The past week I was at home feeling bored and thought of going to the movies. Julie and Julia was playing so I figured I needed a laugh so off I changed into slacks and a white t-shirt, sandals and walked out the door.

Thinking back the past few weeks, I was rather horny, whenever I walked out, I think of picking up someone, meeting with a hunk, looking across the cafes and seeing all those men walk past. I would then go home and masturbate all night, fantasising all sorts of scenes.

But this day I just had the movie on my mind and never thought of any sex scene nor men as I walked to the main street to catch the tram car.

As I waited at the stop, one sees the usual scene, a cop car passing thru screeching with its sirens on and the street remained calm after that passed. Anyway, soon after the tram came, I climbed on and went straight to the rear of the car; its better back there then in the front area as it does get busier with new passengers climbing at every stop.

At the rear there were only two guys, one older and chubby sat at the front row of seats and the next guy in there was wearing a black cap, t-shirt and shorts, he had on black sandals as well, he sat two seats behind the other guy and without thinking I then sat right across the guy with the black cap, am aisle between us.

He was blond, had these piercing blue eyes and was listening to I guess music as he had his earplugs on.

He seemed disinterested in anything, he just looked out the window as the tram moved along windig streets.

After a few minutes, the chubby guy disembarks and we were left alone, just the two f us. I did not pay attention to him at all, I was also looking out the owndow and listening to music on my blackberry.

All of a sudden I see him take his hand and starts touching his frontal. I looked intensly at first at this action and thought well he must have come from a gym and was itchy, but he kept on tugging on his dick area even longer. This got me so excited, my first scene on a tram, my hearrt was now pounding with excitement.

He then lifted his right leg, like covering himself so that i dont see what he was doing but it was so obvious, that he placed his knee on the seat in front of him revealing an exposed hunk of a thigh, white & hairy. Still he had his hands touching himself. I was now getting very curious but still had to be discreet, I stare and then look away but he noticed me once looking so intensly at his dick area. I just didnt care anymore.

My question going through my mind then was what possesed him to do that, did he see someone on the tram or was he just horny or better was he a cock teaser, was he teasing ME.

He didnt seem to be the sort of guy who would do that in public but I guess he was very excited.

He kept touching and pulling himself and all of a sudden he drops his right leg, spreads it across the aisle, where I could now see through his shorts this thick white dick staring at me. I stared and longed to touch it now, it was pulsating and he just was wriggling himself on his seat. He then looked at me, I looked back, and his eyes were so piercing that I just stared away from him. All I could do was touch my tits and make mysef excited. He then kind of ignored me and touched his dick, getting even harder when he suddenly just got up and moved to the rear of the tram, last seats. In a few seconds when i had the courage to look back, I saw him talking on the phone with a smile on his face.

Odd I thought but hey he made me so horny. I got off the next stop and looked at him as he continued to talk on the phone.

Its been a few days now and I just cant take him off my mind. It was so exciting to see someone exposing himself on a public transportation.

I guess I am a voyeur and love it. I am still masturbating thinking of that scene on the tram. Is he doing the same.

Who else has experiened such a heart pounding exciting scene.

I want to take that 7.34pm tram from Jones and Queen Street East towards Yonge, maybe he will be on it, maybe not. If you that man, and reading this, man you made Julia Child less interesting, you were my movie that evening. Hey, I loved Julie and Julia, get over yourself.



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