum hole. 'This is from Sally, Judith, Marion and Paula with love' she said as she depressed the plunger. It felt really nice and warm inside. Mandy was meticulous about details and had warmed it in the microwave after taking it out of a cold flask. 'There was some of ours in it too' she said as an afterthought but now you're going to get it raw and natural as we say!'

Mandy was big with large boobs and a powerful cock. She was a fanatical feminist and loved dominating men. 'Bend over that chair then and pull your new skirt right up over your back. That's right now we're going to fuck you up your bottom. Let's do him girls!' Mandy drive a point home mentally as well as literally. She rammed me roughly so that I winced as my sphincter was forced to accept her rigid cock. Then she banged me really hard for several minutes before releasing a gush of hot spunk which I felt spurting deep inside my rectum. The other girls who had been watching at close quarters were quick to follow Mandy's lead and both gave me this same wild effeminate tranny fucking.

'So what are you up to today? I hope Ian is servicing you as arranged.' 'Yea they'll be around soon' I said and then added 'It's a big day down at the club' 'Really!' said Mandy 'Now that's interesting! Big evening too then?' 'Oh yea' I said and then realised that perhaps I should have kept my mouth shut.

But I am digressing again!

Ian had arrived with three of his mates to take me out. First things first of course and after he had stuffed my daily hormone dose up my asshole he and the others gave me a good fucking on the bed. By this I mean they held my legs up and got their cocks in amongst my internal genitals and gave my prostate a good massage as well as delivering loads of really thick virile masculine spunk up my bottom. They didn't suck my cock off this time as Ian explained he wanted to keep me at a high level of enthusiasm for after the match.

In this condition I was not really able even to think of getting back in control of things. They had parked two cars in my driveway blocking the entrance to the garage so it was silly for me to suggest taking my car. In the event I didn't even mention it.

This 'big day' was the annual House Team Match. It was an end of season game between the two teams based at the local club. They usually did not one another but teams from other clubs. The 'A' Team were the older more experienced and stronger whereas the 'B' Team consisted of a younger players recently out of school. It was a tradition that after the match there was a big party at the club which tended to get out of hand.

I had never been any good at Rugby at school as I didn't have the necessary strong muscles and manly physique. I am quite good at gymnastics which keeps my body fit and my slim muscles nice and firm. But I love watching the players and I even take some interest in the game. Knowing quite a few of them intimately, as it were, I feel part of the team in a special way. I didn't know the 'B' team so well then but I could see they were strong and fit enough and a nice looking guys bunch of guys.

I stood near the reservists and watched the full 80 minutes of the game. It was a sunny spring day but with a cold wind so I could not wear anything revealing. Anyway it might have distracted the players. I did have the mini-kilt on under my jacket and Ian had persuaded me not to wear any pants. 'True Scotsman don't wear anything under their kilts' he had announced. When I replied that I had no Scottish blood in me he told me not to be tedious.

It was a hard game and the pitch was quite soft. In Rugby the means of tackling is to bring a player down so they were getting very muddy. I have to admit I got a thrill out of watching them play. I love to see these strong guys run. Their big muscular thighs and strong arms. Sometime I felt myself near to orgasm. I had experienced the strength of many of them individually and as they tussled physically I felt drawn into it with my whole body in a way that is hard to describe. I wanted to be in amongst them and the unfamiliar younger players just made me feel all the more excited.

Some came over and welcomed me at half time and it was made quite clear that I would be coming along with the reservists to join them all in the showers after the game. It was this thought that made me even more excited during the second half. I kept looking at my watch and willing the time on but in another way I was a bit anxious because I know it is all or nothing with these guys and after a match their testosterone levels are very high. Would some be homophobic and give me a hard time?

But that was all about the process which Mandy had started. So long as I had an effeminate body with boobs and a big curvaceous bottom it was OK to fuck me. With that skirt on I felt very vulnerable and effeminate so my excitement was easily getting the better of my fears.

Eventually the final whistle went and I was swept along with the others towards the shower block. As I said at the very beginning any personal control I had over this situation like so many others had been completely lost!

I suppose there was some slight hesitation at first in the showers as the players got accustomed to the light and staked their claim on one of the communal showers. The guys I knew were very good and introduced me as a loyal supporter 'in more ways than one'. This produced lots of raucous laughter so when I took off my kilt there was a deafening chorus of wolf whistles and everyone trying to get me into their shower group.

To be honest I don't think I have ever felt such a thrill as I did stripping off in front of 36 big strong men with stiff cocks. I had been thinking of it all through the game. How would I do it? In the end I just stripped off like the rest of them. I didn't realise how effeminate my whole body chemistry had got. Apparently I wobbled my bottom in the most sexy way as I walked over to the shower. Guys were going crazy all around me. Everyone was offering to soap me all at once and there were already quarrels starting.

'If you lost the game you can't expect to win the girl!' I heard one say to another as he pushed him away and stabbed his cock straight into my soapy crack. He was so impatient he was jerking off before he got into my hole. I had to guide him in with my hand but by the time he was up me he had spurted most his cum load over my buttocks and in my slit. The next guy was in me in seconds. I don't know who he was but he came from behind and he fucked a huge load of spunk up my bum. This time I really felt it like a hot flush flooding into me. It was getting more and more hot bending slightly forwards and steadying myself on a rail while my ass was being repeatedly rammed from behind as every dick in the place was primed to dose my ass cunt with dollops of hot cum.

All I could see was hairy bodies and muscles. Most guys were still muddy from the pitch and preferred to wait and watch me being fucked rather than get showered. Some were going almost berserk! 'Get your fucking cum pump going mate or someone'll fuck yours!' was one remark from a guy beside me as my latest lover buried his cock up my bottom. He hardly had time to get going.

Then just to my side I saw the sexiest thing happen. This guy who had shouted at the one who was up me was a black guy was called Stewart and I knew him well as one of the 'A' team prop forwards. He was massively strong and very well endowed. It was a special pleasure to get fucked by him and at that moment he couldn't wait to give it me.

Suddenly I felt something very warm against the back of my knee and looked down to see the beautiful pink cock of Andy a young winger from the 'B' team sporting this lovely horizontal erection. I told to him to put his knob near my mouth as I wanted to suck him off. I was getting very excited at the idea of getting lots of young hot sticky cum down my throat.

My cock had been limp as I tend go passive when my ass is being fucked but this made me hard as hell. Andy didn't oblige me with his cock although he was clearly desperate to shoot. Nicky, another young guy, saw my erection and started sucking me just as I witnessed Andy place his lengthy pole firmly between Stewart's strong buttocks. I never thought I would be so wildly excited at the sight as he pushed his hard prick further into Stewarts hairy bum slit. It hesitated a second but then I saw it surge right in and his lovely pink pole disappeared up Stewarts big black ass. Let me tell you Stewart's ass is a powerhouse of muscles at the top of the best running legs at the club! It was more than I could take. I saw Andy's whole body go into orgasm. Stewart didn't put any slightest resistance to having Andy's spunk shot up his bum hole. He drew his head back and closed his eyes as if he was loving the feel of it. I went wildly out of control. Nicky was working his tongue on my knob as I felt a spasms of emotion focus on my little cock and I shot my load straight down Nicky's throat.

No one else seemed to notice the incident. I don't know if any other players had fucked one another out of frustration. A couple of days later when Stewart was in bed with me, I quizzed him about it and he said it all happened so quickly he didn't get time to protest. He said once he felt Andy's hot cock in his crack somehow he just couldn't bring himself to resist. Not long after that I got my chance up Stewart's bum and quite a few other bums too but that's another story!

All of a sudden I noticed the queue was getting much shorter as they were now stuffing me faster than ever. It was because the guys had got so hot watching my ass being fucked and seeing increasing amounts of slimy cum oozing form my hole and running down the insides of my thighs. It made them jack off as soon as their cocks slipped inside my anus.

Then all of a sudden I was in the showers alone. The ones who had done me had been showering and dressing so I hadn't noticed till the last one how suddenly they had all evaporated!

'So what now?' I thought then I remembered that the party had still to begin! In my state having just orgasmed and feeling more fucked than ever before in my life I thought I might just get dressed and walk away.

Well first problem: No clothes! I don't know to this day where they had been put but after I had showered I put on the only thing I could find which was a players rugby shirt. It hardly covered my bottom. I had a notion that someone had put my clothes in the guest room to keep them safe. This was down a corridor and so I set off in this state with cum oozing from my barely covered bum hoping to get past the door behind which I could here the noise of the party.

Ever heard of Murphy's Law? Well it says that if something can go wrong it will! What happened next make my earlier experiences seem tame. Watch this space!


Ever tried getting unnoticed along a corridor with nothing on except a football top which doesn't even cover your bum and knowing there's cum oozing out of your crack? Well that was me in this Rugby Club after I'd had my ass stuffed by 36 virile players in the showers. I was trying to find my clothes which had been removed from me in the heat of the excitement as they were homing in on my soapy slit with their raging dicks.

There was one door behind which I could hear a great hubbub of noise. If I could only get past that I might reach the guest room where I thought they had put my pants. I was almost past it when the door burst open. I caught a glimpse of two girls surrounded by guys who rushed out and caught me as I tried to get away. Immediately I felt fingers exploring my damp and sticky slit.

'Hang on now Juicy Bum, where do you think you're going darling?' It was a female voice directly behind me.

Then the familiar voice of Ian interrupted: 'Hey Carl, so there you are! Honoured guest!! Come and join the party you're the star attraction!'

'Oh is he really?!' said one of the girls called Tracey, with a hint of jealousy in her voice.

They were both petit with dark hair, big breasts and bums but she was a little bigger than Sarah. They say small girls are strong willed. These two were riding instructors and I guessed were used to providing quite a bit of riding for the guys at the club!

'What's all this then?' Two guys were restraining me obediently as Tracey continued to run her fingers into the slimy slit between my buttocks. 'This calls for a detailed examination!' she said frankly taking off her blouse and bra she ordered me to bend down and spread my legs. I thought she was going to produce a dildo or watch as the guys gave me another fucking. Instead she seemed to be pushing her whole hand between my buttocks and her fingers into my anus. I was trying desperately to clasp my sphincter but I couldn't stop the flow of cum which was now oozing out of me more than ever. She was down on her knees behind lathering her forearm with semen from my bum. She had a professional manner about her which reminded me of a vet about to examine a horse. Some of it was dripping from her elbow onto her bare breasts.

Meanwhile Sarah was conducting her own investigations of me from underneath, starting with my small and inadequate cock. She had tried to locate my tiny testicles but then got very excited as she discovered my raised nipples and developing breasts. Every guy in the place including a lot of non-players I had not seen in the showers was now looking on as these girls got to work on me. Both were nude by now because whatever they hadn't taken off themselves the guys had removed while they were exploring me.

It was quite painful because my anus being stretched to the limit. At first I thought Tracey was just trying to get a good look inside me but then I realised why she had been lathering her arm. She already had her hand almost right inside my asshole. She was pushing into me like hell. There were expressions of anticipation on the faces of all the guys watching me. I wondered if Tracey had done the same thing to any of them.

Suddenly I felt quite a sharp pain but then it seemed to ease as I felt something really big coming right up inside me. I looked down to see Tracey thrusting her slimy arm up my bum as her whole fist had penetrated my inner sphincter and now I found myself drawing her wrist and forearm deep into my rectum.

It's an amazing sensation to feel another person groping you inside. She seemed very experienced about male genitals and was in total command of my semen sack and gland so she could orgasm or ejaculate me at will.

Sarah was sucking alternately and my nipples and then my cock and was getting extremely excited and seemed to be orgasming almost all the time.

Tracey's hand felt huge inside although it was actually quite small. I don't think I could have taken a fist from one of the guys but the funny thing was that it was them I imagined were inside me as Tracey fisted my bottom. They were all in the nude and the sight of their big firm bodies and stiff cocks was driving me crazy. I was passionately kissing and sucking the thighs and cock and any guy standing near me. I was mad with excitement as Tracey sent me into wild uncontrollable orgasms. They said afterwards I was acting as if I was trying to take one guys whole arm in my mouth. I was so mad I wanted Stewart to put his thigh up my ass!!

'Come on now get a grip of yourself!' Tracey ordered. 'Sarah needs you! Look what are you going to do about it, you can't leave her lying there on her back. I've got your cock up now so get it up her cunt and lets if there's any manhood left in you Sissy!'

I hadn't noticed Sarah was lying on her back with her legs up. I have to say I'd never made it with a girl before. I suppose I just didn't have what it takes.

'Don't what to do!?? Someone needs to teach him about the birds and the bees' she said amid much male laughter.

'Now that's where you put your little cock in if it's long enough'. Sarah really seemed to want me. I think she is that kind of girl who only wants a man she is sure she can dominate him. I felt her warm cunt clasping my cock. It was a new experience for me. I had dicked a boy friend's ass once but never a girl's cunt. Sarah lay back but just as I thought she was enjoying it she suddenly winced as if in pain and then she started to look strangely submissive. Almost at the same moment I felt my cock being squeezed from inside her vagina. I'd read about female vaginal contractions but I never thought they were that strong. I looked down and saw that Tracey had pushed her other arm up Sarah's bottom. She was manipulating my cock somehow from inside her rectum.

I said at the very beginning of this story how I never seemed to have control over things. This was the ultimate. Tracey was in complete control of my genitals as I found myself fucking Sarah as Tracey drove my prostate mad and squeezed my semen out like toothpaste from a tube.

After that you might wonder what could ever happen next. I was really knackered but now having had countless orgasms and been squeezed dry of semen all I wanted was to lie down and relax. But I knew that would probably mean being fucked at the same time as I had nothing to wear and there was now a queue of guys waiting to do me. I knew they just wanted to fertilise me and generally replenish the inside of my ass with their freshly made sperm.

There were naked guys all round me and although some had been fucking Tracey's ass while she was fisting me, I couldn't see a flaccid cock anywhere. I was just about to lie on a settee in a position where they could get at me when there was a commotion near the door where I had come in. I thought I recognised some voices. It was Mandy and seven other trannies gate crashing the party!

They took us all by surprise. No sooner than they were in the door they flung off the silky bathroom gowns they had arrived in to reveal themselves totally nude apart from shiny lubed condoms on their erect cocks.

Those of you who remember how I very first met these trannies will know they make their living as country singers as well as other means and what a strong character Mandy is! Their sense of occasion and drama is such that even big guys like these Rugby players get spellbound, at least momentarily. In this case the moment proved long enough to take us all unawares.

'Come on girls lets fuck 'em!' shouted Mandy as she thrust her cock straight up the big hairy ass of a guy standing in front of her.

What followed was the most amazing and sexy scene you can imagine and all eight of them grabbed any of the nearest guys and stuffed their long slim cocks between their muscular buns and deep into their tight hairy asses.

Why no resistance? I thought as I saw guys taking them readily and obviously enjoying it. These trannies certainly had staying power as each was dicking more than one guy and it was not long before they had shafted nearly every guy in the place. I had a marvellous view of manly muscular asses queuing up to get tranny banged! If only someone had had a cam it would have made the best movie ever!

It was all so fucking sexy that I felt my cock stiffen suddenly as a big breasted tranny called Cindy mounted Stewart from behind. Her boobs bounced up and down and she rammed her cock in and out of his big black ass.

I suddenly felt it was my moment to do what I had so often dreamt about and fuck one of these lovely big muscular bums. I went for the first ass I saw. It turned out to be Brian, a great hulk of a scrum half. I grabbed him firmly from behind and buried my face into his ass. Like the others Brian was clean as he had just been in the showers and I was licking as deep as I could into his slit. Amazingly he bent forward a bit for me so I could get my tongue to his hole area. He was so lovely and smooth there as I liked the creases around his pink asshole as I felt his hard hairy buttocks against my cheeks. I managed to get plenty of my saliva around his rose and a bit inside in the hope I could prick him with my little dick, although I knew he would be tight.

So then I just stuffed my aching prick straight into his tight hole and just as I looked up I saw out of the corner of my eye Mandy grabbing Tracey from behind and lifting her up with her strong arms and pushing Tracey's bum down on her hard dick. The two of them were heading our way. It seemed that Tracey was being carried, then I noticed a double dildo pointing from her cunt. So there was this copulating couple heading straight for my bare ass.

The cool latex of the dildo had just entered my bum as Brian's sphincter was squeezing my knob. My emotions went ballistic as I looked down at his strong shoulders. I think all four of us must have come at once. I got a huge orgasmic thrill up Brian's bum; I was kissing him all over his body as I squirted everything my puny balls could produce right up his rectum. I may not have been able to provide him with much semen but I got a terrific satisfaction form knowing I had fucked one of the most powerful players in the field.

After things had quietened down a bit we all returned to the showers to get cleaned up because these was spunk and cum everywhere especially all over me. I took a few cocks in the shower but we were soon returned to the bar with nice clean nude bodies and I still had a bum full of cum.

I noticed then that were quite a number of guys standing at the bar in a group and fully clothed. I think some of them had been there earlier. When they saw me they beckoned me to come over. I felt a bit embarrassed being completely nude in front of these big fully dressed guys. They were looking me over avidly but I felt I should apologise for being naked and offered the true excuse that I couldn't find my pants!

'No! you are fine how you are! Let me introduce ourselves, we are The Blue Raiders! We are part of this club now but our team is sort of separate.'

'We cover a wider area and er well we are more mature as you can see' another guy explained.

'But you weren't playing today were you' I said.

'No otherwise we would have introduced ourselves earlier like the others did!' I must have flushed bright red at this suggestion. They all looked in their mid thirties but were very big and strong.

'If you don't mind me saying you have the sexiest ass on you I have ever seen, and we've seen a few haven't we Dave?' he said turning to another guy. I should explain that while we were talking they were taking it in turns to go round behind me to get a good look at my ass. Certainly I didn't have anything very impressive to show in front.

'You've not heard about the BRs then?' said Doug, who I presumed was the captain.

'Yea I probably have' I said not wanting to seem ignorant.

'But have you really heard about us? I mean the famous myth and the other thing they say BR stands for? No? Well then you don't know us and being in your present predicament I think we had better explain'

I was curious and excited wondering where this line of conversation was leading and being very aware that these guys seemed to be getting increasingly excited about me.

'Well you know rugby players often seem to become sex idols particularly in the eyes of middle aged women who are often bored and frustrated by lack of attention form their husbands. I suppose it's our physique that turns them on somehow. They see us as how all 'real men' should be and so, for some of them, when their late teenage sons don't seem to measure up in their eyes they used to say they would send them to the BRs to make men out them. Now they didn't mean putting them through a tough physical course, no they thought that a good dose of male fluids was what they needed.'

'So basically we were given carte blanch to fuck their pretty little asses, that's why I said we'd seem a few femmy looking bums but wow! nothing like yours.' Continued the other guy.

'It's all a load of nonsense anyway.' Continued the captain, 'What happened in fact was the boys always came back wanting more which showed that we had achieved the reverse! I have some basic medical training and I can tell you that getting semen up your rectum doesn't lead to anything like testosterone being absorbed into your body. By the way you look almost half way to being one of these trannies yourself with those raised nipples and small firm boobs'

One of the other guys was feeling my slit now and my poor little aching cock was getting hard again for all to see.

'You know I'm getting hormones up me do you?' I said helplessly then I explained what had been happening to me ever since my first encounter with Mandy and the trannies.

'Anyway' I said making as if to leave, 'you don't need to do anything to me I'm too far gone to make a man of and don't need any encouraging in other ways'

'Don't even dream of it!' said the captain grabbing my arm firmly with a huge hand. Still with me firmly in his grip he pointed to a nearby settee in which a couple trannies were seated. 'Get yourself over to that arm of the chair, bend down and get your legs apart a bit. We'll see to the rest of it. Oh and the other thing BR stands for is 'Butt Rammers'!'

I did as I was told and all fifteen of these big hulky men stripped off in front of everyone to the screaming delight of the trannies. These were fucking great big guys, some had slight beer bellies but their cocks were beautiful and man their balls!! They were something else! I knew I was in for some very virile fucking but even then I could never have imagined just how good it was going to be!

In far less than the time it took you to read the last paragraph I felt the first of these huge hot dicks pushing up my bum hole and invading my rectum. In even less time I felt the first of many prolonged spurts of hot cum flooding into my already half full bum. I was grabbing and kissing every hairy thigh in reach. I tried to suck one guy's cock but he stopped me because he said he would shoot and wanting to save it for my asshole. I took their lovely scrotums in my mouth and tongued their massive balls as I was fucked repeatedly up my ass as I felt huge tides of cum flowing into every recess of my rectum.

After about six guys had done me I was clearly overflowing badly all down my legs so to avoid further wastage I saw Sarah was arranging cushions on the floor so they could fuck me 'legs up style' on my back. So amid a constant shrill of screams from the trannies two guys got me down and held my legs up while the rest of them dosed my hungry ass cunt with massive loads of hot virile spunk. I needn't repeat just how bloody strong and virile these guys were but it sent me into what I think now must have been a sort of female orgasm as my anus and rectum went into frantic spasms as I was being fucked by a guy with a particularly fat dick. I could never have taken him if Tracey hadn't fisted me earlier. At one point I noticed Mandy striding out with her long dick and plunging it into a guy who was in the middle of fucking me. Then I saw her going back to the others and shouting: 'No man's bum is too manly to get fucked by Mandy!' There were more cheers!

The evening ended with a nice little concert from the trannies who, as it turned out, had brought their musical equipment with them for use once the serious business was over! It was only afterwards that I remembered how I had let it slip to Mandy earlier that day that there was this party at the club. Oh yes! and the trannies got fucked by all the guys; don't worry about that!! At least it gave me a rest!



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