I am a 22 year, bisexual, Londoner and one night, last October, I was on my way home from work after a late shift. It was about 10pm and I had arrived at Liverpool Street Station literally two minutes after my train departed. The station was eerily quiet and I had about forty-five minutes to kill, with nothing to do.

As I sat on the platform I could see my reflection in a glass bill-board frame. My legs were wide apart and I realised that in my light brown suit trousers, the outline of my long thick cock was clearly visible to the viewing public. The thought that the other commuters, man or woman, could be looking at my cock and even fantasising about sucking it or fucking it, really turned me on and before I knew it, I was rock hard in my pants and desperate to yank myself.

I took off my jacket to hold infront of me and quickly made my way to the mens toilets. When I got in there, it was completely empty and silent. I made my way to a cubicle, locked the door and quickly took off my shoes, trousers and boxers. For some reason being completely naked below the waist when wanking makes me much more horny than if I just yank through my fly.

I have really rock hard erections and as I pulled my boxers off over my cock, it sprang back and smacked me in the stomach, leaving the already oozing precum smeared over my belly button. I love the taste of my precum so I scooped it up from my bell end and sucked it off my finger.

I sat down on the toilet, put my feet against the door and started stroking my cock. I love the feeling of my thick, uncut, nine inch meat gliding through my fingers and leaving sticky precum on my hands as I stroke back. I began to hear men coming in and out of the toilets, which turned me on more and more, making me pump harder and faster.

Just as I was getting into the swing of things, and the loo seemed empty again, a guy came in and went into the cubicle right next to mine. I was pumping fast on a cock that was wet with precum, so was making quite a noise and was even more turned on by the silent but occupied cubicle next door. I was determined to climax so this guy would hear it all.

I pushed hard with my feet against the door and and yanked myself so ferociously that I broke into a sweat. I felt myself cumming and new it would be a really heavy squirt. As the inside of my thighs began to tingle and my body convulsed, I let out a loud groan of pleasure and within a split second the first of eight, powerful, shots of hot, sticky, juicy cum errupted from my cock and hit the cubicle door. The force of my load was so great that you could hear each squirt splat against the door quite clearly.

There was no movement in the cubicle next door and I was positive that he had heard every last second of my filthy climax. I scooped the remaining cum off my cock, swallowed it and couldn't resist the sight of my massive load trickling down the door. I got dressed, then went down on my knees and licked up every last drop of the warm, salty, sticky wad.

I never saw the guy come out of the toilets after me but I really hope he got off on my wank as much as I did. I'm sure he stroked himself after that, gay or straight!


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